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Novy Dvor Necrology

Berezhansky Aizik (Yoel's son) and wife 2
Berezhansky Hirshel wife Chaya-Sara and a son, daughter Esther and her husband 5
Berezhansky Hirshel (Shmuel's) with a wife and 4 children 6
Berezhansky Hirshel-Leib wife Leah, his daughter-in-law (the widow of his son Zundel) and her 5 children 8
Berezhansky Ichy (from Kodzalan) son Yehoshe and wife with their 3 children 5
Berezhansky Idel Shmuel's (Hirshel's brother) with a wife and 3 children 5
Berezhansky Nachum (Yehuda's son) and his children: Berl, Chana, Esther, Malka with her husband and daughter 7
Berezhansky Shlomo (from Kodzalan) and his sisters Chana and Leah 3
Berezhansky Shlomo (Hirshy Leib's son) wife Debora, children Rashele, Chaya and Nachum 5
Berezhansky Shmuel (the shoemaker) wife Chaya-Reva and 3 children 5
Berezhansky Tema Yoel's widow 1
Berezhansky Tzalka (Yoel's son) wife Mikhaela and 2 children 4
Berezhansky Yehuda his granddaughter Malka (Kaplansky) with her son 3
Berezhansky Yosel (Hirshy Leib's son) with a wife and 2 children 4
Berezovsky Moshe Katzhel family: Tzalka Berezovsky and Zeidel Berezovsky's parents with children 5
Draznin Moshe (the miller) wife and 2 daughters 4
Ginzburg Israel wife Mery and daughter Leah 3
Glembotzky Chaim-Hirsh wife Hinde and children: Aizik, Zalman-Meir and Sara-Feige 5
Gordon Leiby (Shimon's) wife Keinka and 3 children 5
Gordon Leizer ("the Kozok:) wife Leah and 2 children 4
Kaplansky see Berezhanky, Yehuda  
Kasman Leib (the tailor) with his family 5
Kempinsky Efrayim and family 4
Kempinsky Leah (Baram)   1
Kobrovsky Aizik, the rabbi wife and 2 children 4
Kobrovsky Chaya and her family 4
Kobrovsky Gele and her family 4
Kobrovsky Gershon with his family 4
Kobrovsky Idel  with his family 5
Kobrovsky Pinya with his family 5
Kobrovsky Shifra and 2 children 3
Kopelman Henya and 5 children 6
Kopelman Yakob-Leib (Henya's son) wife Bashke and 3 children 5
Krinsky Berl wife Malka and daughters: Esther and Eidele 4
Krinsky Shimon and wife Sonya 2
Krinsky Shlomo wife Dina-Reizel and 2 sons 4
Krinsky Sonya (a granddaughter of Shmuel "the deaf") with her family 4
Krinsky Yosef wife Sara and 3 daughters 5
Kuchinsky Ekhial and children: Shimon and Keinke 3
Kuzhnitzky see Metibovsky, Shema    
Lubetkin Etel a son Aizik, daughter Rivka with her family 6
Lubisky Abraham-Ichy (the Pogachier) wife Sara and 7 children 9
Lubisky Motl wife Chana and 3 children 5
Lubisky Shmuel-David wife Cherne and 3 children 5
Lubisky Yosel (the Pogachier) wife Esther-Etke and 2 children 4
Machekovitsky Chaim-Sholom wife Rivka and 4 children 6
Machekovitsky Shmuel-David and wife Kienka 2
Machekovsky Chaya son Chaim-Betzalel and wife Gitel with their children: Feigele, Penya and Liebe'le 6
Margolin Benchy and wife 2
Metibovsky Shema wife Sara-Beile, daughter Chaya and husband Yosef Kuzhnitzky with 2 daughters 6
none Aharon-David the dairyman (Leah's brother) and wife with 3 children 5
none David the carpenter wife Minke (Leah's sister) and 3 children 5
none Israel the dairyman wife Peshe and 3 children 5
none Katzkel the gelns Henya, Aharon and 2 children 4
none Loiba and her son Nonchik 2
none Reuben the kolicher and 3 children 4
none the blacksmith from Baksht and family 3
none the merecher [embroiderer shoemaker ?] Chaim David and wife with 4 children 6
none Zeidel from Ostrin wife Leah and 2 children 4
Nusinovich Fishel (the rheumatic) wife Sheine and 3 children 5
Okanovsky Abrahamel and wife 2
Pelovsky Berl-Lieb wife Chana-Beilka and 3 children 5
Pelovsky Moshe wife Reizel and a child 3
Prusky Aharon wife Chaya and sons: Zvi and Aizik 4
Prusky Meir and family 4
Prusky Rashel and 3 children: Aizik, Zalman-Meir and Sara-Feigele 5
Prusky Sholom (Yakob-Yosef's) wife Esther and 3 children 5
Prusky Tzalka  and wife with 2 children 4
Pupko Alter (Bunya's) and wife with 3 children 5
Radunsky Beinish and his family 4
Radunsky Eli his daughter Bobel and family 4
Radunsky Nachum-Velvel and wife Vele 2
Radunsky Rakhel (Ekhial's) and her daughter Sara-Minke 2
Radunsky Yankel wife Leah and 3 children 5
Radunsky Zeidel (Eli's son) wife Esther and a child 3
Rezekant Moshe and wife with a daughter 3
Rozental Shmuel wife Rakhel and 3 children 5
Rutzky Leibl wife Rakhel and 4 children 6
Sapozhnik Leizer   1
Sapozhnik Pesach  wife Grune and a daughter 3
Sapozhnikov Lieba (Motl's) wife Komchy and 3 children 5
Sapozhnikov Reuben and wife Dina 2
Sapozhnikov Shmuel wife Rivka and daughters: Perele, Teibele and Sara 5
Shvartzky Aizik (Shiya's) wife Etele and a child 3
Shvartzky Chaya husband Yankel (from Skidel), their 3 children and Chaya's sister Reizel 6
Shvartzky Malka and 3 children: Aizik, Zalman-Meir and Sara-Feigele 4
Shvartzky Shiya and wife 2
Soloveichik Leizer and wife Sara-Lieba 2
Srulovich Aizik, Shlomo's   1
Srulovich Moshe Shebach's wife Esther and a daughter 3
Starinsky Alter wife Chana and children: Esther, Rakhele and Lieba 5
Turek Yehuda and wife with 2 children 4
Valitzky Berl son Yehuda and wife Chana with a child 4
Valitzky Hirshel and wife with 3 children 5
Valitzky Leibel (Binyamin's son) and wife with 2 children 4
Valotzky Hershel wife Tzipe and 3 children 5
Veinshtein Alter and wife with a child 3
Veinshtein Mendel wife Loibe and children: Akiba, Freidel and Basha 5
Vinitzky Motel wife Chaya and children: Chana and Sheine 4
Zachepinsky Berl wife Chana-Beile and children: Aharon and Moshe 4
Zachepinsky Feivel wife Shoshke and 6 children 8
Zachepinsky Itzak and son Meir-Aharon 2
Zang Berl wife Henya and a son 3
Zang Esther her husband and 2 children 4
Zang Leizer (Yakob-Zalman's brother) and wife with 4 children 6
Zang Meir wife Frume and 2 children 4
Zang Yakob-Zalman wife Chana and a daughter 3

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