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Ostrin Necrology 

Translated by Ellen Sadove Renck

[Pages 100-110 {368-378}]

Abelov Hirshel-Zadok wife Vele and daughter Fradka
Abelov Ben-Zion and family
Abelov Mordechai and family
Abrovlansky Chaim Fruma, Efrayim, Rivka, Mina, Gedeliah, Moshe, Yehoshe, Dov, Yakov, and David
Abrovlansky Yakob-Meir and wife Chaya
Amstebovsky Asher wife Reizel and children: Zalman, Ziske, Zlatke, Merke, and Etke
Atlas Alter wife and children
Barishansky Ekhutial wife Rashel and daughter Henya
Barokovich Gedeliah and wife, daughter Chana and other children
Bartelsky Israel-Meir wife Tzirel, son Henokh and other children
Bartelsky Note-Hirsh and family
Bashokevich Zeidel and family
Bereveichik Chaya (Are's)  
Bereveichik Moshe-Yakob wife Zelda and children
Bereveichik Shimon wife Chana and children
Bereveichik Sholom wife Minka and son Yosef
Berezovsky David wife Sheina-Minka and children: Esther-Kheika, Chaim-Motka and Yehoshe
Berezovsky Hirshel and family
Berezovsky Israel wife Alte and children: Hirsh-Leib, Reitza, Sheina-Rakhel, Yehoshe and Itzak-Hirsh
Berezovsky Moshe and family
Berezovsky Motka and family
Berezovsky see Taf, Shifra  
Berezovsky Yosef and wife Rivka
Berezovsky Zalman wife Tzvia and children
Bernshtein Feige and children: Yehoshy, Beinish and Tzvia
Bernshtein Nachum and wife Sonya
Betzalel (Tzalke the carpenter) wife Chaya-Leah and children
Bliaker Alter (husband Kazanovich) and children: Moshe, Debora
Bliaker Chaya and children: Aizik and Gnesh'ka
Bliaker Esther-Gutke (husband Leizer Voronovsky)
Bliaker Gedeliah wife Perl and children
Bliaker Katzkel wife Hadassah and children Hertzl, Yakov, Yenta, Meir and Efrayim
Bliaker Katzkel (Yoel's son) and family
Bliaker Kheikel and wife Peshe
Bliaker Moshe wife Chana-Gitel and children
Bliaker Pesach and family
Bliaker Reizel (Yoel's daughter), husband Rablansky and children
Bliaker Shmuel and family
Bliaker Shmuel (Yoel's son) and family
Bliaker Yakob wife Bluma and children
Bliaker Yoel and wife Feige
Bliaker Yosef wife Rashka and children
Bliaker Yosef wife Chaya-Sara and daughter Chana
Bliaker Zeidel  
Bolan Hirshel and family
Boyarsky Asher wife and five children
Boyarsky Gitel husband Kaganowitz and children
Boyarsky Israel-Yosef and wife Sheina
Boyarsky Motke wife Tvia and children
Boyarsky Sarah and children: Lieba, Mordechai-Velvel, Reizel and Israel
Bradach David and wife Sara-Rivka
Bradach Yehoshe wife Tzipe and children
Bril Abraham wife Keila and children
Bril Chaya and children: Yakob, Chaim and Shmuel
Bril Leib wife and children: Motel and Bluma
Bril Noty wife Etel and children: Sonya, Zev, Esther, and Alte
Butensky   wife and daughter Feigel
Butrimovich Iser wife Cherna, children: Luba, Fruma, Leiby, and Etel
Butrimovich Leiby wife Masha and children
Butrimovich Moshe-Yakob wife Tzipe, children: Sara-Etel and Yehuda
Butrimovich Shepsel and family
Butrimovich Shlomo wife Tzvia and children
Davidovsky Itzak wife Feige-Reva and children: Sheina-Rakhel, Shmuel, Eliahu and Efrayim
Davidovsky Yakob and family
Draznin a daughter of Yakob-Leizer, husband and children
Draznin Abraham and wife Kasia
Draznin Chaim wife Chaya and children
Draznin Chaim-David wife Sara-Lieba and children
Draznin Gershon-Meir and family
Draznin Ichy-Leib and family
Draznin Katzkel wife Debora-Leah and children
Draznin Leah husband and children
Draznin Leiby and wife Fanya
Draznin Leiby-Hirsh  
Draznin Leizer-Hirsh wife Alte and son Erekhmial
Draznin Mordechai wife Frieda and children: Henokh and Chaya-Gitel
Draznin Moshe-Abraham and wife Rakhel
Draznin Osne husband Elikum and children
Draznin Perl husband and child
Draznin Teibel (husband: Abraham Tkornitzky) and children: Shulamit and Sara
Draznin Yakob wife Chana and children
Draznin Zeidel and family
Draznin Zeidel wife Peshe and children
Efron Abraham wife Frumka and children: Asher, Itzak and Rashke
Efron Moshe and wife Rakhel
Efron Sara husband and a child
Eizenshtat Asher wife Reizel
Falish Eliezer wife Esther and children: Mola, Lieba, and Mikhaela
Farber Todel wife Tzipa and children: Sholom, Leiby and a tzviling
Feingold Lieba husband Dines and 3 children
Feingold Rivka  
Ferder Zeidel wife Sheina-Rakhel and children
Frenkel Mikhael  wife Rakhel and children: Sheina-Etel, Chana and Zlatka
Gershone Henokh wife Bobka and children: Liebka and Moshe
Gershone Shmuel Berl, Chaya-Sara, Henya, Leibel, and Hadassah
Gershonowitz Shimon the rabbi wife Gitel and children
Gershowitz Chana-Rakhel and daughter Etka
Gershowitz Gershon and family
Gershowitz Henya husband and children
Gershowitz Hirsh-Leib and family
Gershowitz Leizer and family
Gershowitz Yoel and family
Gershtein see Yelin, Peshe  
Glembotzky Abraham  
Glembotzky Berl  
Glembotzky Chaim-Udel  
Glembotzky Chaya-Esther  
Glembotzky Ekutial wife and children: Reuben, Leah, Sheina, Miriam and Zelda
Glembotzky Eliahu-Chaim  
Glembotzky Leiby wife and children
Glembotzky Meir and family
Glembotzky Yakob-Shlomo and family
Goldberg Aharon wife Zisl and children: Shamke, Shiake, and Velvel
Gordon Nisen wife Leah and children: Rakhel, Itzak and Hirshel
Grazalsky Esther and children: Miriam and Yakob
Grinberg   wife Lieba and children
Halperin Ekhial wife Kamchy and children
Kadish (Leiby Shimon's) wife Zisel and children
Kaganowitz see Boyarsky, Gitel  
Kamiansky Abraham and family
Kamiansky Leiby and family
Kamiansky Moshe-Yakob and wife Chaya and children
Kamiansky Shlomo wife Hinde and children: Moshe-Ekiba and two other children
Kamiansky Yichy-Leib and wife
Kamiansky Zlatka husband and children
Kantorovich Israel wife Esther and children: Rafael, Sara and Chaya
Kaplan Itzak  
Kaplan Leiby and family
Kaplan Leiby wife Lieba-Rakhel and children
Kaplan Mordechai wife Sara and a daughter
Kaplan Mordechai-Leizer and sister
Kaplan Nachman  
Kaplan Noach wife Chaya and children
Kaplan Udel and family
Kaplan Yakob wife Zelda and children
Kaplan Yehoshe-Erukhem and family
Kaplansky Leizer wife Rivka, a son Mordechai and other children
Kaplansky Sara and a son
Karaim Moshe and family
Karolin Noach and family
Kazanovich: see Bliaker, Alte  
Kazhinevsky Aizik wife Sara and children
Kazhinevsky Nechemiah wife Sara-Leah and children: Aizik, Velvel, Reuben, Moshe, and Yosef
Kazhinevsky Yakob-Leib wife Mashe and daughter Chaya-Bashe
Kazhinevsky Zlatka and family
Kazmer Pesach wife Bobka and children: Yehudit, Henokh and Chaya
Kochinsky Kheikel wife Lieba and children: Zalman, Yitzak and others
Kokanovsky - and family
Konopka Binyamin wife Guta and children: Perl, Sinka and Shlomo
Korn see Zachepinsky, Chaya-Sara
Kotler Erekhmial  
Kotok Etka  
Kotok Lieba  
Kotok Nachum  
Kotok Yosef  
Kraspodin Sender wife and children
Kraspodin Yosef  
Krawchak Kheikl wife Chana and children
Krawchak Yosef (the shamas) wife Gela and children: Chaya, Leah, Tzvia and Masha
Krawitz Aharon and family
Krawitz Berl wife Fruma and children: Zev, Moshe, Abraham, Minka and Beila
Krawitz David wife and children: Rakhel and Yosef
Krawitz Itzak (Ichka) and family
Krawitz Leiby and family
Krawitz Meir and wife
Krawitz Moshe and family
Krawitz Velvel wife Merka and children: Moshe and Aba
Krawitz Velvel wife Esther-Rivka and children: Chaim-Motka, Ekhial, and Elka
Krinsky Abraham-Chaim wife Fruma-Leah and children: Esther, Shimon, and Moshe-Meir
Krinsky Aizik and wife
Krinsky Chaim wife Chana and a son Hirshel
Krinsky Eliahu (Ely)  
Krinsky Itzak  
Krinsky Mordechai and family
Krinsky Nechama husband and children
Krinsky Pesha husband and children
Krinsky Pinchas wife Yenta and children: Yakob and Sheina
Krinsky Yeshiya wife Mera-Leah and daughter Yehudit
Lampert Chaim wife Chaya and children: Yakob-Leib, Shepsel, Shmuel, Abraham-Itzak, and another son
Las Bonchy wife Chana and children
Leibowitz Yosef and family
Levin the barber and family
Lipshitz Leiby wife Rozhy, son Hirshel and a daughter
Lipshitz Malka and family
Lipshitz Yakob wife Bobka and children: Shifra, Feigel, Eshka, and Sheina-Etka
Luniansky Mery and husband Abraham
Luniansky Yakob and wife Sheina
Mednitzky Beilka and children: Henya and Mendel
Meizel Aizik and family
Meizel Feivel  
Meizel Frumka  
Meizel Moshe and wife Debora
Meizel Rivka and husband
Meizel Sheika wife Tzipa and children: Iser and Masha
Meizel Ziska  
Meyerov David wife Soshka and children: Mikhael'a, Bluma, Rashel and Hirshel
Meyerov Ezra wife Tzirel and children: Yosef, Moshe, Perl, Berl, and Tonya
Meyerov Mordechai wife Rashel and children: Tzvia, Efrayim, Leiby, Meir, Moshe, and Betzalel
Meyerov Mordechai wife Tzvia and children: Ekutial, Leah, Shebach, Teibka, and Pesha
Meyerov Moshe and family
Meyerowitz Chaim wife and children
Meyerowitz Yosef from Zablotchy (town)
Mifelov Abraham wife Gitel and children
Mikhaelovich Alter wife and daughter Feigel
Mikhaelovich Chaim and family
Mikhaelovich Leiby and family
none Chana-Kashke and son Betzalel
none Mikhael the carpenter and family
none Naftali the Shindel-maker and family
none Yehoshy the shoemaker wife Esther (Idel the carpenter's daughter) and children
Novik Aizik  
Novik Aryeh  
Novik Batya  
Novik Debora  
Novik Esther  
Novik Kasia  
Novik Meir and wife Sara-Debora
Novik Sara  
Novik Shlomo  
Novik Yafa  
Novik Yehuda  
Paretzky Ber wife Chaya-Feigel and children: Shlomo and Ekhutial
Paretzky Chaya and daughter
Patashinsky Chaya and son Meir
Patashinsky Feigel  
Patashinsky Mordechai and family
Patashinsky Moshe wife Chaya and children: Yakob-Peretz, Henya and Chaim-Yudel
Patashinsky Sara-Leah and family
Patashinsky Yehuda and wife Lieba
Pelovsky Abraham-Yudel and family
Pelovsky Chana-Yidela  
Pelovsky Ekutial-Hirsh and wife
Pelovsky Eliahu and family
Pelovsky Esther-Rakhel and family
Pelovsky Gershon wife and children: Chaya and Eliezer-Meir
Pelovsky Gershon wife Peshe and children: Sara-Lieba and Shlomo-Zalman
Pelovsky Gershon-Mordechai and wife
Pelovsky Gershon-Zalman and family
Pelovsky Hirsh-Leib and family
Pelovsky Israel and family
Pelovsky Khonan  
Pelovsky Leah and family
Pelovsky Leiby and family
Pelovsky Moshe-haLevi wife Bobka and children: Tzirel, Esther-Leah, and Sara-Sheinka
Pelovsky Peishka and wife Masha and a son
Pelovsky Yakob wife Sara and childrenL Shulamit and Eliezer-Meir
Pelovsky Zeidel wife Esther and children
Pogachevsky Alter  
Pogachevsky Eli-Yosef and family
Pogachevsky Mina  
Pogachevsky Rakhel  
Pogachevsky Reizel  
Pogachevsky Shlomo wife Rakhel and children: Yehuda, Breindel, Velvel, Shmuel, oshe, Reuben and Kanchy
Poliachek Israel-Abraham wife Bashka and son Reuben
Poliachek Leizer-Ber and family
Rablansky see Bliaker, Reizel  
Radunsky Hirshke wife Rikel and children
Radunsky Moshe wife Golda and children
Rektman Moshe and family
Reznik Esther and son Zeidel
Ruken David wife Sheina and children: Moshe, Yakob, Israel-Zisel, Rakhel, Malka, Rivka, and Merka
Rushanky Berl wife Esther and children: Shimon and Velvel
Rushanky Bluma  
Rushanky Ekutial  
Rushanky Gitel  
Rushanky Hinde  
Rushanky Sara  
Rushkin Yehuda wife Miriam and children
Sarver Tonya  
Savitzky Abraham-Moshe  
Savitzky David-Moshe  
Savitzky Menachem wife Mikhaela and son Moshe
Savitzky Shmuel-Yona and family
Segalovich Israel wife Malka and son Mordechai
Shilansky Khonan wife Chaya-Sara and children
Shilansky Shimon wife Freidl and children: Aharon and Yosef
Shilkovsky Mordechai wife Debora and son Hirshel
Shilkovsky Shlomo-Hirsh wife Rakhel-Leah and children: Simcha, Golda, and a daughter
Shimonovich Moshe-Zalman wife Miriam and children: Nechama, Yehudit, and Sheina
Shmuelovsky Itzak and family
Shmuelovsky Yakob and wife Fruma
Shmulevich Shmuel wife Tzvia and children
Shulaner Anetka and Yetka
Shulaner Fanya  
Shulaner Frieda  
Shulaner Mordechai and wife Esther
Shulaner Yehuda and family
Shvartzbard Feigel and family
Shvartzbard Gottleib wife Retzke and children
Shvartzbard Leah and family
Shvartzbard Mendel and wife Sara-Yeta
Shvartzbard Sheinka and family
Shvetzky Abraham wife and children
Shvetzky Aryeh (Lempel) wife and son Zeidel
Shvetzky Chana and son David
Shvetzky Moshe-Yakob wife and children
Sklarovsky Aharon and wife
Sklarovsky Aryeh  wife Beila and daughter Merl
Sklarovsky Chaim wife Sulka and children
Sklarovsky David wife Tzipa and children: Sonya and Moshe
Sklarovsky Velvel wife Elka and children
Slotznik Abraham-Leib  
Slotznik Ekutial and family
Slotznik Leiby wife Peshke and children
Slotznik Reva-Leah and family
Slotznik Simcha  
Slotznik Yakob and family
Slotznik Zlatke and family
Smolensky Eliezer and family
Smolensky Hirshka wife Sara and children
Smolensky Zalman and family
Stanetsky Shmuel wife Rivka and daughter Tzirel
Stanetsky Teibke and mother
Stanetsky Zeidel wife Chaya-Etka and children: Tzila and Shulamit
Staretzky . wife Chana and children
Statzky Barukh and family
Sulkes Velvel wife Chana and children
Tachansky Alte and son Israel
Tachansky Binyamin wife Sheina and children: Sara, Tzvia, and Tzipora
Tachansky Elka  
Tachansky Gershon-Leib wife Zlatka and children: Shmuel, Rakhel and Chana
Tachansky Shakna wife Lieba and children
Tachansky Shmuel  
Tachansky Yedidiah and wife Chaya-Doba
Tachansky Yehoshe  
Tachansky Yehuda wife Rikel, daughter Beilka and a son
Tachansky Yosef wife Sara-Zlatka and children: Leib-Ichy and Sholom
Taf Aizik wife Liza and children
Taf David wife Gity-Lieba and children: Chana and Eliahu
Taf Leiby and wife Musia
Taf Mikhael wife Henya and children: Esther, Rivka, Shlomo and Sheina
Taf Shifra husband Yakob Berezovsky and children: Berekhyah, Berte, Frieda and Izy
Taker Nachum and family
Tavshonsky Esther and son Hirshel
Terespolsky Berl and wife Beila
Terespolsky Betzalel wife Tzipa and children: Iser and Masha
Terespolsky Yosef wife Tanya and children
Tkornitzky see Draznin, Teibel  
Tkornitzky Yekhezkal-David and wife Beila
Tzirelnitzky Mordechai and family
Tzirolnitzky Chaim and family
Tzirolnitzky David and family
Tzvik Israel and family
Valitzky Chaim wife Perl and children: Aharon and Leiby
Valitzky Chaya (the Akusherka)
Valitzky Hirshel wife Sima and daughter Yenta
Valitzky Mordechai wife Peshe and children
Valitzky Moshe wife Alte and children: Chana, Merl, Sheina-Leah, Zlatke and Iser
Valitzky see Zachepinsky, Leah-Hadassah
Valitzky Yakob wife Leah-Hadassah
Vernikov Avigdor wife Sheina-Rivka and daughter Rakhel
Vernikov Berl and family
Vernikov Chaya-Sara and son Hirshke
Vernikov Eliahu and family
Vernikov Etka and family
Vernikov Petekhiya wife and children
Vernikov the Shloser and family
Vernikov Yehuda and family
Vigdorovich Yosef wife Batya and children: Sonya and David
Voronovsky see Bliaker, Esther-Gutky
Yelin Abraham wife Shina and son Shmuel-Itzak
Yelin Peshe husband Yakob Gershtein and children: Sheina and Yosef
Yelin the blacksmith wife and children: Yosef and Alte
Yelin Yosef wife Chana and a daugher
Yerozolinsky Yehoshe and wife
Yezersky Chaim and family
Zablotzky Meir wife Hinde and children: Hirshka, Moshe, Tzvia, Reikl and Frumke
Zablotzky Moshe and wife Slava
Zachepinsky Berl wife and daughter Menucha
Zachepinsky Chaya-Sara husband Notel Korn, daughter Masha and a son
Zachepinsky Leah-Hadassah and husband Yakob Valitzky
Zachepinsky Mashe-Yente  
Zachepinsky Nechamiah wife and children
Zachepinsky Noach wife Tzvia and children
Zachepinsky Tanya husband and children
Zachepinsky Yokheved  
Zalutzky Feivel wife Dina and children: Mina, Yehoshe, Chaya-Sara, and Nachum
Zalutzky Itchy-Ber and wife Gitel
Zalutzky Noty wife Rivka and children: Chaya-Sara, Erekhmial, Rakhel and Abraham
Zalutzky Yakob Debora, bet-Emi, Shmuel, Elka, and Cherna
Zalutzky Yosef-Yitzak wife and children: Zelik-Leib, Pesach, Minke, Chaya-Sara, and Nachum
Zapolansky Abraham-Udel wife Sara and children: Yakob, Mikhael, Kiene, Esther, Beila and Uzer
Zapolansky Ezrial wife Rivka and children
Zapolansky Ezrial wife Etel and children
Zapolansky Leiby wife Chaya-Mashe and children: Asher and Esther
Zapolansky Sholom wife Sheina and children: Elka, Hinde, Chana and Yakob



wife Henya and son David

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