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List of the martyrs of Strzyzow and vicinity

This list was prepared by the survivors of Strzyzow, Itzhok Deutch, Simcha Langsam (Israel) and with the help of Yechezkiel (Harry) Langsam, Los Angeles, U.S.A. It was checked and corrected by Itzhok Berglass.

We invested great efforts to vitalize our memories in order to register the names of the martyrs.

We tried very hard to the best of our ability not to leave anyone out of those who perished in the Holocaust, especially those who did not leave a relative or friend.

The Committee sent out registration forms to all people from Strzyzow in Israel and abroad, to register their relatives, neighbours and acquaintances. And so, relatives registered relatives and neighbours registered neighbours. Still, there was a possibility that we did not receive the exact details, mainly the relationship where it concerns little children, parents and grandparents.

The untainted souls which were listed together with those who were not, may their souls be bound in the bond of life, and the memory of their sacrifice will never be forgotten by us.


Of Thee I cry, My eye is shedding a tear

By Simcha, the son of Yacov Langsam

Our sages said that one of the sounds that are heard throughout the world is the sound of the soul which leaves the body during the departure of a person. And if this is true with one person and during a natural death, it is truer when the untainted souls of a whole community, elders, women, toddlers and youths have separated from their bodies by unnatural, brutal deaths.

The echo of the sounds of the martyrs of Strzyzow and vicinity during the Holocaust, especially during the last minutes of their lives, has not vanished from our ears for over twenty years.

Their image and the sounds of our parents, sisters and brothers keep calling to us: “Earth, do not cover our blood”.

Their last request were the sounds which called to us: “See vengeance upon our murderers”. Their last plea was: “We are dying as Jews. Please say Kaddish for us”.

We cannot point out from which of the victims was heard such a plea, but surely it was the wish of all who were trussed upon the altar of the nation. Such wishes were expressed by our dear ones in their last requests to the Jewish people in general and to the survivors of Strzyzow

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in particular.

If a tragedy befalls and a member of the family dies, no one can console the relatives of their great tragedy. Everyone stands around broken and crushed but, in time, life returns to normal. It is all natural. “The earth covers it and man forgets”. But it is not so with the martyrs of the Holocaust who met their brutal destiny and did not merit to be buried by the Burial Society, according to Jewish tradition. And, we the survivors are unable to gather their remains, wrap them in a tallit, put them in a casket and give them a Jewish burial because their ashes were spread by the Nazi all over the fields of Europe. Therefore, we are duty-bound to gather the letters of the names of the holy and untainted souls and to perpetuate them in this memorial book, published in Zion, the land of their dreams and thus fulfil our obligation also to those who left no heir to recite Kaddish.

By putting together this holy list, we were given a part in creating a bond with our dear ones. Not only by lighting a candle and saying Kaddish one day a year during our generation, but also, all those from Strzyzow and vicinity who now live in Zion and in the Diaspora will be able to open this book someday and recognize the names of their parents and their grandparents in the holy community in which a bustling Jewish life existed for hundreds of years. There were spiritual people, simple people, rabbis and Tzadikim, scholars, righteous women and school children. All these were trussed to be sacrificed for the nation. They were killed and annihilated, suffering suffocation deaths in the gas chambers, burned or buried alive in camps built by the Nazi in Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Auschwitz and others.

It is a holy obligation to the individual and the public not to forget those whose memory is imprinted deep, deep in our hearts.

With a quiver of holiness do we stand the survivors of Strzyzow and vicinity, in solidarity with all untainted souls who sanctified the Name of Heaven with their lives and deaths.

Itgadal V'yitkadash Sh'mey Rabba

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The Martyrs

Transcribed by Linda Richman

Surname First name(s) Other Surnames Remarks Page
ACHT Fredich (Ephraim), and his mother 417
ADER His wife and daughter 417
ADEST Eisik, the son of Feivel, his wife Sara Ryvka, and son Chaim 417
ADEST Pinchos, son of Feivel, and his family Germany 417
ADEST Yakov, son-in-law of Levi Joseph WIND, and his wife Bracha WIND 417
ADLER Abraham, son-in-law of Feivel ADEST, his wife and son ADEST 417
ADLER Joel, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN, his wife Esther and daughter Malka SEIDMAN Pilzno 417
ADLER Israel, son of Joel and his wife Tarnow 417
ADLER Pinchos Yakov, son of Joel, wife Necha Leah, sons Zev, Eliyahu, Alter Ezra, and daughter Chana Tarnow 417
ALSTER Leah, widow of Joseph, daughter Necha, sons, Joshua and Zev Wolf, his wife Hinda nee KRAUS KRAUS 417
AMEIS Abraham, son-in-law of Yakov SCHITZ SCHITZ 417
AMKRAUT Yechezkiel, son-in-law of Elazar WURTZEL, his wife Yenta, sons Dov and Baruch WURTZEL 417
ANDERS Toza, daughter of Tzvi Hersh PFEFFER, her sons Leon and Manfred PFEFFER Expelled from Germany/killed in Riga 417
APPERMAN Dr. APPERMAN M. and son 417
ASHER Liba, widow of Jeremiah, daughter of Necha Gitel STURM STURM 417
ASHER Zelig, son of Liba, his wife Miriam (Mirl) nee ZIMMER, daughters Malka and Eta ZIMMER Sandz 417
AUERHOUN Shlomo, son-in-law of Moshe David UNGER, his wife Feiga and daughter Chana UNGER 417
BAUMEL Benjamin, son-in-law of Hersh RESSLER, his wife Hinda, daughters Liba and Feiga, sons Israel, Moshe and Tzvi Hersh RESSLER Death of Tzvi Hersh, See p. 235 417
BAUMEL Joshua, father of Benjamin, and another son 98 years old, lived in Czudec 417
BEITLER Leibush, his wife, and sons, Shlomo Aaron Shmuel, Nechemiah, and Mordechai 417
BER Raphael, his wife Yehudit, daughters Gitel and Leah, and son Moshe Yehuda Leib 417
BER Yakov, Raphael's brother, his wife and daughter. Lwow 417
BERGER Esther Hinda, widow of Joshua 417
BERGER Eta, daughter of Michael MINTZ, her husband and son MINTZ France 417
BERGER Joseph, son-in-law of Israel GERTNER, his wife Yenta GERTNER Expelled from Germany/killed in Strzyzow 417
BERGLASS Abraham Menachem, son of Hersh Ber, his wife, daughter, and son, and a daughter of Hersh Ber 417
BERGLASS Yocheved nee GUTTMAN, the widow of Baruch GUTTMAN 418
BERNSTEIN Pinchos, son-in-law of Israel GERTNER, his wife Rachel, son Shlomo, one more son and a daughter GERTNER Krakow 418
BERNSTEIN Yakov Itzhok, son-in-law of Baruch BERGLASS, his wife Nechama, sons David Dov and Elimelech, and a daughter Bina BERGLASS 418
BLECH Abraham, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN, his wife Liba, daughters Sarah and Leah with her husband SEIDMAN Limanow 418
BLECH Izhok, son of Abraham, and his wife Sarah 418
BLAU Moshe, son-in-law of Aryeh Leibush RUSS, his wife Sarah Freda, sons Meir, Chaim Eliezar, and one more son RUSS 418
BLOCH Elazar, son-in-law of Moshe Shmuel FRIEDMAN, with his family FRIEDMAN 418
BIRNBACH Baruch, grandson of Zelig ADEST, his wife Berta and two children, ADEST Germany 418
BORGENICHT Aaron, son of Itzhok, his wife Hena, son Moshe, daughter Zisl (Zenia) Death of Moshe BORGENICHT, See p. 243 418
BORGENICHT Itzhok, son-in-law of Pinchos KANNER KANNER 418
BARTH Mordechai, his wife, son Moshe, daughter Beila 418
BEVAS Joshua, son-in-law of Mordechai RUSS, his wife Rachel RUSS 418
BOMBACH Samuel, son-in-law of Elazar WURTZEL, his wife Adela WURTZEL Rzeszow 418
BRAUNER Zalman, his wife Dina, daughter Ryvka, her husband and child 418
BRAUNER Moshe, son of Zalman, and his family Vienna 418
BRAV Abraham, son-in-law of Alter NECHEMIAH, his wife Henia, daughter Eta NECHEMIAH 418
BRUDER Meir Hersh, son-in-law of Yakov SCHITZ, and his wife Pearl SCHITZ 418
BRAV Brother of Abraham, with family Sandz 418
BRAV Abraham, cousin of Mordechai BRAV, with his family 418
CHWAL DR. CHWAL, his wife and daughter 418
DAN Elimelech, son-in-law of Joseph Bendit ZILBERMAN, his wife, sons, Moshe and Leibush, and a daughter ZILBERMAN 418
DEMBITZER David, son-in-law of Hersh RESSLER, and his wife Zelda RESSLER 418
DEMBITZER Eisik, son of David, his wife Tova nee WEINBERG, and a son WEINBERG 418
DEUTCH Chana, widow of Wolf, daughter of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN SEIDMAN 418
DEUTCH Aaron, son of Chana, his wife Hinda Leah nee STERNBERG, daughters Chaya, Rachel, and Yehudit (Yiddis) STERNBERG 418
DEUTCH Chaya Kreindl nee BAUMEL, wife of Itzhok, their daughters Ryvka and Rachel, son Hersh Fishel. BAUMEL Itshok DEUTCH survived 418
DEUTCH Joseph, son of Chana, his wife Tzila nee GUZIK and son Zev. GUZIK 418
DIAMAND Aryeh Leibush, son of Shlomo, his wife Edel, and daughter Rachel, also a son Yakov, with his family Shlomo was from Zyzonw 418
DIAMAND Baruch, his wife, sons Israel and Naphtali, and four daughters 418
DIAMAND Chana Rachel, widow of Shlomo Zalman, her sons Aryeh Leibush, with his wife Eta, Joseph Mordechai and Abraham. Daughters Nina (Nechtche), and Reizel, also Elazar the son of Reizel Shlomo was from Wysoka/Reizel was killed while smggling food to camp inmates 418
DIAMAND Hersh, son of Feivel, his wife, their son Moshe, his wife and son 419
DIAMAND Hinda nee WEIDENFELD, wife of Heschel, their sons Joseph Chaim and Yeshayahu Itzhok WEIDENFELD Heschel DIAMAND survived 419
DIAMAND Joseph, son of Aryeh Leibush, with his family Swilcza 419
DIAMAND Keila, the widow of Akiba Shmuel, son Tzvi Hersh with his family. Son Zev Wolf with his family. Daughters, Eta and Sheindl with their families Berlin, Blazo 419
DIAMAND Leah nee LICHT, the wife of Shlomo Yahalomi. Their daughter Dvora and son Joseph Chaim LICHT Shlomo Yahalomi-DIAMAND survived 419
DIAMAND Malka, first wife of Mendel the son of Chana Rachel , also his daughter Shulamit (Zelda) Mendel DIAMAND survived 419
DIAMAND Pearl, daughter-in-law of Joseph DIAMAND and son Yakov Krakow 419
DIAMAND Reisl (Reizhe), widow of Moshe, her son Aryeh Leib, his wife, and their daughters. Her son Avigdor and his wife Chaya nee HOLLANDER HOLLANDER 419
DIAMAND Reisl, daughter of Aryeh Leibush, her husband, sons Joseph, Mordechai and Abraham Dubiecko 419
DIENSTAG Gerson, his wife, son Shimon, another son, and two daughters 419
DILLER Baruch, son of Itzhok, his wife Sarah 419
DILLER Baruch, son-in-law of David DEMBITZER, his wife Sheindl DEMBITZER Sanok 419
DORNBERG Abraham, son-in-law of Levi Joseph WIND, and his wife Ronia WIND 419
DRESEL Daughter of Shimon GROSS, her son Joshua, and a daughter GROSS 419
DYM Chana, widow of Yakov, sons, Moshe, Chaim, Joseph. Daughter Fruma, and another daughter 419
EHRLICH Elchanan and his wife Chana 419
EINHORN Naphtali, son-in-law of Yakov LANGSAM, his wife Beila, and their three sons, Tzvi Elimelech, Itzhok, and Yehuda Zev LANGSAM Dobrova 419
EISMAN Moshe Pinchos, son of Yehuda Nathan Szczawnica 419
EISNER Chana, widow of Yakov, her son Ptachyah Rzeszow 419
EISNER Meir Raphael, son of Chana, his wife Ryvka, and a son 419
BODNER Daughter of Chana EISNER, her husband and daughter EISNER 419
ETTINGER Malka (Mala), her son Eliezar, and two daughters 419
ETTINGER Shlomo, his wife Sarah, his son Leib, Leib's wife, and their son Moshe. 419
FALK Baruch, son-in-law of David DEMBITZER, his wife Eta DEMBITZER 419
FASS Hersh Leib, his wife, their daughters Mindl and Ryvka, with her husband 419
FEDERBUSH Aryeh Leib, his wife Eta, nee DIAMAND, the sister of Hershel and Shlomo, and their son Joseph Chaim DIAMAND 419
FEIBER Miriam Gitel, grandaughter of Moshe David UNGER, and her son Tzvi Hersh UNGER 419
FEIGENBAUM Israel, son-in-law of Moshe MANTEL, his wife Pessil, and their children MANTEL 419
FEIT Chaim, son-in-law of Hershel TENZER, his wife Miriam, son, Yeshayahu, and their daughters, Malka, Freidl, and Gitel TENZER 419
FEIT Joshua, son of Chaim, and his wife 419
FEIT Necha, daughter of Shlomo DIAMAND, the widow of Chaim Hersh FEIT DIAMAND 420
FEIT Samuel, (Mulik), his wife Rachel nee PROPER, son Joseph, and a daughter Henia PROPER 420
FEIT Samuel, son-in-law of Yechiel ROSEN, his wife Sarah, and daughter Chana Reisl ROSEN Germany 420
FEIVUSH Abraham Itzhok, son-in-law of Baruch BERGLASS, his wife Chaya Sarah, their son Yakov, and a daughter, Ruth BERGLASS Sanok 420
FELBER Yakov (Yekel), his wife Pearl (Pesha), sons Elchanon and Nechemiah, two daughters and Pearl's brother 420
FELBER Nathan, son of Yakov, with his entire family 420
FELDER Zisl, widow of Fishel, the daughter of Yechiel ROSEN ROSEN 420
FELDER David, son of Zisl, with his family From Berlin/David poisoned by business partner 420
FELDER Yakov, son of Zisl, his wife Henia nee GARFUNKEL, and their sons GARFUNKEL 420
FELDMAUS Tova, daughter of Chaim HASENKOPF, her sons, Hersh and Elazar, and a daughter Gitel HASENKOPF 420
FISHMAN Adolph, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN, his wife Hena, and two sons SEIDMAN Rzeszow 420
FLAUMENHAFT Shalom, and his wife Germany 420
FLEISHER Leib, his wife Dresel, son Hersh Elimelech, another son, and a daughter 420
FLEISHER-TETELBAUM Meita, widow of Moshe, Leib FLEISHER's brother, Malka Tzivia her daughter, her husband, surname TETELBAUM and son Yakov FLEISHER, TETELBAUM Frysztak 420
FRENKEL Dr. Chaim Frenkel's wife, their daughters Lusia and Yadwiga (Yadzia) Dr. Frenkel survived 420
FRENKEL Esther, wife of Rabbi Israel FRENKEL and daughter of Shlomo DIAMAND. Her sons Shlomo, Shalom, and daughters Rachel and Sarah DIAMAND Rabbi FRENKEL survived 420
FRENKEL Joseph (Reb Yosele), son-in-law of Rabbi Alter Zev HOROWITZ, and his wife Chana HOROWITZ Asst. Rabbi in Sedziszow 420
FRIEDMAN Chaya nee KRAUT, widow of Yechiel, their son Israel, and daughters Chava, Seryl, and Pearl KRAUT 420
FRIEDMAN Leib, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Joseph Mordechai WIENER, his wife Nechama, sons Abraham, David, Chaim, and Pinchos with all their families WIENER Leib and Chaim were both Shochets 420
FRIEDMAN Menachem, son of Moshe Samuel, and his wife Expelled from Germany, killed somewhere in Poland 420
FRIEDMAN Tova, daughter of Moshe Samuel , with her family 420
FRIHMAN Chaim, son of Menashe, his wife Gitel, a son and daughter Krakow 420
FRIHMAN Michael, son of Menashe, his wife Chaya, a son Menachem, and a daughter 420
GARFUNKEL Aaron, his wife Rachel nee STERNBERG, and son Ben Zion STERNBERG 421
GELANDER Hersh, son-in-law of Baruch DILLER, his wife Ryvka, daughter Seryl and another daughter, sons Shamai and Menachem DILLER 421
GELBWACHS Shoshana, niece of Sheindl SCHEFLER SCHEFLER Raised by SCHEFLER family 421
GERTNER Leah nee BERGER, widow of Israel GERTNER, their daughter Alta, her husband and children BERGER Tarnow 421
GERTNER Chaim, son of Leah, his wife Beila nee BERGER, and son Joseph BERGER Krakow 421
GERTNER Menahem, son of Israel, his son Joseph, and the rest of his family Brzozow 421
GERTNER Menachem, brother of Israel, his wife, their sons Samuel and Leibush, and a daughter 421
GERTNER Moshe, son of Israel, his wife Nechama nee WEISBERG, and their son Israel WEISBERG p. 255 "treatment of children", re son Israel 421
GLICKMAN Joel, son-in-law of Baruch DILLER, his wife Leah, son Yechiel, and a daughter DILLER 421
GLITZER Shalom, son-in-law of Menachem RIMER, his wife Leah, and a son RIMER Rzeszow 421
GOLDBERG Fishel, his wife Feiga, their daughter Rachel, sons, Eliyahu and Mordechai, with his wife Leah nee DIAMAND DIAMAND 421
GOLDMAN Abraham, son-in-law of Zelig ADEST, his wife Dvora Sarah, their daughters Malka, Miriam, Eta, their sons , Itzhok and his family, Mendel and his family, Elimelech and his family, and Yakov, their youngest ADEST Holland, Dembice, Wysova 421
GOLDBERG David, son of Abraham, from a previous marriage, with his family Somewhere in an unknown country 421
GOLDMAN Leib, son-in-law of Feitel LAST, his wife and sons LAST 421
GOLDSAND Yechezkiel, son-in-law of Leib STERNBERG, his wife Eta, son Yakov, another son and daughter STERNBERG 421
GREENBAUM Chaim, son-in-law of Yakov HEGEL, his wife Hinda, daughter Esther, and son Leibush HEGEL 421
GREENBAUM Mordechai, son-in-law of Yehuda Nathan EISMANN, his daughter Fruma and her husband EISMANN 421
GREENBLATT Yakov, his wife, sons Yechezkiel and Samuel Zanvel, his wife and daughter 421
GROSKOPF Samuel Moshe, his wife Seryl, their son Menachem and his wife Brzostek/ Death of Menachem, See p. 249 421
GRUBER Yehuda, his wife Ryvka and daughter Chava 421
GRUBER Beila nee AUERHOUN, wife of Eliezar GRUBER, and their son Moshe David AUERHOUN Eliezar GRUBER survived 421
GUZIK Menachem, his son Moshe, Moshe's wife Frieda nee GRUBER, and daughter Feiga GRUBER 421
GUZIK Michael, son-in-law of Menachem, his wife Hena, and son Tushik Yaslo 421
GUZIK Zisl, daughter of Menachem GUZIK, witth her husband 422
HABER Shimon, his wife, daughters and son Elisha 422
HAGEL Baruch, son of Yakov (Yantche), his wife, and daughter Lusia 422
HAGEL Michael, son of Yakov, his wife Adela and daughter Gala 422
HALBERSTAM Yakov, son-in-law of Rabbi Alter Zev HOROWITZ, his wife, son Ben Zion, and two daughters HOROWITZ 422
HALPERIN Moshe,son-in-law of Abraham KALB, wife Elka, and son Bezalel KALB 422
HASENKOPF Michael, son of Chaim, his wife Sarah, their sons, Abraham Yakov and Mordechai Poppel Frankfort, Germany 422
HASENKOPF Rosa, wife of Yakov HASENKOPF, son of Chaim, daughter Frieda, and son Zelig HASENKOPF Yakov escaped to Israel/family killed in Germany 422
HAUBEN Abba, and his daughters 422
HAUBEN Lipa, his wife, their sons Meshulam, Israel, and Akiba, and a daughter Dena 422
HAUBEN The widow of Feivel, her sons Yakov (Yekel), Nechemiah and Yechiel 422
HAUBEN Elazar, son of Feivel, his wife, and a son 422
HAUBEN Zev Wolf, son of Feivel, his wife, and a son. Germany 422
HECKER Gabriel, son-in-law of Nathaniel SCHLISSELBERG, his wife Ryvka, and four children SCHLISSELBERG 422
HENIG Moshe,, son-in-law of Levi Joseph WIND, his wife and a son WIND Rzeszow 422
HOLLES Simcha, grandson of Itzhok BERGLASS, his wife Mindl BERGLASS Expelled from Krakow/killed in Strzyzow 422
HOROWITZ Rabbi Kalonymus-Kalman, his wife Tzivia nee FRENKEL FRENKEL The last Rabbi of Strzyzow 422
ICHEL David, son-in-law of Yakov REBHUN, his wife Leah, and their sons, Abraham and Meir REBHUN 422
ICHEL Aaron, brother of David, his wife, and two children 422
ISERLES name unknown, wife, and two sons 422
ITZINGER Yakov, son-in-law of Menashe FRIHMAN, and his wife Chaya FRIHMAN 422
KALB Abraham, son of Tanchum Yakov, and sons 422
KALB Levi, son of Tanchum Yakov, his sons: Tanchum, Tzvi, Hersh, and Menachem Mendel, and daughters: Chaya, Sluva and Mindl Nowy Targ 422
KALB Menachem Mendel, son of Abraham, his wife, and son Bezalel 422
KALB Shabtai, brother of Tanchum Yakov, and his wife Malka (Mala) 422
KANNER Avish 422
KANNER Asher Pinchos, his wife Miriam nee KLAUSNER, and their family KLAUSNER 422
KANNER Naphtali, and his wife Hizel 422
KANNER Pinchos, son of Naphtali, and daughter Ryvka 422
KANNER Samuel Joseph, his wife Sarah nee ROZENCVEIG with their family ROZENCVEIG Germany 422
KANNER Joseph Bendit, son of Israel, and his sister Beila 422
KANNER Yakov, his wife Rachel nee STIEGLITZ, and daughter Tova STIEGLITZ Tova died of a heart attack during attempted escape to Switzerland. Part of German KANNER families exiled to Zbonszin, Poland & killed there, others killed in France 422
KANNER Ryvka, daughter of Tzvi Hersh KRACHER, and her husband KRACHER 423
KARP Hersh, his wife, his son Feitel, and a daughter with her husband and children 423
KARP Meshel, son of Hersh, his wife and daughter 423
KARP Shlomo, a relative of Zalman BRAUNER, his wife, and children BRAUNER 423
KAUFMAN Esther, widow of Yechezekiel, andd son Samuel 423
KEH Ryvka, widow of Abraham, and daughter Czarna GOLDMAN GOLDMAN Bialistok 423
KEH Akiba Yakov, son of Ryvka, his wife and son Abraham Rzeszow 423
KEH Ptachyah, son of Ryvka, his wife Golda nee FEIT, and a daughter FEIT 423
KESSHTECHER Yakov and his entire family. Rzeszow 423
KESSHTECHER Leibush, son of Yakov witth his entire family 423
KETT Widow of Shimshon, her sons, Gershon and Abraham Leib, and daughter Ryvka 423
KINZLER Abraham, grandson of Yakov KANNER KANNER 423
KAGSWALD Abraham Ever, son-in-law of Chaim FEIT, his wife Malka (Mala), their daughters: Doba, Rachel, and Gita, and a son Yakov FEIT Kroano 423
KLEIN Joseph, his wife Leah, and daughter Yehudit, son Chaim Hersh with his wife and family 423
KLEINMINTZ Tobias, son-in-law of Menashe SCHWALB, with his wife Sarah, and children SCHWALB 423
KLOTZ Joseph, his wife Elka nee FRIEDMAN, daughter Shprintza RIBSHEID, her son Samuel and daughter Sarah FRIEDMAN, RIBSHEID 423
KLOTZ Leibush, his wife Golda, their children Moshe, Samuel, Yakov and Beila 423
KNELLER Ephraim, son-in-law in the HOLLES family, with his wife and children: sons Paltiel, Eisik, Tzvi Hersh, and daughter Adela with her husband. Also, the widow of Joseph KNELLER HOLLES Joseph KNELLER died in Russia 423
KORNREICH Nathan, son-in-law of Shlomo DIAMAND, his wife Gnendl, their sons Nathan and Aryeh Leibush, and daughters: Bluma, Rachel, Reisl and Leah. DIAMAND 423
KRACHER Tzvi Hersh, his wife, their daughter Leah, and sons : Moshe and Mordechai 423
KRACHER Pinchos, son of Tzvi Hersh, and his wife Batyah (Basha). Barnanowicz 423
KRAUS Eliyahu, his wife, their sons: Abraham, Moshe Leib, and a daughter Zisl 423
KRAUS Joseph (Osik), his wife Leah, their daughter Hinda, and sons Moshe and Tuvia 423
KRAUS Michael, his wife Leah nee REIN, sons Mordechai, Raphael, Moshe, and a daughter REIN Mordechai/eldest son, Moshe/youngest. 423
KRAUS Shlomo, and his wife Bluma 423
KRAUS Chana 423
KRAUT Benjamin, his wife Chana, daughter Ryvka, son Samuel, his wife and son 423
KRAUT Gitel, widow of Yehuda KRAUT, her daughters Reisl, and Esther. Another daughter, surname WILD, and her little girl. WILD 423
KRESH Samuel, and his wife 423
KRZESZOWER Son-in-law of Leib EISENBEG, and his wife EISENBERG Rzeszow 424
KRIEGER Elimelech, son-in-law of Israel Yakov MILLINGER, his wife Feiga, and son, Yehuda Leibush MILLINGER Rzeszow 424
KRYM Moshe, and his wife Esther Germany 424
KRYM Benjamin, son of Moshe, his wife Frieda, and children Germany 424
KUFLIK Itzhok Moshe, son-in-law of Feitel LAST, his wife Yehudit, their sons, Simcha and Samuel, daughters, Sarah and Shpriza LAST 424
KUFLIK Samuel, son-in-law of Israel KANNER, his wife Chana, and son, Israel KANNER 424
KULIK Mishkit, widow of Eliezer 424
KULIK Meshhulam, son of Mishkit, his wife Esther nee MILLER, daughters, Breindl, Chava, and one more daughter MILLER 424
KULIK Moshe, son of Mishkit, his wife Ryvka nee ROSENBLITH, sons Ber Meir and Elazar ROSENBLITH Rzeszow 424
KULIK-MARCH Sarah, daughter of Mishkit, wife of Mordechai March. MARCH Mordechai MARSH survived 424
KUPFER Mendel, his wife, their son Moshe, and a daughter 424
LANDAU Chana, daughter of Necha Gitel STURM, and daughters Dreisel and Eta STURM Sandz 424
LANDESMAN-TZIMET Chana and her husband Hersh TZIMET/LANDESMAN 424
LANDESMAN-COHEN Feiga, daughter of Chana, her husband, and daughters COHEN/LANDESMAN Sendziszow 424
LANDESMAN Yakov, son of Chana 424
LANGSAM Yakov, son-in-law of Chaim HASENKOPF HASENKOPF 424
LAST Feitel, his wife, his son Shlomo, his wife nee GETZ, and a son GETZ 424
LAST Michael Leib, brother of Feitel, his wife Chaya Rachel, daughter Freidl with her family 424
LAST Eliezer, son of Michael Leib, and daughter Leah Rzeszow 424
LAST Chana, daughter of Michael Leib, with her family Sandz 424
LEHERMAN Chaim, son-in-law of Moshe KRANTZLER, with his wife Bluma KRANTZLER Escaped from Germany/killed in Strzyzow 424
LEHRER Chaim, son-in-law of Joseph DIAMAND, his wife Pearl, sons, Meshulam, Zalman, and Yehuda-Yidl DIAMAND Antwerp 424
LEIBEL Moshe son of Zimel. Zimel was the son-in-law of Israel KANNER. KANNER 424
LEIBEL Jonah, brother of Zimel, his wife and sons 424
LEIF Zisha, son-in-law of Batyah SCHEFLER, his wife Chava, sons Shimon and Itzhok SCHEFLER 424
LEITNER Shimon, son-in-law of Baruch DILLER, his wife Yehudit, and daughter. DILLER 424
LEVINSON Tzadok, son-in-law of Joshua SELIGMAN, his wife Tova, son Joshua, daughter Chana, and two more daughters. SELIGMAN 424
LICHTMAN Hersh, son-in-law of Israel GERTNER, his wife Ethel, daughters Reisl and Pearl GERTNER 424
LIEBERMAN David, brother-in-law of Israel GERTNER, his wife Malka, sons : Menachem, Itzhok, Leibush, and Aaron, daughters : Ethel, Mindl, and one more daughter GERTNER 424
LOOS Eliezar, his wife Sarah, nee HOLLES, and son Eliezar HOLLES 424
LUSTGARTEN Menachem Mendel, son-in-law of Yakov REBHUN, his wife Sarah, and a son REBHUN 424
MANDEL Chaim, son-in-law of Joshua BERGER, his wife Kreindl Bracha, son Naphtali, daughters Mishkit and Sheindl. Also, daughter Sarah Alta with her family. BERGER Dukla 425
MANDEL Zev Wolf, son of Chaim, his wife Rosa, sons Herzl, Joshua, Saul Joseph, daughter Golda Hena. Dukla 425
MANDEL Yeshayahu, brother of Chaim, children Pinchos, Chaim, and Sarah Czudec 425
MANDEL Ryvka, brother of Chaim, wih his family. Sandz 425
MANDEL Yeshayahu, his wife Pesia, their daughter Alta, with her husband. Also, daughter Leah, husband Moshe Yakov, and daughters 425
MANDEL Benjamin, son of Yeshayahu, his wife and son Dombrowa 425
MANDEL Wife of Reuven Zelig MANDEL, daughter-in-law of Yeshayahu Reuven Zelig MANDEL survived 425
MANDEL Shimon, son-in-law of Reuven SAPHIRE, with his family. SAPHIRE 425
MANTEL Alter, his wife, and daughter Sheindl 425
MANTEL Sarah, widow of Moshe MANTEL, and her son Joel 425
MEISELS Shimshon, son-in-law of Aaron KANNER, his wife Chaya, son David, and a daughter KANNER 425
MILBAUER Tzvi, his wife Bracha (Berta), and a son Nachum 425
MILLER Shimon, son-in-law of Fishel DIAMAND, his wife Mania, their sons Fishel, Mendel, and Joshua. Their daughter Dena with her husband and son DIAMAND 425
MILLINGER Israel Yakov, son-in-law of Joseph DIAMAND, wife Gitel, son Fishel, daughter Malka (Molly) DIAMAND Przeworsk 425
MINTZ Abraham, son of Michael 425
MINTZ Joshua, son of Michael, his wife nee STURM, and a daughter STURM 425
MINTZ Rochma, daughter of Michael MINTZ, with her entire family Lancut 425
MOHRER Leibush 425
MOHRER Mendel and his brother Shlomo 425
MUSSLER Miriam, widow of Hersh Hisel, her son Yechezkiel, daughter Leah with her husband, and two sons 425
MUSSLER Zelda, widow of Eliyahu, and her son Elieazer, daughter Sarah with her family, and daughter Leah PUSTELNIK with her husband PUSTELNIK Sarah, Joel and Leah were in Belgium 425
MUSSLER Abraham, son of Eliyahu, with his family 425
MUSSLER Joel, son of Eliyahu, and his two sons Belguim 425
MUSSLER Joseph, son of Miriam, his wife, and two sons Frysztak 425
NECHEMIAH Alter, his wife Leah (Lantche), nee DIAMAND DIAMAND 425
NECHEMIAH Tzvi Hersh, son of Alter NECHEMIAH, his wife Yenta nee KRAUT, and a son KRAUT 425
NECHEMIAH Zev Wolfe, son of Alter NECHEMIAH, his wife, a son and daughter Expelled from Germany/killed in Strzyzow 425
NEUMANN David, son of Shimon, and his family From Wysoka, Jaslo 425
NEUMANN Moshe Aaron, from the ADEST family, and his daughter Toni ADEST 425
NETZER Leah nee MOHRER, her son Hersh, his wife and a daughter MOHRER 425
NUREMBERG Chaim Yakov, his wife Reisl, son Elimeleh with his family. Daughter Yachet Cohen with her family COHEN 426
ORBACH Pinchos, son-in-law of Feitel LAST, and his wife LAST 426
PELTZ Nathaniel, his wife Yehudit, daughter of Hentche REIN, and son Yakov REIN 426
PESSEL Baruch, son-in-law of Eprhaim KNELLER, wife Vita, and children KNELLER Gorlice 426
PINCHOVSKI Moshe, his wife Miriam nee GOLDBERG, daughter Esther GOLDBERG 426
PINCHOVSKI Mordechai, son of Moshe, his wife Rachel nee EISEN, son Elieazer, daughters Chaya and Pnina EISENBERG 426
PINZEL Peretz, son-in-law of Yakov STURM, his wife Ryvka and son Zelig STURM 426
POPPER Mordechai, son-in-law of Eliezer LOOS, his wife Vita Feiga, and son Aryeh. LOOS Dynow/Also, see page 253. 426
REBHUN Yakov and his wife 426
REDLER Itzhok, his wife Dayche, daughters, Rosa and Gitel 426
REDLER Shlomo, son of Itzhok, his wife, their son Tzvi, and a daughter 426
REDLER Zalman, son of Itzhok, and his wife. 426
REICH Shlomo, son-in-law of Eliezer LOOS, his wife Adela, and daughter Chana LOOS Rzeszow 426
REICH Chaim, father of Shlomo, his wife Beila nee WURTZEL, son Baruch, and one more son WURTZL Jaslo 426
REICH Chana, her sons, Moshe, Yakov, and Meir 426
REICH Hersh Leib, his wife Mindl, and three daughters 426
REICH Tuvia, his wife Mindl, and daughter Rosa 426
REICHER Moshe, son-in-law of Yakov KANNER, his wife Leah, their sons Kalman, Shlomo, Joseh, and one more son KANNER 426
REICHER Menachem Mendel, son of Moshe, with his entire family Germany 426
REIN Hentche, widow of Hersh Ber Hersh Ber was the Sexton. 426
REIN Shlomo, son of Hentche, his wife Dobra, two sons and a daughter 426
RESSLER The wife of Chaim RESSLER, and daughter-in-law of Hersh RESSLER and her son Hersh Lured from hiding, reported and killed. 426
RIMER Menachem Mendel, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN, his wife Malka, daughters Sheindl and Chaya SEIDMAN 426
ROSEN Joseph Hersh, son of David, and his wife Bath Sheva 426
ROSEN Menachem Mendel, son of Joseph Hersh, his wife, his son David, daughter Pearl, and one more daughter 426
ROSEN Joel, son of Joseph Hersh, with his family. Belgium 426
ROSEN Yakov, son of Joseph Hersh, his wife nee KANDEL, son Alter Zev, daughters Neche and Mindl KANDEL 426
ROSEN Beila, widow of Ben Zion, son of Yechiel ROSEN, her son Moshe 426
ROSEN Chaim, son of Yechiel, his son Gertzel, daughter Rosa with her husband 426
ROSEN Israel, son of Yechiel, his wife, a son and a daughter Sanok 426
ROSENBAUM Mordechai, his second wife, widow of Ber WEINER, son of the Assistant Rabbi, Joseph Mordechai WEINER WEINER 426
ROSENBAUM Samuel, son of Mordechai, his wife Chana nee SHEFLER, daughter Batyah (Basha), and son Dov Yakov 427
ROSENBLITH Rizha, widow of Elazar ROSENBLITH 427
ROSENBLITH Itzhok Meir, son of Rizha, and his entire family Rzeszow 427
ROSENBLITH Samuel, son of Rizha, his wife Rachel nee SCHWARTZ, son Elazar, and a daughter Ryvka Meitel SCHWARTZ 427
ROSENTHAL Dr. Francziszek, son-in-law of Gabriel WASSERMAN, his wife Chava, and a daughter. 427
ROSNER Abraham, son-in-law of Joseph KLOTZ, his wife Chana, daughters Rachel and Gisela, and son Naphtali KLOTZ Belgium 427
ROTH Benjamin, son-in-law of Michael Leib UNGER, his wife Feiga, and daughter Sheindl UNGER Sheindl escaped from Rzeszow ghetto. Discovered and killed. 427
ROTHSTEIN Chaya Dobra, daughter of Moshe David UNGER UNGER 427
RUBENFELD Moshe, his wife, and a son 427
RUBENFELD Michael, his wife Hentche nee KULIK, sons Dov Ber and Joshua KULIK 427
RUBISH His wife and a son 427
RUSS Aryeh Leib, his wife Rachel Yehudit (Yiddis) 427
RUSS Mordechai, brother of Aryeh Leib, his wife Miriam, their sons Eisik and Akiba 427
RUSS Israel, son of Mordechai, and his wife 427
RUSS Bath Sheva, daughter of Mordechai, and her husband 427
RUSS Chaim Meir Yechiel, son-in-law of Rabbi Nechemiah SHAPIRO, his wife Fruma Ryvka, andd their children SHAPIRO Stary Sol 427
SALOMON Brother-in-law of Mordechai and Abraham BRAV BRAV 427
SAMUEL Samuel, son-in-law of Elazar WURTZEL, his wife Reizl, their daughter Freidl, and one more daughter WURTZEL 427
SAMUELI Dr., his wife, son Daniel, and two daughters 427
SAPHIRE Shlomo, son of Reuven, and his family Jaslo 427
SAPHIRE Samuel, son of Reuven, and his wife 427
SAPHIRE-HOCHDORF Daughter of Reuven, widow of Leibush HOCHDORF, her son Shimon, and two daughters HOCHDORF 427
SCHACHER Eta, daughter of Feiga STERNBERG from her first husband, Feivel SCHACHER. STERNBERG 427
SCHEFLER Batyah (Basha), sister of Mordechai, Moshe and Shimon. 427
SCHEFLER Joshua, son of Batya, his wife Eta, their daughters Betti and Leah 427
SCHEFLER Beryl, his son Samuel, and a daughter 427
SCHEFLER Moshe, his wife Pearl Leah, and a daughter Gitel 427
SCHEFLER Mordechai Mendel, brother of Moshe, and his wife Pearl 427
SCHEFLER Simon, brother of Mordechai Mendel and Moshe, his wife Sheindl nee GELBWACHS , their sons : David and Moshe GELBWACHS 427
SCHEFLER-CUKIER Chaya, daughter of Mordechai Mendel, daughters Dvora, Doba and Freidl CUKIER 427
SHEINMAN Israel, son-in-law of Chaim MANDEL, his wife Chaya, their daughter Fruma , and sons Itzhok and Joshua MANDEL 427
SCHIFF Kalman Yakov, the son of Tzvi Hersh, his wife Esther nee MANTEL, their sons Mordechai and Shlomo, and daughters Hinda, Ryvka and Reisl. MANTEL France 428
SCHIFF Meir, son of Levi Itzhok, his wife Dvora, and daughter Chaya Leah 428
SCHIFF Bracha, widow of Yakov, daughter of the Assistant Rabbi, Joseph Mordechai WIENER. Her sons Joseph Mordechai. David Hersh, and daughters Ryvka and Mindl WIENER 428
SCHIMMEL The son of Moshe Itzhok Killed somewhere in Germany or France 428
SCHITZ Michael, son of Yakov, his wife Malka, sons Moshe, Dov Ber, Shlomo and Israel. Daughters, Dvora and Gitel 428
SCHITZ Noah, son of Yakov, with his family Rzeszow 428
SCHLISSELBERG Nathaniel, and his wife Alta Risha 428
SCHLISSELBERG Yechezkiel, wife Chana nee RUBIN, and their daughter RUBIN Germany/Yechezkiel survived 428
SCHLISSELBERG Elchanan, son of Nathaniel, hiis wife Tova, and son Aryeh 428
SCHWEBER Simcha, his wife nee WILNER, son Joseph from her previous marriage, WILNER 428
SHMULEWICZ Reuven, son-in-law of Joshua BERGER, his wife Ryvka, son Shlomo, daughters : Breindl, Pearl, Rachel and Malka BERGER 428
SCHREIBER Noah, son-in-law of Moshe MANTEL, his wife Pearl, sons Itzhok and Hersh, daughters , Chaya Chava, Malka and Hena MANTEL Gorlice 428
SCHREIBER Bracha, wife of Samuel Samuel SCHREIBER died in Russia. 428
SCHWALB Menashe, his wife Yenta, sister of Baruch BERGLASS, their sons Nachman and Aryeh Leibush with their families BERGLASS Niebylec and vicinity 428
SCHWALB Esther, daughter of Menashe, her husband and children 428
SCHWALB Family from Lutcza They lived in Nadvorno 428
SCHWARTZ Mordechai, his wife Golda Leah, daughters Shprintza and Hena, sons Hersh and Joseph 428
SHWARTZMAN Widow of Leib SCHWARTZMAN, her sons, Joshua and Moshe Yakov and daughter Sarah 428
SEIDMAN Moshe Meir, son of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra, his wife Chava nee DIENSTAG, sons Benjmin Zev and Fishel, also Abraham from his marriage to Hena, and Abraham's wife DIENSTAG They lived in the vicinity of Lwow. 428
SEMELIS Joshua, his father, his wife, daughters Tova and Beila,, one more daughter, and two sons The father lived with them. 428
SHAPIRO Rabbi Nechemiah SHAPIRO, and his wife Tila The Rabbi from Sassov. 428
SHAPIRO Yeshayahu Naphtali Hertz, son of Rabbi Nechemiah, his wife Reisl, and their children Dukla 428
SHAPIRO Shlomo, son of Rabbi Nechemiah, his wife Ryvka, and children 428
SHAPIRO Tzvi, and wife Sarah, daughter of Ryvka ZILBER, and their daughter Feiga ZILBER Tzvi SHAPIRO survived. 428
SHEINUK Ephriam, son-in-law of Joseph DIAMAND, his wife Sarah, son Moshe, and daughter Reisl DIAMAND Rzeszow 428
SHEINGAL Brother-in-law of Dr. SAMUELI, with his family SAMUELI Gorlice/in Strzyzow Judenrat 428
SHEPS Daughter of Yakov GREENBLATT, her son, and daughter GREENBLATT 429
SHPALTER Yakov, his wife, two daughters, and a son The last Assistant Rabbi of Strzyzow 429
SPRINGER Israel Mendel, son-in-law of Yechiel ROSEN, his wife Ratza, daughters Pessil, Feiga, and the rest of the family ROSEN 429
STEINMAUER Aaron Joseph, son of Moshe Itzhok, daughters: Esther, Hena, and Sarah Feig. Also two granddaughters 429
STEINMETZ Yakov, son-in-law of Moshe RUBENFELD, his wife, and two sons RUBENFELD France 429
STEINMETZ Shimon, his son Samuel, his wife, and sons, Moshe and Joseph 429
STEINMETZ Leah, daughter of Shimon, her husband and son 429
STEINMETZ Tzvi, son of Samuel, with his family 429
STERNBERG Hentche, widow of Leib, the daughter of David ROSEN ROSEN 429
STERNBERG David son of Hentche, his wife nee HAGEL HAGEL 429
STERNBERG Chaim, son of Hentche, with his family 429
STERNBERG Samuel, son of Hentche, his wife and daughter 429
STURM Necha Gitel, widow of Israel STURM 429
STURM Elazar, son of Necha Gitel, his wife Chaya nee STORCH, and daughter Reisl STORCH 429
STURM Yakov, son of Necha Gitel, his wife Sheindl nee FIHRER, and a son with his family in France. FIHRER 429
STURM Joshua, son of Yakov his wife nee KRIEGER, and a son KRIEGER 429
STURM Yakov, his son Menachem with his family, daughter Feiga Chana with her husband Baruch Eliyahu 429
STURM Yakov, brother-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN, sons, Chaim Asher and Moshe, and a daughter Eta SEIDMAN Dubiecko 429
SZPRUNG Zisl (Zosia), daughter of Ryvka KEH, her husband, and a son Abraham KEH Bialistok 429
TAUB Ryvka, wife of Aaron, daughter of Israel and Leah GERTNER, , her daughter Yenta, and son Israel TAUB Aaron died in Russia. 429
TEITELBAUM Malka Rosa, widow of Shimon TEITELBAUM, her son Shlomo and his wife 429
TENZER Abraham, son of Hershel, his wife nee DIAMAND DIAMAND 429
TENZER Joshua, son of Abraham, with his family Jaslo 429
TENZER Moshe, son of Hershel, his wife Yocheved nee WIENER, sons, Chaim, Naphtali Tzvi, Joseph Mordechai, and Shalom Jonah. Daughters Golda and Malka WIENER 429
TENZER Hena, wife of Itzhok, their sons Menachem Mendel and Israel Tzvi, daughters Freidel and Beila Itzhok TENZER survived. 429
TENZER Itzhok, son of Yakov, and his family Lodz 429
THIM Kalman, his wife Tila, sons : Mordehai, Joseoh, Moshe, and daughter Death of Mordechai, see p. 248. 429
THIM Eliyahu, son of Kalman, his wife, and son Moshe, 429
TUCHMAN Joshua, son-in-law of Feivel DIAMAND, his wife Reisl, and a son, DIAMAND 429
TURTELTAUB Moshe, brother-in-law of Fishel GOLDBERG, his wife Feiga , and her son, Eliyahu, from a previous marriaage, GOLDBERG 429
UNGER Michael Leib, and his wife Hena Rachel 429
VEGG Abraham, and his son Joshua Szedlisko 430
WACHNER Moshe, son-in-law of Liba ASHER, his wife Eta Reisl, sons Chaim Israel and Akiba, daughters Risha and Esther. ASHER 430
WALDMAN Elimelech, son-in-law of David WIENER, his wife Sarah, and two daughters WIENER 430
WALKER Yerachmiel, son-in-law of Shimon TEITELBAUM, his wife Tova, and two daughters TEITELBAUM 430
WASSERMAN Emil, his wife and a daughter 430
WASSERMAN The widow of Gabriel WASSERMAN, brother of Emil 430
WEBER Yakov Itzhok, his wife nee GERTNER and sons GERTNER Belgium 430
WEICHSELBAUM Elimelech, his wife Tzipora nee MEISELS, daughters, Rachel, Shprintza, and Feiga, sons Shlomo, and Shimon MEISELS 430
WEICHSELBAUM Rachel, widow of Alter Yakov, son Aaron, daughters, Frieda Reisl, (Belgium). Dora Gitel with her husband and son. 430
WEIDEN Kalman, son-in-law of Naphtali KANNER, his wife Shprintza, son Aaron Hersh, daughters, Rachel and Miriam KANNER 430
WELISH Hersh, his wife Miriam nee GUTTENBERG, and a son Chaim Samuel GUTTENBERG 430
WEINBERG Zev Wolf, his wife Chana Dvora nee RUBIN, son Alter Chaim, his wife and daughter, daughters Breindl and Feiga, with husband and daughter RUBIN 430
WEINBERG Moshe, son-in-law of Joshua BERGER, his sons Joshua, Yakov, and Elieazer, and a daughter Feiga BERGER Sandz 430
WEINER Joseph, wife Chana, daughter of Shlomo ETTINGER, and a son ETTINGER Lwow 430
WEISS Elazar, son-in-law of the Assistant Rabbi Alter Ezra SEIDMAN and his wife Sarah SEIDMAN 430
WEITMAN Joseph, son-in-law of Tzvi Hersh SCHIFF, his wife Sarah Ryfka, their sons , Hertzel and Moshe, daughters Hinda and Malka SCHIFF 430
WEITMAN Dvora, wife of Mordechai, the son of Joseph Mordechai died somewhere in Russia. 430
WIENER David, son of the Assistant Rabbi, Joseph Mordechai 430
WILNER Shlomo, son-in-law of Zalman BRAUNER, his wife Bath Sheva, son Israel, another son and daughter BRAUNER 430
WIND Levi Joseoh 430
WIND Moshe, son of Levi Joseph, his wife nee DIAMAND, and sons DIAMAND Rzeszow 430
WOLF Joseph, son-in-law of Menachem GUZIK, his wife, and two sons GUZIK Vienna 430
WURTZEL Moshe, son of Elazar, his wife Liba, son Baruch, daughter Freidl Rzeszow 430
YAROSH Hersh, his wife, and two sons, 430
ZAGNER Michael, son of Zalman, son-in-law of the Aassistant Rabbi Alter Era SEIDMAN, and his sister Esther ZAGNER SEIDMAN 430
ZALESZITZ Sarah, daughter of Leah 430
ZALTZMAN His wife, a son, and a daughter. Re their deaths, see p. 249 430
ZANGER Meir, son-in-law of Shlomo DAMAND, his daughters, Miriam (Mania), and Ryvka. Ryvka, Meir ZANGER'S seCond wife is the daughter of Reuven SAPHIRE DIAMAND/SAPHIRE 431
ZEIDLER Yakov, his son Tuvia, his wife and four daughters 431
ZEIDLER Joshua, son of Yakov, and his wife Rzeszow 431
ZEIDLER Freidl, daughter of Yakov, and her husband Rzeszow 431
ZIEBNER Yakov, son-in-law of Levi Joseph WIND, and his wife Hena WIND 431
ZIEGEL Yakov, son-in-law of Berish HOLLES, his daughters, Freidl, Gitel, Seryl, and a son HOLLES 431
ZIEGEL Naphtali,son-in-law of Chaim HASSENKOPF, his wife Dvora, and son Israel HASSENKOPF Tarnow 431
ZIEGEL David, son of Naphtali, his wife Beila , and four children Dombrowa 431
ZIEGEL Menachem, son of Naphtali, his wife Berta, and children Tarnow 431
ZIEGEL Moshe, son of Naphtali, his wife Chaya, son Aaron, and daughter Ryvka Tarnow 431
ZIEGEL Chana Mindl, daughter of Naphtali, and her husband Tarnow 431
ZILBER Ryvka, widow of Moshe Aaron, daughter of Hersh RESSLER RESSLER 431
ZILBER Joshua, son of Ryvka, his wife Seryl, nee ETTINGER ETTINGER 431
ZILBER Menachem, son of Ryvka, his wife Necha nee DIAMAND, and son DIAMND 431
ZILBER Pinchos, son of Ryvka, his wife Nesia nee HAME.L HAMEL Rymanow 431
ZILBERBERG Menachem, son-in-law of Elazar WEISS, wife Gitel, son Alter Ezra WEISS 431
ZILBERBERG Widow of Naphtali Chaim NUTMAN, her son Naphtali, and two daughters NUTMAN 431
ZILBERMAN Joseph Bendit, his wife, sons Wolf and Yakov, and two daughters 431
ZILBERMAN Shlomo, son of Joseph Bendit, his wife Bina nee WEICHSELBAUM-LICHT, their sons Samuel Moshe, and Yakov Hersh (Heschel) WEICHSELBAUM-LICHT 431


Jews from the Villages in the Vicinity of Strzyzow


The Jews from Kalisz were expelled and killed in Strzyzow



These names were registered by their relatives from Strzyzow

Surname First name(s) Page
DEUTCHER Joseph, his wife Malka, their sons Alexander, Shlomo and Mordechai, daughter Reisel 431
FESSEL Aaron, son-in-law of Joshua BAUMEL, his wife Chaya, son Shlomo, and daughter Beila 431
SCHENKEL Israel, his wife and sons: Joseph, Aaron, Naphtali, Gershon, and daughter Hadassah 431
SEIDENFELD Itzhok, his wife and daughter 432
FRIEDMAN Sarah 432
TEPER Sarah 432



These names were registered by their relatives from Strzyzow

Surname First name(s) Page
BAUMEL Berish, son of Joshua, and his wife Chava 432
HAUSNER Hersh, and daughters : Rachel, Chava, and Kreindl Bracha 432
HAUSNER Samuel Yakov, the son of Hersh, his wife Pearl, son Menachem, and daughters Ryvka and Chana 432
HAUSNER Israel David and his wife Ryvka 432
RUBENFELD Menachem Mendel, his wife, son and daughter 432
WEISS Chaim, his son Elimelech, his wife, son, and daughter 432


[Page 433]

The departed in the Holy Land

On this page I would like to fulfil my duty and pay respect to the people of Strzyzow who passed away and are buried in the Holy Land.

Michael BIRNBACH, Shlomo, the son of Tzvi Hersh DIAMAND, Menachem Mendel HASENKOPF, his wife Sarah née ADEST. Yacov HASENKOPF, the brother of Menachem, Shlomo Zalman TENZER, his daughter Golda TISHLER, Chaim KALB, his wife Shoshana REISL, Ethel LEV née KANNER (LUTCHA). Reuven Zelig MANDEL, the brothers Baruch and Elazar NUREMBERG, Simcha FEINGOLD, his wife Chana, their son Israel with his wife, Eliezer Yacov KLAPPER, Abraham Itzhok KANNER, his sister Tova BILDER, Chaya Fruma Ryvka RABINOWITZ, Rabbi Baruch I, RABINOWITZ's wife, Shalom SCHWARTZMAN, his wife Sarah née SCHIFF, Pessil SHIMMEL and her sons Abraham and Mordechai, Levi Itzhok SCHIFF, his wife Ryvka née HOROWITZ, Moshe SCHLISSELBERG, Itta HACKER née DIAMAND, granddaughter of Shlomo DIAMAND who died in the United States and according to her will, was buried in Jerusalem and Menachem Felber. Itzhok, the son of Baruch BERGLASS. (His name was added by the translator)

May their memory be blessed


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