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[Columns 1949, 1951, 1953]

Nemencine Necrology

(Nemenčine, Lithuania)

55°09' / 26°10'

I spoke to the women who helped collect the necrology for Nemencine in 1956 when she came to Israel. This is the explanation of the Yishiva:

The Yishiva was not a permanent Yishiva. It was a house that a widow had donated when she died to a Yishiva. In 1939 when WWII started in Poland, a group of Yishiva Buchers who had escaped from another town lived there, and were taken out and executed on Saturday 20th September 1941 with most of the Jews of Nemencine.

Rita Friedman, Israel

Head of household Family
Eizgor wife: Mashe; daughters: Fania, Sheina
Engiolczyn Zev wife: Shluma; children: Hersh, Beryl
Engiolczyn Abraham Yitzhak wife: Esther; children: Hana, Chaim, Nachman
Andeman Moshe wife: Sara; children: Miriam, Feige, Mordeckhai,Michael,Reize
Andeman Keile Yente  
Aranovitz Avigdor wife: Teibel, children: Peretz, Yosef
Baron Chaim  
Baron Tzipe and family
Bloshinski Michle  
Borstein Feive  
Borstein Fishel wife: Shasel, children: Pasia, Bracha
Borstein Shalom wife: Pasia
Beirak Abraham wife: Ettel; children: Mania, Beile, Shimeon, Yakov
Baronstein Shmuel daughter: Teibe
Baronstein Sara children: Moshe, Yakov, Shlomit
Brataniski Ber Velvel wife: Feige
Brataniski Yakov wife: Ettel; daughter Chiya and husband children: Reise, Teibe, Marisha, Shlomo Hersh, Beile
Brataniski Yitzhak wife: Ettel and family
Brataniski Mordechkai wife: Esther; children: Hana Ette, Marisha, Shlomo Hersh
Brataniski Shmuel wife and son
Gold Max wife: Rifka; children: Eida, Louisik
Gordon Chaim  
Gordon Tuvia wife: Tzipe; and child
Gordon Meyer wife: Esther, daughter Sheineleh
Gordon Musia and child
Gordon Shlomo wife: Keine, children: Yikutiel, Sheine
Gordon Shmuel wife: Beile, children: Yisrael, Moshe
Gdud wife: Hana son Mordeckai
Guravic Rachel and Husband, son: Yitzhak and his wife
Glaz Hana husband, children: Chaim, Rachel
Gluch Abraham wife: Dera; son Yakov
Gluch Eizick duaghter: Sheineh
Gluch Dan wife: Dina; daughter Hesia
Gluch Hana children: Chaya, Hinde, Rifka
Gluch Welvell wife: Keine
Gluch Chaya daughter Hesia
Gluch Yhezkel wife: Rifka, children: Hinde, Shimeon
Gluch Sender wife: Sara; daughter Hinde
Gluch Pinkhas wife: Dara; son Yakov
Gradzienski Yakov Yosef wife, children: Bracha, Rueven
Dubitzki Yakov children: Meyer, Leipe
Deitch Shalom  
Wolowitz Beryl wife: Rachel
Zak Heshel wife: Miriam; son Leib
Zlatkawitz Benyamin wife: Feida son Moshe
Zashor Reize daughter: Genasia
Chen Metel wife: Rachel; and child
Taub Shmuel  
Teitz Yosef son Moshe
Taal Meir wife: Leah, children: Kopel and child
Trapetchnick Meir wife: Esther, children: Freida, Hersh
Trakinski Rashel  
Trakinski Yisrael wife: Ettel; children: Shabtai ,Elke, Moshe, Dina
Tshenobrodke wife: Miriam, children: Dvora, Chaiya
Yaniski David Shlomo wife: Keile; children: Yisrael, Shimeon
Yaniski Feive wife: Batya; and son
Yoker Leib wife: Sarah, daughter Batya
Kaachim Ahron  
Lashenski Yitzhak children: Chaim, Menia
Leifer Michael wife: Rachel; children: Moshe, Yitzhak, Beinish, Abraham, Miriam, Mine, Yisrael, Mordeckhai
Leibman Ahron wife: Hessia; children: Moshe and child
Leibman Shmuel wife: Shluma
Lewit Golde son Michael
Lewit Yosef and family
Levin Hanan wife: Leah, children: Nachman, Chaim, Nachum
Lewinson Sara Leah son Shabtai
Lewinson Abraham wife: Gittel;two children
Lewinson Batya childen: Pesia, Chiya
Lewinson Leib children: Yisrael, Dishe, Shlomo
Lewinson Moshe Asher wife: Eide; son Natel
Lewinson Shlomo wife: Leah; son Yitzhak
Magun Sarah  
Margolis Yakov wife: Miriam; children: Ettel, Moshe
Margolis Meir  
Miedzianski Beile children: Chaim Yosef, Leib
Meidzianski Yoshua wife: Esther, children: Yakov, Chiya
Natik Yakov son Alter
Nodzen Dvorah children: Reuven, Shnier
Nievieczynski Yhuda wife: Chiya, children: Shulamit, Eite, Rachel
Niemenczynski Abraham wife: Miriam, children: Masha, Yosef, Yakov
Niemenczynski Beile children: Abraham, Naomi and child
Niemenczynski Daniel wife, three children
Niemenczynski Hersh wife: Chiya
Niemenczynski Hershel wife: Heishe; son: Gershon
Niemenczynski Zelda 2 children
Niemenczynski Yakov wife: Ettel; and children
Niemenczynski Yhizkel wife: Rachel, children Masha with two children
Niemenczynski Feive  
Niemenczynski Fishel wife, three children
Niemenczynski Fredl children: Velvel, Tzvia
Niemenczynski Tzadok wife and two children
Niemenczynski Rashel  
Niemenczynski Rachel and family
Niemenczynski Shlomo  
Nirke Yitzhak wife: Bracha
Nirke Yosef wife: Grunia, children: Efraim, Leib
Sapir The Rabbi Gedalhou wife: Hana
Pageralski Chana daughter Rachel
Pazniak Malka children: Gita, Fruma, Yitzhak, Nisan, Yisrael
Pazniak Yitzhak Yisrael two sisters
Fine Mendel wife: Michle, two children
Fine Yisrael wife: Sarah, daughter Bracha
Fine Yikutiel wife: Beile, children: Tzemach, Yosef, Sara, Rachel
Fine Golda children: Sheina, Rachel
Fine Metel wife: Malka, children, Shein, Michael, Nachama, Leah and her husband Meir
Fin Yakov children: Alter, Elte
Finkel Moshe wife: Chaya; children: Yisrael, Sara
Pelshdetein Moshe wife: Emma
Farawazki Ahron wife: Dvora
Farawazki Leibe son Yhushua
Prazan Yakov wife: Reizel; children: Moshe, Mina
Prazan Shlomo wife: Sara; children: Chaya, Shmuel
Prazan Sara and her children
Kowarski Abraham David wife: Sara; son Moshe
Kowarski Yhishua Yakov wife: Beile
Kalmanowitz Gershon wife: Chana Batya; son Berele
Klein son Abraham
Kemach Abraham wife: Pesia; children: Yonatan, Moshe
Kienski Tzila children: Michle, Leiba
Kienski Teibe children: Yikutiel, Elihou, Berel
Kienski Michael wife: Tsherna
Kravatchuk Abraham wife: Nachama; two children
Kravatchuk Yhuda wife: Rifka; daughter: Frieda + a child
Kravatchuk Yitzhak wife: Batya; son Natle
Kramer Bracha husband and children
Kramer Velvel wife: Sara; daughter Miriam
Kramer Leib wife: Chaya; two children
Rantel Leobe (Kowarski) daughter Yehudit
Ratkawski (Grinburg) Pesia  
Rudaszewski Lipe wife: Miriam; children: Leib, Abraham
Rudaszewski Mina Flimanik Shlomo
Rudaszewski Shlomo wife: Dvora; Children: Hanoch, Chaya, Leib
Rudin Elhiou and wife
Rudin Chaim Yitzhak wife and two children
Rudin Shimeon wife: Rachel; children: Hillel + a child
Ross father, mother, two children
Reize wife: Reizel; children: Esther, Shmuel, Chanan
Shapiro Efraim wife: Dreizel; son Chaim
Shapiro Moshe daughter: Miriam
Shmuelovitch Esther Chana and husband
Snipiliski Asher wife: Leah; children: Hersh, Mena
A Yeshiva of 100 Students (names not recorded)  

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