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In memoriam section of the Rzeszow Yizkor Book

Translated by Jerrold Landau

{Page 545}


These I recall, and I will give vent to my soul, for the evil ones
have eagerly swallowed us up. [1]

{Page 546}

{upper box, covering 3/4 of the page}

In Eternal Memory

My father: Hersh Friedhof. {leftmost photo}

Grandmother and mother of Abba Apfelbaum {center photo}

Gravestone of Reb Abba Apfelbaum {rightmost photo}

{Lower photo}
From right: my brother Anshel Friedhof, My father Hersh Friedhof,
My mother Reizel the daughter of Abba Apfelbaum, My brother Yaakov
Friedhof, My uncle Nathan the son of Abba Apfelbaum, My sister
Dvora Ber.

Perpetuated by Shalom Friedhof

{lower box}

Father: Chaim the son of Yosef Wald {rightmost photo}

Mother: Freda the daughter of Yaakov (nee Holoshitzer) {leftmost

Perpetuated by Dr. Moshe Yaari-Wald, Member of Knesset Meir Yaari
[2], Tovia Yaari, Esther Wald of New York.

{Page 547}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

Shlomo Munzberg {rightmost photo}
Chaim Munzberg {leftmost photo}

Their memory will never be forgotten from among us:

Sabina the wife of Shlomo Munzberg
The sisters: Varda Feil (Munzberg)
Klara Ma'ayan (Munzberg)
Mala Krischer (Munzberg}

{upper left box}

A Memorial Candle

Brother: Yaakov Kirsh {photo}
Father: Yisrael Kirsh
Mother: Eugenia Kirsh (nee Bregner)
Roza Kirsh Fuks - the second wife of Yisrael Kirsh

Perpetuated by Ada Keren (Kirsh), U.S.A.

{lower right box}

An Eternal Monument To Our Dear Departed

{family photo}
From right: father Leon, Avraham may he be blessed with long life,
Adla, Yaakov, Morycy, mother: Rivka.

Perpetuated by Avraham Ungar of Kibbutz Givat Brenner

{lower left box}

In Eternal Memory

Professor Avraham Goliger {photo}

Perpetuated by his students

{Page 548}

{right box, covering entire right half of page}

In Eternal Memory

Moshe the son of Yosef Schipper {rightmost photo}

Mrs. Eugenia the daughter of Moshe Schipper

Moshe the son of Yosef Schipper 1886
Rozalia the daughter of Marcus Schipper 1890
Eugenia the daughter of Moshe Schipper 1914
Miriam the daughter of Moshe Schipper 1921
Yosef the son of Moshe Schipper 1886
Cecila the daughter of Lazer Breitenbaum 1905
Miriam the daughter of Lazer Robinson 1908
Ida the daughter of Lazer Schipper 1915
Leon the daughter of Lazer Schipper 1924 [3]
Chana daughter of Yaakov Keller 1881
Bashia daughter of Nachum Keller-Rotkof 1904
Aharon son of Nachum Keller 1906
Leon (Lipen) son of Nachum Keller 1913
Yaakov son of Max Platzer 1928
Zigmund Rotkof
Mendel son of Nachum Keller 1901

The sorrowful perpetuators:
The lawyer Alexander and Bertha Rosner

{upper left box}

An Eternal Monument To Dear Souls

Hillinger Lea Rivka the wife of Reb Leib Hillinger of blessed memory
Yonovitz Reizel, her husband, their daughter Genia of the Hillinger
Hillinger Aharon and his wife Bluma (nee Schmidt)
Schmidt Nechama the wife of Reb Shmuel Schmidt
Schmidt Yaakov, his wife Hadas, and their children Freda, Chana,
Dov, Yocheved,
Shraga, Elimelech, Bluma and Sara
Rizenbach Yisrael and his wife Hadas (nee Schmidt)

{lower left box}

Yaakov Schmidt {rightmost photo}
Mordechai Schmidt {leftmost photo}

Dedicated in Sorrow by Chana Wachtel

{Page 549}

May Their Memories Be Everlasting

My father Yisrael Zalman Berman, a ritual slaughterer (shochet)
{upper right photo}
My mother Liba Berman (nee Neubauer) {upper left photo}

{lower right photo}
From left: Chaya (nee Neubauer), Esther (nee Flazenstein) with
her children Avramele and Hershele

My brother Avraham the son of Yisrael Zalman Berman {lower left

Dedicated in grief and pain by Dvora Shalit (nee Berman)

{Page 550}

{rightmost box, covering rightmost 1/3 of page}

In Holy Memory

Father: Meir Konstreich {upper photo}
Mother: Sara Konstreich {lower photo}

Perl Konstreich
Leon Konstreich
Roiza Konstreich (Walkenheim)
Chaim Konstreich
Tzila Konstreich
Yisrael Kahl
Efraim Montei
Hinda Montei (nee Konstreich)
Tzipora Montei (nee Konstreich)

Dedicated in pain by Shlomo Porat (Konstreich)

{leftmost box, covering leftmost 2/3 of page}

An Eternal Monument To The Souls Of Our Beloved

Our father: Chaim Elimelech the son of Sina Yehuda
Our mother: Bracha the daughter of Yaakov
Sister: Esther Gittel
Her husband: Avraham the son of Shmuel
Their son: Elimelech
Their daughter: Bracha

Dedicated in grief and pain by the Beck brothers of the United States

In Memory

My wife: Tzipora the daughter of Shmuel
My daughter: Dvora
My son: Sina Yehuda
My daughter: Sara

Perpetuated by Yisrael Beck

In Memory

My Wife: Breindel the daughter of Yehoshua
My son: Baruch Elimelech
My son: Yaakov
My daughter: Esther Feiga

Dedicated in agony by Leibish Beck

{Page 551}

{upper box}

In Eternal Memory

{upper photo}
My father: Moshe Yitzchak the son of Leib Baum
My mother: Gisela Baum (nee Waserstrum)
My sisters: Franka, Klara, Regina
In the middle: Naftali Baum, may he live a long life

{lower photo}
From right: Yitzchak Zaurhaft, Rachel Mohel, Pnina Apisdorf (nee
Zaurhaft), Shlomo Mohel, may he live a long life

Perpetuated in pain and sorrow by Naftali Baum, and his wife Nechama
(nee Zaurhaft), Avraham Mohel and Shlomo Mohel

{lower box}

The Memory Of The Beloved And Dear Ones Will Last Forever

My father: Ezriel Heller
My mother :Sofi Heller (nee Goldhersh)
My wife: Eugenia Heller (nee Gruber)
My daughter: Greta Heller

Perpetuated in agony by Dr. Alexander Asher Heller

{Page 552}

A Memorial Monument In Memory Of

Mother: Ema Sternschuss (nee Horowitz) {upper right photo}

{upper left family photo}
Father is in the center. My brother Moshe, and my sisters. Shaul
Sternschuss and his first wife Milka (nee Horowitz). From right:
Roza Geshwind, Rachel Rotfeld, and Regina Herman.

Roza and her husband Avraham Geshwind {middle right photo}

Dr. Pinchas Sternschuss and his daughter Ema {middle center photo}

Dr. Pinchas Sternschuss {middle left photo}

Roza Geshwind and her sons Emil and Salek {lower right photo}

Moshe Sternschuss and his wife Sara (nee Horowitz) {lower center

Rachel Rothfeld {lower left photo}

Perpetuated in pain by Aliza Ganor, the daughter of Rachel and Yosef

{Page 553}

{upper right box}

Mordechai Ofan {photo}

Grandfather: Mordechai Ofan
Father: Chaim Ofan
Mother: Gittel Ofan (nee Hirschman)
Sisters: Lea, 18 years old
Sheindel, 12 years old
Brother: Mordechai, 16 years old

Perpetuated by Yehoshua Ofan

{lower right box}

In Eternal Memory

My father Eizik Ader, born 1887
My mother Feiga, born 1889
My brother Yehoshua, born 1919

Perpetuated in grief by David Ader

{leftmost box, covering leftmost 1/2 page}

Eliahu Geshwind, father of Moshe David Geshwind {photo}

{family photo}
From right: Yaakov Geshwind, Sonia Druker, their child, Dr. Morycy

Perpetuated by the Shpilman family

{Page 554}

{upper box}

In Eternal Memory

Father: Shaul Baum
Mother: Feiga Baum
Brother: Nachum Baum
Sister: Hela Baum
Father: Meir Hirschhorn
Mother: Sabina Hirschhorn
Brothers: Avraham and Yosef Hirschhorn

Dedicated by family of Nathan Baum

{lower right box}

A Memorial Candle In Memory Of

Shaul Rubin (photo)

Perpetuated in pain and agony by Avraham Rubin and his family, and
Yosef Greenberg of Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz

{lower left box}

{photo of parents}
Father: Leibish Yehuda Gottesman
Sister: Necha Gottesman
Mother: Chaya Gottesman

Perpetuated by Sima and Menachem Yehoshua Gottesman

{Page 555}

{rightmost box occupying 1/2 page}

{upper photo}
Father: Eichel Ber
Mother: Chaya Ber (nee Rebhun)

Brother: Shmuel Ber {middle right photo}

His wife: Regina Ber (nee Hillinger) {middle left photo}

Brother: Dr. Hirsch Ber {lower photo}

Dedicated by Ada Shaffer (nee Ber)

{upper left box}

In Memory

Father: Tzvi Moshe the son of Yitzchak Eisen
Mother: Pessel Eisen (nee Shapir)
Lea Schneeweiss and two children
Golda Fand and two children
Shaul Eisen
Freda Fligelman (nee Shaffer) and her daughter

Perpetuated in agony by Eliezer Eisen

{center left box}

A Memorial Candle

Grandmother: Chana Sara Auster
Father: Shmuel the son of Chaim Auster
Mother: Gisela Auster
Sister: Lea Auster
Brothers: Yona, Nathan, Hersh, and Leib
Aunt: Ala Auster

Perpetuated in grief by Moshe Auster

{lower left box}

In Memory

Shimon Levi Anhalt
Gittel Anhalt
Lea Ahnalt
Shlomo Margalit and three children Yisrael, Frima and Sara

Dedicated by Manes Anhalt

{Page 556}

{upper box}

An Eternal Monument

{family photo on right}

Father: Moshe Bergner 1884
Mother: Breindel Bergner 1886
Sister: Freda Shamir (Bergner) 1909
Brother: Shlomo Bergner 1910
Brother: Mordechai Bergner 1912
Brother: Yitzchak Bergner 1919
Aunt: Tzila Domb (Bergner) 1890
Uncle: Yoachim Domb 1888
Sabina Bergner (nee Shtrik) and daughter Sonia

Dedicated in pain and agony by Getzel Bergner

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

Rivka and her husband Shmerel Augarten {rightmost photo} and their
five children

My husband: Moshe Teitelbaum
My son: Avraham Teitelbaum (fell in War of Independence)
Maurice Blum the husband of Regina
My sister: Chava Weil

{leftmost photo}
On the right: the daughter of my sister: Sonia Freidman (nee Blum)
In the center: my sister Regina Blum (nee Augarten)
On the left: the daughter of Sonia Friedman

Perpetuated in grief by Yaffa Teitelbaum

{Page 557}

{family photo on top}
Mother: Sara Bluma daughter of Tzvi David, along with sisters and
their children
Father: Shlomo Zeev the son of Baruch Goldman
Brothers: Baruch Goldman, his wife and daughter, Leib Goldman,
Meir Yehuda the son of Shlomo Zeev, his wife and daughter
Brother-in-law: Avraham Zaltzman, his wife Feiga the daughter of
Shlomo Zeev
Their daughter: Dvora Hena, and their son Chaim Mordechai
Children of Meir and Lea Neiman: Shulamit, Roza, Avraham, and
Shlomo Zeev
Brother-in-law: David Klagsbald, his wife Rachel (nee Goldman)
Their daughter: Freda
Sister: Esther

Brother-in-law Meir Neiman {lower right photo}

Lea Neiman and Chaya Goldman {lower left photo}

Perpetuated in pain and agony by the brothers Avraham Chaim and
Berish Goldman

{Page 558}

{rightmost box}

In Eternal Memory

Father: Zalman Leib Augarten, born in 1880 {upper photo}
Sister: Sonia {middle photo}
Brother: Yossi {lower photo}

Mother: Frimet (nee Amster), born in 1886
Sister: Rivka
Brother: Shimon

Dedicated in grief by Sabina Goldman, Yitzchak Augarten, Shoshana
Ringel, Avraham Augarten, Nashka Goldwasser

{leftmost box}

Father: Yosef Bander and Mother: Reizel (nee Englander) {upper

{middle photo}
Brother: Dr. Nathan Bander
His Wife: Roza (nee Adler)
Their daughter Frederika

{lower photo}
Brother: Leon Bander
His wife: Dvora (nee Shachar)
And two children

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Helena Wast (nee Bander)

{Page 559}

The Memory Of Our dear Ones Will Stand Forever

Yisrael and Hadassah Kleinmuentz
Nachum (Norbert), died in America on 10.5.46, after he succeeded in
escaping from the Nazis
Sara Lea and her husband Leib David Klausner, and their children
Yitzchak, Dvora and Efraim
Roza and her husband Shimon Erdman
Yosef and his wife Gisela (nee Keller) and their children Mordechai,
Rivka and Malka
Adla and her husband Asher Schneps, and their children Moshe, Yehuda
and Yisrael
Gershon and his wife Chana (nee Wallach), and their daughter Sonia
Elisheva and her husband Lazar Blau, and their children Kova,
Cecilia and Marcel
Mordechai and his wife Hela (nee Gotleib) and their children Yisrael
and Hadassah
Binyamin and his wife Genia (nee Kleinmuentz) and their children
Yisraeli and Eli

Yisrael Alexander Kleinmuentz, born in 1866 {upper right photo}

Hadassah Kleinmuentz, born in 1866 {upper center photo}

Yisrael Alexander Kleinmuentz was a businessman, and he owned a farm
near the city of Rzeszow. He was known as a philanthropist. He
was involved in particular with the assisting of widows and orphans.
He always had treated his fellow with a pleasant countenance.
Whenever he married off one of his children, he would invite poor
people to the celebration. With the invasion of Poland, he fled with
his family to Slovakia. In Slovakia, he rented out a hall so that
all the soldiers who served in the Austrian army could spend their
free time together as a group. Every step that he made was done in
partnership with his wife, my mother-in-law Hadassah.

{lower right photo}
gravestone of Chaim Hillinger.

Chaim the son of Simcha Hillinger, born in 1880 {lower center photo}

Sara Leah Hillinger (nee Keller), born in 1885 {lower left photo}

Sida and her husband Tzvi (Herman) Klausner and two children.
Adla and Tzvi (Herman), Chaya and Shmaryahu

Chaim the son of Simcha Hillinger was one of the well known
businessmen in Rzeszow. During the time of the Austrian rule in his
city, he was known as "the supplier". He was appointed as one of the
members of the court, due to his honesty and trustworthiness.
He was well known for his communal and philanthropic activities. He
was one of the first Zionists, and contributors to "Keren Hayesod" in
his city. He also concerned himself with the economic wellbeing of
his many children.
He served as one of the trustees of the "Wool Shul" for quite a long
time. He would involve his wife, my mother Sara Lea of blessed
memory in all of his societal endeavors.

We will retain their memory until the final day:

Mordechai and Rachel Hillinger

{Page 560}

In Eternal and Holy Memory

Regina (Rivka) Weisenfeld-Felsenbach

The only sister of Leon and the late Moshe Weisenfeld of Cleveland,
Ohio, America, who was killed by the bloody hand of the German
murderers. Regina Weisenfeld was from her youth a dear daughter of
the Jewish people. She followed in the path of her brothers, and
took an interest in all important Jewish issues. She was one of the
leaders of the Zionist youth organization in Rzeszow. She was able
to read and write Hebrew. Her only child was killed together with
her by the Nazis. May G-d avenge their deaths.

Rivka (Regina) Weisenfeld-Felsenbach {upper right photo}

Her child {upper left photo}

Elias (Leizer) Amsterdam

A fashion merchant in Rzeszow, the husband of Esther (nee Speiser).
Their son was Norbert (Naftali). All three had the "good luck" to
flee before the Nazis came to Rzeszow. They were sent to Siberia.
After the war they came to Steiermark, near Linz, Austria, ill and
tired. Leizer Amsterdam passed away, and in such a manner was a
victim of the Nazi murderers. His wife and son came to America, and
live in Cleveland Ohio. Leizer Amsterdam was the eldest brother of
Mrs. Esther (Leon) Weisenfeld

Herman Amsterdam and his wife and child {middle right photo}

Elias (Leizer) Amsterdam {middle left photo}

M. (Mindel) Amsterdam {lower center photo}

Herman (Hersh) Amsterdam. The second eldest brother of Mrs. Esther
Weisenfeld, also a well known businessman in Rzeszow. He was killed,
together with his wife and only child, by the Germans in Rzeszow.
May G-d avenge their blood.

Minia (Mindel) Amsterdam (Fierstein)

The only sister of Mrs. Esther Weisenfeld, she lived with her
husband and two young children in Drohovitch. She died in the
Siberian Steppes, also a victim of the Nazi murderers. Her two
children, Leon and Yosef, along with her former husband, Binyamin
Fierstein, live in Israel.

Beloved and Dear, their memories will remain forever.

Perpetuated in grief by Leon-Leib and Esther Weisenfeld of Cleveland

{Page 561}

In Memoriam

Shlomo Cohen {upper right photo}

Berel Cohen and his wife Yetta Cohen {upper left photo}

Zofia Cohen wife of Shlomo {middle right photo}

Fanny Horowitz {middle left photo}

Alter Yosef Horowitz {lower photo}

Dedicated in pain and grief by Dr. Shlomo Horowitz of Haifa

{box on lower right half of page}

An Eternal Flame

Simcha the son of Aharon Seiden born 1888
Amelia the daughter of Pinchas Seiden born 1888
Moshe the son of Simcha Seiden born 1912
Yechezkel the son of Simcha Seiden born 1922
Bella the daughter of Simcha Seiden born 1918
Irena the daughter of Moshe Seiden born 1941
Mita the daughter of Avraham Seiden born 1915
Mieczislaw the son of Avraham Goldberg born 1920

Perpetuated in pain by Paul Pinchas Seiden of California

{Page 562}

In Eternal Memory

Ignatz (Yitzchak) Wolf {photo}

Mr. Yitzchak (Ignatz) Wolf of blessed memory was born on December 13, 1880 in Rimanov, Galicia, which was at the time a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In his youth, at age 16, he joined the Zionist movement, in which he was very active. He educated himself in all areas of business and economics, and became fluent in the French language at a young age - also due to self education. In February 1904 he married Mrs. Emelia Wolf (nee Cohen) who should be blessed with a long life. She was the daughter of Mr. Berel Cohen, and Mrs. Itta Cohen, who was the daughter of a well known Chassidic family, followers of the Rabbi of Shinowa. The young couple settled in Rzeszow. There, the late Mr. Wolf established a partnership with his brother-in-law Solomon Cohen, which was known as "Wolf and Cohen", and conducted a flourishing business in the area of charcoal and building materials up until the outbreak of the Second World War. Along with his business interests, he was very active in the communal life of the Rzeszow Jewish community. In September 1914, the family - which now consisted of three children - moved to Vienna. (The three children are Dr. S. Wolf, the firstborn, who is a lawyer in Tel Aviv; a daughter Dr. Mina Klug Peli, who is a physician in Jerusalem; and Dr. Edmond Wolf, who lives in London, and is very well known in the television industry.) From 1914 until the summer of 1938, the late Mr. Wolf conducted business in the above areas in Vienna, as well as in the area of fuel wholesaling. He was also well known among the Vienna Zionists. In August 1938, the late Mr. Wolf and his wife arrived in Tel Aviv. He continued along his path in Tel Aviv, and he passed away in Tel Aviv on the 11 of Nissan 5709 (April 10, 1949).

May His Soul Be Bound In The Bonds Of Eternal Life

{Page 563}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

My husband: Moshe the son of David Hochner {rightmost photo}

My brother-in-law: Simcha Hochner {leftmost photo}

The perpetuator: Elka Hochner

{upper left box}

A Memorial Candle

Dr. Marian Grawocki (Morycy Grauber) {photo}

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Stefania Grawocki

{center box}

A Monument To The Souls of My Beloved Ones

Yehuda Aharon the son of Pinchas Horowitz (rightmost photo}

Pepi Horowitz (Shmelkes) {center photo}

Bella the daughter of Yehuda Aharon Horowitz {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Pinchas Horowitz

{lower right box}

An Eternal Monument

Dora Weitz - sister
Ania Licht - cousin, her husband and two children

Perpetuated by Lola Immerglick (nee Weiss) and Zeev Wolf Weiss

{lower left box}

In Eternal Memory

Yechezkel Shpitz {photo}

{Page 564}

In Memory

Moshe Todros Hakohen Weinstein {upper right photo}

{upper left photo}
Rechel (Rachel) Weinstein, and her two grandchildren, children of
her daughter Tauba

{lower right photo}
Malka Gittel the daughter of Moshe and Rachel Weinstein, wife of
Berish Weinstein

{lower left photo}
Tombstone of Malka Gittel Weinstein, July 12, 1902 - May 24, 1965.

Perpetuated in grief by Berish Weinstein and his family of New York,
Yechezkel Weinstein and his family of Tel Aviv.

{Page 565}

In Eternal Memory

A Monument to
Asher Yehuda Silber
Dvora Silber
Yitzchak Silber
Yaakov Alter
Binyamin Alter
Shmuel Silber
Bashia Engel

Freda Sheinfeld daughter of Asher Yehuda Silber (upper right photo}

Asher Yehuda Silber (upper left photo}

Sara Silber, wife of Shmuel Silber, and her son Yaakov {middle left

Shlomo Silber {lower right photo}

Tzif Frania the daughter of Asher Yehuda Silber {lower left photo}

Perpetuated by Rachel Alter and A. Sheinfeld

{Page 566}

In Eternal Memory Of Our Dear Family

My grandfather Hersh Kriger and my grandmother Taube {upper right

Eliezer Lev {upper left photo}

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law Mendel and Leah Berglas {middle
left photo}

{lower photo}
Sitting from right: my mother Tzipora the daughter of Tzvi Hakohen
Kriger, my father Eliezer the son of Chaim Lev, my sister Lea, her
son Chaim.
Standing from left: Yosef, Yitzchak may he live long, Mendel the
son of Avraham Berglas, Feigel the daughter of Mendel and Leah.

Perpetuated in grief by Irving Low of New Jersey.

{Page 567}

{upper box}

A Monument To Dear Souls

Our father Avraham the son of David Tuchfeld (right photo}

Our mother Malvina the daughter of Yaakov Zeev (nee Marcus) {center

Our brother Yechezkel Tuchfeld {left photo}

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Pepa Lisak (nee Tuchfeld}, David
Tuchfeld, Moshe Tuchfeld, Dvora Getlicherman (nee Tuchfeld)

{lower box}

A Memorial Candle

We sanctify the memory of our sister and her two children who the
Nazis murdered.
Malka Tenenbaum and her two children Bluma Dvora and Yechiel.
{photo on left}

Our father: Zeev Leder, died on 5 Tishrei 5682 (1922)
Our mother: Bluma Dvora, died on 3 Iyar 5673 (1913)

Perpetuated in grief by:
Tzipora (nee Leder) Stern, Tzvi S. Leder, Yaakov Leder in Washington.
Esther (nee Leder) Perelberg, Moshe Leder, Meir Leder in New York.
Chaya (nee Leder) Preminger of Haifa, Israel.
Rachel (nee Leder) Rosenfeld of New Jersey.

{Page 568}

{upper box}

A Monument To Dear Souls

From right: father Moshe Avraham Oestreicher, Alec, Mother Bracha.
Standing from right: Chaim, Shmuel, Lea, Mala, Zishiek

Perpetuated by Aryeh Ben-Chorin (Oestreicher), his wife Rivka, and
his children Nava and Eitan.

{lower right box}

In Eternal Memory

Feiga and Isser Oestreicher
Lea the daughter of Feiga Wasser
Chava the daughter of Feiga Wasser
Avigdor Karpf and his wife Lea Karpf (nee Oestreicher), with their
three children.

Their memories will never leave us.
May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life

The mourners: Yitzchak Oestreicher and his wife Malka (nee Wasser)

{lower left box}

Their Memory Will Be Guarded Forever

Father: Yaakov Blasbalg
Mother: Lea Blasbalg
My wife: Henia (nee Fink) Blasbalg
My son: Alexander Alush Blasbalg
My brother: Shmuel Blasbalg, his wife Sheinka and their children
My brother: Shlomo Blasbalg

Dedicated in pain and grief by Avraham Blasbalg of Ashkelon

{Page 569}

{upper box}

In Memoriam

Moshe Wang, born 1882 (upper right photo}
Bilha Beila his wife, born in 1886 (upper left photo}

Dr. Shimon Ehrenreich {lower right photo}
His wife Sida (nee Wang) {lower center photo}
And their son Yolek, born in 1938, murdered in 1943.

Dr. Shmuel Wang, born in 1912 (lower left photo}

Perpetuated by Avraham and Eva Wang

{lower right box}

A Monument To The Souls

My father: Moshe Meir the son of Shmuel Hakhel
My maternal grandfather: Kalman Wilkenfeld
My aunt and uncle: Shmuel Wilkenfeld and his wife Chaya (nee Feffer)
Their daughter Beila and her husband

Dedicated in grief and pain by Naftali Hakhel

{lower left box}

Dr. Avraham Wasserman {rightmost photo}

Ruth Wasserman {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Yaakov Elbaum

{Page 570}

{upper box, covering 2/3 of page}

In Eternal Memory

Helena Lyon (nee Wachtel) born in 1865, murdered in 1942
{rightmost photo}
Roza Speigel the daughter of Yosef Wachtel, born in 1876, murdered
in 1942 {center photo}

Chana Pipes the daughter of Yosef Wachtel, born in 1877, murdered in
1943 {leftmost photo}

{lower photo} unnamed

Perpetuated in grief by Dr. Henry Yitzchak Wachtel, Yeshayahu Wachtel

{lower box, covering 1/3 of page}

In Eternal Memory

Father: Herman Luft
Mother: Hena Rachel Luft
Brother: Chaim Luft
Ida Luft
Freda Luft
Feivel Luft
Shaul Luft
Ala Glezel
Dashe Birenfeld
Herman Hoffman
Sabina Hoffman
Klara Graif

Perpetuated by Paul Luft

{Page 571}

{upper box}

In Eternal Memory

My mother Perel Lezer {rightmost photo}
Sister Sara {center photo}
Sister Roiza {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated in grief by Mala Weinstein (Lezer)

{lower right box}

My sister Chaya Shtelheim {upper photo}
Sara Shtelheim {lower photo}

My father Mendel Shtelheim
My mother Rachel Shtelheim
My brother Yaakov Shtelheim

Perpetuated by Avraham Shtelheim

{lower left box}

In Memory

My wife: Sonia Drucker (nee Shenker)
My daughters: Malcha Perl and Tova Hensha
My son: Tzvi
My sister: Yenta
My sister: Tova Drucker (Goldstein)
My brother-in-law: Yitzchak Kreiberg
My brother-in-law: Mordechai Goldstein

Perpetuated by Yehoshua Drucker

{Page 572}

{upper box}

In Memory

My wife Roza Kachel (nee Krantz) {rightmost photo}

{leftmost photo}
From right: Sarah Itele Kachel
Simale Kachel

Perpetuated in grief and pain by Binyamin Kachel

{lower right box}

My father: Zalman Zaltzman
My mother: Mindel
My brother: Toviahu

Perpetuated in sorrow by Shimshon Sam Zaltzman

{lower left box}

In Eternal Memory

Our father: Tzvi Menachem the son of Matityahu Hofert
Our mother: Tzirel the daughter of Yaakov
Our sisters: Miriam and Rivka

The children of Yosef Hofert: Avraham Yitzchak, Moshe, Yaakov and

Perpetuated in pain and sorrow: Yosef, Pinchas, Shimon, Shlomo,
Yehuda and Netanel Hofert of Brooklyn U.S.A.

{Page 573}

We Perpetuate the Memory Of Our Dear Relatives

Our father: Meir Landau {photo}

Our mother: Regina Landau (nee Alavitch)
Brother: Leizer Landau
Brother: Yitzchak Landau
Sisters: Henka Landau, Golda Landau

Perpetuated in sorrow by Yehoshua and Yosef Landau of Paris

{Page 574}

For These Do I Weep, My Eyes My Eyes Flow With Tears [4]

Grandfather: Reb Moshele Berger {upper right photo}

{upper left photo}
Mother: Ethel the daughter of Moshe Berger
Brother: Avraham Chaim
Father: Reb Mordechai Yaakov
Brother: Simcha Shlomo

{lower left photo}
My sister Rivka and my brother Yosef

My father was born in 1883 in Niska. His father Eliahu Yissachar was a descendent of the Shach (Siftei Kohen) [5]. His mother Chava was from the Jacobi family. He studied for twelve years under the Rabbi of Radomysl, the author of the book "Daat Nevonim". In 1906, he married the daughter of Reb Moshele Berger of Rzeszow, and taught Torah in the Roskaviesh Prayer Hall. He wrote the book "Maamar Mordechai". He was pleasant in his relations with his fellow man, an honest businessman, and he brought up his children in the ways of Torah, Judaism and Zionism. After the Balfour Declaration [6] he prepared to go to the Land of Israel, but his wife's illness prevented him from going. Mother was the pillar of the house, kind hearted, worthy, her palm was opened to the poor, and her hand outstretched to the destitute [7]. She raised her children in Judaism, and with the love of their fellowman. May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Perpetuated by the family of Yitzchak (Issie) Leiblich and his
sister Dina (Dinka) of Nir David.

{Page 575}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

My father Zelig and my mother Anna Laufbahn {photo}

Dedicated in sorrow and pain by Yosef Laufbahn

{upper left box}

In Memoriam

Father: Mordechai Plotzker
Mother: Gittel Plotzker
Sisters: Freda, Bracha, Eida
Brothers: Yosef, Aharon

Perpetuated by Leon Plotzker

{lower right box}

An Eternal Flame

Paulina Wachtel {photo}

Herman Wachtel
Berta Wachtel
Otelia Wachtel
Shimon Wachtel

Perpetuated by Lola Gottesman (nee Wachtel)

{lower left box}

A Memorial Candle

My parents: Yechezkel Glick and Gittel Glick
Brothers: Avraham, Baruch, Moshe
Sisters: Meltzia, Rozia, Reizia, Zisia, Tzira, Zelda

Dedicated by Eliezer Glick

{Page 576}

We Sanctify The Memory Of Our Dear Relatives

My parents: Yosef Fink, Liba Fink

Binyamin son of Yosef Wolf born 1890
Libtcha daughter of Yehoshua born 1894
Their children: Yosef born 1927
Yehuda Leib born 1929
Liba born 1930
Avraham born 1932

Perpetuated in grief by Celina Margolis, Bronx, U.S.A.

{Page 577}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

Irving Yitzchak Singer

Perpetuated by Sonia Shiler

{lower right box}

My father: Yitzchak Eizik Halevi Rosenbaum, born 1868
My mother: Dvora the daughter of Chaim Meir (nee Silberman) born
My brother: Chaim Meir, his wife and daughter
My brother: Moshe Eliezer, his wife and three children
My brother: Menachem Mendel, his wife and son
My brother: Yehuda Leib, his wife and son
My brother: Yechezkel Shraga
My brother: Efraim Fishel
My sister: Chana Rivka

Perpetuated in pain by Avraham Rosenbaum

{leftmost box, occupying 1/2 page}

In Eternal Memory

{topmost photo is a covering of an Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark in a
synagogue, the place where the Torah scrolls are kept). This cover
is known as a Parochet. Dedication on the Parochet is as follows.}

In memory of my martyred family
My revered father Reb Shmuel Meir
The son of Reb Avraham Chaim of blessed memory
My mother Sara
The son of Reb Yitzchak Bronengraber of blessed memory
My wife Yehudit the daughter of Reb Yehoshua Steinmetz of blessed
My innocent children Abba and Naftali
My brother Dov the son of Shmuel Meir of blessed memory
Who perished during the liquidation of the Rzeszow ghetto
In the month of Tammuz 5702 (summer of 1941)
May G-d Avenge their Deaths

{lower photo}
My wife: Yehudit the daughter of Yehoshua Steinmetz
My children: Naftali and Abba
Who died in the Rzeszow ghetto, Tammuz 5702

Dedicated in pain and sorrow by Avraham Mussinger

{Page 578}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

Yisrael Moshe and Ester Langer {rightmost photo}

{leftmost photo}
From right: Leon Rothenberg, his wife Etka, and their children
Junia and Chana

Dedicated in sorrow by Yaakov Langer, Chana Fish (nee Langer)

{upper left box}

In Eternal Memory

Shlomo Leib the son of Yudel Horowitz Halevi {photo}

Dedicated by his daughter Chava Etzioni

{lower right box}

In Eternal Memory

My father: Leib Landman {photo}
My mother: Chana the daughter of Mordechai
My sister: Edel Shpiner
Her husband: Chaim, and a son
My sister: Reizel Eisenberg, her husband Pinchas and four
My sister: Hessa Apter, her husband and child
My brother: Yehoshua Landman, his wife and two children
My brother: Yaakov Henech Landman and his wife

Dedicated in pain by Gisela Mira

{lower left box}

A Memorial Candle

Bronka Zviren (Mattel) {photo}

Perpetuated by the Shpilman family

{Page 579}

In Holy Memory

Berl (Dov) Meller {rightmost photo}

Chaya Sheindel (nee Rauch) {leftmost photo}

The Meller family was one of the interesting families of Rzeszow. Berele Meller, a Boyaner Chassid, was the son of Naftali and Miriam from Brozow, who made aliya to the Land of Israel in 1907, lived in Jerusalem, and are buried on the Mount of Olives. Berele was well known in Rzeszow for his religious piety. He would often go to confer with the Boyaner Rebbe about family and business matters. When the Boyaner Rebbe visited Rzeszow from Lemberg in 1908 with his wife, the Mellers gave over their house to the Rebbe. The Rebbe held court with his Chassidim there. The family moved out and lived with acquaintances for that period. It once happened that Berele Meller was with the Rebbe when one of the Chassidim passed away in the Rebbe's court, and the Rebbe went to the funeral. At their funeral, Berel Meller said: "I wish also to die in such a manner, and the Rebbe will escort me as well". And that is exactly what happened. In Chanukah of 1923 the family heard the news that Berel the son of Naftali passed away while visiting the Rebbe in Lemberg. His wife and four sons traveled to the funeral, and the Boyaner Rebbe escorted him to his final rest. His wish came true. His wife Chaya Sheindel, the daughter of Yissachar and Rachel Rauch, was a very hospitable woman. She would always prepare extra food on Sabbaths so that guests could come to eat with them. She was well acquainted with poor people from her parents, for her mother was Rachel the sugar-baker, who was well known during the First World War as providing hundreds of poor people on Sabbath mornings with coffee. Mrs. Meller with her three sons and their families were murdered in the holocaust.

May Their Souls Be Bound In The Bonds Of Eternal Life

{Page 580}

In Eternal Memory

My mother: Roza Mangel {upper right photo}

My father: Simon Mangel {upper left photo}

{lower right photo}
From right: Simon, Roza and Arthur Mangel

My brother: Arthur Mangel {lower left photo}

Dedicated in grief and pain by Dr. Herman Mangel

{Page 581}

{upper box, covering top 3/4 of page}

In Eternal Memory

My father Shmuel Asher Fett, born 1859, and my mother Rachel {upper
right photo}

My brother Dr. Hersh Elimelech Fett {upper left photo}
His wife Munia (nee Shteiglitz) and two children

Ada Beret {lower right photo}
The wife of my brother Mendel Fett

My sister Genia Baner (nee Fett) {lower left photo}
Her husband and son.

My brother: Avraham Aryeh with three children
My sister: Freda Orbach with four children
My brother: Ben-Tzion Fett
My sister: Esther Kuperman, her husband and children

Perpetuated in pain by Rina Wachtelberg (nee Fett}

{lower box}

In Memoriam

{rightmost photo}
Father: Nachum Shtandel (Tuchman), born 1885
Mother: Batia, born 1894
Brother: Henek: born 1919

Mordechai Shtandel {leftmost photo}

Dedicated in pain and grief by Yehoshua and Yaakov Tuchman (Shtandel)

{Page 582}

{upper box}

Baruch Shaffer {rightmost photo}
Bronia Shaffer {center photo}
Ida Shaffer (Frei)

Perpetuated by Mordechai and Gusta Frei

{lower box}

An Eternal Candle To The Souls

Father: Baruch Frei {upper right photo}
Mother: Tova
Sister: Sara
Brother: Menachem and his wife and children

Tzvia Frei and her children {leftmost photo}

Yehoshua Frei and his wife and children {lower right photo}

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Esther Wachtel (Frei) of Brooklyn,
Mordechai Frei of Brooklyn

{Page 583}

{upper box, covering 2/3 of page}

A Monument To The Souls Of Our Dear Ones

David Zinnamon {upper right photo}
Sara Zinnamon (nee Kurtzman) {upper left photo}
Janina Sternschuss (nee Zinnamon) {lower right photo}
Emma the daughter of Janina {lower left photo}

Dedicated by Helena Glasberg of Haifa

{lower box}

Father: Yosef Glasberg {rightmost photo}
Regina Glasberg (nee Fusman) {center photo}

{leftmost photo}
Helena Wiesenberg (nee Glasberg) wife of Dr. Emil Weisenberg and
their son Yosef

Perpetuated by the family of Yaakov Glasberg, Sara Sternschuss,
Tzila Tamari

{Page 584}

{Ten numbered photos, which are identified on page 585}

{Page 585}

{4 photos, plus index of photos of 584 and 585}

A Monument To The Souls Of Our Dear Ones

1. Lazer Koretz
2. Rivka Koretz
3. Ella Koretz-Wolf
4. Dr. Hersh Koretz
5. Cecilia Koretz
6. Avraham Koretz
7. Rosalie Silberman Koretz
8. Lea Koretz
9. Yaakov Koretz
10. Gisela Lyon Koretz

1. Yaakov Wolf
2. Alta Koretz-Wolf
3. Sabina Wolf
4. Emil Wolf

{Page 586}

In memory of my beloved parents Jacob and Alta (Koretz) Wolf,
sister Sabina and brother Emil, by their daughter and sister Rachel
Mascha Reichert

{English biography, one page long, not transcribed here}

{Page 587}

{upper right box}

In Memoriam

Avraham Shapiro {leftmost photo}
Liba Shapiro {rightmost photo}

Perpetuated by their daughter Tzila Bergerin (nee Shapiro)

{upper left box}

In Eternal Memory

Father: Yitzchak Firer
Mother: Sara Firer
Brother: Noach Firer

Perpetuated by the brother and sister Lumek and Chaya Firer

{lower right box}

{upper photo}
From right: Perel Kupferman (Dovel), Elyakim Getzel Kupferman,
Hela Rothman (nee Kupferman) and her daughter Nechama. Brother:
Binyamin Kupferman.

{lower photo}
Chaim Aryeh Kupferman, his wife: Nechka (Rosner), two children:
Dvora and Tzvi

Perpetuated in grief by Chaviva and Avraham Wolf

{lower left box}

In Memoriam

Father: Moshe Horen
Mother: Genia Horen
Sister: Mania Horen
Brother: Donek Horen

Perpetuated by Chana Falsman

{Page 588}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

Emir family {photo}

Grandfather: Kopel Leiman
Grandmother: Lea Leiman
Grandmother: Lipka Emir
Father: Zalman Emir
Mother: Minia Emir
Sisters: Tonia, Sabina, Salka

Dedicated in pain by Moshe Weinberg (Emir)

{upper left box}

A Monument To The Memory

Father: Hirsch Immer
Mother: Chana Immer (nee Birtz)
Wife: Sonia Immer (Schwartz)
Uncle: Chaim Birtz
Aunt: Sara Reich (nee Birtz)
Cousin: Lea Immer
Uncle: Shlomo Reich

Perpetuated in pain by Mordechai Immer

{middle left box}

A Monument To The Soul

Uncle: Yaakov Hillinger
Aunt: Malka Hillinger (nee Emir)
Children: Regina and Rosa

Perpetuated by Menachem Emir and Moshe Weinberg

{lower right box}

In Holy Memory

David Horen born 1888
Chaim Horen born 1912
Tzirel Horen born 1919

Perpetuated by Sabina Grinblat

{lower left box}

In Eternal Memory

Getzel Dagan, Hinda Dagan, Sala, Golda, Yitzchak, Beni, Getzel
Rachel Steinweiss
Bluma Mantel
Feiga Fishman

Dedicated in pain by Moshe Dagan

{Page 589}

In Eternal Memory

Mother Feiga, Father Eliezer Haar, brother David, sisters Regina and

Brothers: Hersh Haar, Nathan Haar, Naftali Haar

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Dora Frankfurter of Belgium, Rachel
Tchik, Lea Schipper

{Page 590}

A Monument In Memory Of The Souls Of Our Dear Ones

Zelig the son of David Reisner
Rachel the daughter of Moshe Reisner
Leibish the daughter of Zelig Reisner
Yaakov Leidner
Hania the daughter of David Leidner
Freda the daughter of Yaakov Leidner
David the son of Yaakov Leidner
Reuven the son of Mendel Reisner
Sara Reisner
Liba the daughter of Reuven Reisner
Zelig the son of Reuven Reisner
Leibish the son of Reuven Reisner
Sara the daughter of Zelig Reisner
Kresel the daughter of Yosef
Shlomo the son of Yosef
Leibish Wunder
Feiga the daughter of Leibish Wunder
Bashe the daughter of Yisrael Reisner
Rachel the daughter of Yisrael Reisner
Yaakov the son of Yisrael Reisner

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Yitzchak (Eizik) Reisner, U.S.A.

{Page 591}

{upper box}

A Monument To The Souls Of My Beloved Ones

Father: Moshe Goldberg
Mother: Berta Goldberg
Brother: Pinek Goldberg
Sister-in-law: Mania Goldberg (nee Rosenbaum)
Niece: Zionia Goldberg

Pinek, Mania and Zionia {photo}

Perpetuated in grief and pain by Lotka Goldberg

{lower right box}

In Holy Memory

Dr. Avraham Schneeweiss 1886
Ernestina Schneeweiss 1892
Roza Richental 1896
Shalom Richental 1927
Laura Schneeweiss 1904
Yitzchak Schneeweiss 1925
Chana Schneeweiss 1929

Dr. Avraham Schneeweiss {photo}

Perpetuated by Zigmund Schneeweiss

{lower left box}

Esther Karbas Shutzman {photo}

Perpetuated by her husband Benno Shutzman, and her children Elana
and Arnon

{Page 592}

In Eternal Memory

Grandmother Golda Horen (nee Saraf), and grandfather Tzvi Horen
{rightmost photo}

Father: Yaakov Shalom Grinbaum
Mother: Yocheved Grinbaum (nee Horen)
Sister: Tzirel Bari (nee Grinbaum) and two children
Sister: Frimet Grinbaum
Sister: Yehudit Grinbaum
Sister: Bracha Grinbaum
Family of my grandfather Tzvi Hersh Horen:
Miriam Tencer (nee Horen) and seven children
Rachel Krantz (nee Horen) with two children
David Horen, his wife Perel the daughter of Chaya Frimet Reich
(Horen) with one child
Avraham Horen
Tzipora Frankel (nee Horen)

Chana Kolpan (nee Grinbaum) {leftmost photo}
with two children

Perpetuated in grief by Shoshana Horen, Chana Frankel, Liba
Rosenkrantz (nee Grinbaum)

{Page 593}

{upper right box}

In Memoriam

Father: Shmuel Finkelstein
Mother: Rachel Hefter

Perpetuated by Sh. Finkelstein

{upper left box}

In Memoriam

Moshe Reich, Roza Reich (nee Seiden) {photo}

Perpetuated by Yulek Reich

{lower box}

A Monument To The Souls Of Our Beloved Ones

Father: Yechezkel Shlisselberg {rightmost photo}
Mother: Sara Esther {center photo}
Sister: Tema and her husband Teitel Kenigsberg {leftmost photo}
Sister: Regina Shlisselberg

Perpetuated by Chana Tamari (nee Shlisselberg)
Lotka Kleid (nee Shlisselberg)

{Page 594}

{upper right box}

In Eternal Memory

Father: Shmuel the son of Yochanan Gross
Mother: Chana the daughter of Tzvi Gross
Brothers: Mendel, Zeev, Avraham, and Moshe
Sister: Bronia

Perpetuated by Sara Fishkes

{upper left box}

In Holy Memory

Yaakov Har 1870
Salome Har 1874
Emil Faust 1892

Perpetuated by Zofia Rachikovska

{lower right box}

In Holy Memory

Parents: Moshe Heffner, Lea Heffner
Their Children: Berel, Perel, Sima
Parents: Melech Raab, Chana Raab
Their children: Gittel, Rivka, Feiga, Rachel, Moshe, Yossel, Naftali
and Shlomo

Herman Klein and family
Aharon Gersten and family

Perpetuated by Herman Raab and Yosef Meller

{lower left box}

In Memory

Sara Gottesdiner born 1909, died in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz on March
20, 1964 {photo}

Perpetuated in pain by her husband Yosef, and her children Yuval,
Yehudit and Ora of Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz

{Page 595}

{upper box, covering upper 1/3 of page}

In Memory

My wife Chana (nee Sommer) {rightmost photo}
My son Chaim Yehoshua {center photo}

My brother: Yaakov Teller, his wife and five children
My sister: Chana Hass (nee Teller)
David Teller

Perpetuated in pain by Yosef Teller

{lower box, covering lower 2/3 of page}

A Memorial Candle

Chana Lifschutz (nee Ochs) {rightmost photo}

Mordechai Lifschutz {center photo}

Their son Moshe Lifschutz {leftmost photo}

David the son of Efraim Fishmish 1888
Yehudit the daughter of Yechiel Fishmish 1887
Yechiel the son of David Fishmish 1910
Elazar the son of David Fishmish 1912
Moshe the son of David Fishmish 1913
Feiga the daughter of David Fishmish 1917
Sonia the daughter of David Fishmish 1921

Perpetuated by Libka Fishmish and Nathan Yahalomi

{Page 596}

{upper box}

A Memorial Candle

Mother: Rivka Frost, Sister: Chana Frost, Brother: Yisrael
Frost, Father: Avraham Frost

Perpetuated by Kalman Frost

{lower right box}

In Memory

Father Leib and Mother Lea Wachs (nee Fishman) {photo}

Brother: Henryk Wachs
His Wife: Freda (nee Erenreich)
Their daughter: Junia Wachs

Perpetuated by Mala Fogel (nee Wachs}

{middle left box}

In Eternal memory

My father: Yisrael Trum 1890
My mother: Ida Trum 1890
My sister: Mina Trum 1921

Perpetuated by Malka Freidman (nee Trum)

{lower left box}

In Memory

My father: Yitzchak Aharon the son of Tanchum Fuerst
My mother: Malka the daughter of Menachem Fuerst

Dedicated in grief and pain by Eliezer Fuerst

{Page 597}

We Sanctify The Memory Of Our Dear Ones

Mother Keila and Father Yosef Shechter {photo}

Yosef the son of Elazar Shechter was born in 1884 in Litowiska, and married Keila Shechter, who was born in 1894. Her father Reb Hershel was a very fine Jew, a religious scholar, who came from Sokolow near Rzeszow. They settled in Rzeszow after the First World War. They had two daughters and four sons. Reb Yosef was a fine Jew, a scholar, and G-d fearing. His countenance glowed with refinement and goodness. His sustenance came from teaching little children the Alef- Beit. He carried out his work with faithfulness. He always concerned himself with the poor, widows and orphans.

Our mother excelled with fine character traits. Her goodness was well known in Rzeszow. She could often be see gathering clothing and food for the poor. September 5, 1939 was the last time we were together with our parents.

We will never forget our murdered parents, sister Roiza with her husband and child, sister Sheindel and brother Eliezer. They were all killed together with the rest of the Jews of Rzeszow.

May G-d avenge their deaths and may their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.

Perpetuated in grief by Aryeh Shechter of Brooklyn, Meir Shechter of Montreal, and Hershel Shechter of Los Angeles

{Page 598}

{upper box}

In Memory Of Our Dear Ones

Father: Ovadia Kalter (upper right photo}
Mother: Berta (nee Roth) {upper center photo}
Brother: Herman Kalter {upper left photo}
Brother: Leon Kalter {lower left photo} and his wife Ada (nee

Dedicated in grief by Esther Parser (nee Kalter) and Yisrael Kalter

{lower box}

A Monument To The Souls Of Our Dear Ones

{rightmost photo}
Father: Moshe Parser
Mother: Sara (nee Trink)
Brother: Engineer Max Parser

Fanka the wife of Max Parser (nee Sherer)
Avraham Parser, their three year old son
Brother-in-law: Engineer Yehuda Neuman
His wife: Gusta Neuman (nee Parser)
Niece: Klara Neuman

Perpetuated by Aharon Parser and Yaakov Parser

{Page 599}

In Eternal Memory

{upper photo}
My father: Shalom the son of Yitzchak Tzeizel
My mother: Sara the daughter of Yaakov
My brother: Yaakov and his wife and two children
My sisters: Yetta Chaya, Bracha, Reizel, Chana Mindel and Dvora
The photo is my family at the time of the wedding of my sister

My son Alter Tzeizel, Yitzchak Pesh {middle right photo}
Yitzchak the son of Alter Tzeizel {middle center photo}
My uncle Alter Tzeizel {middle left photo}
David Herman Tzeizel {lower right photo}

Perpetuated in pain and grief by Yitzchak Tzeizel of Brooklyn

{Page 600}

In Eternal Memory

My mother: Chaya the daughter of Aryeh Leib and Feiga (nee Kasses)
Trink {upper right photo}

My father: Yaakov Meir the son of David and Chana (nee Kasses)
{upper left photo}

Uncle: Moshe Trink
Aunt: Rachel Trink (nee Neuman)
Uncle: Simcha Trink
His wife: Sara and two children
Chaya Trink
Sara Trink

Aunt: Chana Trink (nee Schmid) {middle left photo}

Those who will keep their memory forever:
Rivka Kasses Ben-Zakkai
Tzvi (Herman) Kasses
Rachel Kasses Nussbaum

{Page 601}

In Eternal Memory

{upper box}

Father: Chaim David Katz {rightmost photo}
Mother: Gittel Katz and Bayla {center photo}
Sister: Bayla Katz (leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Tzvi and Yosef Katz

{lower box}

In Memoriam

My father Reuven and mother Bayla Elion {rightmost photo}

My husband: Shami David Kramer {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Mina Kramer

{Page 602}

{rightmost box}

In Holy Memory

Sala and Jennie Kern {upper photo}

Leib Bodner born 1863
Mala born 1878
Mendel born 1890
Yaakov born 1892
Moshe born 1894
Avraham born 1900
Liberta born 1910
Dvora born 1912
Freda born 1912
Yaakov Kern
Shimon Shtrum
Oscar Ungar

Perpetuated by Nathan Bodner

{leftmost box}

Father: Shimon Rocker and his grandson David {upper photo}

From left: Mother: Lea Rocker, sister Bayla, and brother Yaakov
{middle photo}

{lower photo}
From right: brother: Moshe Rocker, his wife Sara (nee Glitzer) and
their daughter Yocheved

Perpetuated in pain by Tzila Gottesfeld of Haifa

{Page 603}

{upper box}

In Eternal Memory

Estka Kramer {photo}

My mother: Bronislava Kramer
My sisters: Regina, Sala and Esther Kramer
My brother-in-law: Yaakov Hit

Their memory is guarded forever by Zeev Kramer

{lower box}

An Eternal Flame For The Souls

Father: Wolf Kornblum
Mother: Golda (nee Shwebel)
Brother: Ezriel
His wife: Mala (nee Rosen)
My sisters: Perel and Chaya

Perpetuated in grief and pain by Esther Gross (nee Kornblum)

{Page 604}

{upper right box}

In Memory Of Our Dear Ones

Vilek Kramer and his family
Chaim Kramer and his family
Romek Kramer and his family

Perpetuated by Hala (nee Kramer) and Yitzchak Neiger
Sabina (nee Kramer) Hamburger
Yetka (nee Kramer) Bomza

{upper left box}

A Monument To The Memory Of The Souls

My father: Todros Knecht
My mother: Feiga (nee Baum) Knecht
My sisters: Chaya (nee Knecht) Zavel, Shoshana (nee Knecht)
Fenichel, Sheindel

Perpetuated in pain by Shmuel Knecht

{lower right box}

In Holy Memory

Roman Shiff born 1876
Laura Shiff born 1881
Teofil Shiff born 1910

Perpetuated in pain by Yehudit Fergeslich (nee Shiff)

{lower left box}

In Memoriam

Shlomo Goldreich, Gisela Goldreich, Max Goldreich, Edith Hertz (nee
Goldreich), Ruth Hertz, Aliza Fink (nee Goldreich), Henryk Fink, Leon
Goldman, Sara Goldman (nee Blaufeder), Gershon Blaufeder, Edwin
Blaufeder, Roiza Zucker (nee Goldreich), Wilhelm Zucker, Sasa Zucker
and her son William, Genia Zucker, Hermina Zucker, Agatia Goldstein
(nee Goldreich), Joachim Goldreich

Perpetuated by Yocheved Goldman

{Page 605}

In Memory

{upper photo}
The family of Oscar Kostecher and his children
The family of David Kostecher, his wife Chaya, their daughter
Miriam, and son Izo
Herman Kostecher and his wife Henia (nee Kietelman)

{middle photo}
My father: Yehoshua (Oscar) Kostecher
My mother: Chava (nee Sacksenhaus)
My sisters: Hala and Lola

{lower photo}
Brother-in-law: Noach Hitter
His wife Hala (nee Kostecher)
Their son Rudy Hitter

Perpetuated in pain by Dov Kostecher

{Page 606}

{upper box}

In Holy Memory

Father: Shmuel Rubinfeld
Mother: Gisela Rubinfeld
Aharon Rubinfeld
Berta Rubinfeld
Pesachia Elion
Liba Elion
Golda Elion
Yoel Elion
Zelig Elion

Zigmund Goldman
Regina Goldman
Yaakov Goldman
Liba Goldman
Helena Goldman
Bernard Goldman

Perpetuated in pain by the Rubinfeld family

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

Yaakov Miller {rightmost photo}
Liba Rubinfeld {center photo}
Chana and Ala Miller, Yisrael Rubinfeld {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Regina Miller

{Page 607}

An Eternal Monument

My father: Yitzchak Rosenbaum {upper right photo}
My mother: Frumit Rosenbaum {upper center photo}
My wife: Lea Rosenbaum the daughter of David and Regina Kamerling
{upper left photo}
Aryeh Koren and Sara (nee Rosenbaum) {lower left photo}
My brother: Yaakov Rosenbaum

In Memory
Chava Feldler (nee Rosenbaum) and her four children
Rachel Brinker and her husband Yechezkel with four children
Sima Rosenbaum
Tauba Rosenbaum

Perpetuated in grief and pain by Dr. Aharon Rosenbaum

{Page 608}

{upper box}

An Eternal Flame

My husband Tanchum Yaakov Kalb {rightmost photo}
Aharon Kalb {center photo}

My father : Menachem Mendel Sommer
My mother: Dina Englander (nee Bloch)
Brothers: Avraham, Natan David, Mordechai Yoel
Sisters: Etel with five children, Shprintza and Rachel

Perpetuated in grief and pain by Mina Kalb (Silberman)

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

Rinda family {photo}

Father: Tovia Rinda
Mother: Itta Rinda
Sister: Rivka
Her husband Moshe Kuperman and their children
Sister: Esther
Her husband Shlomo Engelberg and their children
Sister: Malka
Her husband Avraham Hefter and their child
Brother: Eliezer Rinda
Brother: Avraham Rinda and his wife (nee Marder)

Perpetuated by Yechiel Rinda

{Page 609}

In Eternal Memory

My father: David Melech Bari {upper right photo}
My mother: Breinche Bari {upper center photo}
My brother: Shlomo Bari {upper left photo}
My brother-in-law: David Rosengarten {middle right photo}
My sister: Grina Rosengarten (nee Bari) {middle center photo}
Their son: Shmuel Rosengarten {middle left photo}
My brother: Feibish Bari {lower right photo}
My sister: Lea Bari {lower center photo}

Perpetuated by Rachel Roter

{Page 610}

{upper box}

In Memoriam

Moshe Feit born 1870
Chana Feit born 1875
Getzel the son of Moshe Feit born 1905
Lala Feit (Grinfeld) born 1905
Lezer Grinfeld born 1871
Chaya Grinfeld born 1877
Yisrael Klinger born 1900
Sala Klinger born 1908

Perpetuated in grief by Masha Glazer

{lower right box}

In Memoriam

My father Aharon Reisner {photo}

Your memory will be kept forever by Tzipora Rogozinski (nee Reisner)

{lower left box}

In Memoriam

Yosef Shaul Fuss

Perpetuated by Malka Veida (nee Fuss)

{Page 611}

A Memoriam Candle To The Souls

{upper right photo}
My mother: Sara (nee Zaltzman)
My brother: Mondel Schnall
My sister: Tzila Schnall

{upper center photo}
The grave of my sister Lina Schnall who passed away before the

In Memory of
My father: Moshe Schnall
My brother-in-law: Herman Katz
My sister: Freda Katz
My brother: Yosef Schnall

{lower right photo}
My nephew: Zigmund Katz

{lower center photo}
My niece: Sabina Katz

{lower left photo}
From left: My sister: Tzila Schnall, her friend Chana Holoshitzer

Perpetuated in grief by Ania and Leon Schnall

{Page 612}

{upper box}

The Memory Of Our Dear Beloved Will Last Forever

{upper right photo}
Mordechai Zavel and his wife Chaya (from the Sternheim-Fass family
of Lancut)

{upper center and upper left photos}
Their children, may G-d avenge their deaths

Those that keep their memories:
The brothers: Betzalel and Yitzchak Sternheim-Fass
Miriam Kipper-Fass
Michael Waltzer-Fass

{lower box}

A Memorial Monument To The Souls Of Our Dear Ones

Our father: Yechiel Michael the son of Zusha Leib Fenig
Our mother: Golda the daughter of Yosef Leib
Our brother: Zusha the son of Michael and his son Yehoshua
Our sister: Sara the daughter of Michael and her children Yosef
and Esther

Keeping their memories forever:
Eliezer, Refael, Perel, Chava and Sima Fenig

{Page 613}

A Monument To Dear Souls

Ozer Goldbander {upper right photo}
Chana Goldbander (nee Licht) {upper center photo}

{upper left photo}
From right: Chana Goldbander, Tova Reisman, Gittel Hertz, Bluma

{middle photo}
On the right: my father Yitzchak Sitz
On the left: my mother: Chana Sitz
My sister: Miriam Zilberzweig
Her children: Rachel and Avraham
Standing: Alter and Rita Sitz

Rachel Licht and her family
Shmuel Licht and his wife Regina (nee Horen)
Dr. Yosef Hornik and his wife Lea (nee Licht) and their daughter Aza
Alec Teitelbaum and his wife Hala (nee Licht)
Issie Licht and his wife Eva (nee Wallerstein)
Olga Licht
Esther Goldbander (nee Sheinfeld) and her children Atara and Tzira
Yosha Reisman and his children Yisrael and Yaakov
Kalman Hertz and his children Minia, Berish and Shmuel
Yehoshua Licht , his wife Esther, and their children Chaya and Shmuel
Chaim Licht, his wife Tzila (nee Kleinman) and their children Hala
and Shmuel
Yaakov Licht, his wife Bluma and two children
Mendel Licht, his wife Esther (nee Koretz) and their children Saba
and Avraham
Aharon Sitz, his wife Sima (nee Togandhaft) and their children
Leibish and Avraham
Yehoshua Zilberzweig, his wife Miriam (nee Sitz), and their children
Rachel, Avraham, and Shaul Ber

Perpetuated by the family of Alter Tishbi (Sitz)

{Page 614}

{upper box}

A Memorial Candle

Father: Nissan Kneitel
Mother: Itta Kneitel
Sister: Lea Kneitel
Brother: Azriel Kneitel
Sister: Pepi Kneitel
Sister: Balka Kneitel
Brother: Yaakov Kneitel
Sister: Feiga Kneitel

Sister: Balka Kneitel {photo}

Dedicated in pain and grief by Betzalel Kneitel

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

From right: Mendel Klaristenfeld, Mina Klaristenfeld
Standing from left: Zashka, Wolf, Menashe, David, Yosef

Perpetuated by Alexander Klaristenfeld of Brooklyn

{Page 615}

{upper box}

A Memorial Candle

Reb Moshe Zeev Shlissel {photo}
His wife: Hinda Rachel Shlissel (nee Paloga)

Reb Moshe Zeev Shlissel

He was born in Rzeszow in 5622 (1862) to Reb Yisrael Mordechai of blessed memory, a descendent of Rabbis and Torah scholars.

He lived and worked all his life in his birthplace Rzeszow, and there he died at the time of the Nazi conquest in 5702 (1941).

He had his Rabbinical ordination, but he did not use it for his livelihood [8]. He would give a regular lecture to the lay scholars early in the morning, and at the time of the afternoon service in the "Kloiz Hagadol" {large prayer hall} of the city.

He was a generous spirit, and he was always active in the maintaining of the three Torah schools which he founded. Not only this - but on every Friday and Sabbath he would examine the students. And woe upon the teacher whose students did not meet his standards. ...

Just as he was meticulous in his teaching, he was meticulous in the honesty of his business practices. During breaks from his teaching duties - when he was free from his work in Torah -- he would check that the prices in his business had not been raised beyond the acceptable measure. During the time of the First World War, when the prices would change daily, he was very careful not to exceed the acceptable range.

His children Reb Avraham, Zelda, Sara, Esther and Berta, may G-d avenge their deaths, were killed with their families in the holocaust.

May his son Reb Baruch Shlissel be blessed with a long life. He was one of the Mizrachi activists of Rzeszow, and a member of the communal council. From the year 5785 (1925) he lived in the Land of Israel and he is one of the activists of the Organization of Rzeszow ?migr?s.

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

Grandfather: Reb Abish Nussbaum {rightmost photo}
My brother: Aharon Nussbaum {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Yosef Nussbaum of Bnei Brak

{Page 616}

{upper box}

A Monument In Memory

Paula Strassberg {upper right photo}
Shmuel Strassberg {lower right photo}
Avraham Einhorn {center photo}
Family of Shmuel and Chava Einhorn {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Yehoshua and Dina Strassberg of Kibbutz Tel Yitzchak

{lower box}

My uncle: Wilek Grauer {right photo}
Lea and Zelig Grauer {left photo}

Dedicated in pain by Lunek and Henek Grauer of Kibbutz Tel Yitzchak

{Page 617}

{upper box}

In Holy Memory

Father: Marcus Ortner
Mother: Chana Ortner
Sister: Chava Ernestina Ortner
Sister: Mania Ortner
Brother: Yosef Ortner

Dedicated in grief by Mordechai Birenbach, Mordechai Ortner

{lower box}

In Memory

Bronka Grinspan born 1904
Herman Grinspan born 1912

Shimon Grinspan born 1905 {photo}

Dedicated in grief by David Grinspan

{Page 618}

{upper box}

We Sanctify The Memory Of Our Dear Ones

Moshe Aharon Staub {right photo}
Sara Beila Staub {left photo}

Chaim Zimbach
Liba Zimbach
Chana Zimbach
Lutza Zimbach
Yitzchak Zimbach

Perpetuated in grief by the family of Mina Zimbach-Staub

{lower box}

In Eternal Memory

{rightmost photo}
Yitzchak Feigenbaum (1884)
Mindel (nee Ochs) Feigenbaum (1883)
Rachel Feigenbaum (1910)
Gesia Ochs

Chaim Feigenbaum (1908) {leftmost photo}

Perpetuated by Avraham Feigenbaum

{Page 619}

{upper box, covering top 3/4 of page}

In Eternal Memory

Chana the daughter of Reuven Eckstein {upper right photo}
Mina Mintz (nee Teitelbaum) and her son {upper left photo}
Shimon Tovia the son of Yitzchak Mintz {lower right photo}
Esther Mintz {lower left photo}

Dedicated by Shlomo Tal and his family
Akiva Teichel and his family

{lower box}

A Perpetual Monument

Reb Leibish Kanner-Polaner (Kriptzer) {rightmost photo}
His son Aharon {center photo}
And his son Naftali {leftmost

Perpetuated by Shoshana Zisel-Roiza Hoffman (Wasserstein)

{Page 620}

A Monument
To those founders and activists who dedicated their strength and
mind to the Organization of Rzeszow ?migr?s in Israel.

Founders of the Organization: Meshulam Davidson, Avraham Silberman,
Tovia Beck (a member of the committee), Shlomo Shlam and his wife
Sara Shlam, Yisrael Wachspress.

Yaakov Alter (the first chairman of the committee), Yosef Storch
(chairman), Ben-Tzion Fett (honorary chairman), Naftali Tuchfeld
(vice chairman), Yaakov Rebhun (vice chairman), Dr. Avraham Einfeld
(vice chairman).

We will guard their memories forever

The Organization of Rzeszow ?migr?s in Israel

Yitzchak Oestreicher (chairman), the lawyer Alexander Rosner
(chairman of the advisory committee).

{lower photo - a photo of a monument to the Rzeszow community}

In Eternal Memory
Of the Martyrs of the Community of Rzeszow
And environs in Galicia, may G-d avenge their deaths
They were victims of the evil Nazi regime
Their pure blood was spilled by
Unclean hands in sanctification of G-d's name.
Their Holy memory will be guarded in the hearts of the survivors of
the community
And in the hearts of all the Nation of Israel forever.
May Their Souls Be Bound In The Bonds Of Eternal Life

Memorial day is 19 of Av

The Organization of ?migr?s of Rzeszow and environs in Israel.

{Page 621}

{1 page errata of the Hebrew/Yiddish section of the book}


1. I translated this opening phrase slightly differently than it is translated into English on the title page of the necrology section. There it is translated “I will give vent to my soul and recite how the presumptuous have eagerly swallowed us up” This quote is the opening phrase of the “Eileh Ezkera” prayer of the Musaf service of Yom Kippur. This prayer is also known as the “Ten Martyrs”, and is one of the highlights of the Yom Kippur service. It describes in poetic form the cruel murder of ten great sages during the time of Roman rule of the land of Israel during the period before and following the destruction of the Second Temple. Back

2. Knesset is the Israeli parliament. Back

3. Hebrew says ‘bat’ daughter, although this may be an error, and ‘son’ may be intended. Back

4. A verse from the Book of Lamentations of the Bible, read in the synagogue on the fast of Tisha Beov, which commemorates the destruction of the two temples in Jerusalem, as well as many other tragedies in Jewish history. Back

5. A famous commentator on the Code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch). Back

6. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was a proclamation by the British government indicating that they look favorably upon the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Back

7. A verse from the last chapter of the Book of Proverbs, which is part of the ‘Eishet Chayil’ poem in praise of the ideal Jewish woman. This poem is generally recited on Friday evenings before the Sabbath meal. Back

8. Literally “he did not use it as a an axe to hew with”. This is a quote from “Pirke Avot”, the Mishnaic tractate “Ethics of the Fathers”. The quoted mishna praises those who do not use their torah scholarship as a means of their livelihood. Back

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