Remembrance Book
of Nowy Targ and Vicinity

(Nowy Targ, Poland)

49°29' / 20°02'

Translation of
Sefer Nowy Targ ve ha seviva

Edited by: Michael Walzer-Fass

Published in Tel Aviv, 1979



Project Coordinator

Stephanie Weiner z"l


Our sincere appreciation to Ms. Shoshana Ben Ami, of the Nowy Targ Association,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Sefer Nowy Targ ve ha seviva, Remembrance book of Nowy Targ and vicinity.
Ed. Michael Walzer-Fass. Tel Aviv, Townspeople Association of Nowy Targ and vicinity, 1979 (H,Y,E).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Nowy Targ

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

History and Memories
Photographs 10
Our book of remembrance Shoshana Ben-Ami (Natowitz) 13
This book – as a monument to Podhale Jewry Zvi Nir (Gerstner) 14
Editor's Foreword Michael Walzer-Fass 15
Map of Podhale 18
History of the Jewish community in Nowy-Targ (Neu-Mark) Dr. Avraham Chomet 19
History of the Jewish community in Nowy-Targ (Neu-Mark) [Y] Dr. Avraham Chomet 26
Nowy-Targ, our town Dr. Zvi [Herman] Kolber 35
   a. After annexation by Austria 36
   b. The new laws 37
   c. The economic activities: commerce, idustry and handicraft 37
   d. The competition between Poles and Jews 41
   e. Clerks and free professions 42
   f. The religious and public life 45
   g. Rabbis, judges in religious court and slaughterers 46
   h. The Great Synagogue and other prayer houses 48
   i. The cemetery 50
   j. The schools in town 51
   k. Financial institutions 53
   l. Merchants' organizations 54
   m. Public organizations 54
   n. The relationship with the Polish population 55
   o. The Podhale Jews during First World War 56
   p. Lenin lived in a village near Nowy-Targ 56
   q. Army headquarters in town 58
   r. The awakening of the Jewish national movement 60
From days past Leopold Trepper 62
Nowy-Targ, my hometown Kalman Shimon Dagan 67
The national-religious movement in Nowy-Targ Yitzhak Neri (Licht) 73
   a. The Yavne School 74
   b. The Mizrahi movement 76
   c. The young Mizrahi and Beruria 76
   d. Hashomer Hadati [the religious Hashomer] movement 78
The Hasidic Nowy-Targ Zvi Nir (Gerstner) 80
The Hashomer Hadati in Nowy-Targ Zvi Nir (Gerstner) 81
Hashomer Hatza'ir in Nowy-Targ Sabina Lahav (Ernst) 85
Memories from the Akiva movement in Nowy-Targ Shoshana Ben-Ami 92
Akiva in Podhale Genia Makovitz-Rand 99
My Aliya to Eretz Israel Hela Miller-Asam 101
The library: core of social activity in Nowy-Targ Y. Traunstein 103
The library in Nowy-Targ Chava Langer-Hauser 104
Hagibor - Jewish sports club in Nowy-Targ Baruch Remer 106
Thursday, market day in ourtown Shoshana Ben-Ami 109
Antisemitism in Nowy-Targ Shoshana Ben-Ami 111
Skirmish at dawn ... Yanek Langer 113
Things I remember David Goldberg 115
My town Nowy-Targ Michael Bergman 116
Memories from days of long ago Moshe Gevirtz 118
A bundle of memories Yosef Dranger 119
My town Nowy-Targ Shoshana Lieberman 120
Jewish life in the Podhale district Yehuda Bladgreen 121
Our towns in Podhale Yehuda Bladgreen 125
There was a town called Zakopane Anna Pollak-Fass 127
The contribution of Jewish Zakopane Munek Piwok 131
The activity of the Jewish Youth in Zakopane Moshe Geminder 133
The town Ravka Zdroi Yosef Geller (Gil) 135
The Lunezko community Mordecai Schein 138
My town Krostchenko Moshe Aharon Ziskind 139
   a. Regional institutions 140
   b. The synagogue in town 141
   c. The Jewish youth movements 143
My town Stchawnica Rav Meir Refael Zigler 146
A chapter from my childhood Hela Miller-Asam 147
Rabbis, Personalities, Figures and Families
Rav Yakov Yokel Hirsch Zvi Nir (Gerstner) 150
In memory of rabbi Israel David Yehuda Gerstner 152
Rav R'Israel Schreiber (Jardanov) "Oholei Shem" 152
Rav R'Eli Eichenstein (Zakopane) "Oholei Shem" 152
In memory of a young scholar who perished Yosef Friedensohn 153
R'Shimon Englander Yitzhak Hammer 156
Persons from a world that is no more... Dr. Zvi Kolber 158
   a. Dr. Herman Schein 158
   b. Dr. Bernhard Cohen 159
   c. Ignatz Hammerschlag 160
   d. Herman Zvi Fischgrund 161
In memory of those no longer with us Moshe Rand 162
The history of one family Zvi Eliezri-Lazarkowitz 164
In memory of my parents, Tontcha and Shlomo Greenspan Chaia Greenspan-Mehlman 167
My mother Chana Green-Gevirtz 168
To Mother Hela Miller-Asam 170
A monument on the road (remembering Moshe Beldinger) Sara Krein-Mark 171
Our house in Deluga St. 132 Sara Krein-Mark 172
Memories from my childhood David Goldberg 174
My home Yosef Drenger 178
The members of my family Gila Knippel-Sprei 179
Young boys tell their stories Ioachim Traunstein 180
In memory of my parents and brother Yoel Braunfeld (Bar-Shira) 181
The home of Yosef and Malka (Englender) Ziskind Moshe Aharon Ziskind 182
Dr. Barthold Baruch Fass, Dr. Zvi Herman Kolber 183
Yosef Folkman Dr. Zvi Herman Kolber 184
Memories from a visit to Tcharni-Dunaitz Michael Waltzer-Fass 185
In the mountains Menachem Stempel 188
The Holocaust
   A. Nowy-Targ on the eve of the German invasion Dr. David Yacobovitz 190
      Occupation by the German Army and transfer of Jews as hostages to Germany 191
      The murders of the "Einsatz Gruppe Wien" 192
      The first anti-Semitic decrees 193
      The Jewish Council 194
      A Jewish quarter 195
      Labor camps, and more persecutions 196
      Murders during the years 1940-41, the first "Aktzia"s 198
      The last days before deportation 202
      The final Aktzia, the massacre in the cemetery 203
      The last road to extermination - the labor camp in Nowy-Targ 206
      Nowy-Targ Jews in the Plashow camp 210
      Reasons for the total annihilation of the Nowy-Targ community 211
      The destruction of the Nowy-Targ cemetery 214
   B. Zakopane (the deportation of the Jews from Zakopane and surroundings, the Gestapo headquarters at the Palace Hotel, the Stuag labor camp, the verdict of the Court) 216
   C. Ravka (the first period of the Nazi rule, the Aktzia against the Ravka Jews, other Aktzias in the forest near the SS School) 221
   D. Jordanow (the town during the first days of the German army invasion, the cruel Aktzias, murders in the Jordanow cemetery) 226
   E. Stchawnica 232
   F. Krushtchenko on the Dunaytz 233
   G. Tcharny-Dunaytz 234
   H. Makow-Podalski 235
What happened in the Nowy-Targ area after liberation 237
Additional reports from the time of destruction 240
The Judenrat in Zakopane Alexander Ben-Ami 244
My story during the Holocaust Chana Hornung Grasgreen 250
From the testimony of Marian Derlich 252
Memories from “those days” Avraham Riger 256
The day of the deportation Nachum Back 260
In a Soviet concentration camp during the war Moshe Sinai 262
Fragments of memories from the war Moshe Rand 262
Murders on Tish'a Be'av Herta Greenspan-Natowitz 264
Fragments of memories from the time of the Holocaust Frania Tieger (Netzer) 265
The town Ravka during the first period of the Nazi rule (the establishment of the SS School, reorganization of the school, the first Aktzia, the following Aktzias, the murder of a transport of religious Jews, Rosenbaum's behavior toward his servants, Rosenbaum and his helpers' crimes, the final Aktzia, sending information to the free world, the fate of the Jews in the labor camp, Rosenbaum's trial, echoes of the trial in the Hamburg press, the fate of the other Ravka criminals) Dr. David Yacobovitz 268
Rosenbaum's release from prison (memorandum to the German Embassy, stormy discussions in the press and the Hamburg Parliament, resignation of the Minister of Justice and Rosenbaum's return to prison) Yehuda Kestenbaum 293
In Ravka Zdroy during the Holocaust Yehuda Kestenbaum 297
The day of deportation Ioachim Traunstein 299
The Jewish electricians Hirsh Shifeldrin 300
This is how the Ravka Zdroy community was destroyed Zvi Shifeldrin 306
Ravka Zdroy during WWII Yosef Geller-Gil 311
Memories from "those days" Fala Kushnir (nee Geller) 312
My town Jordanow Ratz Aloni 313
In the Jordanow forest Chana Windstrauch 315
My town Shtchavnica Rav Refael Meir Ziegler 320
The sufferings of the Orawa Jews Ethelka Weissberg 321
Sparks (by reports in “Haboker”, “Ha'aretz”, “Davar”) 324
A visit to Nowy-Targ in 1975 Adek Edward Arberman 327
Former Residents of Nowy-Targ and Surroundings in Israel
Our organization and its aims Yehuda Bladgreen 332
Memorial Service for our Town's martyrs, Tel Aviv 1964 Dr. Yakov Mikenbrun 335
   a. Mordechai Loewenberg, Shoshana Ben-Ami 337
   b. In memory of Irena Rachel Markus Folkman 338
Dr. Yakov Mikenbrun Dr. Avraham Chamet 340
Dr. Akiva Shmuel Milgrom Arie Diamant 344
Dr. Akiva Shmuel Milgrom Sabina Lahav 346
Dr. Israel Hammerschlag Dr. Zvi Kolber 347
Memorial Pages - Nowy Targ 350
Memorial Pages - Krościenko 410
Our book of remembrance Shoshana Ben-Ami 5
This book–monument to Podhale Jewry Zvi Nir 6
Editor's Foreword Michael Walzer-Fass 7
History of the Jewish community in Nowy-Targ Dr Avraham Chomet 9
Our Nowy-Targ Dr Zvi [Herman] Kolber 12
From days past Leopold Trepper 17
Nowy-Targ, my hometown Kalman Shimon Dagan 19
Hassidic Nowy-Targ Zvi Nir 20
“Hashomer Hadati” in Nowy-Targ Zvi Nir 21
The National religious movement in Nowy-Targ Yitzhak Neri 21
“Hashomer Hatzair” in Nowy-Targ Sabina Lahav 23
“Akiva” in Nowy-Targ Shoshana Ben-Ami 25
“Akiva” in Podhale Genia Makovitz-Rand 27
My Aliya Hela Miller-Osem 28
The library: core of social activity Y. Traunstein 29
“Haggibor” Jewish sports club in Nowy-Targ Baruch Remer 30
Thursday was market day Shoshana Ben-Ami 30
Antisemitism in Nowy-Targ Shoshana Ben-Ami 31
Skirmish at dawn Yanek Langer 32
Things I remember David Goldberg 33
My town Nowy-Targ Michael Bergman 34
The “social club” in Nowy-Targ Yosef Dranger 34
My Nowy-Targ Shoshana Lieberman 35
Jewish life in the Podhale district Anna Pollak-Fass 35
Our towns in Podhale Yehuda Beldegrün 36
The contribution of Jewish Zakopane Munek Piwok 37
Memories of a visit to Charni-Dunaietz Michael Walzer-Fass 39
My town Kroshchenko Moshe Aharon Zyskind 41
The town Rabkah Zdroi Yosef Geller 42
The Lunezko community Mordecai Schein 43
In memory of my family Gila Knipel-Shprei 43
As the young ones tell it Joachim Traunstein 44
Rabbi Yaacov Yokil Hirsch Zvi Nir 45
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Yehuda Gerstner 45
My town Shchavnitza Yehuda Gerstner 46
In memory of a great Scholar Yosef Friedenson 46
Shimon Englander Yitzhak Hammer 47
In memory of those no longer with us Moshe Rand 48
–No title– Shlomo Greenspan 49
My mother Hannah Green-Gewirtz 49
A marker on the way [Moshe Baldinger] Sarah Kreis 50
Childhood memories David Goldberg 51
Dr Berthold [Baruch] Fass Dr Zvi Herman Kolber 52
Yosef Folkman Dr Zvi Herman Kolber 52
My parents and brothers Joel Braunfeld 53
Introduction to the accounts of the Holocaust   55
Nowy-Targ on the eve of the German takeover Dr David Yacobovitz 56
   Zakopane 64
   Rabka 66
   Yordanov 68
   Shchavnitza 69
   Kroshchenko-on-Dunaietz 69
   Charni Dunaietz 70
   Makov Podhalanski 70
The Holocaust: Personal Accounts
Recollections from “those days" Avraham Rieger 73
The “Judenrat” in Zakopane Alexander Ben-Ami 75
Roundup day Nahum Bek 77
In a Soviet concentration camp Moshe Sinai 77
Recollections from the war era Moshe Rand 78
Murder on the 9th of Ab Herta Greenspan-Natowitz 79
Memories from the days of the Holocaust Frania Tiger 80
The Rosenbaum trial Yehuda Kestenbaum 81
The Jewish electrician Hirsch Schiffeldrin 85
Our Association and its activities Yehuda Beldegrün 87
My Town Sczawnica Mayer Refael Zigler 146
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