Rowno, a Memorial to the
Jewish Community of Rowno, Volyn
(Rivne, Ukraine)

50°37' / 26°15'

Translation of
Rowne; sefer zikaron

Edited by: A. Avitachi, Former Residents of Rowno in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, Israel 1956 (H, 591 pages).

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Project Coordinator

Ann Glickman Goldberg


Thank you to Naomi Gal for her devoted work on this translation, done in 2010,
from the 1956 Hebrew text, available at the New York Public Library
Rovno (1956)

This is a translation from: Rovno, Ukraine: Rowne; sefer zikaron (Rowno; a memorial to the Jewish community of Rowno, Wolyn),
Editors: A. Avitachi, Tel Aviv, “Yalkut Wolyn” – Former Residents of Rowno in Israel, 1956 (H, 591 pages).

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Selections from the Yizkor Book of Rovno were translated from Hebrew into English
in memory of my family, who were born in Rovno, so that present and future generations can read and remember.

In Memory:

Mannes Glickman, my father (1910-1971)
Manya Glikman Sucharczuk, my aunt (1912-1942)
Gitele Glickman and Nuta Glickman, parents of Manya and Mannes

Ann Glickman Goldberg, Coordinator


Translated by Sidney C. Gelb

2 Map of Volhynia  
5 City Map of Rovno  
13 Title Page  
16 Register - Memorial Candle A. A.
17 The Main City in Volhynia K. Shabtai
19 People of Rovno Zvi Yashiv (Fishbien)
21 Rovno and Population Arie Avitachi
25 Rovno Jews A. A.
26 The Beginning of the Century Zeev Widriker
29 Around the Second “Duma” Shmuel Yizraeli
31 The Time of the Russian Revolution A. Avi-Menachem
33 Jewish Soldiers Gather and Self Defense Dr. Yaakov Yardeni-Berman
34 Period 1917-1918 Dr. Gur-Arieh Tralo
36 Ukrainian Rule and the Pogroms Haim Gmar
40 The Bloody Days of Patalura Engineer M. Gildenman
43 From Authority to Authority Arieh Harrari
45 With the Bolsheviks Sara Shacnai
47 The Polish Conquest Abraham Mann
49 The End of Hataman Askilko Engineer Moshe Gildenman
Economic Life
52 Jewish Metropolitan City
55 Banks and monetary institutions
59 Craftsman organizations
61 Office of general ?
62 Printing establishment
64 The economic depression on life of the Jews and the Sanazia
Movements and Political Parties
68 Echoes of 1904 - 1906
69 The Bund
73 Political Party S.S.
74 Folks party
74 Professional Societies
79 First signs of communism
82 Beginning of Zionism in Rovno
87 Dr. Nachman Sircon Rovno Delegate for the Sixth Congress
88 The “Hatachia” group (Vorozidonia)
92 The city Zionist committee and “Practzia” Zionist Youth
96 Central Zionist Bureau
99 Copies of memos
103 San Remo hope
105 The first pioneers Aliyah
106 Thus the first pioneers groups makes Aliyah.
108 From the period of the third Aliyah.
109 From Ukraine to the land of Israel
112 The Aliyah by way of Rovno
114 Zionist Student's Organization quot;Histadrut”
115 The first “Hechalutz” conference
116 “Hechalutz”
119 Young “Hechalutz”
120 Visits to the Rovno Pioneer Kibbutz
121 Central pioneers kibbutz
122 The pioneer group felling trees
123 Israeli Galili office
125 The Gallili committee of the Zionist organization
127 The organization for the acquisition of land in Israel
128 The collective
129 On the opening of Jerusalem Univ.
131 Revelation (Discovery?)
132 Visit of V.I.Ps and emissaries
138 Collection of principle funds
142 The league of Jewish Fund supporters
144 “The Mizrachi”
146 The revisionist zionist and “Betar” organizations
149 Zionist Youth - “Tsos” and Zionist workers
152 Zionist Workers' Party “Hitachduth”
154 Youth Guardians (Ha Shomer Ha Tsair)
160 Training of Ha Shomer Ha Tzair in Rovno
161 “Gordonia”
162 “Gordonia” among the youth movements
167 “Gordonia” The Rovno branch and its orientation
169 National Guardians and the Zionist Youth
173 The “Vitkinia”
176 Freedom - (Freiheit)
178 “Akiva” movement
179 VIZO
182 Various Zionist organizations
182 The stronghold of Zionism and Pioneering
183 Rovno's role towards Zionism fulfillment
Culture and Education
185 The spirit is captured
187 Jewish School (Cheders)and teachers (Mlomeds)
191 Language dispute in the public library
192 Association for the promotion of Hebrew .
197 Adults learn Hebrew
198 Education of the yiddishists
199 Regular Schools
205 Education for Zionism
208 The “Tarbut” society and the Galilie Committee
210 Hebrew kindergarten
212 Shelter house “Tarbut”
213 Elementary schools
215 Beginning of the “Tarbut” Gymnasia
219 Development of the “Tarbut” Gymnasia
221 Positive and negative aspects of the “Tarbut” Gymnasia
223 Concerning the Gymnasia for the period 1929 -1939
226 The last cycle of the Gymnasia
227 The end of the “Tarbut” Gymnasia
230 Religious school (Tolmud Torah)
231 The religious academy “Eits Chaim”
234 Nursing course for the health of the people
236 The first orphanage
240 The orphanage and dormitory
244 Remembrance of the orphanage education
245 With the poet H.N. Bialik and S. Tsharnachofski
248 Youth volunteers
249 Association of the Jewish Academists
250 Founding the “Maccabee”
253 Sport organizations
256 “Hashmonai”
259 Jewish Dramatic Circle
260 History of newspapers in Rovno
261 Rovno through the looking glass of the local newspapers
263 Newspaper editorials
279 Newsmen and writers convention with Moshe Stoy
280 Out of the Hebrew newspapers
Remembrance and Folk Lore
284 Thus appeared Rovno
285 The great conflagration
287 In the shadow of the pogrom
288 The panic of the Katsapim
289 From previous years
292 My childhood city
296 Grandpa's home
297 “Betsalel” Privilege of Rovno
298 From the past (Experiences Remembrances & Personalities)
301 From the days of the first war
302 Pictures from the war period
305 Rovno impressions
308 Pieces of remembrance and experience
317 Tsar Nicholas 2nd in Rovno
318 Russian Officer - a friend of the Jews
320 Silent witnesses
322 One among many
324 Student rebellion
325 Jealousy among Jews
326 Rescue of two youths
327 Visit of the rabbi from Stolin
329 Remembrance of Rovno
330 Experiences in Rovno
331 The 8 million rubles
332 Story of a convert
333 Monzone House
335 Graduation celebration - Torah Book
336 In the streets and alleys of the City
338 Klezmers and Weddings
340 Great shlepper
343 Shoemakers - Community activists
345 Water carriers
346 The stores are in flames
347 The large town
348 Greater (metropolitan) Rovno
355 Connection Rovno - Zovihil
355 Rovno - Mezhirichi
356 Rovno - Alexandria
362 Municipality (City Government)
364 The Community
368 Charity and Care institution
379 Health institutions
384 Community and Aid institutions
Synagogues & Holy utensils
393 Synagogues and institutes of learning
398 The Rovno Melody
400 Cantors, synagogue music and folk music
405 The period of Ziedel Rubner
410 Tzedikim, Hasidim and their melodies
412 Magids of Mezhirichi and Rovno
415 Rav Dov Bar the Magid and his letters
416 Rav Lev Sherhuse
417 Rabbies of Rovno and religious
425 Rabbi Rav. Moshe Eliezer Rotenberg
426 Scribes
427 Shochets (Ritual Butchers)
428 The gathering of the Rabbis in the yeshivas in Rovno
430 Rovno on the sabbath
431 Figures in Rovno
The Holocaust
514 From the Polish rule to the Soviet rule
517 Refugees and wanderers 1939 - 1940
518 The attitude of the non Jewish population toward the Jews
520 The way it happened
520     a. 22 June to 6 Nov 1941
522     b. In the talons of the Nazis
523     c. Rovno's End
526     d. What I saw with my own eyes
529 Notes of the Bloody Affair
541 From Rovno to Lvov and back
543 The conscience of a Judenrat man
544 The survivor from a mass grave
545 Cases of opposition to the Nazis
548 Nazis crimes in Rovno and its province
552 Testimonies and information
556 The Nazis invasion of Rovno to their destruction
560 Here is buried Jewish Rovno
563 Partisans
567 With the partisans' Battalions
570 The large grave
570 From the front to the liberated Rovno
573 Letters from the time of the Holocaust and afterward
576 The Torah books and scrolls
577 Back to my city
578 On Rovno's soil
580 With the Holocaust survivors
581 In camps of wanderers
584 From the anecdotal collection of the Holocaust depository
587 Uplift and making holy in the eternal rememberance
589 On the wreckage of the city
591 Remember the calamity of Israel
592 Bibliography


Additional sources:
  1. Memorial Book for the Jews of Rovno
  2. Holocaust in Rovno: The Massacre at Sosenki Forest, November 1941


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