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In Everlasting Memory of our Martyrs

Transliterated by Shalom Bronstein

We want to thank Mathilde Tagger for her invaluable help in transcribing the following names. Without her assistance it would not have been possible to prepare the following list. The names are transcribed as they appear in the original text even though there may be some inaccuracies.


Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks Page
AVAYOU Bertha F Dudoun Sivia On the list next to her name it states 'the daughter of Doudoun and Zvi, apparently by mistake 509
AVAYOU Aron M 509
SADICARIO Pepo M Isaak Esther 509
ROUSSO Natan M Avram Palomba 509
MOISSI Victoria F 509
AVRAHAM Avram M Yechoua 509
AVRAHAM Yakov M Yechoua 509
AGOSTARI Eliaou M On the list it states Eliaou AGOSTARI and his children 509
AGOSTARI Sarina F 509
MENACHEM Moise M On the list it states Moise MENACHEM and his children 509
MENACHEM Binuta F 509
MENACHEM Senior M On the list it states Senior MENACHEM and his children 509
AGOSTARI Matilda F 509
HAZAN Natan M On the list it states Natan HAZAN and his children 509
HAZAN Daisy F 509
OSMO Pinchas M Moissi 509
OSMO Corina F 509
OSMO Yechoua M Moissi 509
OSMO Dina F 509
OSMO David M Leonora 509
OSMO Raphael M Leonora 509
OSMO Roubina F 509
OSMO Corina F 509
AGI Nehama F Semtov On the list it states Nechama AGI son of Semtov, apparenty by mistake 509
AGI Mazaltov F 509
AGI Haim M Nehama 509
AGI Esterina F 509
AGI David M Nehama 509
AGI Bella F 509
ATIAS Palomba F Avram 509
ATIAS Pais M Avram 509
ATIAS Simantov M Avram 509
TEVET Rachel F 509
TEVET Yosef M Solomon 509
TEVET Gavriel M Solomon 509
TEVET Moissi M Solomon 509
SALOM Flora F 509
GALIDI Miriam F 509
TEVET Gena F 509
ATAS Isaak M Avram 509
ATAS Solomon M Avram 509
ATAS Merkada F 509
EMANUEL Esther F 509
KIMHI Miriam F 509
KIMHI Moissi M Avram 509
KIMHI Avram M Moissi 509
EMANUEL Avram M Haim 509
ATAS Sabetai M Yakov 509
ATAS Rabbi Daniel M Sabetai 509
ATAS Yeouda M Yakov 509
ATAS Esther F 509
ATAS Esterina F 509
ALALOUF Avram M Haim 509
ALALOUF Jamila F 509
ALALOUF Bella M Avram 509
ALALOUF Rikoula F 509
ALALOUF Vida F Isaak 509
ALALOUF Linda F 509
ALALOUF Cordelia F 509
ALALOUF Olivia F 509
MORDOCH Avram M Moissi 509
MORDOCH Samouel M Moissi 509
MORDOCH Rachel F 509
YAVES Miriam F 509
PILOSOF Jo M Avram 509
ALALOUF Haim M Isaak 509
ALALOUF Bouena F 509
ALALOUF Sultana F 509
ALALOUF Reina F 509
ALALOUF Rebecca F 509
ALALOUF Gedalia Haim M Avram 509
ALALOUF Moissi M Vital 509
ALALOUF Mazal F 509
ARAMA Rachel F 509
ALALOUF Vital M Moissi 509
ALALOUF Moissi M Yakov 509
ALALOUF Pepo Yosef M Yakov 509
ALALOUF Rachel F 509
ALALOUF Eliaou M Moissi 509
ALALOUF Lucie F 509
ALBO Yosef M Aron 509
ALBO Henri M Yosef 509
ALBO Esterina F 509
BOTTON Germaine F 509
ALBO Bella M 509
GERASSI Haim M Bension 509
GERASSI Reina F 509
GERASSI Henri M Haim 509
GERASSI Yosef M Haim 509
EZRATI Yosef M 509
EZRATI Rikoula F 509
ALBELDA Dario M Avram 509
ALBELDA Stella F 509
ALBELDA Avram M Dario 509
LEVY Lea F 509
SALTIEL Elvyra F 509
ALBALA Beti M Yosef 510
ALBALA Yosef M Beti 510
ALBALA Isaak M Beti 510
ALBALA Eliezer M Beti 510
ALBALA Sol Sohita F 510
ALBALA Vida F 510
ALHANATI Heskia M 510
ALHANATI Rachel F 510
ALHANATI Miriam F 510
ELIAOU Nissim M David 510
ELIAOU Smeralda F 510
ELIAOU Yakov M Nissim 510
ELIAOU Samouel M Nissim 510
ELIAOU Alberto M Nissim 510
ALFANDARI Haim M Moissi 510
ALFANDARI Moissi M Haim 510
ALFANDARI Solomon M Haim 510
ALFANDARI Aron M Haim 510
ELYAKIM Yeouda M Joachim 510
ELYAKIM Sara Franka F 510
ELYAKIM Samouel M Yeouda 510
ELYAKIM Yosef M Yeouda 510
ELYAKIM Martha F 510
ELYAKIM Roula M Yosef 510
COHEN Gavriel M Avram 510
COHEN Fany F 510
COHEN Allegra F 510
ALFANDARI Rachel F 510
ALFANDARI Salomon M Yechoua 510
ALFANDARI David M Yechoua 510
ALFANDARI Yakov M Yechoua 510
AMAR Mazaltov F 510
AMAR Nissim M Yakov 510
AMAR Beatrice F 510
AMAR Luna F 510
ANGEL Avram M David 510
ANGEL Simha M 510
ANGEL Esther F 510
ANGEL David M Avram 510
ANGEL Alberto M Yomtov 510
ANGEL Sarina F 510
ANGEL Yomtov M Avram 510
ANGEL Emanuel M Avram 510
GATEGNO Haim M Saltiel 510
GATEGNO Bertha F 510
GATEGNO Saltiel M Haim 510
GATEGNO Matilda F 510
ANGEL Yakov M Isaak 510
ANGEL Rachel F 510
ANGEL Isaak M Yakov 510
ANGEL Sol F 510
ANGEL Michel M 510
ANGEL Michel M Daniel 510
ANGEL Avram M Daniel 510
ANGEL Esther F 510
ANGEL Daniel M Moissi 510
ANGEL Germaine M 510
ANGEL Margot F 510
ANGEL Alberto M Yeouda 510
PERAHIA Aron M Haim 510
PERAHIA Riketta F 510
PERAHIA Moise M Aron 510
PERAHIA Felix M Aron 510
COUNIO Laura F 510
COUNIO Yosef M 510
COUNIO Solomon M Yosef 510
BENVENISTE David M Samouel 510
BENVENISTE Haim M Samouel 510
ESFORMAS Lea F Samouel 510
MANASSE Perla F 510
MOISSI Flor F 510
HAIM Avram M Moissi 510
ARUKH Reina F 510
GALEA Rachel F 510
ESFORMAS Moissi M Meir 510
ESFORMAS Eliaou M Meir 510
ESFORMAS Dudoun F 510
ESFORMAS Claire F 510
ESFORMAS Elvyra F 510
ESCALONI Isaak M Solomon 510
ESCALONI Delicia F Maiden name ABASTADO 510
ESCALONI Solomon M Isaak 510
ESCALONI Vidal M Isaak 510
ESCALONI Simon M Isaak 510
ESCALONI Yakov M Isaak 510
ESCALONI Aron M Isaak 510
ABASTADO Moissi M Solomon 510
ABASTADO Sabetai M Solomon 510
MASSARANO Mentech M Avram 510
ABASTADO Solomon M Sabetai 510
AKOUNIS Avram M David 510
AKOUNIS Gavriel M David 510
AKOUNIS Yosef M Sadok 510
AKOUNIS Rebecca F 510
AKOUNIS Seniora F 510
AKOUNIS Miriam F 510
AKOUNIS Sadok M Yosef 511
ALBO Daniel M Yosef 511
ALBO Sara F 511
ALBO Tova F 511
ALBO Rachel F 511
ALBO Yosef M Daniel 511
AKOUNIS Natan M 511
AKOUNIS Eleonor F 511
AKOUNIS Samouel M 511
AKOUNIS Rachel F 511
AKOUNIS Solomon M 511
AKOUNIS Esther F 511
AKOUNIS Reina F Yeouda 511
AKOUNIS Esterina F 511
AKOUNIS Urico F 511
ARDITI MOLHO Dudoun F On the list it states Doudoun ARDITI nee MOLHO 511
CAPON Esther F 511
ARDITI Miriam F 511
ARDITI Eli M 511
ARDITI Allegra F 511
ARDITI Yosef M Yakov 511
ARDITI Dudoun F 511
ARDITI Ida F 511
ARDITI Adela F 511
ARDITI Benyamin M Yosef 511
AGOSTARI Rachel F 511
AGOSTARI Barouch M Rachel 511
ARUKH Haim M Moissi 511
ARUKH Dudoun F 511
ARUKH Yosef M Moissi 511
ARUKH Bertha F 511
ARUKH Isaak M 511
ARUKH Esther F 511
ALBO Dora F 511
ARUKH M Isaak On the list it states AROUCH [a surname] the son of Isaak 511
ALBO M Isaak On the list it states ALBO [a surname] the son of Isaak 511
ARUKH Moissi M 511
ROTCHAS Bienvenida F 511
ATAS Luna F 511
ANGEL Sara F 511
ARINOS Yakov M Aron 511
ARAMA Dudoun F Moissi 511
ESTRUMSA Loutsa F 511
ARAMA Raphael M Yakov 511
ARAMA Boulissa F 511
ARAMA Yakov M Raphael 511
ARAMA Allegra F 511
ARAMA Raphael M Yakov 511
ARAMA Moissi M Raphael 511
ARAMA Regina F 511
ALGABA Yeouda M Haim 511
ALGABA Esther F 511
ALGABA Pepo M Yeouda 511
ALGABA Allegra F 511
ALGABA Yeouda M Pepo 511
ALGABA Germaine M 511
YEOUDA Elvyra F 511
YEOUDA David M Eliezer 511
YEOUDA Eliezer M David 511
AYAS Matilda F 511
AYAS Moise M 511
BOTTON Yakov M 511
BOTTON Tamar F 511
BOTTON Victoria F 511
BOTTON Yosef M 511
ARDITI Raphael M 511
BOTTON Yakov M Yeouda 511
BOTTON Avram M Yakov 511
BOTTON Flor F 511
BOUKETA Matilda F 511
BOUKETA Haim M 511
BOUKETA Sara F 511
ATIAS Matilda F 511
BOURLA Alberto M Isaak 511
BOURLA Flor F 511
BOURLA Henri M Alberto 511
BENAROYA Bouena F Avram Maiden name EMANUEL 511
BENVENISTE Diamanta F 511
BENOZILIO Esther F 511
BENOZILIO Riketta F 511
BENOZILIO Ephraim M 511
BENOZILIO Moissi M 511
BENIAES Barouch M 511
BEN SANCHE Samouel M Eliaou 511
BEN SANCHE Raphael M Samouel 511
BEN SANCHE Solomon M Samouel 511
BEN SANCHE Eliaou M Samouel 511
BEN SANCHE Esther F 511
BEN FORADO Yosef M Solomon On the list it states Yosef Solomon BEN FORADO 512
BEN FORADO Mazaltov F Yosef On the list it states Mazaltov Yosef BEN FORADO 512
FRANCES Isaak M Avram On the list it states Isaak Avram FRANCES 512
FRANCES Matica F Isaak On the list it states Matilda Isaak FRANCES 512
BEN FORADO Eleonora F Yosef On the list it states Eleonora Yosef BEN FORADO 512
BENVENISTE David M Moissi On the list it states David Moissi BENVENISTE 512
ALALOUF Sara F Vital On the list it states Sarah Vital ALALOUF 512
ALALOUF Sultana F Mordechai On the list it states Sultana Mordechai ALALOUF 512
BENFORADO Rachel F Isaak 512
SAPORTA Isaak M Yakov 512
SAPORTA Rebecca F 512
SAPORTA Jacques M Isaak 512
BEN ROUBI Moissi M Beti 512
BEN ROUBI Marie F Gentil 512
BEN ROUBI Sabetai M David 512
BEJA Mathilde F 512
BEJA Simona F 512
SALTIEL Moissi M Saltiel 512
BENSOUA Esterina F 512
AKOUNIS Marie F 512
AKOUNIS Isaak M 512
BENSOUA Samouel M 512
BENSOUA Allegra F 512
BENSOUA Dario M 512
BROUDO Aron M Yosef 512
BROUDO Elvyra F 512
BROUDO Touri M Aron 512
CUENCA Sara F 512
CUENCA Touri M David 512
CUENCA Laura F 512
BROUDO Emanuel M 512
BROUDO Merkada F 512
BROUDO Isaak M Emanuel 512
BROUDO Louisa F 512
BROUDO Emanuel M Isaak 512
BROUDO Rachel F Emanuel 512
BROUDO Samouel M Solomon 512
BROUDO Reina F 512
COHEN Solomon M Yosef 512
COHEN Reina F 512
COHEN Yakov M Yosef 512
COHEN Sara F 512
COHEN Solomon M Yakov 512
COHEN Natan M Yakov 512
COHEN Regina F 512
BAROUCH Aron M Yakov 512
BAROUCH Riketta F 512
BAROUCH Beatrice F 512
BAROUCH Yakov M Aron 512
BARZILAI Isaak M Hasdai 512
BARZILAI Julia F 512
BARZILAI Hasdai M Isaak 512
BARZILAI Haim M Hasdai 512
BARZILAI Bouena F 512
ASSEO Simon M 512
BARZILAI Richard M 512
MEZAN Moise M 512
MEZAN Frida F 512
BERACHA Yakov M Eliaou 512
BERACHA Vida F 512
BERACHA Yosef M 512
BERACHA Moissi M 512
BERACHA Allegra F 512
BERACHA Mordechai M 512
GATEGNO Solomon M 512
GATEGNO Sarina F 512
VEISSI Moissi M Solomon 512
VEISSI Dudoun F 512
VEISSI Alberto M Solomon 512
SARAGOUSSI Daniel M Yosef 512
SARAGOUSSI Fortuna F 512
ARDITI Carlo M Eliaou 512
ARDITI Alberto M Eliaou 512
VEISSI Yosef M Moissi 512
VEISSI Dora F 512
SARAGOUSSI Lauretta F 512
BERACHA Rikoula F 512
BERACHA Bouena F 512
BERACHA Aron M Mentech 512
BERACHA Isaak M Mentech 512
ESTRUMSA Enrico M Beniko 512
GEROTES David M Yosef 512
GEROTES Dudoun F 512
GEROTES Vida F 512
GEROTES Loutsa F 512
GERASSI Yeouda M Yosef 512
GERASSI Gracia F 512
GERASSI Aron M Yeouda 512
GERCHON Haim M 512
GERCHON Moissi M 512
GERCHON Daniel M 512
GERCHON Bouena F 512
GERCHON Debora F 512, 513
GERCHON Eliaou M 513
GERCHON David M 513
COHEN Gena F 513
COHEN Solomon M 513
TORRES Yakov M 513
DANIEL Asser M Solomon 513
DANIEL Rachel F 513
DANIEL Yakov M Asser 513
DANIEL Solomon M Asser 513
DANIEL Mentech M Asser 513
DANIEL Claire F 513
DANIEL Sarina F 513
DENTES Isaak M 513
DENTES Mato M 513
DENTES Sara F 513
BEDIKA Raphael M 513
BEDIKA Leon M 513
BEDIKA Penina F 513
DENTES David M 513
DENTES Esther F 513
DENTES Nissim M 513
DENTES Sosana F 513
DENTES Debora F 513
DENTES Avram M Samouel 513
DENTES Boulissa F 513
DENTES Haim M Samouel 513
DENTES Simha M 513
DENTES Sara F 513
DENTES Michael M Samouel 513
DENTES Esther F 513
DENTES Sara F 513
DENTES Rebecca F 513
DENTES Kochava F 513
DENTES Samouel M Michael 513
COUNIO Leon M 513
COUNIO Aliza Dulsa F 513
COUNIO Sara F 513
COUNIO Judica F 513
COUNIO Simha M 513
DASSA Avram M 513
DASSA Sara F 513
DASSA Solomon M 513
DASSA Suzanne F 513
AELION Eliaou M Moissi 513
AELION Rachel F 513
AELION Esther Nina F 513
AELION Samouel M Isaak 513
AELION Fortuna F 513
AELION Isaak M Samouel 513
BERACHA Yosef M Avram 513
BERACHA Avram M Yosef 513
BERACHA Dona F 513
VENEZIA Dudoun F Isaak 513
VENEZIA Marica F 513
VENEZIA Martha F 513
VARSANO Vida F 513
VARSANO Haim Vital M 513
VARSANO Lili F 513
VARSANO Laura F 513
VARSANO Haim M Samouel 513
VARSANO Reina F 513
ZARRA Alberto M 513
ZARRA Eli M Alberto 513
ZARRA Florica F 513
ZARRA Reina F Eliaou 513
ZARRA Gedalia M Eliaou 513
ZARRA David M Eliaou 513
ZERAYA Yakov M Yosef 513
ZERAYA Haim Vital M Yakov 513
ZERAYA Dudoun F 513
ZERAYA Ida F 513
ZERAYA Gilda F 513
YAKOV Yeouda M Yakov 513
YEOUDA Bella F 513
YEOUDA Moise M Yakov 513
YEOUDA Stella F 513
YEOUDA Matilda F 513
HAZAN Moise M Yomtov 513
HAZAN Sol F 513
HAZAN Yomtov M Moise 513
HAZAN Yakov M Moise 513
HAZAN Eti F 513
ZERAYA Moissi Moise M Yosef 513
ZERAYA Bea F 513
ZERAYA Yvonne F 513
ZERAYA Victor M Moissi 513
BOTTON Yakov M Isaak 513
HAGOUEL Alberto Avram M Solomon 513
HAGOUEL Isaac Ischak M Avram 513
HAGOUEL Dudoun F 513
HAGOUEL Matilda F 513
HAGOUEL Yakov M 513
HAGOUEL Malka F 513
HAGOUEL Daisy F 513
HAGOUEL Samouel M 513
HAGOUEL Lucie F 513
HAGOUEL Isaak M Yakov 514
ALBO Gena F 514
CHEBI Isaak M Moissi 514
CHEBI Dudoun F 514
HAGOUEL Isaak M Yakov 514
HAGOUEL Dona F 514
HAGOUEL Allegra F 514
HAGOUEL Riketta F 514
HAGOUEL Yakov M Isaak 514
NAHMIAS Riketta F 514
NAHMIAS Isaak M Albert 514
HAGOUEL Rosa F Yosef Maiden name VAENA 514
HAGOUEL Sara F 514
HAGOUEL Isaak M 514
HAGOUEL Salvatore M 514
HASKEL IZIKEL Levy M Solomon On the list it states next to his name (Ezikel) 514
HASKEL Luna F 514
HASKEL Lili F 514
HASKEL Matilda F 514
HASKEL Nissim M Levy 514
DASSA Haim M Solomon 514
DASSA Julia F 514
HAIM Eliaou Eli M 514
HAIM Allegra F 514
HAIM Rachel F 514
HAIM Lili F 514
ASSAEL Gracia F 514
HAIM Gavriel M Moissi 514
HAIM Simha M 514
HALEGOUA Yakov M Solomon 514
NAHMIAS Yosef M David 514
NAHMIAS Avram M David 514
NAHMIAS Sabetai M David 514
NAHMIAS Haim M David 514
NAHMIAS Yakov M David 514
HASSON David M Avram 514
HASSON Joya F 514
HASSON Henri M David 514
HASSON Suzanne F 514
HASSON Jacquie F Henri 514
HASSON Eli M David 514
AMARILIO Isaak M Saoul 514
AMARILIO Marie Miriam F 514
COHEN David M 514
COHEN Rebecca F 514
COHEN Moissi M David 514
COHEN Bella F 514
HASSON Haim M Eliezer 514
HASSON Avram M Haim 514
HASSON Moissi M Haim 514
HASSON Vida F 514
HASSON Dulsa F 514
YECHIEL Haim M Yosef 514
YECHIEL Gentil F 514
HASSID Edgard M Eliaou 514
HASSID David M Eliaou 514
HALEGOUA Esther F 514
HALEGOUA Raoul M Isaak 514
HALEGOUA Ino M Raoul 514
HASSID Yosef M Liatsi 514
HASSID Sarina F 514
HASSID Renee F 514
HASSID Rabbi Isaak M Hananel 514
HASSID Yakov M Isaak 514
HASSID Dudoun F 514
HASSID Esther F 514
HASSID Isaak M Avram 514
HASSID Hananel M Haim 514
HASSID Leon M Haim 514
HASSID Esther F 514
HASSID Sol F 514
HASSID Yechoua M Moissi 514
SALTIEL Samouel M Isaak 514
SALTIEL Diamante F 514
SALTIEL Regina F 514
SALTIEL Laure F 514
SALTIEL Sara F 514
SALTIEL Isaak M Samouel 514
BOTTON Yakov M Isaak 514
PERAHIA Aron M David 514
PERAHIA Dona F 514
CARASSO Yosef M Moissi 514
PIPANO Esther F 514
BEN YEOUDA Rabbi Raphael M 514
BERACHA Rabbi Mordechai M Avram 514
BARZILAI Moissi M 514
HABIB Avram M Isaak 514
DERCHON Sadik M 514
BAROUCH Yakov M 514
BAROUCH Aron M 514
FRANCES Rabbi Eliaou M Moissi 514
FRANCES Diamante F 514
KIMHI Rabbi Avram M 514
ESTRUMSA Benyamin M 514
ESTRUMSA Eliaou M 514
TAZARTAS Moissi M 514
YOSSEF Rabbi Leon M 514
PIPANO Yakov M Saoul 514
PIPANO Saoul M Yakov 514
NAHMIAS Rabbi Yakov M 514
PIPANO Dudoun F 514
ANGEL Haim M 514
YAKOEL Rebecca F 514
YAKOEL Victor M Yakov 514
TABOCH Haim M Mordechai 515
TABOCH Sol F 515
TABOCH Lina F 515
TABOCH Matica F 515
TABOCH Rachel F 515
TABOCH Isaak M Daniel 515
TABOCH Yakov M Isaak 515
TABOCH Daniel M Isaak 515
HANOCH Dudoun F 515
TABOCH Elvyra F 515
TABOCH Clara F 515
TABOCH Estreya F 515
YECHOUA Rikoula F 515
YECHOUA David M Yakov 515
YECHOUA Isaak M Yakov 515
TABOCH Aliza F 515
TEVET Isaak M Moissi 515
TEVET Moissi M Isaak 515
YECHIEL Miriam F 515
YECHIEL Gracia F 515
TABAH Loutsa F 515
TABAH Sara F 515
YECHIEL Riketta F 515
TOLEDO Simha F On the list it states Simha TOLEDO nee CANETI Maiden name CANETI 515
TOLEDO Esther F 515
TOLEDO Sara F 515
TOLEDO Samouel M 515
CANETI Yechoua M 515
CANETI Vital M 515
CANETI Nissim M 515
TORRON Aron M 515
TORRON Estreya F 515
TORRON Sara F 515
TORRON Yechoua M 515
TOBI Matica F 515
TOBI Rosa F 515
TOBI Sami M 515
TOBI Hanna F 515
TOBI Daisy F 515
TORRES Alberto M 515
TORRES Eli M 515
TORRES Matilda F 515
TORRES Isaak M 515
TORRES Yakov M 515
TORRES Elvyra F 515
TORRES Rebecca F 515
TORRES Bienvenida F Sol 515
TORRES Mouchon M Sol 515
TORRES Isaak M Dinar 515
TORRES Simha M 515
TORRES Yosef M Isaak Dona 515
TORRES Moissi M Yosef Rachel 515
TORRES Rachel F 515
ARINOS Dona F 515
ARINOS Bella F 515
ARINOS Fortuna F 515
TIANO Esther F 515
TIANO Paul M David 515
TIANO David M Paul 515
BROUDO Moise Moissi M 515
TIANO Isaak M Menahem 515
TIANO Rikoula F 515
TIANO Menahem M Isaak 515
TIANO Meir M Isaak 515
TIANO Pauline F 515
TIANO Bouena F 515
TIANO Estreya F 515
TIVOLI Isaak M 515
TIVOLI Hanna F 515
TIVOLI Mordechai M 515
TARABOULOUS Rachel F Yakov 515
NAHMIAS Violette F 515
KAVILI Hayirli M Haim 515
YEOUDA Yakov M Haim 515
YEOUDA Haim M Yakov 515
YEOUDA Dudoun F 515
YEOUDA Reina F 515
YEOUDA Delicia F 515
SAMOUEL Avram M Samouel 515
SAMOUEL Moissi M Samouel 515
SAMOUEL Sabetai M Samouel 515
SAMOUEL Samouel M Avram 515
SAMOUEL Marcel M Moissi 515
SAMOUEL Dulsa F 515
SAMOUEL Tamar F 515
YEOUDA Perla F Maiden name TIVOLI 515
YEOUDA Leon M 515
SION Regina F 515
YEOUDA Clara F 515
YEOUDA Loutsa F 515
YEOUDA Samouel M Yakov 515
YOSSAFAT Perla F Maiden name RAPHAEL 515
YOSSAFAT Daniel M Perla 515
YOSSAFAT Samouel M Perla 515
YOSSAFAT Benyamin M Perla 516
YOSSAFAT Yeouda M Perla 516
DANIEL Yosef M Yeouda 516
DANIEL Miriam F 516
UZIEL Estreya F 516
FINE Lisa F 516
YOCHAI Mordechai M 516
YOCHAI Sol F 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Dario M On the list it states Dario Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Sol F On the list it states Sol Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Emanuel M On the list it states Emanuel Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Henri M On the list it states Henri Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Moise M On the list it states Moise Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
ISAAK SAMOUEL Ida F On the list it states Ida Isaak (SAMOUEL) 516
PESSAH Allegra F 516
YAKOEL Boulissa F Moissi 516
YAKOEL Menasse M Yeouda 516
YAKOEL Leon M Mordechai 516
YAKOEL Saoul M Mordechai 516
YAKOEL Bella F 516
YAKOEL Luna F 516
ISRAEL Isaak M Isaak 516
ISRAEL Clara F 516
ISRAEL Daniel M 516
ISRAEL Rebecca F 516
ISRAEL Sol F 516
ISRAEL David M Barouch 516
ISRAEL Dario M David 516
ISRAEL Sounhoula F 516
ISRAEL Perla F 516
ISRAEL Louisa F 516
SIMSI David M Esther 516
SIMSI Estreya F 516
SIMSI Daisy F 516
SIMSI Miriam F 516
COHEN Avram M Yosef 516
COHEN Lina F 516
COHEN Beatrice F 516
COHEN Yakov M Avram 516
COHEN Henri M Sabetai 516
COHEN Riketta F 516
MATARASSO Moissi M Solomon 516
COHEN Isaak M Sabetai 516
COHEN Martha F 516
COHEN Leon M Sabetai 516
COHEN Benyamin M Sabetai 516
COHEN Tova F 516
COHEN Allegra F 516
COHEN Eliaou M Sabetai 516
COHEN Daniel M Sabetai 516
COHEN Samouel M Sabetai 516
MATARASSO Solomon M Moissi 516
MATARASSO Rachel F 516
COHEN Sabetai M Henri 516
COHEN Maurice M Henri 516
COHEN Daisy F 516
COHEN Benyamin M Leon 516
COHEN Rachel F Leon 516
COHEN Rachel F Niamin [Benyamin?] 516
COHEN Haim M Yosef 516
COHEN Esther F 516
COHEN Yeouda M Solomon 516
COHEN Bienvenida F 516
COHEN Matica F 516
COHEN Esterina F 516
COHEN Estreya F 516
COHEN Loutsa F 516
COHEN Nehama F 516
COHEN Carolina F 516
COHEN Yosef M 516
COHEN Luna F 516
COHEN Yosef M Moissi 516
NAAR Rachel F 516
NAHMAN Esther F 516
COHEN Luna F 516
NAAR David M Solomon 516
NAHMAN Daniel M Moissi 516
COHEN Isaak M Solomon 516
COHEN Matilda F Avram 516
SAQUI Delicia F 516
COHEN Jana F 516
HASSID Esther F 516
COHEN Menahem M 516
COHEN David M 516
COHEN Sounhoula F 516
COHEN Riketta F 516
COHEN Matilda F 516
COHEN Menasse Mordechai M Yosef 516
COHEN Miriam F 516
COHEN Rita Rebecca F 516
COHEN Raoul Rahamim M Menasse 516
COHEN Moissi M Haim 516
COHEN Palomba F 516
COHEN Paula F 516
COHEN Julia F 516
COHEN Rosa F 516
COHEN Lina F 517
COHEN Bella F 517
COHEN Marica F 517
COHEN Rosine F 517
COHEN Moise M 517
COHEN Moissi M Israel 517
COHEN Delicia F 517
COHEN Israel M Moissi 517
COHEN Binuta F 517
COHEN Clara F 517
COHEN Sara F 517
COHEN Dudoun F 517
COHEN Smeralda F 517
NEGRI Yechoua M Vitale 517
NEGRI Reina F 517
NEGRI Luna F 517
LEA Isaak M 517
LEA Binuta F 517
LEA Julia F 517
LEA Michel M Isaak 517
LEA Sara F 517
ROSALES Avram M Sabetai 517
ROSALES David M Sabetai 517
ROSALES Dudoun F 517
ROSALES Sara F 517
BEHAR Nissim M David 517
BEHAR Aliza F 517
LEA Michel M Eliaou 517
MATALON Solomon M Yosef 517
MATALON Rachel F 517
MATALON Oretta F 517
LEVY David M 517
LEVY Simha M 517
LEVY Matitia M 517
LEVY Samouel M 517
YOSKO Hanna F 517
LEVY Leon M Eliaou 517
LEVY Gentil F 517
LEVY Yakov M Leon 517
LEVY Esther F 517
LEVY Ovadia M Eliaou 517
LEVY Luna F 517
LEVY Flora F 517
MEVORACH Michel M Moissi 517
MEVORACH Matilda F 517
MEDINA Vital M Yakov 517
MEDINA Dudoun F 517
MEDINA Samouel M Moissi 517
MEDINA Mentech M Samouel 517
MEDINA Rosa F 517
MEDINA Marie F 517
MODIANO Michel M 517
MODIANO Matilda F 517
MODIANO Rabbi Georges M Michel 517
MOLHO Avram M Haim 517
MOLHO Vida F 517
MOLHO Saoul M Avram 517
MOLHO Rosa F 517
MOLHO Allegra F 517
MATARASSO Regina F 517
MATARASSO Samouel Sam M 517
MONTECCHIO Henriette F 517
MORDOCH Gracia F Sabetai 517
MORDOCH Esther F 517
MORDOCH Moise M Sabetai 517
MOSKOVITS Mandi M Yeouda Leon 517
MATARASSO Solomon M Bienvenida 517
MATARASSO Regina F 517
MATARASSO Avram M Regina 517
MIRANDA Isaak M Avram Reina 517
MIRANDA Riketta F 517
ESFORMAS Esther F 517
MALUCH Barouch M 517
MALUCH Sosana F 517
MALUCH Eleonora F 517
MALUCH Benyamin M Avram 517
MALUCH Sosana F 517
MALUCH Elvyra F 517
FLORENTIN Elvi Elvyra F 517
FLORENTIN Leon M Samouel 517
FLORENTIN Dario M Samouel 517
FLORENTIN Rebecca F 517
TAZARTAS Isaak M Yosef 517
MANO Eliaou M 517
MANO Esther F 517
MANO Isaak M Yosef 517
MANO Boulissa F 517
MANO Dora F 517
MANO Samouel M Isaak 517
MANO Regina F 517
MANO Alda F 517
MENACHEM Haim M Yosef 518
MENACHEM Luna F Avram Maiden name SION 518
MENACHEM Lisa F Maiden name ASSA 518
ASSA Haim M Esaya 518
ASSA Mazaltov F Yechoua Haim 518
BAROUCH Vida F Maiden name MENACHEM 518
MENACHEM Haim M Moissi 518
MENACHEM Yakov M Moissi 518
MENACHEM Luna F Moissi 518
COHEN Raphael M Menahem 518
COHEN Gracia F Maiden name REVAH 518
BARZILAI Rabbi Pinchas Ezra M 518
MENACHEM Tamar F Maiden name COHEN 518
MENACHEM Gedalia M Haim 518
MENACHEM Menahem M Haim 518
SAMOUEL Barouch M On the list it states Barouch Samouel BAROUCH-the family's probable surname is BAROUCH 518
MENACHEM Solomon M 518
MENACHEM Reina F 518
MENACHEM Seniora F 518
MANASSE Dudoun F Maiden name SION 518
HALFON Riketta F 518
NEGRI Rachel F 518
SION Samouel M 518
HALFON Aron M 518
NEGRI Jacques M 518
MANASSE Raphael M 518
SION Ida F 518
MASSOT Isaak M Avram 518
MASSOT Esther F 518
CONFINO Miriam F Avram 518
CONFINO Mouchon M Isaak 518
PARDO Regina F 518
COHEN Regina F 518
COHEN Perla F 518
COHEN Allegra F 518
MASSARANO Joya F Esther 518
MASSARANO Avram M Aron 518
MASSARANO Rikoula F 518
MOISSI Rachel F 518
MOISSI Isaak M Moissi 518
MOISSI Aron M Isaak 518
MOISSI Dudoun F 518
MOISSI Claire F 518
MASSARANO Samouel M Yakov 518
MASSARANO Miriam F 518
HAZAN Luna F 518
MASSARANO Zehava F 518
MORDECHAI Oro F Rouben Merkado On the list it states next to her name - wife of Rouben (MERKADO) 518
MORDECHAI Rachel F 518
MORDECHAI Rouben Merkado M On the list it states next to his name - (MERKADO) Mordechai Mordoh 518
MORDECHAI Riketta F 518
MORDECHAI Rouben M 518
MORDECHAI Samouel M 518
MORDECHAI Moissi Rouben Merkado M On the list it states Moise Rouben (MERKADO) MORDECAI 518
MORDECHAI Rouben M 518
MORDECHAI Hanania M Hanania On the list it states Hanania MORDECHAI the son of Hanania MORDECHAI 518
ROUSSO Rachel F 518
DANIEL Daisy F 518
BROUDO Lea F 518
MORDECHAI Moissi M 518
MORDECHAI Mordechai M 518
MORDECHAI Estreya Kochava F On the list it states next to her name (Kochava) 518
MORDECHAI Miriam F 518
MORDECHAI Daisy Debora F On the list it states next to her name (Debora) 518
MORDECHAI Solomon M Hanania 518
MORDECHAI Haim M Hanania 518
MORDECHAI Yosef M Hanania 518
HANANIA Mordechai M Azaria It is likely that his personal name is Hanania and the famliy name is MORDECHAI 518
MOISSI Miriam F 518
MATATIA Sounhoula F Yakov 518
MATATIA Esther F 518
ROUSSO Dudoun F 518
SALEM Mazaltov F 518
CARASSO Esther F 518
CARASSO Moissi M Avram 518
CARASSO Eliaou M Avram 518
ANGEL Isaak M David 518
ANGEL Sara F 518
ANGEL Haim M David 518
ANGEL Rachel F 518
ANGEL Mazaltov F 518
ARDITI Yeouda M Yosef 518
MATATIAHU Adam M Nissim 518
MATATIAHU Sabetai M Nissim 518
MATATIAHU Nissim M Sabetai 518
MATATIAHU David M Sabetai 518
MATATIAHU Alexandre M Sabetai 518
NEGRI Isaak M Elia 518
NEGRI Dona F 518
SALTIEL Miri F 518
SALTIEL Alberto M 518
AMAR Esther F 518
NEGRI Flor F 518
YEOUDA Merkado M Sabetai 518
YEOUDA Solomon M Sabetai 518
NEGRI Simon M Isaak 518
YEOUDA Eliaou M Sabetai 518
NEGRI Samouel M Isaak 518
NEGRI Haim M Isaak 518
NEHAMA Solomon M Nehama On the list it states Solomon NEHAMA the son of Nehama 519
NEHAMA Rachel F 519
NEHAMA Esther F 519
NEHAMA Rita Rebecca F 519
NEHAMA Lili F 519
NEHAMA Solomon M Avram 519
NEHAMA Yosef M Avram 519
NAHMIAS Yakov M Veissid 519
NAHMIAS Daniel M Veissid 519
NEHAMA Victoria F 519
AMARILIO Palomba F 519
CHICO Riketta F 519
AMARILIO Bouena F 519
GATEGNO Benvniste M Yeouda 519
AMARILIO Solomon M Isaak 519
AMARILIO Meir M Solomon 519
NAHMIAS Isaak M Levy 519
NAHMIAS Sami M Isaak 519
NAHMIAS Margot F 519
NAHMIAS Matilda F Eliaou 519
ALHANATI Isaak M David 519
NAHMIAS Mordechai M Veissi 519
NAHMIAS Samouel M Veissi 519
NAHMIAS Eliaou M Moissi 519
NAHMIAS Perla F 519
ELI Julia F 519
MALLAH Yakov M Solomon 519
MALLAH Bella M 519
ARAMA Raphael M Isaak 519
ARAMA Luna F 519
NAHMIAS Reina F 519
NAHMIAS Natan M Menahem 519
NAHMIAS Menahem M 519
NAHMIAS Samouel M 519
NAHMIAS Samouel M Daniel 519
NAHMIAS Bella F 519
NAHMIAS Clara F 519
NAHMIAS Yakov Jacqui M 519
NAHMIAS Streya F 519
NAHMIAS Sounhoula Ninika F 519
NAAR Hananel M Emanuel 519
NAAR Gangia (?) F 519
NAAR Emanuel M 519
NAAR Sara F 519
NAAR Yvonne F 519
PILOSOF Elvyra F 519
NAAR Nita F 519
PIPANO Saoul M Yakov 519
PIPANO Eliaou M 519
NAAR Emanuel M 519
NAAR Sounhoula F 519
ALGABA Perla F 519
ALGABA Yakov Salom M 519
ALGABA Emanuel Yakov M 519
ALGABA Charlo Yakov M 519
NAAR Perla F 519
ISIDOR Yechoua David M 519
NATAN Natan M Yosef 519
NATAN Luna F 519
NATAN Daisy F 519
NATAN Regina F 519
SEFIHA Barouch M Haim 519
SAYAS Isaak M Moissi 519
SAYAS Rebecca F 519
SAYAS Esther F 519
BEN SION Sara F 519
SAYAS Isaak M 519
SAYAS Luna F 519
SAADI Sabetai M Saadi 519
SAADI Rikoula F 519
SCAPA Allegra F 519
SCAPA Yeouda M Haim 519
SCAPA Lina F 519
SCAPA Vital M Yeouda 519
SCAPA Henri M Yeouda 519
SCAPA Israel M Yeouda 519
SAPORTA Samouel M 519
SAPORTA Yvonne F 519
CARASSO Raphael M David 519
DARGUZI Eliaou M Shlomo 519
NEHAMA Perla F 519
COHEN Rosa F 519
BOUENO Sol F 519
SERERO Angele M Solomon 519
SERERO Mazaltov F 519
SERERO Alberto M Angele 519
SERERO Menahem M Angele 519
CALDERON Isaak M Rachel 519
CALDERON Palomba F 519
OVADIA Aron M Salom On the list it states next to his name the son of R' Salom 520
OVADIA Rachel F 520
OVADIA Lucie F 520
OVADIA Dino M Aron 520
OVADIA Salom M Aron 520
OVADIA Ovadia M Yakov 520
EZRATI David M Yakov 520
EZRATI Clara F Maiden name BASSO 520
EZRATI Dora F 520
EZRATI Samouel M Solomon 520
EZRATI Bella F 520
EZRATI Rosa F 520
EZRATI Isaak M Solomon 520
ASSAEL Bienvenida F 520
ASSAEL Sara F 520
ASSAEL Haim M Sara 520
ASSAEL Betina F 520
ZERAYA Israel M 520
ZERAYA Riketta F 520
ZERAYA Serena F 520
ZERAYA Ino M Riketta 520
ZERAYA Sami M Riketta 520
SALEM Daniel M 520
SALEM Matilda F 520
SALEM Dorothee F 520
SALEM Silver M Matilda 520
HAZAN Alberto M 520
HAZAN Loutsa F 520
HAZAN Suzette F 520
HAZAN Betina F 520
PETILON Isaak M Avram 520
PETILON Bella F 520
PETILON Albert M Isaak 520
PITCHON Veissi M Sabetai 520
PITCHON Luna F 520
PITCHON Isaak M Veissi 520
PITCHON Loutsa F Mochon 520
PITCHON Ezra M Yeouda 520
PITCHON Estreya F 520
PITCHON Moise M Sabetai 520
PITCHON Kochava F 520
PITCHON Ezra M Sabetai 520
PITCHON Luna F 520
PITCHON Isaak M 520
PITCHON Samouel M 520
PILO Yakov M Eliaou 520
PILO Avram M Eliaou 520
MASSA David M Haim 520
AVRAHAM Dulsa F 520
AVRAHAM Rebecca F 520
PILO Moissi M Eliaou 520
PILO Sara F 520
PILO Eliaou M Moissi 520
PILO Miriam F 520
PILO Moissi M Eliaou 520
PILO Sara F 520
PILO Solomon M Eliaou 520
PILO Haim M Moissi 520
PILO Yakov M 520
PILO Avram M Eliaou 520
PINTO Meir M Isaak Sara 520
PINTO Dudoun Miriam F Solomon Reina 520
PINTO Haim Solomon M 520
PINTO Avram M 520
PINTO David M 520
PINTO Reina Rina F 520
PINTO Dona Doly F 520
PINTO David M Isaak Sara 520
PINTO Matilda F Maiden name BEJA 520
SARFATI Dudoun F 520
MALLAH Hanna F 520
YECHEZKEL Matilda F 520
MALLAH Luna F 520
NAHMIAS Elvyra F 520
MOLHO Saoul M Solomon Rikoula 520
COHEN Bijou F 520
COHEN Luna F 520
MANO Julia F 520
ALALOUF Isaak M Hanna 520
ALALOUF Sara F 520
PIPANO Solomon M Eliaou 520
PIPANO Dina F 520
FLORENTIN Daniel M Yakov 520
PESSAH Michael M Solomon 520
PESSAH Ovadia M Solomon 520
PESSAH Asser M Solomon 520
MANSANO Vida F 520
PASSY Meir M Avram 520
PASSY Esther F 520
PASSY Yakov M Meir 520
PASSY Leon M Meir 520
PASSY Marcel M Meir 520
COHEN Avram M Haim 520
COHEN Hananel M Haim 520
PAPOUSSADO Solomon M Moissi 521
PAPOUSSADO Solomon M Isaak 521
PIPANO Haim M Samouel 521
PIPANO Lea F 521
PIPANO Emilie F 521
PIPANO Samouel M Haim 521
PIPANO Anna F 521
PIPANO Levy M Haim 521
PIPANO Eli M Haim 521
MATARASSO Gracia F 521
ERGAS Dudoun F 521
MATARASSO Samouel M Menahem 521
MATARASSO Menasse M Menahem 521
MATARASSO Moise M Menahem 521
PORFETA Solomon M Yeouda 521
PORFETA Esther F 521
PORFETA Yeouda M Solomon 521
PORFETA Mordoh M Solomon 521
SALTIEL Yakov M Saltiel 521
SALTIEL Esterina F 521
FARAGI Nissim M Yosef 521
FARAGI Rebecca F 521
FARAGI Yosef M Nissim 521
FARAGI Aliza F 521
PARDO Haim M Gavriel 521
PARDO Gavriel M Haim 521
PARDO Sol F 521
ISSAI Esther F 521
ASSEO Matilda F 521
BETI Haim M Moissi 521
PERAHIA Aron M 521
PERAHIA Matilda F 521
PERAHIA Estreya F 521
PERAHIA Matilda F 521
PERAHIA Luna F 521
VARSANO Avram M 521
VARSANO Miriam F 521
PERAHIA Samouel M Yeouda 521
PERAHIA Gracia F 521
PERAHIA Leon M Samouel 521
PERAHIA Sarika F 521
ABRABANEL Matilda F 521
ABRABANEL Morikis M Maurice 521
LEVY Edgard M Yosef 521
LEVY Margot F 521
YOMTOV Sylvia F 521
FRANCO Daniel M Yosef 521
FRANCO Miriam F 521
FRANCO Yosef M Daniel 521
FRANCO Esterina F 521
PERES Avraham Beniko M 521
PERES Dudoun F 521
CAPON Nissim M 521
CAPON Ida F 521
SEVI Yosef M Yakov 521
SEVI Luna F 521
SEVI Sara F 521
SADICARIO Mordechai M 521
SADICARIO Estreya F 521
SADICARIO Rouben M Aron 521
SADICARIO Victoria F 521
SADICARIO Moise M Rouben 521
SADICARIO Avram M Rouben 521
SADICARIO Stella F 521
BEJA Haim M Yosef 521
BEJA Reina F 521
BEJA David M Yosef 521
BEJA Esther F 521
BEJA Pepo M David 521
BEJA Rachel F 521
BEJA Maurice M David 521
COHEN Isaak M 521
COHEN Allegra F 521
HARARI Yosef M Moissi 521
HARARI Sarina F 521
HARARI Stella F 521
HARARI Reina F 521
HARARI Moise M Yosef 521
BEJA Pepo M Haim 521
BEJA Victoria F 521
BEJA Haim M Pepo 521
BEJA Avram M Yosef 521
BEJA Pepo M Avram 521
BEJA Gilda F 521
BEJA Mentech M Yosef 521
BEJA Pepo M Mentech 521
BEJA Avram M Mentech 521
BEJA Maurice M Mentech 521
BEJA Matilda F 521
SION Yeouda M Moissi 521
SION Bea F 521
SION Moissi M Yeouda 521
LEVY Seniora F 521
COHEN Esther F 521
LEVY Jana F 521
TSELEBI Moissi M Haim 521
TSELEBI Perla F 521
ANGEL Rachel F 521
ANGEL Penina F 521
BEJA Reina F 521
BEJA Sultana F 521
BEJA Desnadza (?) F 521
BEJA Daisy F 521
SARFATI Mentech M Sion 522
SARFATI Eliaou M Sion 522
SARFATI Dudoun F 522
SARFATI Marko Mordechai M Yakov 522
SARFATI Osni M 522
SAFAN Fortuna F 522
SAFAN Yosef Pepo M 522
SARFATI Saadi M Yosef 522
SARFATI Allegra F 522
GATEGNO David M Avram 522
GATEGNO Esther F 522
GATEGNO Ezra M David 522
SARFATI Solomon M 522
SARFATI Binuta F 522
SARFATI Isaak M 522
SARFATI Hilda F 522
SARFATI Beki F 522
SIMHA Oro F 522
SIMHA Dario M 522
SIMHA Yvette F 522
SIMHA Bertine F 522
KABILI Semo M David 522
KABILI Belki M Semo 522
KABILI Anila F 522
KABILI Rebecca F 522
CUENCA Esther F Maiden name SALTIEL 522
COVO Elazar M Solomon 522
COVO Luna F 522
COUNE David M Eliaou 522
COUNE Miriam F 522
KIMHI Aron M Moissi 522
KIMHI Dudoun F 522
KIMHI Mordoh M Aron 522
KIMHI Moissi M Aron 522
KIMHI Matica F 522
SEVI Solomon M 522
SEVI Luna F 522
SEVI Alberto M 522
KIMHI Allegra F 522
KIMHI Esterina F Eliezer 522
KIMHI Dudoun F 522
KIMHI Allegra F 522
KASSABI Zinboul F Yakov 522
KASSABI Solomon M Yakov 522
KASSABI Jules Yeouda M Yakov 522
KASSABI Henri M Yakov 522
KASSABI Mordoh M Moissi 522
KASSABI Yosef M Moissi 522
KASSABI Dario M Moissi 522
KASSABI Leon M Moissi 522
ROMANO Isaak M Yakov 522
CASSORLA Carolina F Miriam 522
DANIEL Yakov M Miriam 522
MALLAH Rebecca F 522
DANIEL Dudoun F 522
CAPON Yeouda Leon M 522
CAPON Hanna Anina F 522
CAPON Liato M 522
AELION Liatsi M 522
AELION Esther F 522
RIVKA Marko M 522
CAPON Meir M Avram 522
CAPON Lea F 522
CAPON Isaak M Avram 522
CAPON Tamar F 522
YENI Gavriel M Isaak 522
YENI Malka Reina F 522
KARANFIL Yochanan M Yosef 522
KARANFIL Dulsa F 522
MATARASSO Sounhoula F 522
MATARASSO Estreya F 522
CARASSO Yosef M Moissi 522
CARASSO Hananel M Moissi 522
BEN YAKOV Botton M School principal 522
FRANCES Eli M Isaak 522
ALBOHER Haim M 522
ALBOHER Nissim M 522
ALBOHER Sultana F 522
ALBOHER Raoul M 522
CARASSO Masliah M Isaak 522
CARASSO Samouel M Isaak 522
BARZILAI Riketta F 522
BITRAN Sol F 522
ROUBEN Avram M 522
ROUBEN Noemie F 522
ROUBEN Isaak M 522
ROUBEN Yosef M 522
ROUBEN Aron M 522
ROUBEN Loutsa Levana F 522
ROUBEN Estreya Kochava F 522
REVAH Semtov M 523
REVAH Palomba F 523
REVAH Salomon M 523
REVAH Sounhoula F 523
REVAH Yosef M Sounhoula 523
REVAH Sabetai M 523
REVAH Flor F 523
REVAH F Flor The first of the two daughters of Flor REVAH 523
REVAH F Flor The second of the two daughters of Flor REVAH 523
REVAH Albert M 523
REVAH Rebecca F 523
REVAH Luna F 523
REVAH Gouza 523
PIAT PAIS David M It is not clear which of the family names is the correct one 523
PAIS PAIT Daisy F It is not clear which of the family names is the correct one 523
ROSA Raphael M Ezra 523
ROSA Matilda F 523
ROSA Isaak M Ezra 523
ROSA Nissim M Ezra 523
ROMANO Haim M Isaak 523
ROMANO Esther F 523
ROMANO Yakov M Haim 523
ROMANO Sara F 523
ROMANO Samouel M Haim 523
ROMANO Rachel F 523
RAZON Avram M Haim 523
RAZON Esterina F 523
RAZON Haim M Avram 523
RAZON Gavriel M Avram 523
SALTIEL Yosef M 523
SALTIEL Stella F 523
SALTIEL Julia F 523
SALTIEL Avraham Bekhor M 523
SALTIEL Isidor M 523
SALTIEL Jana F 523
SALTIEL Avram M Isidor 523
SALTIEL Partali (?) M 523
SALTIEL Samouel M Avram 523
SALTIEL Victoria F Avram 523
MANO Bertha F 523
MANO Michel M 523
MANO Albert M 523
MANO Samouel M 523
MOLHO Bella F Yakov On the list it states Bella Yakov MOLHO 523
MOLHO Yakov M 523
MOLHO Maurice M 523
MOLHO Matilda F 523
MOLHO Soaiz (?) F 523
MOLHO Michel M 523
MOLHO Victor M 523
ATAS Yvonne F 523
ATAS Jacques M 523
BENOZILIO Rachel F 523
BENOZILIO Azriel M 523
BENOZILIO Odette F 523
BERACHA Albert M 523
BERACHA Matilda F 523
BERACHA Marcel M 523
BOTTON Matilda F 523
BOTTON Samouel M 523
BOTTON Asser M 523
SALTIEL Moissi M David 523
SALTIEL David M Moissi 523
SALTIEL Miriam F 523
SALTIEL Mazaltov F 523
YEOUDA Lea F 523
SALTIEL Avram M Moissi 523
LEVY Solomon M Isaak 523
LEVY Gracia F 523
LEVY Meir M Solomon 523
LEVY Flor F 523
LEVY Nehama F Solomon On the list it states apparently in error Nehama LEVY the son of Solomon 523
SALTIEL Emanuel M Sabetai 523
SALTIEL Esther F 523
SALTIEL Leon M Emanuel 523
SALTIEL Sabetai M Emanuel 523
SALTIEL Sarina F 523
SALTIEL Rica F 523
MOLINES Nina F 523
HAIM Jamila F 523
FRANCES Kamal M Isaak 523
FRANCES Rachel F 523
FRANCES Esterina F 523
FRANCES Isaaco M Kamal 523
FRANCES Avram M Isaak 523
FRANCES Buka F 523
FRANCES Estreya F 523
SALTIEL Rachel F Gracia 523
SALTIEL Saltiel M Barzilai On the list it states Saltiel SALTIEL the son of Barzilai 523
SALTIEL Flora F 523
SALTIEL Barzilai M Saltiel 523
SALTIEL Barouch M Saltiel 523
SEBAH Yosef M Solomon 523
SEBAH Jacques M Solomon 523
SONINA David M 523
SONINA Sara F 523
SONINA Eliaou M 523
SONINA Benyamin M 523
SONINA Allegra F 523
SALEM Sara F Haim 523
SALEM Israel M Haim 523
KIMHI Allegra F 523
SALEM Miriam Marie F 523
SALEM Avraham Alberto M 523
SALEM Rebecca F Haim 523
SAMOUEL Yakov M Samouel 524
SAMOUEL Flor F 524
SAMOUEL David M Samouel 524
SAMOUEL Eliezer M Samouel 524
SAMOUEL Emanuel M Samouel 524
SAMOUEL Bella F 524
MATATIA Moissi M Barzilai 524
MATATIA Flor F 524
MATATIA Barzilai M Moissi 524
MATATIA Hanna F 524
MATATIA Bella F 524
MATATIA Allegre F 524
MATATIA Mathilde F 524
MENACHEM Rachel F 524
SEM Yomtov M 524
SEM Seniorou M 524
SEMAYA Moissi M Estreya 524
SEMAYA Matilda F 524
SEMAYA Anita F 524
SEMAYA Sara F 524
SEMAYA Batseva F 524
SEMAYA Estreya F 524
SEMAYA Simon M Batseva 524
HACOHEN Hananel M Yeouda 524
BEN ARDOUT Stella F 524
PERAHIA Hananel M Yakov 524
PERAHIA Gentil F 524
PERAHIA Allegra F Gentil 524
SIMSI Avram M 524
SIMSI Davidon F 524
SIMSI Paula F 524
SIMSI Allegra F 524
SIMSI Solomon M married Bertha On the list it states Solomon and Bertha SIMSI and their children 524
SIMSI Bertha F married Solomon On the list it states Solomon and Bertha SIMSI and their children 524
BEJA David M married Bella On the list it states David and Bella BEJA and their children 524
BEJA Bella F married David On the list it states David and Bella BEJA and their children 524
SOUSTIEL Avram M 524
SOUSTIEL Simha 524
FLORENTIN Semtov M married Bouena On the list it states Semtov and Bouena FLORENTIN and their children 524
FLORENTIN Bouena F married Semtov On the list it states Semtov and Bouena FLORENTIN and their children 524
ANGEL Nissim M married Miriam On the list it states Nissim and Miriam ANGEL and their children 524
ANGEL Miriam F married Nissim On the list it states Nissim and Miriam ANGEL and their children 524
ANGEL Saltiel M married Esther On the list it states Saltiel and Esther ANGEL and their children 524
ANGEL Esther F married Saltiel On the list it states Saltiel and Esther ANGEL and their children 524
ELIEZER Moissi M married Clara On the list it states Moissi and Clara ELIEZER and their children 524
ELIEZER Clara F married Moissi On the list it states Moissi and Clara ELIEZER and their children 524
BENVENISTE Moissi M married Gracia On the list it states Moissi and Gracia BENVENISTE and their children 524
BENVENISTE Gracia F married Moissi On the list it states Moissi and Gracia BENVENISTE and their children 524
SERANO Saltiel M Solomon 524
SERANO Miriam F 524
SERANO Solomon M Saltiel 524
SERANO David M Solomon 524
SERANO Esther F 524
SERANO Matilda F 524
SERANO Solomon M David 524
SERANO Moissi M Saltiel 524
SERANO Fortuna F 524
SERANO Marcel M Moissi 524
SERANO Mimi F 524
SERANO Yosef M Saltiel 524
SERANO Sarina F 524
SERANO Saltiel M Yosef 524
MALUCH Moissi M Yosef 524
NAHMIAS Avram M Yakov 524
NAHMIAS Sarina F 524
NAHMIAS Yakov M Avram 524
MATATIA Barzilai M Moissi On the list it states Barzilai as a personal name; apparently a mistake 524
MATATIA Moissi M Barzilai 524
MATATIA Flor F 524
MATATIA Avram M Barzilai 524
MATATIA Luna F 524
MATATIA Haim M Barzilai 524
MATATIA Carina F 524
AMON Samaya M Avram 524
AMON Rachel F 524
AMON Avram M Samaya 524
BASSICA Raphael M 525
BASSICA Leon M 525
BASSICA Penina F 525
ERRERA Raphael M 525
COHEN Gita F 525
Miriam F Yechoua 525
David M Yechoua 525
HALFON Loutsa F 525
HALFON Isaak M 525
PERES Emanuel M 525
PERES Simon Mordechai M 525
FAVON Yakov Yosef M 525
PERES Sabetai M 525
PERES Menasse M 525
PERES Mentech M 525
PERES Barouch M 525
PERES Gentil F 525
PERES Sara F 525
PERES Miriam F 525
PERES Sylvia F 525
PERES Matilda F 525
NAHMIAS Gedalia M Haim On the list it states Gedalia Haim NAHMIAS 525
NAHMIAS Rachel F Daniel On the list it states Rachel Daniel NAHMIAS nee PILOSOF Maiden name PILOSOF 525
NAHMIAS Jacques M Gedalia On the list it states Jacques Gedalia NAHMIAS 525
LEVY Liatsi M Gavriel On the list it states Liatsi Gavriel LEVY 525
LEVY Bienvenida F Avram On the list it states Bienvenida Avram LEVY 525
LEVY Raphael M Liatsi On the list it states Raphael Liatsi LEVY 525
LEVY Alberto M Liatsi On the list it states Alberto Liatsi LEVY 525
TABOCH Barouch M 525
TABOCH Jana F 525
MOLHO Yakov M Salom On the list it states Yakov Salom MOLHO 525
MOLHO Sol F Isaak On the list it states Sol Isaak MOLHO 525
MOLHO Haim M Yakov On the list it states Haim Yakov MOLHO 525
MOLHO Isaak M Yakov On the list it states Isaak Yakov MOLHO 525
ERRERA Allegra F Azriel On the list it states Allegra Azriel ERRERA 525
ERRERA Azriel M Raphael On the list it states Azriel Raphael ERRERA 525
ERRERA Sarika F Azriel On the list it states Sarika Azriel ERRERA 525
ERRERA Sol F Azriel On the list it states Sol Azriel ERRERA 525
MOLHO Elvyra F Isaak On the list it states Elvyra Isaak MOLHO 525
MOLHO Isaak M Semtov On the list it states Isaak Semtov MOLHO 525
MOLHO Semtov M Isaak On the list it states Semtov Isaak MOLHO 525
SADICARIO Dona F Diamanta David 525
SADICARIO Perla F Dona 525
COHEN Bienvenida F Dona Yochanan 525
SADICARIO Martha F Dona Samouel 525
MORDOCH Isaak David M Binuta 525
MORDOCH Leon Isaak M Estreya 525
MORDOCH Estreya F Vida Isaak 525
MORDOCH Bertha F Estreya Albert On the list it states the name of her husband appears as Albert apparently in error 525
KIMHI Avram M 525


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