The Book of Dembitz

Translation of the
Sefer Dembitz
(Dębica, Poland)

Published by the JewishGen Press

Original Yizkor Book Edited by: D. Leibl
Published by Association of Former Residents of Debica
in Tel Aviv, 1960 (Hebrew and Yiddish, 204 pages)
Translation Project Coordinators: Marc Seidenfeld and Aviva Weintraub
Hard Cover, 11 by 8.5, 400 pages with all illustrations

Available from for $37.00

Click here to see the index containing the family names in this book. If you already have purchased the book, please print out and insert into the back of the book.


Jews were living in Dębica as early as 1673. They settled in Dębica after being banished from the nearby town of Pilzno. At the beginning of the twentieth century there were about 2200 Jews or about 55% of the population.  This vibrant small Jewish community was best known for two independent Jewish communities with two separate rabbinates and communal institutions (for Old Dębica and New Dębica).  By the late 1930's there were approximately 3300 Jews still living in Dębica. The Jews were lawyers, doctors, teachers, bakers, butchers, and tailors.

When the Nazi forces occupied Dębica in 1939 through 1944, the Jews were imprisoned in the local ghetto to perform forced labor in Pustków and were finally sent to the Bełżec death camp. Approximately 13,000 Jews from the Dębica county were murdered in the Holocaust, including about 3000 Jews from the city of Dębica.  A few survivors escaped, survived the camps and were hidden by Poles. About 50-100 people survived the war.  Their stories along with the rich history of Dębica when it was a living part of world Jewry prior to 1939 are described in this volume.

Read the details in the survivors’ own words as they remember and bring to life the once vibrant Jewish community of Dębica. Today there are no Jews living in Dębica, Poland.

Deębica is located at 5003' North Latitude and 2125' East Longitude.

Alternate names for the town are: Deębica [Polish], Dembitz [Yiddish, German], Debitsa, Dembica, Dembits, Dembitsa, Dembiza

Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Pilzno 8 miles SW

    Ropczyce 9 miles E

    Przecław 11 miles NNE
    Wielopole Skrzyńskie 11 miles SE
    Brzostek 12 miles S

    Radomyśl Wielki 12 miles NNW
    Sędziszów Małopolski 13 miles E
    Jodłowa 14 miles SSW
    Rzochów 14 miles NNE
    Mielec 16 miles N

    Kołaczyce 16 miles S
    Radgoszcz 17 miles NW
    Ryglice 17 miles SW
    Frysztak 17 miles SSE
    Wampierzów 18 miles NNW
    Tuchów 19 miles WSW
    Tarnów 19 miles W
    Zgłobień 19 miles E
    Czudec 20 miles ESE

    Kolbuszowa 21 miles NE

    Dąbrowa Tarnowska 21 miles WNW
    Jasło 21 miles S

    Strzyżów 21 miles SE
    Biecz 23 miles SSW

    Widełka 23 miles ENE

    Borowa 23 miles N

    Szczucin 23 miles NW
    Sadkowa-Góra 23 miles N

    Żabno 24 miles WNW

    Rzepiennik Strzyżewski 24 miles SW
    Gromnik 24 miles SW
    Niebylec 25 miles ESE

    Radłów 25 miles W

    Jedlicze 25 miles SSE

    Głogów Małopolski 25 miles ENE
    Rzeszów 26 miles E
    Wojnicz 27 miles WSW

    Połaniec 27 miles NNW
    Ciężkowice 27 miles SW

    Majdan Królewski 27 miles NNE
    Tyczyn 28 miles ESE
    Gorlice 29 miles SSW
    Osiek Jasielski 29 miles S
    Pacanów 29 miles NNW
    Korczyna 29 miles SE
    Raniżów 29 miles ENE
    Zakliczyn 30 miles WSW

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