Memorial book of Drohobycz, Borysław
and Surroundings

Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-Drohobycz, Boryslaw ve-ha-seviva
(Drohobych, Ukraine)   (Boryslav, Ukraine)

Published by the JewishGen Press

Editor of Original Yizkor Book: Dr. N. M. Gelber
Cover Design: Nina Schwartz, Impulse Graphics
Layout: Jonathan Wind
Name Indexing: Stefanie Holzman
8.5”x11” 316 Pages, Hardcover with original photographs.

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The discovery of rich oil and mineral wax deposits in the Drohobycz-Borysław area in the 1850s turned it into an industrial and economic powerhouse - “the California of Galicia.” Jewish-owned industries started up: refineries, mining, spinning, weaving, and factories producing candles and soap. By the early 1900s, Drohobycz alone had two synagogues, four study houses, two banks, a Jewish cultural center, a hospital, labor unions, Zionist, drama, and sports clubs, several schools, and several brilliant writers, artists, educators, and political activists.

But after the First World War, Jews were caught in the struggle between Ukrainians and Poles for control of Galicia. Jewish trade rights were revoked, skilled jobs given to Gentiles, businesses nationalized, and commerce destroyed.

In June 1941, the German army entered Drohobycz and Borysław. Under Nazi occupation, Jews were forced out of their homes, taken for slave labor, and murdered in a series of pogroms and aktions over the next three years. In April, 1944, the last Jewish survivors of the labor camps in Drohobycz were deported to the Plaszów camp, where they died.

Written by former residents and survivors, the Memorial Book of Drohobycz, Boryslaw, and Surroundings tells what these communities were like, and the full story of their rise and destruction.

Now available for the first time in an English translation.

May this book serve as a memorial to those who lived, worked and dreamed in Drohobycz, Boryslaw and the surrounding areas.

Alternate names for Drohobycz:

Drohobych [Ukr], Drohobycz [Pol], Drogobych [Rus], Drohobitch [Yid], Drohobytsch [Ger], Drohobics [Hun], Drogobycz, Drogobich
Alternate names for Boryslaw:

Boryslav [Ukr], Borislav [Rus, Yid], Borysław [Pol], Borislau [Ger], Borislev
Drohobych, Ukraine is located at 49°05' N, 27°04' E and 180 miles WSW of Kyyiv.   Boryslav, Ukraine is located at 49°17' N 23°25' E and 326 miles WSW of Kyyiv
Drohobycz Nearby Jewish Communities:

Stebnyk 5 miles SE
Truskavets 5 miles S
Boryslav 6 miles SW
Luka 10 miles N
Orov 10 miles S
Skhidnitsya 11 miles SW
Podbuzh 11 miles W
Medenychi 13 miles ENE
Dovhe 14 miles SSW
Stryy 17 miles ESE
Verkhneye Sinevidnoye 18 miles SSE
Sambir 18 miles NW
Lysyatychi 20 miles E

Boryslaw Nearby Jewish Communities:

Truskavets 4 miles E
Skhidnitsya 5 miles SW
Drohobych 6 miles NE
Stebnyk 7 miles E
Orov 8 miles SE
Podbuzh 8 miles WNW
Dovhe 9 miles SSW
Verkhneye Sinevidnoye 15 miles SSE
Luka 15 miles NNE
Skole 18 miles SSE
Medenychi 18 miles NE
Sambir 19 miles NNW
Turka 20 miles WSW


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