Destruction of Bialystok
(Białystok, Poland)


Translation of
Khurbn Bialystok

Published by the JewishGen Press

Author: Srolke Kot
Project Coordinator: Susan Kingsley Pasquariella
Translated by: Beate Schützmann-Krebs
Cover Design: Irv Osterer
Layout: Jonathan Wind
6”x9” hard cover 118 pages

Available from for $25.00



June 1941: German troops occupy Białystok, abruptly overwhelming the city, terrorizing its largely Jewish population and threatening them with annihilation. A young man, Srolke Kot reads a note taped to the outside of the Judenrat door — “RESIST!” With the courage of desperation, 25-year-old Srolke joins the Jewish underground and fights, alongside Jewish partisans and the Red Army, against the Nazis and their collaborators.

Khurbn Białystok is the inspiring story of Jewish defiance and survival in the face of incredible odds.


Białystok, Poland is located at 53°08' N 23°09' E and 109 miles NE of Warsaw


Alternate names of the Town:

Białystok [Pol], Byalistok [Yid], Belostok [Rus], Belastok [Bel], Balstogė [Lith], Bjalistoka [Latv], Bialistok, Bielastok


Nearby Jewish Communities:

Wasilków 5 miles NNE
Sokoły 21 miles WSW
Choroszcz 7 miles W
Gródek 22 miles E
Supraśl 10 miles NE
Korycin 22 miles N
Zabłudów 12 miles SE
Janów Sokolski 23 miles N
Suraż 15 miles SSW
Trzcianne 24 miles NW
Łapy 16 miles SW
Sokółka 24 miles NE
Tykocin 16 miles WNW
Bielsk Podlaski 25 miles S
Knyszyn 16 miles NW
Krynki 28 miles ENE
Jasionówka 18 miles NNW
Goniądz 29 miles NW
Michałowo 20 miles ESE
Rutki 30 miles W
Zawady 21 miles W
Wysokie Mazowieckie 30 miles WSW
Narew 21 miles SE
Brańsk 30 miles SSW


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