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Isaie Swibel - Canada

Shmuel Reiter - Kibbutz Afek


Zweibel Isaia


I wish to enter into the “Melnitza” book the story of my cousin, who brought us the first testimony of the fact that the Melnitza Jews were slaughtered. This is his story.

When he was a child, all the town Jews were taken outside town to be killed (the last “Action”). He was among them. The Jews were placed around a huge hole in the ground and were shot, thus falling into the hole. Luckily, he managed to crawl out of the hole, escaped into a potato field and hid there until dark. At night he went back to town and went to the public baths, where he hid in the stove. Inside the stove he found golden jewels which were put there by the Jews, hoping to retrieve them after the war. He filled his clothes with the gold and began wandering in the surrounding villages. He used the gold to pay the farmers for shelter. Thus, wandering and hiding, under inhuman conditions, he survived the war.

When the war was over he faced with the dilemma of where he should immigrate to. In the meantime he met his girlfriend who later became his wife and they decided to go to Canada. During his first years there he was a street peddler. After trying several occupations, he started buying and selling land and became quite successful. In the meantime, he contacted his Israeli relatives and also visited Israel. For his son's Bar Mitzvah, the whole family came to Jerusalem and held a big party at the King David hotel. He also donated for planting 6,000 trees in memory of the Jewish Community of Melnitza in the forest named after Aliza Begin. Moreover, he was among the donors who contributed to the Melnitza book.

Lately his health is not well and he is unable to visit Israel. He keeps in touch with his cousins, my brothers Nissan and Menachem from Kfar Sava, mostly on the phone. We hope his health will enable him to visit us again.

A certificate issued by the Israeli “Keren “Kayemet” certifying the planting of 6,000 trees is in the Melnitza book.

May God bless him for all his deeds.

Zweibel Annie Rivke, sister of Isaia


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In Everlasting Loving Memory
of the Family Rozynko from Mielnica

Shmuel Reiter - Kibbutz Afek


Charles Zarucki, N.Y. 1994


Great Grandfather - Leibe Rozynko -

who was one of several brothers with different names, one of which was Beirish from the village of Drozden.

The names were changed so that it would appear that they were only sons of each branch of the family and therefore would not be taken into the Russian Army. I do not know the names of the other branches, but there were several.

Grandfather - Chune Rozynko ( Leibe's only son)

who married Malke Lechtzier. He was known as “Chune Leibos” - they had nine (9) children as follows:

Chaye–Gitl ((Ida) who married Meyer Zafron from Kamen and moved to the United States and had three (3) children.

Sheva (Jennie) married Chune Beirish (Hyman Berman) moved to the United States and had three (3) children: Betty, Jack and Beatrice who live with their families in the U.S.A.


Rose Zaruki (Flomenbaum)
N.Y. 1994


Basia, who married Joseph Zarucki (Charles Zarucki's parents). They had three (3) children: 2 girls Szprince and Pesie and Szaje (Charles) who is the only survivor.

Kreindel who married Chaim Garbasrski from Rozyszcz - they had a family but remained in Poland and perished.

Five sons: Pincha - who married Gitel Beirish from the Drozden family; no survivors.

Srulike, Shloyme, Moishe and Shike - all married with families; nobody survived.

This family history is submitted by Betty Elias–Berman, daughter of Jennie and Hyman Berman from Detroit and Charles–Szaja Zarucki, son of Basia and Joseph Zarucki.

July 14, 1994.

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Leib Roznko - Great grandfather   Chune Rozynko - Grandfather
Basia Rozynko–Zarucki   Joseph Zarucki


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Sheva (Jenny) and Ida Rozynko   Crayndel Rozynko and husband Chaim Garbarski, 1921
Moshe Rozynko and wife


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Shloyme and Srukik Rozynko and their wives   Basia and Srulik Rozynko, 1921
Srulik Rozynko and wife


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Srulik Rozynko and children


Pinchos Rozynko's children


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