Volomin; a Memorial
to the Jewish Community of Volomin
(Wołomin, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron kehilat Wolomin

Editor: Shimon Kanc

Published in Tel Aviv 1971



Project Coordinator

Brian Snyder


Yiddish Translator

Theodore Steinberg

This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron kehilat Wolomin (Volomin; a memorial to the Jewish community of Volomin),
Editor: Shimon Kanc, Wolomin Society, Published: Tel Aviv 1971 (H,Y 600 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wolomin

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Table of Contents translated by Yocheved Klausner

“And you shall tell your son” The Book Committee 5
Thus Have We Begun [Y]   10
“Remember what Amalek did to you” Shamay Boim 17
May God Remember the Souls of Our Martyrs [Y] Shmuel Zucker 21
On the threshold Shimon Kantz 23
The Town and its History
The beginning of the town Dr. Sara Mandelberg, Mrs. Chava Rubinstein and Mr. Kopel Berman 35
The History of the Shtetl [Y] Shimon Kantz 37
My Life in Wolomin [Y] Yakov Sigalov 52
Jewish Education Shimon Kantz 94
The Melamdim, the Cheder and Beit HaMidrash K. Shimoni 95
My Teachers [Y] Yisroel Levitau 99
Schools and Teachers [Y] Shammai Baum 102
A life of purity and holiness Sara Baum 138
My youth years in Wolomin Kalman Froiman 139
My Teachers [Y] Shmuel Zucker 141
The elementary school Tzipora Lewit-Grodzhitzki 146
My Teacher R' Yehezkel Rubinshtein [Y] Chaim Rubin 148
The Talmud Torah [Y] Chaya Rubenshtein 151
Zealots in the Shtiebel and the Beis–Medrash Y.A. Weinbrom 157
Parties and Organizations
Blessed by activity Shimon Kantz 162
Zionist Activity and Pioneer [halutz] Training Elka Shamir–Grizhek 163
On the Roads of Aliya   167
The Joy of Youth at the Hashomer Hatza'ir Branch [Y] Zahava Weinbrom – Golda Goldwasser 168
The Youth in the Zionist Movement Zev Nadvorny 170
Hakhshara Kalman Fruman 174
The First Zionist Organization [Y] Shmuel Vinogoro 178
The Organization [Y] Y.A. Weinbroom 180
Gordonia [Y] Shmuel Zucker 186
From Wolomin to Tel Aviv [Y] Menachem Tayblum 190
The “Maccabee” Sports Club Shmuel Fierovitch 194
The Communist Movement [Y] Malkeh Yellen–Greenberg 196
The Peretz Society [Y] Yakov Rosenblatt 200
Philanthropic Societies [Y] Chaya Rubinstein 203
Because we were Jews… Henia Knopf 207
Figures of our town
Shimon Kantz   210
A distinguished man and a beloved rabbi, Hot embers, The way–of–life in Wolomin, Chevra Kadisha, The epidemic, The double life of Shimon Schlachter, The rise and fall of Alter Friedman, He and She, R' Yoske Sultis, Aunt Necha – a noble figure, The home of R' Yankel the baker Dr. Sara Hamburger–Mandelberg 211
Hospitality Zev Nadvorni 232
This is how we Became Wolomin Citizens Arie Brisker 236
The Grodzhitzki Family Miriam Feigenboim 238
My home Altke Grinszpan–Tamari 242
The Tepper family Penina Tepper-Grossman 246
In the glow of our ancestors Malka Carmeli 250
My mother Alter Carmeli 252
Early days Tzvi Silberstein 253
The blessing after a meal at my grandfather's in the town Rachel 255
The Wolomin Rabbi [Y] Tz. Volominer 257
The Wolomin Rabbi, Rabbi Wolf Bergozin [Y] Chaya Rubenstein 265
Yechezkel Shammos [Y] Yosef Eisenberg 268
Slaughterers and Cantors 272
R' Yisroel–Mordechai the Slaughterer Noson Gingold 277
Our Courtyard, Hospitality, A Secret Gift, Leshne Street, Erev Shabbos, Between Mincha and Ma'ariv [Y] Shmuel Zucker 282
My Little Shtetl of Wolomin [Y] Yisroel Levita 293
Our Shtetl is Unforgettable [Y] Shimon Wishniewski 303
My Father's Responsibility [Y] Yehoshua Edelzon 306
The Kover Family Itta Kover 308
Moshe Kover Shmuel Vinagoro 314
Lights From Hearts Mordechai Freedman 318
Our Parents' Home [Y] Pesse Feige Wengraver & Esther–Malkeh Borokovski–Shteinberg 322
Our Home [Y] Zahava (Golda) Goldvasser–Veinbloom 328
The Nisnkron Family [Y] Shmuel Nisnkron 333
The Wedding in the Ceremony [Y] Noach Schultz 335
Traditions of Shabbos and Weekdays [Y] Devorah Grajinski 337
Zlateh [Y] Miriam Gradjitzki–Feinboym 342
Jewish Livelihoods [Y] Malkeh Grinberg–Yellen 344
Our Home–A Fortress of Goodness [Y] Yisroel Manne 346
Our Glasswork Workers Xenia Katz–Manne 348
Jewish Youth in Heavy Industry [Y] Yakov Rosenblatt 351
My Home Shtetl [Y] Helle Goldvasser–Budni 353
Noah Bodni's Grave [Y] Shmuel Zucker 358
Ulla the Water Porter [Y] Rachtshe Asch 360
Our Home [Y] Esther Tayblum–Kornfeld 362
Idealism [Y] Esther Blumenkranz 365
The Young People of My Shtetl [Y] M. Fotograf 366
My Last Day at Home [Y] Shmuel Zucker 370
The Horrors of the Holocaust
The Holocaust in Wolomin Shimon Kantz 377
Wolomin Jews under Nazi occupation Yehiel-Yehoshua Eidelsohn 381
The news of the liquidation Miriam Grodzitsky-Feignbaum 385
From the depths of the abyss Tzipora Levita-Grodzitska 388
In the Valley of Slaughter Tova Silberstein 395
A Wedding in the Ghetto Pela Stalik 397
Rosh Hashanah, 1942 Dvorah Grodzitzki–Schicht 400
My Experiences in the Ghetto [Y] Kopel Berman 405
The Beginning of the Liquidation [Y] Miriam Feigenboim–Gradzitzka 429
Days of Fear and Terror [Y] Noson Nungold 433
We Were Ten Children [Y] Nisn Zilbershteyn 440
Blind Fate [Y] Chaya–Sarah Rubinshteyn–Scharfshteyn 442
A Wolomin Mother Becomes a Martyr Saul Rosenblum 454
Our Martyrology [Y] Yankel Manketo 458
Days of Sorrow [Y] Rachel Asch 461
My Wanderings in Foreign Lands Tova Paskowitz-Taiblum 465
In Blood and Fire H. Rubin 469
My years of wandering from Wolomin to Hanover H. Kryger 471
The End of Days S. Zuker 475
My Shtetl Shmuel Vinagara 477
My road in a period of suffering and anguish Menachem-Mendel Teiblum 478
“For these things I weep” Sara Baum 482
A Saga of Pain and Heroism [Y] Tzvi Shedletzki 485
My Eyes, Tears Fall From My Eyes [Y] A. Feldberger 550
Woe for the loss! Dr. Sara Mandelberg 554
“How Does the City Sit Solitary” Wolomin (Lamentations 1:1) S. Vinagara 555
Upon the Ruins
On the ruins I will walk K. Shimonovich 558
On the Ruins of Our Shtetl [Y] Moyshe Burshteyn 559
After the Catastrophe [Y] Shloyme Blumboym 566
Wolomin–Today [Y] A. Bercovitch 569
My Little Shtetl of Wolomin [Y] Yosef Eizenberg 572
Volomin Remembered [English] Riva Kopyto Pfeffer 581
List of martyrs (Necrology) 585


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