On the Ruins of My Home;
The Destruction of Siedlce
(Siedlce, Poland)

54°06' / 22°56'

Translation of
Oyf di khurves fun mayn heym (khurbn Shedlets)

Editor: Melech Fainzilber

Published in Tel Aviv, 1952



Project Coordinator

Michael Halber


This is a translation of: Oyf di khurves fun mayn heym (khurbn Shedlets)
(On the ruins of my home; the destruction of Siedlce),
Editor: Melech Fainzilber, Tel Aviv, 1952 (Y 260 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Siedlce (1952)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


A Few Words by Yoel Mastboym 4
A word from the author 5
Returning Home 7
About the Destruction, Devastation 12
Pienke Street 16
Kilinske Street 23
On the Holy Ground 26
The Old Cemetery 32
The Last Hours in the “Big Ghetto” 34
At the Umschlag Platz 38
Bloody Statistics 50
“The Big Ghetto” 52
The Staryi Rinek Street in the Big Ghetto 52
Daluga Street 63
The Judenrat 65
Contributions 68
The Tragic End of the Judenrat 70
The Ghetto Hospital 72
Asher Orzhel 80
The Old Town 85
“Children for Children” in the Ghetto 98
On the Ruins of the “Butchers' Bes Hamedresh” [Bet Hamidrash=synagogue] 100
Where there Once Was a Mikve [pool for the ritual bath] 106
“The Little Ghetto” 111
Labor Camps 118
Life and Death in the Little Ghetto 121
Gentche Barki 129
The Last Road 137
Survivors Tell their Story 140
Gentiles Tell the Story 167
Sadism, Ferocity and Brutality 171
Gentiles who Saved Jews, and Gentiles who Murdered Jews 182
At the Graves of our Fathers (a memorial to the Jewish institutions) 213
The Talmud Torah [Hebrew School] 214
“Ezrat Yetomim” [Orphans' Aid] 217
“Hazamir” (lit. “the nightingale,” a library and a collection of musical instruments) 223
The Cultural Life 227
Yitzhak Nachum Weintraub 232
The Lawyer Yosef Landau 236
Dr. Henrik Loebel 237
Hershl Tennenbaum 239
Once there were in Siedlce Three Jewish Cemeteries 241
Dates of the Jewish Martyrdom in Siedlice 250
Index of Names 255


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