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Among the Prominent “Ets Hayim” Yeshiva Students

a) Rabbis and Yeshiva Leaders

Grodzenski, Hayim Oyzer
The Vilna town Rabbi

Hanaziv's student. Born in 5622 (1863) on Elul 9, in Ivye. Educated in Volozhin from Bar-Mitsva age. He was renowned as the Ivye Prodigy. Practiced as the Vilna Rabbi. Died in the month of Av 5th, 5700 (1940) in Vilna.

Elishberg, Mordkhay
Rabbi Itsele's student, and Hanatzsiv's friend.

Born in Eysishok, Kovno district, 1st Adar 5577 (16/2/1817). He was one of the first Rabbis, which joined the “Hovvey Zion” (Lovers of Zion) movement. His book “The Golden Path” deals with the problems of Eretz Israel settlement. Died in Boysk (Leetonia), 18th Kislev, 5660 (11/12/1889). – For article see Table of contents, code 22.02.

Don Ikhya, Ihuda Leyb
Rabbi of Shklov, Drissa & Chernigov

Studied in the Volozhin Yeshiva As Hanatsiv's disciple from 5649 (1888) until 5652 (1892). Born in Drissa 1868. Practiced as Rabbi in Shklov, Viyatka, Drissa and Tshernigov. Was member in the committee of “Netsakh Israel” (the Eternal of Israel) movement. Among his books: “The Israel seniors” (Jewish religious laws novelties with questions and answers, accompanied by Hayim Soloveytshik's novelties). Published in Lutsk 5693 (1933). The second part was published, with his biography, in Tel-Aviv 5699 (1939). He also published incognito a pamphlet “Zionism from religious point of view”. Died in Tel Aviv in 1941.
For article see Table of contents, code 22.04.

Epstein, Moshe Mordekhay
Head of the Slobodka Yeshiva

Known as one of the best Hanatziv's students. Born in Baksht, close to Volozhin, in the month of Adar 5636, (1866). He was called “The Baksht Prodigy”. Became head of the “Knesset Israel” Yeshiva in Slobodka. He transferred his Yeshiva to Hevron and was its leader. He was active among the Hedera founders. His Torah novelties were published in his book “Mordekhay's dress”. Died in Jerusalem 10th Kislev 5694 (28/11/1933). – For article see Table of contents, code 22.03.

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Kahana, Shlomo David
The Warsaw town Rabbi

Hanaziv's student. Born in Peguir (Lithuania) in 5626 (1866). His father, Hayim Ben Zion, was son in law of Rabbi Shmuel Zanvill Klappish, who was married to Rabbi Hayim Volozhiner's great Grand daughter. He practiced as the Warsaw Rabbi for forty eight years, and thirteen years as Rabbi of Jerusalem (the Old and the New one). Known as “Father of the abandoned” because of his care for the abandoned wives. Died Kislev, 28th 5714 (5.12.1953) in Jerusalem.

Halevi Epstein, Yechiel Michal

Rabbi Itsele's student. Brother in law and father in law of Hanaziv (he married Hanaziv's sister and Hanaziv married Halevi Epstein's daughter Bashe-Mirl- Meir Bar-Ilan's mother). Born in Bobruysk on Shevat 20th, 5589 (1829). He's the Author of the “Aruch Ha'shulchan”. Died in Novoharodok , on Adar B 22nd , 5668 (1908).

Levinson, Zvi-Hirsh
Head of the Radin Yeshiva

Hanaziv's student. Born in Volozhin in 5623 (1863). Son in law of the “Hafets Hayim”. Practiced as Head of the Radin Yeshiva. Died in the year 5681 (1921).

Kahana-Shapiro, Avraham Duber

Hanaziv's student. Born in Kobrin on Yom Kippur, in 5631 (1870). His father, Shlomo Zalmen was Rabbi Hayim Volozhiner's descendant. As student in the Volozhin Yeshiva he was known as the “Kobrin Prodigy”. Was member in the “Netsakh Israel” (Israel's Eternity) movement. The last Rabbi of Kovno. Died in the Slobodka Ghetto on the Sabath, Adar A 22nd , 5703 (29/3/1943).

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Leybovitsh, Boruh Dov
Head of the Slobodka Yeshiva

Student of Hanaziv and son in law of Bunimovitsh from Volozhin. Born in Mitava (Leetonia) in 5634 (1864). The pages 213-221 in his book “Yaakov's tents” are dedicated to Volozhin. Died In Jerusalem in 5707, Sivan 16th (4.6.1947).

Halevi Epstein, Yechiel Michal

Student of Rabbi Hayim Soloveytshik. Born in Slutsk, in 5624 (1864). Still infant he was introduced in the Volozhin Yeshiva. Despite his young age Boruh Dov was recognized for his capabilities. He practiced as Head of the Slobodka Yeshiva “Knesset Beyt Yaakov”. Died in Vilna in 5700 Heahvan 25th (7.11.39).

Melzer, Issar Zalman
Head of the “Ets Hayim” Yeshiva in Jerusalem

Student of Rabbi Hayim Soloveytshik. Born in Mir, in 5640 (1870). Was called “Zonie der Mirer”. Wrote the book “The precious Stone” about the Rambam. Practised as head of the “Ets Hayim” Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Died in 5714 Kislev 10th (17.11.1953), in Jerusalem.

Mohaliver, Shmuel

Student of Rabbi Itsele and son in law of Rabbi Eliezer Fried. Born in Halovka, (Vilna region) in 5584 (1824) Nissan 27th . Mohaliver was one of the first “Hovvey Zion” (Zion Lovers) members. Befriended with Hanaziv and with Rabbi Yosi Ber Soloveytshik. Died, in 5658 (1898), on Sivan 19 in Bialistok.
For article see Table of contents, code 22.09.

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Salant, Shmuel
Jerusalem town Rabbi

Rabbi Itsele's student. Born in 5596 Shevat 2nd (1816), in Bialistok. As a young boy he joined the Volozhin Yeshiva and amazed his teachers by his Torah-study diligence. In 1841 he made Aliya to the Land of Israel and settled in the courtyard of Rabbi Yehuda Hosid's “Hurva” (synagogue). Acted as The Jerusalem Rabbi for 70 years. Died in 5669 Av 29th (16.8.1909), in Jerusalem. For article see Table of contents, code 22.14.

Nahum (Nohemke) from Horodno
The Orphans Father

Rabbi Eliezer Fried's student. Born in 5572 (1812) in Beisegol (Shavli region). Known as a Torah studious and a God-fearing religious Jew. All his life he was considered as an orphans and widows protector and as a good helping friend of the poor, ill and oppressed persons. The “Hafets Hayim” used to say, that Nohemke reached the highest level of grace and charity. Died in 5630 (Heshvan 5th 1880), in Grodno.

Polatshek, Shlomo
The N.Y. Itskhak Elhanan Yeshiva head

Student of Hanaziv. He Was called “The Maytshat Prodigy”. Born in 5848 (1878), in Sinitsenits (a hamlet close to Maytshat). Rabbi Hayim Soloveytshik used to say, “Here is a prodigy without equals”. Rabbi Meir Bar Ilan (Berlin) invited him to be the Yeshiva head of the Itskhak Elhanan Yeshiva in New York. Died in 5688, Tamuz 21st , in New York.

Nissenboym, Isaak

Hanaziv's student. Born in 5639 Tishrey 25th (1869), in Bobruysk. A chapter in his book “My world” is dedicated to Volozhin. He was killed in 5703 (1943), on the month of Menahem-Av, in Warsaw Ghetto.
For article see Table of contents, code 22.12.

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Rubinshteyn, Itshak
Head of the “Elhanan” Yeshiva in NY

Student of Rabbi Refoel Shapiro. Born in 5640 (1880), in Datnivo (Lithuania). As member of the Polish Senate, he fought ardently to receive equal rights for the Jewish population in Poland. Rubinshteyn founded and headed the “Yavne” net of Jewish religious Schools in Poland. In the last years of his life he became head of the Itshak Elkhanan Yeshiva in New York. Died in 5706 Heshvan 24th (31.10.1945) in New York.

Faymer, Yosef (Yosl Slutsker)
One of Rabbi Hayim Volozhiner's best students

Born in Shklov. He was member in the delegation, that that came in Volozhin, to settle the dispute between Hanaziv and Yosi Ber Soloveytshik. The Delegation participants were R' Isaac Elkhanan from Kovno, David Tabil the Minsk Chief Dayan (Judge), the Vilna “Magid” (Narrator) Zeev Lande and Yehoshua Levin the Minsk rich-man Died in 5634 Sivan 30th , (31.10.1864), in Slutsk.

Koock, Avraham Hakohen
The first chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel

The most estimated Student of Hanaziv, who called him “Mine Avrom Itshe”. He became the first chief Rabbi of Eretz Israel. Born in 5625 Elul 16th (1865), in Grayevo. Harav Koock wrote his excellent essay on Hanaziv “The Yeshiva “Ets Hayim” head”, published in “Knesset Israel” 5648 (1888). Died in 5695 Elul 3rd (1.9.1935) in Jerusalem.
For article see Table of contents, code 22.15.

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Shkop, Shimon
The Teltz Yeshiva Head

Student of Hanaziv. Born in 5620 (1860), in Tortz. At the age of fourteen he went to Volozhin where he studied six years. His teachers were Hanaziv and Rabbi Hayim Soloveytshik. In 6644 (1884) he was accepted to lead the Teltz Yeshiva, and acted on that post for eighteen years. He published his essay “The Gates of Honesty” in 5685 (1925). Died in 1940 Heshvan 9th (23/10/1939) in Grodno.

Rayness, Itskhak Yaakov
The Mizrakhi party founder

Student of Rabbi Itsele. Born in 5600 Heshvan 9th (17.10.1839), in Karelin. He joined the Volozhin Yeshiva at the age of sixteen. Harav Rayness founded in 1902 the religious Zionist Mizrakhi party. In 1904 he founded in Lida (Vilna region) the “Torah Vadaat” (Torah & Knowledge) Yeshiva. Died in 5675 Elul 10th (20.8.1915) in Lida.
For article see Table of contents, code 22.17.

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b) Poets, Writers, Scholars, Public Figures

Bialik, Haim Nahman
Modern Hebrew most prominent Poet

Hanaziv's great Student. (Hanaziv was proud showing Bialik's letter to his guests. He said: “look, what Hebrew they write in Volozhin Yeshiva”). Born in 5643 Tevet 10th (11.1.1873), in Rady (Volyn'). Bialik's poetry was highly influenced by Volozhin. “Hamatmid” is entirely Volozhin. In his poem “The Scroll of Fire” Hanaziv is described as “The Old Man from Judea”. The Yeshiva with the Students Bialik described in the words ”And I saw the Temple, with the splendor of its Scholars and priests”. Volozhin also influences many other Bialik's works. Died in 5694 Tamuz 21st (4.7.1934), in Vienna.- For article, see Table of contents, code 4.03.

Epstein, Zalman
Publicist and writer

Hanaziv's Student. Born in 5620 on Elul 19 (16.9.1860), in Luban (Minsk Region). Epstein contributed very much to the Volozhin Yeshiva study in his essay “The forgotten Jubilee”, published in “Hatzfira” magazin, in 5663 (1903). Died in 5697, on Kislev 7 (21.11.1936), in Ramat Gan.

Droyanov, Alter Asher
Writer & publicist

Student of Hanaziv. Born in 5650, Tamuz 7th (6.7.1870), in Droya (Vilna region). In his book “Scripts on the Hovvey Zion movement history”, is found material about the movement in Volozhin. Died in 5698 Iyar 17th (10.5.1938) in Tel Aviv - For article, see Table of contents, code 4.05.

Berditshevski, Miha Yosef

Hanaziv's Student. Was born in 5625 Av 27th (19.8.1865), in Mezibozh (Podolye). Berdichevski contributed to the Volozhin “Etz Hayim” Yeshiva study in his excellent articles: a) “The Volozhin Tree of Life-Yeshiva's history”, published in “Haassif, 5647 (1887) b) “The world of Noblesse”, published in “Hakerem” 5648 (1888), c) ”A bundle of letters from Volozhin”, published in “Hameylitz”. Died in 5682 Heshvan 17th (18.11.1921), in Berlin.

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Yoffe, Leyb
Poet, writer

Student of Hanaziv (made his studies two years before the Yeshiva was closed, 1891-1892). Born in 5635 Sivan 13th (16.6.1875), in Grodno. Devoted Zionist, he was chosen to lead the Keren Hakayemet Organization since it was founded (thirty years). Yoffe found died at the national institutions explosion in Jerusalem (5718 Adar 30th (11.3.1948). In his memories book “From the Spring Days” a chapter is dedicated to his Yeshiva-years in Volozhin. He wrote there also about his lodging in Peretz the coachman's house. - For article, see Table of contents, code 22.07.

Harkabi, Avraham Eliyahu
Researcher & writer

Student of Rabbi Eliezer Isak Fried and Hanaziv. Born in 5600 Heshvan 22nd (30.10.1839), in Novogrudok (Minsk region). He made important researches in Israel ancient literature. He was educated in Volozhin. Among his books he wrote: “Memories to the first and to the last ones” and “The Jews and the Slavic languages”. Died in 5679 Adar 2nd (15.3.1919) in Petersburg.

Rivkind, Isaak
Bibliograph & researcher

Rivkind was Rabbi Raphael Shapiro's student. Born in 5655 Adar 21st (17.3.1895), in Lodzh. He dedicated most of his time to research the Volozhin Yeshiva history. Died in 5728 Shevat 20th (19.2.1968), in New York. Was brought to rest in Tel-Aviv on the Nahlat Itskhak cemetery. - For article, see Table of contents, code 22.16.

Hurgin, Pinkhas
Founder of The Bar-Ilan Yeshiva

P. Hurgin was Rabbi Raphael Shapiro's student. Born in 5655 Heshvan 26th (25.11.1894), in Host (close to Pinsk). He studied for four years in Volozhin. Founded the Bar–Ilan University (on the name of Meir Bar Ilan – Berlin, Hanaziv's son) in Ramat Gan and served as its first president. “Researches on the Second Temple's Time” is well known among his books. Died in 5718 Kislev 4th (28.11.1957), in New York.

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Shulman, Kalman

He was Rabbi Itsele's cherished student. Born in 5579 Av 18th (9.8.1819), in old Bikhov (Mohilev Region - Belarus). He was a remarkable “haskala” (Enlightenment) writer. “The world History” is known among his important books. Shulman also had translated and edited the “Mysteries of Paris”. He died in 5659 Shvat 5th (15.1.1899), in Vilna.


c) Activists

Nakhmany, Mordkhay
Public personality

He was Hanaziv's and Rabbi Hayim Soloveytshyk's student (studied in Volozhin for four years). Born in 5638 (1867), Kislev 28, in Nisvizh (Belaruss, Minsk region). He made Aliya in 5650 (1890) and was active in the Rehovot founding. He was active in the village council, in the agriculture committee and in the area of religious education. Died in 5710, at the first day of Shvat (19.1.1949), in Rehovot. - For article, see Table of contents, code 22.11.

Visotski, Klonimus Zeev

Studied in Volozhin for three years, as Rabbi Itsele's student. Born in Old Sand (Kovno region). He became very rich from dealing with tea. A part of his wealth was dedicated for the Erets Israel settlement. An important part of his inheritance enabled the establishment of the Haifa Technion (Engineers School). He also invested money in the foundation of Petah-Tikvah. Died in 5664 (1904) in Moscow.


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