Voronovo: Memorial Book to the
Martyrs of Voronovo

(Voranava, Belarus)

54°09' / 25°20'

Translation of
Voronova; sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Voronova
she-nispu be-shoat ha-natsim

Edited by: H. Rabin, Voronova Societies in Israel and the United States

Published in Israel, 1971

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This is a translation from: Voronova; sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Voronova she-nispu be-shoat ha-natsim
(Voronova; memorial book to the martyrs of Voronova who died during the Nazi Holocaust),
Editors: H. Rabin, Israel, Voronova Societies in Israel and the United States, 1971 (H,Y, 440 pages).

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Hebrew translated by Sara Mages
Yiddish translated by Yocheved Klausner


Words from the Editorial Board   5
Additional words and appreciation   10
Voronovo – History and Value
Voronovo in the sources and in the Voronovo Book H. Rabin 13
The image of my town Voronovo Shlomo Aviel Shmerkovitz 20
The profile of my town Shlomo Feikowski 25
Holocaust and Heroism
From bad to worse Meir Shamir- Shmerkovitz 31
My Holocaust experience Henia-Blitter-Konufka 46
Thanks to our child Moshe and Chaya Kaplan 57
The last days of our town Keila Shamir- Grodezenchki 70
Ghettos and Forest Meir Shamir- Shmerkovitz 74
With the Bielski battalion M. Shamir 89
A child in the suffering of the Holocaust K. Lisorskie 108
Heroism and revenge of a Voronovo son Zalman Dokshtolski, 111
The story of an avenging youth Yekutiel (Koshka) Boeisky 119
I left for the forest at the age of 15 Zev Kaplan 123
Under an evil regime Yitzchak Ben-Ami 127
A 15 year old boy in the hand of fate Yakov Olkenitzky 137
Miserable days in Russia Bat-Sheva Kalamanovitz-Podesiuk 143
Long is the Road to Zion Isaac Olkenitzky 146
A small addition of revenge Shmuel Koplovitz 149
My revenge against the liquidator of the Jews in our region M. Kaplan 155
My duration in the underground Y. Dulinsky 160
My father is furious at me [Poem] Shlomo Aviel Shmerkovitz 163
Our Town – Memoirs, Images, Short stories
Voronovo – A town that is entirely blue and white Y. Paz- Pozirisky 169
The town, its neighborhoods and its market Shimon Levin 173
The town of doubtful youth Aharon Konyachovsky-Karni 177
The society of “Chayei Adam”[1] and “Mishnayot”[2] S. Levin 179
The boulevards of Voronovo [Poem] S. Aviel 182
Rabbis and the Rabbis' dispute S. Levin 186
R' Yakov (Yankel) Kamitsky M.S.V 188
Illustrative curiosities Chaya Robert-Levin 190
The women of our town A. Karni 194
A tale about a telephone Y. Paz 195
A tale about a handshake Y. Paz 195
The Route to Redemption – Community, Movements and Organizations
The chapter of “Hashomer Hatzair”[3] in Voronovo Avrashka Molechedsky-Sarid 199
The Zionist movement and “HeHalutz”[4] movement in Voronovo Matityahu Kuznitz 202
From the memories of a delegate Yosef Benkover 205
“Beitar”[5] in Voronovo A.A. Olkenitzki, H. Konofka, H. Levin-Robert 207
Supplement to the image of “Beitar”[5] S. Paikovsky 210
Restless youth S. Levin 213
Impressions of a teacher from Voronovo Tova Shomroni 216
Teachers, education, educational institutions and the terms of education S. Levin 219
The building and its contents S. Levin 222
Persons of Quality
A veteran Zionist, R' Nehemiah Shapira Yehoshua Shomroni 227
R' Yosef Shmerkovitz M.S.Vv. 229
Reizel Molechetsky M.S.Vv. 233
The new synagogue (the Gabai Tzvi Yitzchak) S. Levin 235
Died in Israel
List of Voronovo's people who died in Israel   238
For this I will lament S. Aviel 239
In memory of Yehoshua Shomroni A. Karni 249
My father Matityahu Professor Moshe Kuznitz 250
Dr. Gottlieb Konyachovsky S. Aviel 251
The Yiddish Book
Our Shete'le
I see you, my shtetl I. Shomroni 258
Tzimes, Tehillim (Psalms) and Medicine M. Kuznitz 261
Little memories I. Shomroni 264
With the cow to the first Minyan (prayer quorum) M. Kuznitz 267
Voronovo - an idea of good-hearted people A. Ginsburg 270
Let us remember A. Kanopke 271
The veteran zionist R'Nechemya Shapira I. Shomroni 273
Memories, types and victims R. Goll 275
Ways to Zionism R. Goll 279
The Society in America and Izzy Dikson 284
Heroism and Destruction
Thanks to our child Moshe and Chaia Kaplan 289
The last days of Voronovo K. Gradzentchik 302
In my own partisan group I. Konikhovski 307
Becoming a hero involuntarily Z. Dokshtolski 319
Our child saved us K. Lissorski 332
Exactly at that time it rained M. Kanopke-Mutchenik 337
A child-partisan I. (Kushke) Bayarski 346
In a Gentile environment I. Ben-Ami 352
Death in front of our eyes R. Kanopke-Mayortchik 367
Some more vengeance S. Kapelowitz 369
My Russian bad days B. S. Podisyuk 375
In memory of the Voronovo Jews H. Saladokha 379
How my shtetl went to its death M. Kaplan 382
These are the names of the Voronovo martyrs   385
List of Voronovo immigrants to Israel   390
The Soletchnik (Šalčininkai) Book   393
Table of Contents   395
The tiny town - “Great Soletchnik” H. Kaplan 397
Soletchnik is big despite her small size H. Goldanski 401
Soletchnik on the eve of the Holocaust H. Kalai 405
A home in Soletchnik Y. Karom 407
Velvale' in Soletchnik H. Levin 409
This is how my mother blessed me H. Levin 409
How I immigrated Y. Karom 411
Because of Wegner's tractors H. Kalai 412
List of people from Soletchnik living in the Diaspora and in Israel   414
The Great Soletchnik [Y]
Great Soletchnik [Y] Z. Krum 417
My Shtetele is Generous [Y] Ester Katz (Taibel) 422
Yakov Kac Soletchnik Poet from the Vilna Journal [Y] A.N. 426
Death [also used to mean Holocaust] [Y] Z. Karom 430
Names of the martyrs from Soletchnik   439
List of Soletchnik residents who died in Israel   440
  1. The Life of Man Return
  2. The first part of the Talmud, containing traditional oral interpretations of scriptural ordinances (Halakhot), compiled by the rabbis about 200. http://www.yourdictionary.com/mishnayot Return
  3. The Pioneer - association of Jewish youth whose aim was to train its members to settle in Israel Return
  4. Literally: Paths of Pleasantness Return
  5. The initials of Brit Yosef Trumpeldor- The Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor, the educational youth movement of the Revisionist Zionist Organization Return

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