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[Columns 1927-1930]

Kiemieliszki Necrology

(Kamelishki, Belarus)

54°51' 25°53'

Transliterated by Beryl Baleson

Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks and
additional family
BECKENSTEIN Max M married Liba 1927
BECKENSTEIN Liba F married Max 1927
BECKENSTEIN Jacob M Max Liba 1927
BROMBERG Shimon M married Esther 1927
BROMBERG Esther F married Shimon 1927
BROMBERG Fruma F Shimon Esther 1927
BROMBERG Kayla F Shimon Esther 1927
BROMBERG David M Shimon Esther 1927
BROMBERG Aharon M Shimon Esther 1927
GERBERAVITCH David M married Rivka 1927
GERBERAVITCH Rivka F married David 1927
GERBERAVITCH Jacob M David Rivka 1927
GERBERAVITCH Sima M with family 1927
GIMZANSKY Asher M married Rasha 1927
GIMZANSKY Rasha F married Asher 1927
GIMZANSKY Aharon M Asher Rasha 1927
GIMZANSKY Luba F Asher Rasha 1927
GIMZANSKY Meir M Asher Rasha 1927
GLAT Moshe M married Pesa 1927
GLAT Pesa F married Moshe 1927
GLAT Baruch M Moshe Pesa 1927
GLAT Leah F Moshe Pesa 1927
GARADZANSKY Hana F In the list name shown as GARADZENISKY aparently in error 1927
GARADZANSKY Faiva M married Rivka 1927
GARADZANSKY Rivka F married Faiga 1927
WEINSTEIN Moshe M married Rachel 1927
WEINSTEIN Rachel F married Moshe 1927
WEINSTEIN Simcha M Moshe Rachel 1927
WEINSTEIN Leah F Moshe Rachel 1927
VAINER Hayyim M married Yacha 1927
VAINER Yacha F married Hayyim 1927
VAINER Leah F Hayyim Yacha 1927
VAINER Faiga F Hayyim Yacha 1927
ZORER Pesa F 1927
ZORER Shaina F Pesa 1927
YANAVSKY Moshe M married Sarah 1928
YANAVSKY Sarah F married Moshe 1928
YANAVSKY Eliyahu M Moshe Sarah 1928
KATZKALAVITCH Shmuel M married Baila 1928
KATZKALAVITCH Baila F married Shmuel 1928
KATZKALAVITCH Malka F Shmuel Baila 1928
KATZKALAVITCH Moshe M Shmuel Baila 1928
STARIPONSKY Isaac M married Malchel 3 children 1928
STARIPONSKY Malchel F married Isaac 3 children 1928
STARIPONSKY Moshe M married child 1928
STARIPONSKY F married Noshe child 1928
STARIPONSKY Berel M Sarah 1928
SANTATZKY David M married Alta 3 children 1928
SANTATZKY Alta F married David 3 children 1928
EPSTEIN Menahem M married Haya 1928
EPSTEIN Haya F married Menahem 1928
EPSTEIN Esther F Menahem Haya 1928
EPSTEIN Shaina F Menahem Haya 1928
EPSTEIN Mera F Menahem Haya 1928
EPSTEIN Baila F Menahem Haya 1928
EPSTEIN Sender M married Leah 5 children 1928
EPSTEIN Leah F married Sender 5 children 1928
FEINBERG Alta F 1928
FEINBERG Alexander M Alta 1928
PROZIN Hayyim M married Daba 1929
PROZIN Daba F married Hayyim 1929
Leah F Not clear if she is the sister of Hayim PROZIN or his wife Daba 1929
PROZIN Mula M Hayyim Daba 1929
PROZIN Shlomo M Hayyim Daba 1929
PROZIN Hana F Hayyim Daba 1929
TZLAV Yechazkel M married Gaiga 1929
TZLAV Faiga F married Yechkel 1929
Liba F Not clear if she is the sister of Yechezkel TZLAV or his wife Faiga 1929
KRETZMER Hayyim M married Braina Slaughterer 1929
KRETZMER Braina F married Hayyim 1929
KRETZMER Pesach M Hayyim Braina 1929
KORITZKY Abraham M married 1929
KORITZKY F married Abraham 1929
KORITZKY Betzalel M married Dina 1929
KORITZKY Dina F married Betzalel 1929
KORITZKY Abraham M Betzalel Dina 1929
KORITZKY Mula M Betzalel Dina 1929
KORITZKY Mattel M Betzalel Dina 1929
KORITZKY Lusiya F Betzalel Dina 1928
KORITZKY Batya F 1930
KORITZKY Aharon M Batya 1930
KORITZKY Jacob M married Hasiya 1930
KORITZKY Hasiya F married Jacob 1930
Yenta F married Jacob Hasiya maiden name KORITZKY. With husband 1930
KORITZKY Yudel M married Bluma 1930
KORITZKY Bluma F married Yudel 1930
SHAPIRA Laiv M married Frieda child 1930
SHAPIRA Frieda F married Laiv child 1930
KORITZKY Lipa M married Sarah 1930
KORITZKY Sarah F married Lipa 1930
KORITZKY Baruch M Lipa Sarah 1930
KORITZKY Laizer M Lipa Sarah 1930
KORITZKY Simcha M Lipa Sarah 1930
KORITZKY Moshe M married 1930
KORITZKY F married Moshe 1930
KORITZKY Mondick M Moshe 1930
KORITZKY Meir M married Nehama 1930
KORITZKY Nehama F married Meir 1930
KORITZKY Masha F Meir Nehama 1930
KORITZKY Moshe M Meir Nehama 1930


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