Mielec Jews
(Mielec, Poland)

50°17' / 21°25'

Translation of
Melitser Yidn

Edited by: Shlomo Klagsbrun

Published in Tel Aviv 1979



This is a translation from: Melitser Yidn (Mielec Jews),
Editor: Shlomo Klagsbrun, Tel Aviv 1979 (Y 288 pages).

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Introduction   7
First World War   14
War Occupations   21
After the First World War   24
A Fair in the Shtetl [town]   31
Yiddishkeit [Jewish way of life] in the Shtetl [town]   38
Zionist Activity   44
Excursions of Hashomer [The Youth Guard]   51
Sport   55
To God and to People   61
Blows   66
“Punishment” and Quarrels   69
Erev Shabbos [Shabbat Eve]   78
Friday at Night   83
Shabbos in the Morning   89
How Do We Return to the Past   97
Cholent and Kishke   100
After the Shabbos Table   103
Shabbos at the Small Market   108
The Havdalah [closing Shabbat prayers] of Chaiml Reshtl the Scribe   113
Disturbed Dreams   116
Charity and The Interest-Free Loan Fund   128
Slichos [special pre-Days of Awe Prayers] and Forgiveness   243
The Lame Sondze [judge]   262
Correct Answer   171
Yad Harutsim - The Artisans Union   178
On the Eve of the Ourbreak of War   182
The War Came   188
On the Eve of Rosh Hashanah   197
In the Vise of Grief and Rage   224
Yom Kippur   236
After Yom Kippur   241
Deportations   252
In the Hangers   259
The Transports   267
The Pustkow Labor Camp   275
In the Airplane Works   281


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