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A list of Meretch Jews murdered in the Holocaust (in Yiddish)
selected from the Meretch Yizkor Book

Translated by Renee Miller

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Abeliar and family
Arientz or Orientz, Aaron and family
Arientz      “         Bezalel and family
Arientz      “         Reuben and Sende and family
Arientz      “        Avram (Abraham)[1] and family
Arientz      “        Simcha [2] -Yankl and family
Arientz      “        Isaac and Sarah and the children: Merke, Hirshke and others
Arientz      “        Aaron and Rebecca with children
Itkin and family
Eishishky Gershon and Perl with two children
Indursky Yidl (or Idl) and family
Alpers, Alter and Tsirl with son Joseph-Aaron
Oreliansky or Areliansky, Robert and family
Bobolsky, Motl and family
Bobolsky, Israel-Avigdor and family
Bobolsky, Meyer and Chaye with children
Vorobeichik (or Borobeichik) and family
Bloch (Blokh) Avram and Sarah [3] with children
Bloch, Shale and family
Bloch, Chaim-Elijah (Elias) and family
Bliach, Moishe and Alte with children
Bliach, Yudl and Pesia with children
Belitser, Alter and Chaye and family
Bendenson, Chaye
Becker, (Beker) Ava or Aba
Becker, Glike with daughters
Bershitz, Yankl and Lea with children
Brick (Brik), Lazar and Mirl and children: Rukhl and Yudele
Goshansky or Gashansky, Yudl and Chane-Libe with children: Rukhl, Chaye, Hirshele
Goshansky, Chaye with children:Shmerl, Rukhe-Leyke
Gotfried, Chane
Garbl or Gorbl, Leib and Chane with children: Moishe, Chaim, Michal
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Gornitsky, Moishe and Rivl with children
Gordon, Dovid and family
Gelbart, Chaim and Hinde and family
Geler (Geller), Leib Abigail with children
Geler,      “      Gedalke [4] and Lea with children
Gendel and family
Gendel, Michl-Hirsh and Kuni with children
Grotsky, Michele
Grotsky, Shloyme and family
Grotsky, Gershon and Neshke [5] with children
Dushansky, Nisim-Leib and family
Dembinsky, Tsirl with children
Drazner (Droszner), (Dobke the tailor)
Drazner and family
Drayerman, Velvl and family
Halperin, Bezalel and Henie with daughter Geshke
Henin, Joseph and Sarah with children
Vasilevsky (Wasilevsky), Motl and Zelde with sons Chaim and Joseph
Vasilevsky      “               Asher and Fride with children
Vasilevsky      “               Peretz and family
Vasilevsky      “               Shmuel and Esther with children
Vasilevsky      “               Aaron and Chaye
Vasilevsky       “              Moishe and Yehudit (Judith) with children
Widowsky, Hirshl and Gutl with children: Henie-Libke and Mulke (Malke?)
Widowsky, Efraim and Merl with children
Weinshtein, Bezalel Shtirl with children
Wildikan (Wildican), Dovid and family
Wildican, Katriel
Wilk (Vilk) and family
Wilk, Pesach and family
Wismunsky, Aaron and Sheine-Itke with children
Wismunsky and family
Wiseisky and family
Wiseisky, Shmuel and Khashl (Hashl with children
Wiseisky, Motl and Lea with children
Wiseisky, Esther and children
Wasilisky, Shmuel, Esther and son Joseph
Zalutsky,Meyer-Moishe and Libe with children
Zimitrovitch, with his children: Hirshke, Dovid-ke, Rashe-Leyke
Zlatkovitch, Itche-Leib and Bashl with family
Zlatkovitch, Berl and family
Zlatkovitch, Zalman and Eidke and family
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Shmutsky, Jacob and Rukhl with son Krishke
Shmutsky, Moishe and Esther with children: Avrum and Feigele
Shmutsky, Yankl and Bashe-Lea with children
Shmutsky, Rafael and Malke with children: Sheinele and libele
Shmutsky, Leib and Lea-Gitl
Shmutsky, Rachmiel-Leib and Bashl with children
Shmutsky, Ruben and Chaye-Gitl
Zembrovsky, Avrum and Bashl with children
Zembrovsky, Sheva and Shteshke with children
Zembrovsky, Meyer and Asna with children
Zembrovsky, Zelig and Zlote (Zlate) and children: Batsheva, Mendke and others
Zembrovsky, Shimon and family
Chabatsky and family
Tatarsky, Pesach and family
Tarikovsky, Lea and son Berl
Tarikovsky, Michl and family
Turetz (Turets), Doctor
Trotsky, Berl
Trotsky, Rukhl and family
Jakerovitch (Yakerovitch), Leib and Rukhl with children
Jeverovitch (Yeverovitch), Gite-Mirl
Jenivov (Yenivov), Simcha
Charafes ? (Charapes?), Alter ane Rivl with children:Rukhl, Yehuda, Frume, Jacob
      “                      “       Mordkhe (Mordechai) and family
Lokenitsky, Chaim –Yitskhak (Itsl) and Surl
Lokenitsky, Benjomin and Tanye with children: Joseph and Lea
Lokenitsky, Dovid-Leib with children: Sheinke, Danke, Leake
Lurie, with family (teacher in folksshul)
Lis and family
Levin, Mordkhe (the miller) with children
Levin, Aba and Rukhl with children
Levin, Yehude and family
Levin, Leib and family
Masienovitch, Chaim-Isak and Toibe with children
Man (Mann), Veivel and Gela with children: Mateske (Mattithiah), Bassheva
Man,      “      Eli-Isaac and family
Man,      “      Elihu
Man,       “     Matis and Devore with children
Man,      “      Berl and Henie with children: Beilke, Beinemke
Manasovsky, Bezalel and Bekke with children
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Monasovsky, Benjomin and Rive with children
Monasovsky, Shefske and Jokhe (Jochebed) with children
Monasovsky, Berekh (Baruch?) and Chaye with children
Merikansky, Yankl and family
Maslovsky, Moishe and Mine-Malka with children
Maslovsky, Jacob and family
Miller (Miler) Yehuda and Tamara with son Eizerke
Miller, Shimshon And Shtirke
Miller, Mishke and Tzivia with children
Mrs. Miller, Mishke's mother
Miklishanky, Moishe and Mine-Malka with family
Miklishansky, Leib and Yehudit with son Moti
Merikansky, Leib
Merikansky, Bashl
Merikansky, Berl and Slave with children: Shtishe, Hirshele, Lyube, Mine, Zusie
Mendele, Yankele
Musin, Yehudit
Noakh (the Cantor's wife) and son Ruben
Nosinovitch, Pinie and family
Nosinovitch, Zavl and family
Sabonsky, Elihu
Sofutsky) (Soputsky), Zelig and Slave with children: Kunke, Miriam, Peshe-Chayke, Leibele
Sofutsky) (Soputsky), Sheine-Rivl and son Itche-Berke
Saperson and family
Sidronsky, Avrum and Neshe with children; Chane, Fivel
Sloviansky, Tiebl with children: Chane, Leibke
Sloviansky , and family
Slonimsky, Avrum and Sarah with children: Beylke, Mordkhe, Kalman and others
Slotznik, Joseph and Itl
Smolnik, Yehuda and Genia (Chaye-Henie) And daughter Surele
Segal, Notl (Natan) and family
Segal, Sholem and Sarah with children
Sereisky, Meyer and Zelda with children
Sereisky, Natan (the harness-maker) and family
Sereisky, Zundl and Shifra with children
Sereisky, Toibe
Sereisky, Nahum and Chane with children
Epstein, Yune (Yoyne) and Beyle with son Yankl
Vogel, Shimon and Esther with children
Podrub, Chaye with children: Rukhl, Chaim and others
Factor and family
Pugatsky, Tankhum (died 1939) and Sarah with children: Shmuel-Berke, Itsele, Rukhele
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Pugatsky, Moishe-Dovid and Fayne
Pugatsky, Chaim and Chane with children
Pugatsky, Sarah and son Abraham
Pugatsky, Neche
Pugatsky, Sholem and family
Pugatsky, Efraim and Freydl with children
Pilvinsky (Filvinsky?) Leyzer and Leah
Pinan (Finan?) Meyer and Leah with children
Pintel, Esther and family
Tsigel, and family
Tsitselsky, Motl and Sheyne with children: Rebecca, Leyele, Moishe,Tcharne
Tsitselsky, (the knight) and wife Gite with children
Tsitselsky, Nokhem and Malke with son Abraham
Tsirlstein, Henekh and Leah with children
Tsirlstein, Joseph and Chaye with children
Tsirlstein, Baruch-Shloyme and Chaye with children
Tsirlstein, Abraham and family
Tsirlstein, Moishe and family
Tsirlstein, Bere Leib and son
Kabatchnik, Shmuel land Itl
Kalman, and family (the shoykhet, [ritual slaughterer])
Kaleka, and family
Kosovsky, Asher and Asne with children
Kosovsky, Tevke and Surl-Blumke with children
Kowshevnik, and family
Kaplan, Rueben with children: Ditshele-Dovid
Kaplan, Moishe and family
Kaplan, Moishe-Hirsh and Sarah with children
Kaplan, Shimon-Joseph and Leah with children
Kaplan, Ben-Tsion and son Shimon-Joseph
Kaplan, Pesakh and family
Kaplan, Abraham-Yudl and family
Kaplan, Chaim-Hirsh and Chaye with children
Kopelman, Bashl with children: Beylke, Zeydke, Itchke
Karavan, Shmuel and family
Karavan, Shloyme
Kubitsky, Moishe and Chaye with children
Kubitsky, Motl and Chaye with children
Klibansky, Leib and Chane with children: Joseph, Rueben
Kravitz, Berke and family
Kravitz, Zelde and family
Krusinsky, Yoyne and Surl with children: Yankl-Berke, Perke
Kriverutchky, Nisn and family
Kriverutchky, Tsipl and daughter Chane
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Krinsky and family
Krikshtansky, Manke and Rukhl with children
Krikshtansky, Pesakh and Etke with children
Rabin, Yuhushe-Dovid and Sarah with children: Eike (Yehoash), Chane-Libele
Rogovsky, Joseph-Elihu and Zisl with children: Mordkhe, Trueh, Toybe, Peretz
Rogovsky, Shmuel and family
Rodovsky, Jabobe amd Itl with son Berl
Rosental, Meyer and Akhse with children
Rotnitsky, Shloyme and family
Romanov, Nesie
Romanov, Chaye
Romanov, Sholem-Yitshok and family
Rashinsky, Dina
Rashinsky, Lizke with children
Rashinsky, Kalmen and Sonia with children
Rubinsky, Aaron and family
Rubinstein, Shimon and Gutl with daughter Sarah
Ruderman, and Sheyne-Rukhl with children
Rushansky, Alter and Rivl with children: Herzl, Libele
Reizner, Itche-Velvl and Rukhl with daughters
Reizner, Shane with family
Redak, Shmuel and Sheyne with children
Shavetsky, Yudl and family
Shavetsky, Shmuel and family
Shtufl and family (the Rov [Orthodox Rabbi])
Steinman, Obadiah and family
Shislev, Chaye and daughter
Shneyderovitch, Lazar and family
Shefer (or Sheper), Shakhne and Chaye
Shefer (or Sheper), Alte
Shkolnik, Bebke with children: Moishe, Khasie
Shabonsky, Elihu
Shultz, Aria and Rukhl Leah

Translation of Hebrew passage: writer is unsure of the following names; did not recognize them:

Shokhne the hairdresser and family
Kaptsiver Shuster (Kaptsiver shoemaker?) and family
Feygitske the dressmaker and family
Meishl the sister and family
Chaye Beynises and family
Zelke Kadishes and family
[Page 8]
Zalman the blacksmith and wife Sarah and family
Feyvke (or Peyvke) the porter (carrier) and family
Mikhal-Hirsh and Rukhl-Leah
Chane the factor (jobber)
Chane, Moishe-Leib's and family
Yankl the tailor and family
Chaye-Libe and son Abraham
Yudke, Itche-Moyne's the porter (carrier) and family
Berke, Kadishes and family


1. Avram can be Avrum, Abraham <Return>
2. “ch” is the “Kh” sound in l'chaim <Return>
3. Sarah can be Sure, Sara <Return>
4. “ke” at the end of the names of children is a diminutive form of the adult name, For example: Hirshke is diminutive for Hirsh; Dobke for Dobe <Return>
5. Also, this “e” at the end is sounded. It is something between an “eh” and an ah” (Libe(h), Dobke(h) <Return>


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