An American Tale
The Real Moskovitch Family Journey
From Russia to America 1850–1950 and Beyond

By: Howard I. Schwartz, PhD

Published by the JewishGen Press

Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper
Layout: Howard Schwartz
8.5”x11”, 206 pages with many photographs

Available from for $32.00


Unearthing the lost story of his maternal family, the author, a historian by training, discovers the amazing journey his mother's family undertook from Tsarist Russia to America.

Interested in recovering your own family's Russian-Jewish immigration history? You will be amazed from the effort of this historian who shows just how many lost details can be recovered from existing records and how they can be narrated into a rich tapestry that captures a family's immigration story.

The 1986 animated musical adventure film called “An American Tail” recounts the story of a seven-year-old mouse, Fievel Mousekewitz, whose family leaves Russia and migrates to the United States. They do so with the conviction that “there are no cats in America.” Before they left Russia, Fievel's family lived in the home of a Russian Jewish family called Moskowitz.

When I first watched this delightful, animated film, I had only a vague of recollection that the surname of my maternal grandmother was “Moskovitch.” This book unearths the story of my real Moskovitch family and the true story of their journey from Russia to America.

Howard Schwartz

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