The Jewish Vatican in Sadagora
Volume II

(Sadhora, Ukraine)

48°21' / 25°58'

Translation of
Der Jüdische Vatikan in Sadagora, 1850-1950, Volume II

Loose pages from the diary of Pinus Rubinstein (Ben-Saar)

Published by Olamenu, Tel Aviv 1958



Project Coordinator

Jerome Silverbush z”l


This is a translation from: Der Jüdische Vatikan in Sadagora, 1850-1950, Volume II
The Jewish Vatican in Sadagora, 1850-1950,
Loose pages from the diary of Pinus Rubinstein (Ben-Saar). Published by Olamenu, Tel Aviv 1958

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The Jewish Vatican in Sadagora

[Translator's note: by “Vatican,” the author refers to the dynasty of the Chassidic rabbis of Sadagora]

Volume II

Translated by Jerome Silverbush
Edited by Nick Martin

Introduction 3
Ivon Duczak 6
Shimale Bock 10
The Fortune Teller 13
Guardian of Shabbat 17
Baron Mustatza and Mayer Sibale (1900) 19
Kässerl 21
Adam's First Folly 23
Eternal Repetition 28
Betrayal 31
World War: Invasion, Calendar and War Songs 36
Goods and Blood For Our Kaiser 48
Eternal Play 50
The Simple Grave 51
Later Fairytales I: Air Ships 53
More Recent Fairytales II: World War 56
Invasion Calendar from Czernowitz 56
Approaching WWII: Early Fall 57
A Storm in a Water Glass 58
Honoring Dr. Trajan Popovici 65
Mortal Gods 66
In Paradise Behind the Iron Curtain 71
Driven out of Paradise 78
Literature 80
Thoughts of a Self-Taught Author 83
Picture of Mordechai (Bubi) Rubinstein 85
Author's Notes on the Rest of Volume II 86
Shir Hashirim 86
Murder and the World's Conscience 88
Little Tree of Israel 89
Don't Forget 90
Short Table of the Number of Jews Killed 92
The Yellow Star (Emma Auslaender) 93
We Are the Anvil (Dr. D. Zucker) 95
Jewish Earth 96
My Testament 98


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