Towns and Mother-cities in Israel;
Memorial of the Jewish Community which perished
Vol. 5, Stanislawow
(Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Arim ve-imahot be-yisrael; matsevet kodesh le-kehilot yisrael
she-nehrevu bi-yedei aritsim u-tmeim be-milhemet ha-olam ha-aharona,
vol. 5, Stanislawow

Edited by: Dov Sadan and Menachem Gelerter

Published in Jerusalem, The Rav Kuk Institute, 1952




This is a translation from:
Arim ve-imahot be-yisrael; matsevet kodesh le-kehilot yisrael
she-nehrevu bi-yedei aritsim u-tmeim be-milhemet ha-olam ha-aharona
vol. 5, Stanislawow (Towns and mother-cities in Israel: memorial of the
Jewish communities which perished: vol. 5, Stanislawow),
Ed: Dov Sadan and Menachem Gelerter,
Jerusalem, The Rav Kuk Institute, 1952 (Hebrew, 430 pages).

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Introduction 7
N. M. Gelber: History of the Jewish People in Stanislawow 9-67
Yeshaia Helevi Eish Horwitz: History of Rabbinate in Stanislawow 68-97
Dr. Mordechai Zeev Braude: The Time of My Service in Stanislawow 98-165
Meir Hanish: Ten Years of Zionism in Stanislawow 166-183
Aharon Leib Shoshaim: Chapters of Doing 184-188
Menachem Gelerter: The Stanislawow Community in the Years 1919-1929 189-382
Dov Sadan: Stanislawow version 383-393
Eye-evidence: Last Day of the Community 394-404
Key of People and Cities' Names (Index) 405-430
Book Illustrations and Family Tree Charts  


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