A Memorial to the Community of Ryki, Poland

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Translation of Yisker-bukh tsum fareybikn dem ondenk
fun der khorev-gevorner yidisher kehile Ryki

Edited by: Shimon Kanc

Published in Tel Aviv, 1973




Project Coordinator

Andrzej Cieśla


This is a translation from:
Yisker-bukh tsum fareybikn dem ondenk fun der khorev-gevorner yidisher kehile Ryki
A memorial to the community of Ryki, Poland ed. Shimon Kanc.
Tel Aviv, 1973. Ryki Societies in Israel, Canada, Los Angeles, France, and Brazil. H, Y

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Translated from Yiddish and Hebrew into Czech
by Daniel Polakovic and Michael Dunayevsky
and from Czech into English by Andrzej Ciesla

* Chapters in Yiddish are marked with (Y) and in Hebrew (H)

  We Remember (H)5
  God Full of Mercy (H)7
  A Map of Ryki (H)8
  Introduction (H)10
  A Light for Their Memory (H) 12
Icchak Nachlieli So I have Decided (Y)13
The Town and its History
Szymon Kanc The History of the Jewish Ryki (Y) 19
Rabbi Abraham Icchak ha-Lewi Hurvic The Beginnings of the Jewish Settlement in Ryki (Y)25
Rabbi Abraham Icchak ha-Lewi Hurvic For Eternal Memory let it be Righteous (Y)27
Rabbi Abraham Icchak ha-Lewi Hurvic The First Rabbi, the Synagogue in Ryki (Y)  
  (Rikel Szul), Yeshiva (H) 29
Izrael Borensztein The Story of Ryki, The Rabbis (Y) 39
Social Life
M.Derfner The Jewish Ryki (Y)101
Samuel Derfner My Holy Little Jewish Town (Y) 122
Jewish Education
Icchak Nachlieli From Heder to Yeshiva (H)129
Icchak Towa Stanislawski The Teachers (H)131
Icchak Towa -Stanislawski I Want to Remember Just Them (H) 152
Mosze Lederhendler My Teacher and Rabbi Szalom Finkelsztain (H) 162
Rafael Ledermann In the Shadow of Generations (Y) 164
Karole Tajchman-Davidman My School Years (Y)173
Sara Teichmann-Czertok The House of Jakob (H)180
Icchak Borensztein To Learn and to Teach (H) 182
The People, Personalities and Cultural Background
Simcha Wajnberg Bits from My Youth (H)187
Israel Blajchman Recollections of My Parents' House (H) 197
Nacham Abramowitz When the Month of Nisan Comes (H) 205
Jehoszua Abramowitz My Father (H)263
Malach Zuckerkop A Song About My Town (Y) 265
Rafael Ledermann Once There Used to Be (Y) 282
Mosze Openhajm Our Town Full of Light and Dawns 313
A.Nachman To Save at Least One Jewish Soul 317
Mosze Tajtelbaum Sadness and Joy in My Town (Y) 319
Karole Tajchman-Davidman Beauty in My Life (Y) 327
Mosze Rubinstein My Mother (Y)332
Mosze Lippe Korngold The Magid of Kozienice (Y) 337
Jakob Ben Josef Memories (H)338
L.Mikowski-Weisskopf From Ryki to Sao Paolo (Y) 342
Szymon Grajcar Ryki was my home (Y)348
Kajla Teichmann-Goldman Our Fathers and Grandfathers (Y) 351
Mindel Singer In Anxiety and in Hope 356
Gitla Kupfermann Mutual Help (Y)360
Reuven Lew Ideal Likeness (Y)366
Chawa Anglister-Streichmann My Life (Y)369
Szymon Putermann A Peaceful Life (Y)370
Rafael Grinkorn The Heritage of Generations (Y) 372
Natan Teichmann-Nachlieli For Ever in Memory (Y) 374
Estera Pfeiffer My Father' s House (H) 378
Bat-Szewa Sending-Scheinberg The Lost Flames (Y) 380
Mosze Sztamfater Children' s Years (Y) 382
Political Parties and Organisations
Icchak Ajger The Flag of Zion (Y) 387
Gedalia Bronkesz Hovevei Zion (Y) 389
J.T.Stanislawski The Revisionist Movements (Y) 396
Natan Teichmann (Icchak Nachlieli) The Professional Organizations (H) 402
Rafael Ledermann The Growth of Communism (H) 407
Liquidation and the Shoah
Simcha Wajnberg On the Last Journey (H)410
Jakob Mandelbaum Under the Nazi Occupation (H) 411
Jakob Handsztok In a Fight for Life (Y)419
Mosze Oppenhajm The Wave of Opposition and Unfriendliness (H) 429
B.Leutmann In the Darkness of Life (Y) 434
B. Bronkacz Days and Nights Full of Anxiety (Y) 436
Herszel Teichmann A Miracle by the Grave (Y) 441
Mordechaj Seifentreger On the Deblin Camp (Y) 446
S.Z.Judensznaider About Woods and Camps (Y) 451
Bat-Szewa Scheinberg-Sendik The Times of Loses and Terror (Y) 455
Mosze Rubinstein Between Life and Death (Y) 458
J.Gutwaks A Bloody Escape (Y) 472
Abraham Rubinstein How Could It Happen (Y) 479
N.Abramowitz In the Steppes of Siberia (H) 480
Reuven Lew In the Dark Abyss (Y) 482
Samuel Putermann On the Death Path (Y) 490
Baruch Teperman For Eternal Memory (Y) 492
Nachman Abramowitz To the Exile (Y) 493
Estera Anglister The Destruction of my Town (Y) 500
A Scroll of Power
Malach Zuckerkop The Second World War (Y) 505
Szewa Fischtein From Ghetto to Partisans 523
Riwka Teichmann-Gerecht Anger and Revange (H) 538
Jakob Handsztok In the Tracks of the Jewish Life that Disappeared (Y)549
Jews from Ryki Around the World
M.Kapari Close Together (Y)557
Karole Davidman In Los Angeles (Y)568
Publication Committee Let it Be... (H)573
Szymon Kanc The Last Word (H)581
List of Martyrs585

Photo captions from the Ryki Yizkor book
Księga Pamiątkowa Ryk

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