The Destruction of the Community of Szczuczyn

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Translation of
Hurban Kehilat Szczuczyn

Published by Former Residents of Szczuczyn in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1954



Project Coordinator

Dr. Alex Stone

Translations and Formatting

Tauna Abel and Itzhak Wertman z”l


Our sincere appreciation to Itzhak Wertman, representing the former residents of Szczuczyn,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.


This is a translation of the Yiddish portion of Hurban Kehilat Szczuczyn
(The Destruction of the Community of Szczuczyn), Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Szczuczyn in Israel, 1954 (151 pages, Yiddish).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Szczuczyn (Poland)

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Introduction to the Translation of Szczuczyn

By Joyce Field

This translation would not have been put on the Yizkor Book web site without the efforts of many people. Dr. Alex Stone had the translation for many years in a typed format, which he sent to people upon request. He was eager, however, to get a wider audience for it. It wasn't until Tauna Abel, a friend, acquired a scanner and took the considerable time to scan, correct, and format the text that we were able to acquire this translation for our web site. We must also acknowledge the efforts of Lance Ackerfeld, who was able to find a member of the Szczuczyn landsmanschaft, Yitzhak Wertman, to give us permission to publish the translation on our web site.

Along with his signed permission to JewishGen to publish this translation on our web site, he wrote a touching note, which moved me so much that I wish to reprint one part here. Mr. Wertman wrote, "I have received your letter in which you ask my permission….Not only do I agree to this initiative – but I am very happy that there is still somebody who is interested [in] publishing a book of Jewish life and culture which existed in the towns and villages of Poland until the extermination of the Jews by the German murderers."

Mr. Wertman would be totally amazed if he knew how many people are interested in these yizker bikher.




Foreword and Pre-Holocaust Period
Foreword – in Hebrew and Yiddish – Yeshiah Skubelski 3
Jews in Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Until Their Destruction – Yeshiah Skubelski 7
The Cooperative Bank in Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – Borukh Zeml 40
The Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Holocaust
How the Jews of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Struggled and Suffered – Chaye Soika-Golding 44
The Destruction of the Jews in Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – Document 62
My Experience during the-Second World War – Moyshe Farbarovits 66
My Experience during the-Second World War – Fishl Mikhalski 87
Life in a Bialystok Bunker – Chayeh Golding-Keyman 90
The Last Night With My Children in the Bialystok Prison – Chayeh Golding-Keyman 99
Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – My Old home – Ruven Finklshteyn 110
Memorial Prayer and the El Meyleh Rakhamim – for the Destroyed Kehilah of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) 112
Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Jews Live On:
The Creation of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund in the Name of the K'dushe Shtutsin (Szczuczyn), Z.L., in Israel
In Memory of our Beloved Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – Borukh Fishl Zeml 116
The Great Mitsveh; of the Gmiles Khesedim – Meyir Grinfeld 119
The Official Acknowledgment of the founding of the Gmiles Khesedim in the name of the Martyrs of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – Document 123
The Solemn Declaration of the Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Society of New York – Heyman Horovits 124
The Gmiles Khesedim Fund in the Name of the Martyrs of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) – Yeshiah Skubelski 126
The Old and New Gmiles Khesedim – Ruven Finklshteyn 133
The General Account of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund 136
Former Residents of Shtutsin (Szczuczyn) Now Citizens of Israel 138
The Managing Committee and Auditing Commission of the Gmiles Khesedim Fund 147
List of Photographs
Szczuczyn entry from Beth Hatfusoth


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