Tuczin-Kripa, Wolyn;
In Memory of the Jewish Community
(Tuchin, Ukraine)

50°42' / 26°34'

(Goryngrad, Ukraine)

50°39' / 26°31'


Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Tuczin-Kripa

Editor: B. H. Ayalon

Published in Tel Aviv 1967

This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Tuczin-Kripa (Tuczin-Kripa, Wolyn; in Memory of the Jewish Community),
Editor: B. H. Ayalon, Tuczin and Kripa Relief Society of Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1965 (H,Y 387 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Tuchyn (1967)

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Hebrew TOC translated by Sara Mages

Yiddish TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner


  Chapter 1: Title Page
I Introduction The Editor 14
II Our Intention The Book Committee 15
III Members of the Book Committee 18
IV Tuczin-Kripa[1] in the heart of Wolhyn Map 19
V Table of Contents 22
VI List of communal photos 27
VII Former residents of Tuczin-Kripa[1] in the memorial meeting 31
  Chapter 2: Tuczin-Kripa[1] and the Surrounding Area
1 The District of Wolyn and Wolyn's Jews 38
  Tuczin-Kripa and the surrounding area Dov Neger, Yakov Katz, David Sade, David Petizer
      a. General review 46
      b. The history of Tuczin 50
      c. Ancient Kripa 51
      d. The village of Antonowka 51
      e. Tuczin in the folktales 54
3 Memories from before World War II [Y] David Petizer 55
4 The History of the Jewish community of Tuczin H. Halperin 59
5 Memories from my youth and adulthood Avraham Sade (Schenfeld) 62
6 Memories from Kripa Pinchas Arest 66
7 From my memories of Tuczin to the year 1920 N. Gilad (Glatstein) 67
8 Tuczin's natives talk about their city
      a. The city, its residents and their livelihood Dov Neger 69
      b. My town Tuczin Zushia Rotelman 69
      c. From 1928 to 1935 Yisrael Gurfinkel 72
      d. Mix memories Yitzchak Gilberg 73
      e. Childhood memories Luba Arye-Katsav 74
      f. Childhood days in our town Tuczin Sara Greler 75
      g. Memories from Tuczin Batya Kentor- Halperin 75
9 The Jewish home and “Hanoar Hatzioni” [Zionist Youth] Ester Schecniok 78
10 Tuczin-Kripa and the surrounding area [Y] Dov Neger, Yakov Katz, David Sade, David Petizer
      a. General overview [Y] 79
      b. The history of Tuczin [Y] 83
      c. The old Kripa [Y] 85
      d. The village Anatowka [Y] 87
      e. Tuczin in folktales [Y] 88
  Chapter 3: Tuczin's Jews and their activities
11 Jewish Tuczin and its way of life David Sade (Schenfeld)
      a. The livelihoods of Tuczin's Jews 97
      b. Educational Institutes, Melamdim and Teachers 97
      c. Public institutions and public activists 102
      d. The Drama Club - “Lubitelski theater” 105
      e. The transportation in town - the first bus 105
      f. The town's book seller 106
12 The town at work Dov Neger
      a. Movements and Streams 107
      b. “HeHalutz” [the pioneer movement] 108
13 The first buds of the workers movement 110
14 Movements and Projects Avraham Sade (Schenfeld)
      a. The Zionist Movement 111
      b. Youth Movements 115
      c. The Library 115
      d. Teachers and Melamdim 116
      e. Mutual aid 116
      f. Medical aid 117
      g. Miscellaneous 118
15 The little Cossak synagogue [Y] Motl Libertov
16 Hashomer Hatzair[2] Federation in Tuczin David Sade (Schenfeld) 119
17 Hashomer Hatzair” Chapter in Tuczin Zushia Rotelman 126
18 The first leaders of “Hashomer Hatzair Batya Kentor- Halperin 127
19 Memories from the “Gordonia[3] Movement Sima Adamowicz-Chait 127
20 A brick for the memorial monument Yitzchak Neri (Lichtesach)
      a. The Yeshiva named after Shmuel Schatz of blessed memory 131
      b. “Hashomer Hadati[4] 132
      c. The “Hakhshara[5] Kibbutz in Drozdov 133
21 A wedding in town [Y] Rivka Chamut 135
22 The towns and its residents Nasia Sade (Zinger) 138
23 Jewish homes in Tuczin [Y] Yehudah Rotenberg
      a. Education among Jews [Y] 143
      b. Scholars in Tuczin [Y] 144
      c. Holidays among Jews [Y] 146
24 At the edge of the social life Yehudah Rotenberg, David Sade
      a. “Chevrah Kadisha” – True Loving Kindness 147
      b. The Fire-Brigade – “Požarna Komanda 147
      c. Simchat Torah - The drunken holiday 148
      d. The Taverns 149
      e. The Police 149
      f. The recruitment week – a week of trouble 150
25 The first Tuczin health care organization, founded in New York in 1900 [Y] Matel Libertow 151
26 Tears of pain - tears of joy [Y] Rachtzi Weiner-Dines 154
27 For the heroes of Tuczin [Y] David Petizer 159
  Chapter 4: Images, Personalities and Families
28 Religious leaders and public personalities Selva Neger 166
29 The family of Rav [rabbi] Galawa [Y] HaRav Avraham Galawa 171
30 Dovrish Reitman Tzvi Gilberg 175
31     a. The Jews of Torah and tradition Tzvi Gilberg 178
      b. The institutions of “Hapoel HaMizrachi[6]
32 About my home that was destroyed Shechora Silberberg-Frenkel 183
33 The family of Michael Sheinfeld Yosef Sheinfeld 194
34 The home of my father and mother David Sade 198
35 In memory of my brother Gedalyahu b. The Weiner family [Y] Avraham Vinitser 202
36 R' Avraham and Batya Teshabak [Y] Rachel Klienman (Teshabak) 207
37 About the Silberberg home Hanoch Halperin 210
38 The family of Sender Galdstein Yitzchak Chamut 211
39 In memory of Neta Presman/with love from his daughter 214
40 The Goldstein family Michael Goldstein 218
41 About David Glatstein of blessed memory Rivka Chamut 218
42 My Family Luba Arye-Katsav 220
43 A marker to my father's home Tzvi Gilberg 222
44 In memory of my parents and my family Yitzchak Gilberg
45 The Kaplan-Glaperin families Sara Kaplan 226
46 The souls that perished in my family [Y] Rachtzi Weiner-Dines 227
47 The Turok- Riklis family Batya Turok- Riklis 227
48 The Resnick family Chana Resnick (Gladstein) 234
49 The family of Michel Chamut [Y] Nechama Chamut Piudok 234
  Chapter 5: War, Heroism and Holocaust
50 In the Days of Siege and Distress David Sadeh 246
51 Under the shadow of the Soviet regime Avraham Sade 251
52 The Tuczin Ghetto uprising Mendel Mann 251
53 The Tuchyn chapter Shalom Cholevski 257
54 The “Judenrat” in Tuchyn Miriam Shvartzman–Kouts 269
55 From the horrors of the Holocaust Duba Melamed (Silberberg) 283
56 The aftermath of Tuczin Ida Fingerhut-Kaplan 287
57 Jewish children in the fields and the forests [Y] Moshe Schaf 287
58 My visit to Tuczin after the destruction Yitzchak Gilberg 303
59 My experiences in life [Y] Avraham Winitzer (Kripa) 306
60 A eulogy for my town [Y] Rachtzi Weiner-Dines 314
61 A memorial monument 322
62 Yizkor 323
63 List of the martyrs from the communities of Tuczin-Kripa 325
64 Family memory days 383
Translator's Footnotes

Note: All articles are in Hebrew apart from those marked with [Y] – Yiddish
  1. Kripa – the Yiddish name for Goryngrad, Ukraine Return
  2. Hashomer Hatzair” – The Youth Guard – a socialist-Zionist youth movement Return
  3. Gordonia” – a Zionist Youth Movements. The movement's doctrines were based on the beliefs of Aaron David Gordon Return
  4. Hashomer Hadati” - Zionist religious youth movement associated with “Mizrachi”, the religious Zionist organization Return
  5. Hakhshara” – preparation - agricultural institutes similar to kibbutzim where Zionist youth received their technical skills needed for their immigration to Israel Return
  6. Hapoel HaMizrachi” - religious pioneering and labor movement in Israel Return

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