Tales of Strimtera;
The Story of a Jewish Community
From Beginning to End
(Strîmtura, Romania)

47°47' / 24°08'

Translation of
Agadot Strimetra; Sipura shel kehila
yehudit me-reshita ve-ad ahrita

Editor: Sh. Avni

Published in Tel Aviv 1985/86




This is a translation of: Agadot Strimetra; Sipura shel kehila yehudit me-reshita ve-ad ahrita
(Tales of Strimtera; the story of a Jewish community from beginning to end),
Editor: Sh. Avni, Published: Tel Aviv 1985/86 (H 270 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Strimtura

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Foreword 11
Three brothers escaped from Brody 13
Grandfather R'Itzik of Srtîmtura 18
The Hassidic procession on the way to Kosov 22
The hidden treasure of the robber 27
The war between the Kosov and Sighet “Hasidic Courts” 32
The treasure of the French general 38
A walking “Book of Legends” 43
The mysterious bottle of the tavern-keeper R'Zalman-Ber Feder 51
The first emigrants to the “golden country” 55
The Sapinca Hassidim 59
Two bridegrooms and one bride 64
Redemption of “Ozer Dalim” - A story of Simchat Torah holiday 69
A “wise” ruler among the noblemen 75
“The Father of the demons” 81
Heinich the coach driver 85
Elimelech the convert 91
A love-story 95
In the First World War 100
A revolutionary escapes to Eretz Israel 107
Part Two
Memories of a little boy (a) 113
Borşa on fire 121
Gregore ben Itzik: the current “Haman” on duty 125
Slaughterers, rabbis and quarrels 130
The JCA [Jewish Colonization Association] enterprises 137
The “young men's market” in Satmar [Yeshiva students looking for work] 140
An apprentice in the bakery 145
The girls in Srtîmtura 149
The widening circle (Memories of a little boy, b) 153
Life and Death 158
”Hatan, Kallah [bridegroom and bride] - Mazal Tov!” 160
The geography of hatred - or: Geographic hatred among Jews 165
The deportation that was avoided 172
The blockade (Memories of a young boy, c) 178
A witness who returned from the occupied territories in the East 182
Capture of the “spy” 191
Destined for exile 194
A deported family returns home 199
A young boy is volunteering to the Hungarian “Slaves Army” 204
To the Ghetto 207
The Dragomiresti ghetto (newspaper report) 210
The road to annihilation 213
I was not in Auschwitz! 219
A young man is returning home 222
A “Commune” Post-Holocaust style 226
The first who came back [lit. the first swallow] 229
Those who came back (newspaper report) 234
Conclusion - those who came back 238
Another survivor came back in the summer 239
Wake up! Why do you hide your face? (Srtîmtura people in Transnistria) 244
A lost young girl returns home 250
The ruin in the soul 257
Epilogue 263
The Martyrs of the Srtîmtura Community and its survivors 265


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