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Names from the Tlumach Yizkor Book

Note from Harold Sandler: This list was translated from the original Yiddish by me as a memorial to the people of Tlumacz and to the members of my family from that town who perished in the Holocaust. May their memories live forever.

I have added the names of several members of my family from Tlumacz who were known to have perished, but who were not listed in the original list of names. These are indicated by an asterisk (*)

Abend, Hersh
Abend, Moshe
Abend, Yossel
Abush, Yankel
Aizic (bathhouse attendant)
Appelbaum family
Auerman, Fabian
Bader, Dovid
Bader, Shlomo
Bagel family
Baizer, Avrumcheh
Baltuch, Chaim
Baron, Chaim
Baron, Meir
Baron, Shimon
Bass, Itzhak
Bebring, Yankel
Bebring, Yankel
Berger, Devotzia
Berger, Hershel
Berger, Laibish
Berger, Pinea
Bikel, Mendel
Bikel, Meshulum
Bikel, Sruel Moshe
Bikel, Yechiel
Bildner, Lazer
Bildner, Moshe Mendel
Bin, Shlomo
Bliberg, Shaul
Bloch, Sigmund
Blond, Avraham
Blond, Yosef
Blumenthal family
Buchsbaum family
Buchwald, Itsheh
Chaits, Lazar
Dembling family
Dicker, Motea
Doleberg, Pineah
Doler - Dentist
Dovester, Nissan
Doyer, Itshe
Doyer, Mattea
Dran family
Drefer, Sruelka
Dreilinger, Yankel
Dub, Hersh
Eisner, Nissan-Shmuel (Rabbi)
Eisner, Shlome
Elia (Friedeles)
Epstein, Binya
Epstein, Itshe
Ernstarff family
Faingold family
Fayer, (dance teacher)
Fayer, Chaim
Fayer, Faivel
Fayer, Lieb
Fayer, Necheh
Fayer, Yankel
Fayer, Yossel
Fayerman ... (Dr)
Feifer, Dudyeh
Feller, Shaul
Fish, leib
Fish, Moshe
Fisher, Mendel
Fisher, Zelig
Fishler family
Flescher, Laib
Fogel family
Frayfogel family
Freindlich family
Friedlinger, Motte
Friedman, Yankel
Geller, Shimon
Glass, Kufel-Dov
Glass, Zelde
Gotlieb, Moshe
Gottesman, Donek
Gottesman, Itsheh
Gottesman, Shaia
Grass family
Grindlinger family
Gutentag, Hirsh
Gutman family
Gutshtein, Mottel
Habel, Meyer
Haber, Aaron
Haber, Avraham
Haber, Chaim
Haber, Freidel
Haber, Gedalia
Haber, Kopel-Shucht
Haber, Leib
Haber, Mechel
Haber, Shaul-Meyer
Haber, Wolf
Haber, Yankel
Haber, Yoshe
Haber, Yossel
Haber, Zishe
Hager, Yitzhak (Rabbi)
Haller, Isroel-Hersh
Haller, Sruel
Halpern, Max (Dr)
Hartenstein family
Hasfiel, Moshe
Hauser (Hoyzer) (Dr)
Heinz, Wolf
Heisler, Leibush
Held, Moshe
Held, Shmuel
Helitsher family
Hellman family
Henig, Baruch
Henigsberg (Dr)
Henigsberg, Yechiel
Herman ...
Herman, Bezalel
Herman, Kaftzia
Herman, Mordechai
Hoat, Shimon
Hoat, Yechiel
Hoat, Zaydeh
Hoberman, Hershel
Hochman, Zalman
Hoffman, Keylleh
Hoffman, Mendel
Hoffman, Yossel
Hoffrichter family
Horendein, Shmuel
Horn, Hiniya
Horowitz, Feivish
Horowitz, Yechiel
Hoyzman (Dr)
Hoyznerer, Yossel
Inslicht, Alter
Inzlicht, Chaim
Inzlicht, Herzel
Inzlicht, Kalman
Inzlicht, Lazar
Inzlicht, Yoshe
Kanner, Mechel
Kantor family
Kantselfald, Gershon
Karger, Gershon
Kaufman family
Kerner, Yakov
Kleiner, Chana
Kleiner, Gershon
Kleiner, Itsheh
Kleiner, Laib
Kleiner, Leib
Kleiner, Mechel
Kleiner, Shmuel
Knell (Kleiner)
Knell, Mottle
Knell, Mottle
Knippel, Benyamin
Knippel, Yechiel
Knopf family
Knopf, Moshe
Koch, Mordechai
Korn, Shaul
Korniel family
Korntrager, Hersh
Korntrager, Zishe
Kraus, Itsche
Kreindler, David
Krenner, Moshe
Krieg, Naftalie
Krieg, Yotsiah
Kroutman family
Krum, Isaac
Krum, Laibziah
Krum, Wolf
Lam, Chaim (rabbi)
Landman, Isaac
Lautman, Benyamin
Lautman, Chaim Laib
Lautman, Chana
Lautman, Moshe
Lebtselter ...
Lebtselter, Yosef
Lefold, yortche
Leker, Alter
Lenz family
Leopold ...
Leopold, Chaim
Leopold, Fraydl
Leopold, Shlome
Leopold, Shlome-ke
Leopold, Sonia
Leopold, Yotzia
Linderman, Mottel
Ludmir, Zaide
Luster family
Mahler family
Mandel family
Manhard, Moshe
Mark, Mendel
Mautner ...
Mautner, Shmuel
Mechel (Shiester) (Shoemaker)
Mendeleh - (water carrier)
Meshiah, (Kolymayer) ?
Messing family
Minzer, Yakov-ber
Minzer, Yechiel ?
Mordechai (Posh)
Morgenstern, Zelig
Nadel family
Nagelberg, Yidel
Netsler, Reuven
Pasternack family
Pinck, elle
Pollack, Munieh
Pomerantz family
Rainer family
Rayte family
Rechter, Mechel
Redner, Hertzl
Redner, Shaia
Redner, Vittel
Redner, Yankel
Reis, Elihu
Richter family
Riesel, Pinea
Rietser, Benyamin
Rietser, Bunim
Rietser, Chaim
Rietser, Yasha
Rietser, Yekel
Rinzsler, Hershel
Rinzsler, Nissan
Rinzsler, Yudeh-Shia
Rose, Sima
Rosenheck family
Rosenkrantz, Mauricy (Dr)
Rosenman, Fanny (Dr)
Rosensweig, Zechariah
Rotenstreich, Moshe
Rotenstreich, Shmuel
Rubin, Laib
Sabel family
Salat (Dr)
Sandler, Dula *
Sandler, Ephraim *
Sandler, Moshe
Sandler, Reisja *
Sandler, Schmerl *
Sandler, Shmuel-Meyer
Schechter ...
Schechter, Aaron
Schlessinger, Chaim Laib
Schlessinger, Hannah
Schlessinger, Yankel
Schlosser, Laibele *
Schlosser, Lazer *
Schlosser, Pepi *
Schlosser, Riva *
Schneck, Faifel
Schreier, Ezikiel-Shlome
Schwartzbard, Zishe
Shaffer, Laib
Shaia (Kotshke) (duck)
Shaia (the mute)
Shapira, Abraham-Moshe
Sharf family
Sheiner, Yankel
Shiesler, Shmuel
Shlome (Rimmer)
Shmerler, Sruel-Yossel
Shtruber, Moshe
Shultz, Yossel
Shvechter, Laib
Shvechter, Laib
Shvechter, Mendel
Shvechter, Tulia
Shvepelgeist, Bunia
Sofer, Moshe
Solomon, Bertshe
Solomon, Sruel-Hirsh
Solomon, Yashe
Solomon, Yechiel
Spatz, Friedel
Spechler, Yankel-sruel
Sperber family
Spiegel, Nachman
Spiegel, Zaide
Spielfogel, Laib
Sprechman, Eliezar
Spund, Gershon
Spund, Herzel
Spund, Koppel
Spund, Moshe
Spund, Wolf
Spund, Zalman
Stark, Moshe
Stein, Mintsia
Steinberg (Dr)
Steinberg, Abraham-Tsia
Steinwurtzel ...
Steinwurtzel, David
Stern, Meshulam
Sternberg, Hillel
Stockhammer, Abraham - (chazen)
Stotzer, Moshe
Streisand, Shlome
Streit, Chaim
Streit, Chaninah
Streit, Chuneh Dod
Streit, Hertzel
Streit, Mottieh
Streit, Yankel
Taitler, Yankel
Tambor, Shlome
Tendler (Dr)
Tisher, Lazer
Titman, Mechel
Toren, Hersh
Toren, Leib
Tsaler family
Tsank family
Tsieler, Gershon
Tsieler, Moshe
Tsieler, Zische
Tsupper family
Tsupper, Getzel
Tsviker, Gershon
Tuchman family
Tupp, Shrintseh
Unger family
Wagner family
Weidenhoffer (Dr)
Weider, Smuel
Weiner family
Weintraub, David
Weintraub, Shaia
Weiss, Motel-Moshe
Weissman, Leib
Weissman, Mendel
Weissman, Shloma Leib
Weizer, Mantshe
Winterfeld, Aaron
Wittman family
Wocher, Wolf
Worman, Ephraim
Wunderman, Mordechai
Yampoler (Dr)
Yonah (from the clim)
Yonam family
Yosef, Shaia
Yung, Shaia
Zeckler family
Zeidman, Yekel
Zeifer, Abba
Zeifer, Ephraim
Zeifer, Mendel
Zeifer, Yakov
Zelinger, Benyamin
Zelinger, Meir-Sender
Zeltzer, Baruch
Zemler, Shimshon
Zemmer, Chaim
Zemmer, Isaiah
Zemmer, Mendel
Zemmerfreind family
Zilber, Gershon

* Indicates family name added by Harold Sandler

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