Memorial Book of Salaj-Szilagy Jewry
(Sălaj, (Region), Romania)

Translation of
Sefer yehude Salj-Szilagy; toldotehem, kehilotehem, mishpehotehem

Editor: Giladi David

Published in Tel Aviv 1989




This is a translation of: Sefer yehude Salj-Szilagy; toldotehem, kehilotehem, mishpehotehem (Memorial book of Salaj-Szilagy Jewry),
Editor: Giladi David, Council of Szilagy Jews in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1989 (H,Hu,E 752 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Salaj

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Hebrew translated by Yocheved Klausner

Hungarian translated by Alex Revai


The Last BlessingDavid Shen
Religious Leaders - Religious Life in the Salaj Commuity
I.I. Cohen, I.A. Efrati, Moshe Lichtenstein, Shoshana Babitch
Z.P. Csengeri, Israel Weiss, Rabbi S.Ch. Bernstein, Prof. I.A. Efrati, Joe Pasternak, Moshe Shmueli, Yehuda Zussman, Imre Wolner, Lajos Mittelman;
History of surrounding communities; The Salaj Jews and Eretz Israel; “On the rivers of Samos and Salaj”
Salaj Families
Yehoshua Wolberg, Z. Csengeri, Penina Chefer, Sara Miller-Weiss, N. Tambur, David Moses. Families: Tabyowitz, Jakob, Engel, Lampel, Haendler-Pell, Ritual slaughterer Schreiber
Horror and Darkness - Days of Destruction
David Gil'adi, Rabbi S.Ch. Bernstein, Moshe Lichtenstein, Rozsi Csengeri-Engel, Zev Berger, Miriam Fuchs, Paul Weiberger, Margitt Hirschfeld, Avraham-Aden Blonder, Gyula Salamon, I. Weiss, Ben Salomon, Yehudit Farkas, Jeno Lichtman
Personal Testimonies about the Fate of the Families
Memories, Literary Pieces
David Schen, Yehoshua Bar-Yosef, Shmuel-Menachem Klein, David Gil'adi
Michael Salamon, Dr. Lajos Marton writes about David Schen, Nuty Karol, Prof. Moshe Carmili-Weiberger, Yehuda Imre Csengeri, Bela Kuhn, Franz Gaspar, Beda Job, Jeno Frenkel  
Dezső Schön: The Last Blessing
Historical Studies and Appendencies
Population figures of 43 Šalaj villages in 1880. From the monography by Mór Petri, titled the Jews.
Ferenc Csengeri: Jewish Life and Jewish Institutions at Szilágysomlyó
Izrael Weisz: Distant Images of Somlyó
Rabbi Shlomo Bernstein: History of the Kraszna Community as Reflected by Its Families
Rabbi Shlomo Bernstein: Recollections of the Kraszna Jews
Moshe Lichtenstein: The Bucsum Community and the House of My Father, the Rabbi
Moshe Lichtenstein: The Little Holy Land
Prof. Efrati E. Jacov: The Community of the Nagyfalu District
Excerpts from the History of the Szilágycseh Community
Excerpt from the History of the Zilah Community
The Village of Zsibó at the beginning of the century. Debate about a Book from Zsibó
Dávid Klein: The Jews of Szilágy and the Holy Land; Generations by the waters of Szamos and Szilágy
Bluma Efrati: Nagyfalu, Eden on Earth, Hell on Earth
Juda Zuszman: Village Jews
I. Wollner: Jewish Students at the Somlyó Gymnasium
Lajos Mittelman: The Fermentation of Zionism at Somlyó[1]
The Jakab Clan
The List of Jewish Veterans of Šalaj
Elevenújság, 1920. (Possible translation of the name of this newspaper: Lively News)
The Times of the Holocaust in Šalaj
Rózsi Csengeri–Engel: Between Life and Death with my Twins
Mirjam Fuchs: They Executed Me
Pál Weinberger: My Escape from the Somlyó Ghetto
Zeev Berger: Long Road to Hell and Back
Days of Terror at Zilah, by Ödön Blonder
Tibor Ilovits: Hate Arrived at Zilah
Margit Mirschfeld: Two Sisters on a Death–march
Gyula Salamon: A Chance Escape
Rudi Weisz: The Missed Goodbye
Gábor Borgida: My Szilágycseh
Jentu Roth: Simple and Unbelievable
Judith Farkas: The Road of Suffering, 1944
Sanyi Fülöp–Schwartz: My Escape
Miksa Klein: Memories of Kraszna
Andor Marton: A Personal Account
Martin Judovits: A Personal Account
Family Stories
Róza Markovits and Herman Fischer: The Families of Kraszna
Joshua Wohlberg: From Sülelmed to Warsaw
Sosana Babits: My Father, the rabbi and His Community at Sülelmed
The Tevjovitses of Gardányfalva
Dinu Roth–Berkovits: Our Dual Families, the Kohanim of Érszőlős
Dezső Mózes: Roots from Kisdoba
Necha Tambor: Dávid Rózenfeld of Náprád
The Engels of Somlyó
Rátony – An Exceptional Event
Those, Who Grew Above the Village[2]
Mihály Salamon – son of the Dayan of Zilah
Béla Kun – son of the notary of Cseh
Károly Nóti – playwright
Imre Csengeri – supporter of sciences and poetry
Moshe Carmilly–Weinberger – historian
Kornél Sámuel – sculptor
Albert Farkas – who made history
Dezső Schön – chronicler of Jewish life
Jób Bede – newspaper editor
Sándor Gáspár – traveller of the seas
Lajos Blau – master of Judaic sciences
Elijahu Klein – forerunner of Transylvanian Zionism
Jenő Frankel – lover of the Tanach
Literary Works and Memoirs
The Epilogue of Rózsika Hoffman
Bar–Joszef Joshua: From ┌jlak to Zsibó (book excerpt)
Dezső Schön: The New Suit
Izrael Weisz: Events and People of Somlyó
Dávid Giládi: Jewish Childhood at Cseh
The list of Jewish families of Šalaj, 1944
Our Families and our Martyrs – individual testimonies


  1. The word fermentation is a literal translation, with the meaning: the beginnings Back
  2. Literal translation. English meaning: Those who became famous or noteworthy Back


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