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Rozanka Necrology

Translated by Ellen Sadove Renck

Asherowitz Chana-Merl and son Israel
Azef Hershel wife Nechama and children
Baksht Beilke  
Baksht Chaim wife and daughter Chana-Esther
Blazshtein Bentzik wife Kreine and children
Blazshtein David wife and children
Blazshtein Eli wife and children
Blazshtein Israel  
Blok Itzak wife Chaya'ke and children
Boyarsky Henye husband Nachum Kagan, children: Tzirel and Chaya'la
Boyarsky Menken (Minkhas)  
Boyarsky Moshe-Eli wife Chan'chy and daughters Keile and Peshke
Brazhinsky Moshe's children Mindel and Debora
Cheit Aharon-Shlomo wife Chana-Debora and children
Dlugach Breine and children: Teibe, Ekhial
Evenetzky Nachum wife Chaya, children: Reuben, Gershon, Esther
Ferder see Rabinowitz, Bashke  
Ferder Sheine-Debora  
Fritz Yosef wife Chaya and children
Galperin Kony-Gimpel and children: Itzak, Chana-Sara, Esther-Elke
Galperin Yosel-Elia wife Malka-Reizel, children: Hirshel, Chana, Abraham, Grunche (the Zaborier)
Galperin Yudel wife and children: Sheinke, Yosef, Chaim
Giser Hillel wife Lia'ke and children
Goldberg David wife Tzvia, children: Velvel, Rivka, Hirshel
Goldberg Hershel wife Frume, children: Chaim, Moshe
Goldberg Yakob wife and children
Golub David wife and children: Mordechai, Israel, Etke, Sonya
Gornapolsky Beryl wife Shoshe, children: Chaim, Lole and Itzak
Gornapolsky Shmuel wife Beke, children: Perl and Hirshel
Grabovsky Rivka  
Grodinsky David-Aharon wife and children
Grodinsky Shifra  
Gudes Israel  
Halperin Israel-Leib wife Chana and children: Yudel, Leah, Chaim and a brother
Halperin Moshe wife and children
Kacheisky Leibke wife Sima, children: Sara, Beilke, Sheindel, Menucha'ka, Dov
Kacheisky Velvel wife Batya, children: Chaim and Dov
Kagan see Boyarsky, Henya  
Kaminetzky Alter wife Minke and children
Kaminetzky David wife Peshke, children: Sara, Abraham
Kaminsky Chaim-Berl wife Mikhaela and children
Kaminsky David wife Etel and children
Kaminsky Merke children: Shlomo'ke, Chana-Esther, Chaya'le
Kaminsky Shmuelka wife Shoshke, children: Itzak, Malek, David-Aharon, Leibel, Chana-Blume
Kaminsky Udel wife Yehudit and children
Kamionsky Leizer wife Rakhel, children: Chana, David, Leibele
Kaplan Henya children: Aryeh, Moshe
Kazanovsky Chana and children: Rakhel, Moshe-Iche
Kazanovsky Israel wife Chaya, children: Tzerne, Chana-Baske, Shmuel'ke
Kazanovsky Tuvia wife and chilren
Kopelman Chaim-Berl wife Debora'ke, children: Chana'ke, Blume'ke, Feigel, Reva, Dina'ke
Kopitnik Yakob wife Sara, children: Kanche, Henya, Chava, Rakhel
Koren David and family
Koren Feigel (Shakna's) and children
Koren Itzy and wife
Koren Sara-Feige and children
Koren Shmuelke wife and children
Koren Yosel wife Feigel, children: Chana-Malka, Estherke
Krasnovsky Shmuelke wife Rikele, children: Velvel and sister
Krawietz Shmuelke wife Mashke and children
Kremer Rikele husband and children: Sara-Rivka, Yosef-Leib
Liebowitz Abrahamel wife Lia'ke and children
Lis Yosef (rabbi) wife Esther, children: Moshe, Matitiyahu, Shlomo-David, Zev, Dov
Litowitz Leibke wife Chana-Elke and children
Luniansky Alter children: Mendel and a sister
Luniansky Shepsel and son Yosef
Mekanik Alter wife Reva-Leah, children: Itzy, Debora, Lieba
Meyerowitz Liebe children: Nachum-Kopel, Eli-Reuben, Abraham-Folk
Nimensky Chaim wife Gitel, children: Sara, Liebe, Berl
Nusimovsky Leibitzka wife and children: Gishe, Mashe
Patashinsky Abraham-Mordechai wife Rakhel, children: Leah, Moshe, Cherne
Patashinsky Breina and family
Patashinsky Henya-Feige and family
Patashinsky Leiby wife Lieba and children
Patashinsky Leizer and children: Kashke, Sara-Keile and brother
Patashinsky Moshe wife Vikne
Patashinsky Moshe-Leib Sara-Lieba and children
Patashinsky Niome and wife Henya
Patashinsky Niomke wife Lieba and children
Patashinsky Peretz wife Sheine-Feige, children: Chaya-Sara, Israel, Zerakh, Cherne
Patashinsky Rabbi Nisel Feigel and children
Patashinsky Shmerl wife Keila, children: Mashke, Udel and a brother
Patashinsky Shmuel wife Sara'ke and children
Patashinsky Yakob-Moty wife Kashke
Patashinsky Yosef wife Esther-Merke and daughter Tzirel
Patashinsky Yosel wife and children
Pelovsky Abrahamel wife Mindel and children
Pelovsky Feige-Leah children: Aba-Udel, Sheine, Ite
Pelovsky Liebe husband Hillel and children
Pelovsky Mordechai wife Rivka and children
Pelovsky Peshe (Kone's)  
Pelovsky Rivka husband and son Yudela
Pelovsky Shlomo'ke wife Merche, children: Abrahamel, Shifra, Meishke
Peskovsky Abraham-Chaim wife Sheine-Beile, children: Feige-Rakhel, Leibke
Peskovsky Alter and children
Peskovsky Liebke husband Binyamin and children: Berela, Fale
Peskovsky Mordechai wife Chana and daughter Batya
Peskovsky Nachum wife Henya, children: Reizele and Esther
Peskovsky Notke and children: Eliezer, Reizel, Esther-Elke, Henya
Peskovsky Shlomo wife Rakhel and children
Peskovsky Shmerl wife Bashe and children
Peskovsky Shmuel-Chaim wife and children: Henya, Kheitz'a, Aidele
Peskovsky Tova and daughter Frume
Peskovsky Yosef wife Feigel, children: Chaim, Chaya, Nechamiah, Esther, Yeta
Peskovsky Yosel wife Rakhel and children
Peskovsky Zusel wife and children: Shlomo-le, Reizel
Podalinsky Gershke wife and children
Podalinsky Hirshel wife Beilke and children
Podalinsky Leibke wife and children
Podalinsky Sheinke and children
Podalinsky Velvel wife Chana and children
Poretzky Alte and daughter Lieba
Poretzky Alte (Chaim's)  
Poretzky Bendushe wife Chana and children: Perl, Miriam
Poretzky David wife Sara and children
Poretzky Israel-Yankel wife, daughter Nechama
Poretzky Konchik and wife
Poretzky Kopel  
Poretzky Moshe wife Esther, son and brother
Poretzky Niome wife Rashe, children: Cherne, Moshe, David, Itzke
Poretzky Noach and wife Chana
Poretzky Velvel and Feigel, daughter Peshe
Poretzky Yehoshe wife Rakhel, children: Hirshel, Folk, Dina'ke
Poretzky Yehoshe-Notke children: Chaim, Laske and brother
Poretzky Zelig wife Beile, children: Itzak-Berl, Merke, and sister
Rabinowitz Bashke (Ferder) husband Pinchas, children: Hershela and Feivele
Remz Henek wife Pelte, children: Moshke, Chana-Beilke
Sadovsky Itzak and wife Yehudit
Sadovsky Moshe wife Rakhel-Leah, children: Esther, Yosef, Sara-Rivka, Abraham, Shmerl
Shklar Mere  
Shviger Ben-Tzion and wife Lieba
Shviger Yosel and wife Alte (Sheine)
Sirotek Leon (Leib) children: David, Meshula
Smolensky Mendel wife Bashe, children: Velvel, Rivka and David
Tzigelnitzky Etke husband and children
Tzigelnitzky Zeidel wife and children
Tzirulnik Chana'ke husband Chaim-Yosel, children: Feivel, Toibel, Hirshel, Betzalel, Sara-Reva, Sheindel, Cherna
Vert Yosef (rabbi) wife Chana-Malka, children: Lipe, Sara, Moshe, Margolit, Debora-Keile, Gele
Vilenchik Sara  
Vilenchik Yakob wife Debora, children: Niomchik, Laske, Yehuda
Visnievsky Feigel (Rabnit) and children: Yankel, Hirshel, Nisel, Mendel, Moshe-Yudel
Visnievsky Israel wife and children
Visnievsky Shakna-Berl  
Voronovsky Abraham wife Mikhaela and mother Sara-Sheine
Voronovsky Chaim wife and children
Voronovsky David wife and children
Voronovsky Efrayim wife and children
Voronovsky Sara-Gitel and daughter Nechama
Yelin Eliezer wife Chaya-Rasha, children: Sara, Abraham
Zakroisky Leibke wife and children
Zakroisky Mina and son Udel
Zakroisky Moshe wife and children: Mordechai, Ichke and a brother
Zakroisky Reuben wife and children
Zakroisky Shmuel (sochet) wife Debora'ke, children: Sonya, Mordechai and a brother
Zakroisky Shmuel-David and wife
Zakroisky Simcha-Nisel wife Ashke and children (Zeidel)
Zakroisky Yankel  
Zakroisky Zeidel and wife Alte
Zapolsky Velvel-Notke and wife, children: Minke and a brother
Zavatzky Alter wife Leah, children: Palty and a brother
Zavatzky Berl wife Chaya-Sara, children: Ekhial, Natan
Zavatzky Chaya-Gutke and her family
Zavatzky Feivy wife Sara-Gitel, children: Kadish, Tuvia
Zavatzky Israel wife Tzipe and children: (Kadish)
Zazhinsky Alter  
Zazhinsky Avigdor wife Sara-Beile and daughter Debora
Zazhinsky Berl wife Esther and child Chana
Zazhinsky Lozer wife and children
Zazhinsky Sheine  
Zazhinsky Velvel wife Chana, children: Lia'ke and a sister
Zelikovsky Barukh wife Sheina-Doba, children: Feige, Rebe, Etke, Shmuel
Zilbershtein Abraham and wife Gitel
Feinshtein Berl (Bernard) his wife Gitel Galperin
Galperin see Feinshtein, Berl  
none Aba'ka the bath-house attendant wife and children
none Alter the bath-house attendant wife Chana, children: Velvel, Aba, Kashke
none Beila the Zabarier husband and children: Golde, Chaim-Yosel
none Chaim (Kone's son-in-law) wife Sheinke and children
none Leiby the blacksmith wife Menucha'ke, children: Shlomoke and sister
none Merke the miller husband and children
none Mikhael the atvisker wife and children
none Mikhael the carriage driver wife Tzvia
none Nachum the bath-house attendant wife and children
none Niomke. Friedes wife Chana, brother Nechamiah, children: Barukh, Leizer, Bunye, Geshe, Mashe
none Pesach the Zelwa rabbi and family
none Shiyal the skliar wife Mere
none Shlomo-Zalman wife and children
none Shmuel-Velvel wife and children
none Simcha, Shlozkes wife and children
none Yosef the atvisker wife and children
none Ziome the tailor wife Roze and children
Volkovisker Alter Idela, children
none Abrahamele the carpenter Teibel, children

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