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Germany volume 1

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Translation from Pinkas ha-kehilot Germanyah

Published by Yad Vashem

Published in Jerusalem, 1972



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[Page 241]

Lisberg, Germany

Village in Bamberg County.



Year No of Residents of them Jews %
1809-10 562 95 &16.9
1811-12 540 84 15.5
1867 630 39 6.2
1880 610 39 6.4
1890 590 26 4.4
1900 511 15 2.9
1910 536 7 1.3
1925 643 1 0.1
1933 657 1 0.1
18.6.1940 - 0  

We have no knowledge about the beginning of the Jewish settlement in Lisberg and about the year the local Jewish cemetery was established, but it is known that Jews were brought there for burial from nearby Trabelsdorf in the middle of the 18th century. The community was officially eradicated in 1904 and the Jews of Lisberg were absorbed into the Trabelsdorf community.

In May 1940, the cemetery was desecrated by unknown persons; most of the gravestones were pulled out of their places and damaged.

On June 17, 1940, the last Jew in Lisberg, a 70-year-old woman, was transferred to an old age facility in Regensburg.

Today the cemetery is under the care of the Bavarian Council of Jewish Communities.

Central Archive of the Jewish People

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Yad Vashem Archive

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