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Yad Veshem -Yizkor

List of the missing compiled by:
Avraham Ziegelman (Tel-Aviv) and Yisrael Lust (Ramat-Gan)

List Presented by Street Name

Warshava Street
Given Name
family Members
Zilbermintz David With wife From the town of Gradawitz
Herman Boruch With wife Cereal Grinder
Herman Matityahu With wife  
Vinderboim Shmuel With wife and child  
Fest Reeva    
Tenenboim Eliyahu With wife Brick Layer
Kashemacher Yisachar With wife & children  
Turkeltoib Pinchas With wife & children  
Shapiro-Turkeltoib Miriam   School Teacher
Vinderboim Itzil With wife  
Lozer Yaakov With wife & children  
Kupietz Chana-Bracha With children  
Lublinerman Leibel With wife & children  
Appeloig Berl-Leib With wife & children  
Turkeltoib Nathan With wife & son  
Shuchmacher Avraham With wife & son  
Feigenboim Reshe With children  
Kupietz Yaakov-Moshe With wife & child  
Kopelman Hershel With wife  
Kratzshtein Meir-Laizer With wife & children  
Kavelblume Yisrael Hersch With children Baker
Damb Yaakov With wife & children  
Agman Yaakov-Leib With children  
Kupietz Yantshe With wife  
Feigenboim Eliyahu With wife & children  
Kligsberg Nechama With children  
Berman Yaakov With wife & children  
Vebman Velvel With wife & children  
Samiatizki Moshe With wife  
Levy Levi With wife & child  
Keiytelgisser Yehoshua With wife & children  
Zavidowitz Berl With wife & children  
Rubinshtein Tabeh    
Appeloig Shlomo With wife  
Blumenknop Velvel With wife  
Vohiner Avraham With wife & children Miller
Hardshtein Yitzchak With wife & children Quilt maker
Adelman Meir With wife & children  
Nissenboim Henik With son & grandson From the town of Yoellasvinsk
Helfenboim Shmuel With wife & children  
Frident Chaim With wife & children  
Pomeranietz Bayleh With children Woolen scarves maker


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Goldwasser Ephraim With wife & children  
Reichenberg Leibel With wife & son  
Kupietz Mendel With wife & children  
Kimmel Shmuel With wife & children  
Fass Yechezkel With wife & children  
Fass Yehoshua With wife & children  
Vishkovski Yehoshua With wife Brick Layer
Verubel Laizer With wife  
Slavic Yaakov-Shmuel With wife & children Tailor
Fenig   With wife & children Butcher 
Bandeh Shaul With wife & children Tailor
Blachovitsh Yisrael With wife Tinsmith
Greenberg Avraham With wife & children  
Blachovitsh Shammai   Tinsmith
Shaimes' daughter Chaya-Yehudith With son  
Zeidel Yisrael With wife & children Carpenter
Appelboim Laizer With wife  
Libfreind Simcha    
Heiblum Motil With wife & children Fisherman
Kuperschmit Zalman With wife & children Shoemaker
Adelman Meir With wife & children Tailor
Danilak Mendel With wife & children Book Binder
Blachovitsh Leah With children Alter's wife
Blachovitsh Yisrael With wife & children Alter's son
Blachovitsh Yisrael With wife & children The son of Blonde Yaakov
Berman Mosheh With wife  
Lichtenstein Gotteleh With wife & children  
(The Great Scholar)
Shlomo With wife & children
mother & sister
The Radzyner Rabbi
The Blind Asher With family    
Tubman Yehoshua With wife & children  
Blumenkop Moshe With son  
Appeloig Yankel With wife & child  
Schneider Yoel With wife & child  
Vebman  Velvel  With wife & child    
Hochboim  Toltzeh  With children  

Ostroweitzka Street 
Given Name 
family Members 
Lichtenstein  Sender  With wife & child    
Fantshak  Gershon-Henich  With wife & children    
Fantshak  Hershel     
Fenig  Velvel  With wife & child    
Hochboim  Yankel  With wife & child    
Shlimak  Yitzchak  With wife    

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Schtzupak  Mishel  With wife & child    
Schtzupak  Yoseph     
Schtzupak  Mordecai  With wife & child    
Kapshtack  Alter  With wife & children    
Finkelstein  Avraham-Leib With wife & children  
Goldfarb  Nochum-Yankel With wife & children Brezers?
Kronenberg  Dovid    Wagoner 
Blumenkop  Mattityahu    
Butman  Yitzchak (Bieh)  With wife & children   Tailor 
Lichtenstein  Dovid  With wife & children    
Kleinman  Mendil With wife    
Kleinman  Aaron-Hersh With wife & children    
Kleinman  Tzviah  With husband & child   
Kleinman  Leah     
Kleinman  Yosef  With wife & children    
Hirshbein  Chaim-Zishe With wife & children    
Zaltzshtein  Eliyahu  With wife & children   Sticher of upper shoe leather 
Kopelman  Neche    Kaplak? 
Spector  Yosef    Painter, Art 
Herbst  Elimelech  With wife & children    
Herbst  Moishe  With wife & children    
Freter  Yosef  With wife & children    
Vishnieh  Dan With wife & children Saloonkeeper 
Rubinshtein  Yehoshua With wife & children   Yoresh = heir (Nickname?) 
Lichtenstein  Shimon  With wife    
Kavelblume  Yosef-Ahron  With wife   Baker
Lichtenstein  Beril  With wife & child   The son of Yoel Midlarnick 
The Yellow  Itshe  With wife & children   Butcher 
Vineappel  Rochele    Midwife  
Blumen  Yosef  With wife & children   Barber 
Rosenberg  Dovid  With wife & children   From the town of Sochavol 
Goldwasser  Frede     
Berman  Teme-Yente  With husband    
Shteper  Chaim  With wife & children    
Domininer  Moishe  With wife & children   Shoemaker 
Tratsch  Yehoshua  With wife & children    
Engelman  Shmulke  With wife & children   Sexton of the synagogue 
Meicher  Chaim  With wife & children   Tailor 
Shuster  Shmuel-Leib  With wife    
Vineappel  Mottel  With wife & children   Barber 
Rubinshtein  Hershel  With wife & children    
Tukeltoib  Kraindel  With children    
Nusssboim  Henich  With wife & children    
Nusssboim  Yankel  With wife & children    
Turkeltoib  Natan(Pinchas)  With wife & child    

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Handelsman  Zalman Mechal     
Rubinstein  Yankel  With wife & children    
Zilberberg  Yeshiah  With wife    
Eisen  Avraham-Velvel  With wife & children   Brushmaker 
Turkeltoib  Fishel  With wife & children  
Nussblat  Yisroel  With wife & Daughters   
Rosenboim  Elchanan  With wife & children    
Shampam  Chaim- Leib  With wife & children   Shoemaker 
Feigenboim  Adel  With children    
Neiman  Mordechai  With wife & children   Barber 
Kupietz  Shimon  With wife & children    
Blumenkop  Yankel  With wife & children    
Ratushnik  Doctor  With wife & child    
Adelman  Tuviah     
Tannenboim  Moshe  With wife & children   Nickname Kugeleh = Pudding 
Adelman  Batyah     
Hochman  Yankel  With wife & children    
Rotshtein  Rochele  With children    
Rotshtein  Moishe-Shayeh  With wife & children    
Rotshtein    With children   Yisroel-Shimon's wife  
Lichtenstein  Yisroel  With family   Teacher 
Lichtenstein  Berl    Yankel Lichtenstein's son  
Kamienyetzka  Sara  With children    
Pinkus  Sholom  With wife & children    
Chavaleh Die Kleine      (Little Chava) 
Pontshak  Yitzchak  With wife & children   Shoemaker 
Pontshak  Yechezkel  With wife & children Shoemaker 
Pontshak  Lieber  With wife & children   Shoemaker 
Bober  Yankel  With wife & children    
Zambakofsky  Yankel  With wife   Feldsher = Barber surgeon 
Rosenboim  Reuven  With wife & child   Barber 
Himmelboim  Sime-Pese  With husband & child   Hatmaker 
Viazcszher  Yudel  With wife & children   Tailor 
Gottesdiner  Hindeh  With children   Chaya-Bayle's daughter  
Zuker  Mosheh  With child   Knop = knot (Nickname) 
Adamovski  Itsche-Meir  With wife    
Greenberg  Avraham  With wife & children   Baker 
Levenstein  Itsche  With wife & children    
Rotberg  Abatsche  With wife & children   Tailor 
Berman  Avraham  With wife & child    
Vohiner  Yasha  With wife & child   Miller 
Shulshtein  Aharon  With wife & children Baker 

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Cosze Street
Given Name
family Members
Fine Reb Chaim With children The Rabbi of Radzyn
Shineman Eliyahu With wife & son    
Kuperschmidt  Yosef  With wife & children    
Zuker  Hershel ("Knop")  With wife & children   
Voves  Yisrael  With children    
Shumlak  Leybel  With children   Wagoner 
Goldwasser  Yechiel  With wife & children   
Biderman  Shlomo ("Nega")  With family    
Veidenboim  Roise  With children   Dzabak(family nickname) 
Veidenboim  Shmuel  With wife & children  Dyer 
Vinderboim  Yisrael  With wife & children  Dzabak(family nickname) 
Eisenberg  Moishe  With wife & children  Grain Merchant
From the town of Stok 
Reichnadel  Berl  With wife & children  Barrel Maker 
Vetshtein  Chava  With children    
Becker  Yekutiel  With children    
Becker  Yosef  With children (Yekutiel's son)
Shuchmacher  Yankel  With children   Pepper Grinder 
Bershtenmacher  Yosef-Eli  With children    
Schuster  Yankele  With children    
Goldapple  Yitzchak  With children    Painter (Artist)
Shtshetshshinaz  Chayah Esther  With children    
Chaim  Eishe With family   Levi's son in-Law 
Goldshtein  Ovadia  With wife & children Ritual Slaughterer 
Goldbord  Fayge     
Berman  Elisheva  With children    
Wolf  Chantshe  With daughter    
Wolf  Yitzchakl  With family    
Weisman  Uziel  With family    
Blachovitsh  Yaakov  With family    
Sudberg  Chanina  With family    
Kaveh  Gershon  With family   Haapidona?- (Nickname?) 
Eisen  Shlomo-Zalman With family   Butcher (Borshtash = Brushmaker?)
Adelman  Moshe  With wife & children  Quilter 
Adelman  Menachem  With wife & children  Quilter 
Yazger    With family    
Steinberg  Meir  With family    
Arye's  Hershel  With family   Tailor 
Bronitzki  Shmuel-Leib  With family    
Saltzer  Dinah  With family    
Saltzer  Yisroelke  With family    
Levi  Rishe  With family    
Lust  Yossel  With family   Mezzuzah scribe 
Katzenelboigen  Motiye  Bashe's son   

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Isaacs  Meir Yoel  With wife & children Wagoner
Szonche Moishe With wife & children The sexton of the synagogue
Tikatchinsky Finkel With wife & children  
Tikatchinsky  Motke With wife & children Humorist-"tik-tak"
Tikatchinsky Yisroelke With wife & children Artist-painter
Ackerman Shaulke With wife & children  
Tikatchinsky Avraham Moishe  With wife & children  
Tikatchinsky Hershel    Newspaper Vendor 
Tikatchinsky Mnachem- Yehoshua     
Maneshes Hinde  With family Yoel Isaac's wife  
Kroinenberg Mechel  With family Wagoner 
Vrubal Chanina  With family Glazier 
Katz Avraham-Mordecai  With family Dispatch clerk 
Fenick Sarah-Perel  With family Butcher 
Chudaver Gittel (Tshipes)  With family  
Eisen Yitzchak With family Butcher ("Borshtash") = Brush Maker?
family Nickname 
Vinderboim Gittel  With children Dshabak? family nickname? 
Ackereisen Sheindel  With children  
Warshever Leibush  With children Shoemaker 

The First Market
Given Name
family Members
(The Soapmaker)?
Yosef With wife & children Lozer, Henia
Appeloig Moishe With wife & children  
Lichtenstein Yocheved With children  
Lichtenstein Leibel With wife &  children  
Sapir Chava With husband & children Watchmaker
Mushkat Shlomo With wife & children  
Mushkat Esther    
Shulshtein Yaakov-Zelig With wife   & children  
Rosenkrantz Yankel With wife & children  
Rosenwald Shaul-Henich With wife & children  
Rosenwald Itche With wife & children  
Gottesdiner Henich With wife & children  
Meicher Esther With children  
Himmelboim Hershel With wife & children Hatmaker
Rosenboim Yeshiah With wife & children  
Rosenboim Kalman With wife & children  
Sudberg Nachman -Yudel With wife & children Tailor
Blumen Avraham With wife & children  
Diamant Chaim With wife & children Hat maker
Shlep Yonaleh With wife & children Storekeeper
Himmelboim Rivka With husband & children  
Borchovsky Leah With children  

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The Second Market
Given Name
Members of the family
Pshenizeh Yosef-Eli  With wife & children  
Mantshaz Yosel  With wife & children  
Zigelman Eliezer    
Kavelblume Chaim-Shimon With wife & child  
Fruchtman Yehudith (ne:Zigelman) With husband & children  
Zilbermintz Lippe With wife & children  
Zysman Zyshe  With children  
Zysman Shimon-Velvel With wife & children  
Zysman Pesach  With wife & children  
Zysman Yisroel-Hersh With wife & children  
Rosenfeld Shlomo    
Rosenfeld Laibel With wife & children  
Zaidel Sarah Dintshe With family  
Levi Gittele Avraham Moishe's little girl  
Freedman.  Motke With wife & child Scribe
Rosenboim Meir With wife & children Quilter
Weisman Mordechai With children  
Weisman Leibel With wife Hatter
Tunkelroit Chaim Shieh With wife & children  
Zysman Dobe With children  
Zysman  Dovidtshe With wife & children  
Zysman Yossele With wife & children  
Zysman Beinem With wife  
Levi  Yankel With wife & children  
Goldstein Yankel  With wife & children  Lumber merchant
Zshita Yossel With wife & children  
Vinderboim Yankel With wife Bookeeper
Goldberg Nachke With wife & child  
Zuckerman Yitzchak-Eli With wife & children Watchmaker
Goldwasser Matityahu With wife & child Bookeeper
Rubinstein Berl With wife & children Saloon keeper
Lust Charne With child  
Ehkaeizer Boruch With wife  
Rosenboim Yankel With wife & child The Blind one
Gelerman Chaim Yitzchak With wife & children Paint merchant
Finkelstein Yehoshua With wife & son  
Finkelstein Yehoshua's son With wife  
Nirenberg Yossel With wife & children  
Kaptchak Moshe With wife & children  
Nirenberg-Hochmans Sarah 3 children  
Kupietz Avraham- Chaim With wife & children Dry Goods Merchant
Freter Berl With wife & children Shtrik = Rope Nickname
or - Rope maker
Weidenboim David With wife & children Dry Goods Merchant

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LamkeDavidWith wife & children 
FartikMordechaiWith wife & childrenTailor
NissboimFishelWith wife & childrenDealer in secondhand goods
NissboimMoisheleWith wife & children 
LichtensteinYantsheWith wife & daughterPainter Artist
DannHershelWith wife 
PshenitzaYankelWith wife & childrenTailor
PshenitzaMottelWith wife & childrenTailor

Kashive Street
Given Name
family Members
Smetanka Mordechai  With wife & children  Pantsmaker
Smetanka Moishe  With wife & children  Pantsmaker
Smetanka  Meir  With wife & children  Pantsmaker
Moishe-Hershel Aryeh's son With wife & children  
Rimasz Shalom With wife & children  
Rimasz Chaim  With wife & children  
Zegman Leibishel With wife & children  Baker
Patchkes Dovid    
Kochman Dovid With wife & children  Baker
Berman Sheindel With children  
Moshe-Binem's wife   With children   Shoemaker
Tshervien Shlomo With wife & children  Porter
Krein Yankel  With wife & children  Tailor
Berman Sarah-Feige With children   Bar tender
Stollar Shmuel  With wife & children  
Roitman Broche With children  
Lieberzon Lieber With wife & children  Shoemaker
Ackerman Nochuniah With wife & children  Dyer
Leichter Yitzchak With wife & children  
Goldreich Yossel With wife & children  
Finkelstein Chaim With wife & children  

Third Of May Street
Given Name
 family Members
Greenblatt Yechezkel With wife & children  
Kleinboim Shimon With wife & child  
Kleinman Shmuel With wife & child From  the town of Kotzk
Gottesdiner Yankel With wife & children  
Lemberg Yisroel With wife &  children Shoemaker
Lifshitz Shaul    
Lifshitz Moshe With wife &  children  
Label der Lomer (from Lom) With wife &  children Teacher

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ZilberbergAvremeleWith wife & children Money Changer
Zilberberg Shlomo With wife & children  

Mezerich Street
Given Name
family Members
Nussboim Moshe  With wife & children  
Nussboim Hershel With  wife & children  
Tshepelinski Avraham With  wife & children  
Aronyack  Chava    
Blumenfeld Shaul With wife & children  
Morgenshtern Sarah'tshe With child  
Rosenboim Shammai  With wife  
Faal Feivel  With wife & children  
Goldwasser Gedalia  With wife & children  Grain merchant
Gradovtshik Moshe    
Herman Avraham  With wife  
Kalenko Moshe With wife & children  The Blonde One
Goldwasser Simcha With wife &  children  Bank director
Freedman Yehoshua With wife & children  Teacher
Freedman Yisroel-Isser With wife & children  
Levenda Shlomo With wife & children  Smith
Kashtenboim Chana With children  
Blumen Leah With children  
Fishboim   With wife & children  
Adelman Velvel  With wife & children  Katshuba = The brush  used for cleaning chimneys. Nickname or occupation.
Meria Shia With wife & children  Glazier
Freter Hershel With wife & children  Shtrik = Rope maker or Nickname.
Shlafshtein Avraham  With wife & children  Porter

The Train Station
Given Name
family Members 
Finkelstien Leibel With family Shipping clerk
Finkelstien Nachum-Tzadok With family  
Finkelstien Shamai With family  
Nissenkorn Yossel With family  
Nissenkorn Menachem WithFamily  
Nissenkorn Moshe With family  
Nissenkorn Tziril With husband & children  

Shkalneh Street
   Given Name 
family Members 
Kotzker Yankel With wife & children Shoemaker
Heibloom Mendel With wife & children   

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ShteinbergSmuel -GottelWith wife & children Butcher
Shteinberg Pinieh With wife & children  
Apploig  Moshe- -Bunims With wife & children  Shoemaker
Ravniak  Yekutiel With wife & children  Paver
Koptshak Shaye With wife & children  Wagoner
Kotzker Hershel With wife & children  Shoemaker
Bernzon  Shaye With wife & children  
Rotberg Dovid (Feivush's) With wife & children  Tailor
Gelibter Yaakov Leib With wife & children  
Gelibter Leahtshe With husband & children  
Levi. Shammai With  wife & children  Scribe
Levi Feige Rivke With husband & child  
Luft Shlome Dovid  With wife &  children  
Luft Mottele With wife &  child   Scribe
Rotberg Feige With  children  
Rotberg Yonale With wife & children  
Rotberg Tove Gritzmacher With child  
Berchat Hertzke With wife &  children   Shoemaker
Rotstein Berl  With wife & children  Shoemaker
Hersh-  Yidel With wife & children  Shoemaker
Kashenmacher Eli  With wife & children  Tailor
Kashenmacher Shmuelke With wife & children  Tailor
Vaiazshor Aiver With wife & children  Tailor
Trackternick Orele  With wife & children  Oldclothes dealer
Trackternick Yankel  With wife & children  
Wasserman  Berele With wife & children  Gravedigger
Montshaz  Elimelech  With wife & children  HarnessMaker
Monish    With wife & children Shoemaker
Melinasz  Mordechai With wife & children  Pamp = navel. (Nickname)
Melinasz  Chaim-Zelig  With wife & children  Scribe
Lynn  Mendil    
Mletshak Nissan With wife & children Tailor
Kirshner  Chanina  With wife & children   Butter Merchant
Krein Yaakov-Leib With wife & children Tailor
Sarahke-Fanes  Reuven  With wife & children   Miller
Berman  Chaim-Reuven  With wife & child   Quilt Maker
Rotberg  Pessach With wife & child  
Rotberg family   With all the children   Cossacks. (Nickname)
Farbiash Shmuel  With wife & child Butcher
(Hershel Lipe's)
Mendel With wife & children Teacher
Rosenberg  Itsche  With children   Baker
Pesachovitz Moishe-Laizer  With wife & children  Tailor
Tszerwin  Moishe  With wife & children Patsch = slap.(Nickname)
Kavelblume  Heitze With children  

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Tzimmerman-KavelblumeTziporahWith child Tailor
Klein Meir  With wife & children Ritual Slaughterer
Berman  Moshe With wife & children  Tailor
Berman Yudel With wife & child   Tailor
Szelonikviat Shalom With wife & child Butcher
Eizens Yisroel Mendel family Butcher Barshtash
Family nickname = The Brush Maker
Gritzmacher Ben-Zion  With family Shoemaker
Zabikover Moshe With wife Harness Maker

Kotlarska  Street
family Name 
     Given Name
family Members
Burshtin Itshe Meir With family Merchant
Burshtin Menachem  With family  
Burshtin  Avraham  With family  
Burshtin Yechiel    
Tshervien Velvel With wife  
  Yonah  With wife  
Burak  Gershon With wife & children  Tailor
Kugel = pudding family nickname
Burak Chaim  With wife & children Fisherman
Kugel = pudding family nickname
Burak Moishe With wife & children Fisherman
Kugel = pudding family nickname
Vrubal Leibele With family   Glazier
Moishele  The Rabinical   Judge's With family  
Fruchtnberg Mordechai With family   Wagoner
Fruchtnberg Yantel  With family Wagoner
Eisen  Nechemia With family Butcher (Borshtash = Brushmaker?)
family nickname?
Eisen  Hershel  With family Butcher
Barshtash = brush maker  family nickname?
Klezmer Velvel With family   Bartek = family name
Schneider Hershel With family   Bartek = family name
Bartek  Scheindele    Laundress
Koptshak Shimon-Hersh With the whole family Wagoner
Koptshak Simcha-Geler With the whole family Wagoner
Koptshak Itzele With the whole family Wagoner
Koptshak Pinchas With the whole family Wagoner
Koptshak Mordechai With the whole family  Wagoner
Koptshak  Tileh With the whole family  
Scniezsac Tzalkeh With the whole family Shoemaker

Kalen Street
Given Name
family Members 
Smetanka  Motel With wife & children Shoemaker
Fleisick Shlomoh-Lozer With wife & children  Butcher
Fleisick Feivel With wife & children  Grain Merchant
Ravniak  Moshe With wife & children Paver
Saltzer  Sarah    

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SaltzerShimonWith wife & child Tailor
Herman Yechiel With wife & children  Miller
Herman Isaac With wife Miller
Feigenblat Noach With wife & children  
Herman Berl With wife  
Vassershtrom Eiszesche With wife  
Vassershtrom Mashe With husband  
Pomerantz Avishi -Melech With family Merchant
Kaptchak Moishe (Veves) With family Wagoner
Goldshtein  Yudale With wife & children  Shoemaker
Ganski Shimon With wife & children  (Split lip)
Nissboim  Efraim  With wife & children Porter
Berchat Simchale  With wife & children Shoemaker
Pasternak Pesach (Pietsh)  With wife & children Water Carrier
Shlafshtein  Yoel  With wife & children Merchant
Pomerantz  Reuven  With wife & children  Porter
  Sarah Bashe
Reuven's daughter
With children    

 And Many  Many  More…

May Their Memory Be Bound Up In The Eternal Life Of The Nation

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