Marijampole on the river Shewshupe
(Marijampolė, Lithuania)

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Translation of
Marijampole al gedot ha-nahar Sheshupe (Lita)

Edited by: Avraham Tory-Golub

Published in Tel Aviv, Committee of Survivors from Marijampole in Israel, 1986
(H,Y,E, 319 pages)


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Rose Feldman


Rose Feldman
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Our sincere appreciation to Avraham Tory, Committee of Survivors from Marijampole in Israel,
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This is a translation from: Marijampole al gedot ha-nahar Sheshupe (Lita).
Marijampole on the river Shewshupe, edited by Avraham Tory-Golub, Tel Aviv, 1986, (H,Y,E, 319 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Marijampole

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Editorial Avraham Tory – Golov 3
700 years of Jewish life in Lithuania Avraham Tory – Golov 4
Marijampole – the town and its Jews From the Book on the Lithuanian Jews, Vol. 3 7
Memories from the time of youth Dr. Baruch Ben–Yehuda 11
Marijampole – a retrospective Meir Ushpiz 17
Marijampole's Legacy Bilha Halperin 21
Culture and commerce in Marijampole Yehuda Kaplan, New York 22
The Community Committee Chanoch Wittenberg 25
Marijampole until 1936 Avraham Levin 26
The Jewish High–School
The first Jewish high–school in Lithuania and in the Diaspora Avraham Tory – Golov 28
From the “Yiddishe Rundschau” to the high–school in Marijampole Dr. Max Meir 35
Dr. Avraham Levinherz Shulamit Geller 38
The high–school – its first two years of existence From the 1919–1920 report 46
The high–school Students' Council From the 1920 reports 51
Nitzotzot [sparks] – the monthly of the Students' Council From the Nissan 1921 issue 52
From a teacher's experience in the first years Keshet–Yeshurun–Kopelewitz 54
The Kindergarten – a social foundation of the high–school A. M. Levin 55
Gimnastics in our school and the Lag Ba'omer festivities Ch. Enoch 56
The teacher Ayerov Ch. Ayerov 60
Yitzhak Pilvinski – one of the first teachers Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 61
The pioneer of Physical Education – the teacher Pesach Yakobson Avraham Tory – Golov 64
The Jewish High–School during the change of times Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 66
The 50th anniversary of the high–school From the Jubilee–Book (1969) 68
The “Alma Mater” that will never be forgotten From Maariv newspaper (1969) 73
The 60th anniversary of the high–school From the Jubilee–Book (1979) 74
The anniversary of the Herzliyahigh–school of the Diaspora Yediot Achronot (1969) 77
* * *
The Hebrew elementary school Tarbut Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 78
The Hebrew elementary school in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 79
Synagogues and Batei–Midrash in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 83
The Russian high–school in town Ch. I. Freud 86
Figures and Personalities
Dr. Baruch Ben–Yehuda From the Baruch–Ben–Yehuda Book 88
Devora Baron – a youth instructor Dr. Baruch Ben–Yehuda 91
Rav Avraham Dov Popel z”l Dr. Shlomo Kodesh 93
Rav Popel z”l Chanoch Wittenberg 95
R'Shlomo the Dayan [judge in a religious court] Dr. Emma Zhlodok 97
R'Shlomo the Dayan and my cousin Yosef Avraham Tory – Golov 97
R'Shlomo the Dayan and the religious officers in town From the Archives 99
R'Chaim Zev Konvisser, cantor and ritual slaughterer His daughters Frieda and Miriam 100
R'Chaim Velvel Konvisser, as I knew him Avraham Tory – Golov 100
Aba Yitzhak Rosenthal From Heichal Sheshaka [A sunken Temple] 1963 102
Moshe David Heimann From Heichal Sheshaka [A sunken Temple] 1963 102
Chaim Tehar–Lev (Tarlovski) – artist and writer From the book Meshek [kibbutz] Yagur 104
Moshe Levin – a Jurist and a noble soul I. Gur–Arie 104
David Idelson – a pioneer and a fighter in Israel's Wars From the book Beit Zera 105
Dr. Eliyahu Segal – a doctor and a man–of–conscience Avraham Tory – Golov 107
Max Band A talk with the artist Zalman Ben–David (1951) 110
Art and artists in Marijampole Arie Margoshinski z”l 112
The painter Arie Margoshinski z”l Moshe Rosentalis 113
In memory of Arie Leib Margoshinski z”l Alice Blitental – on the Shloshim day [a month since his death] 116
Israel Biderman – photography artist From the Exhibition programme 118
The dream world of the photographer Isis Dr. Chaim Gamzu (1973) 121
Isis and the friendship with Mark Chagall From the album “Chagall's World” 122
Zionism and Sports
Maccabi in Marijamspole Yitzhak Geva–Gerberowitz 124
Sports in Marijamspole Vistentzki Yitzhak 126
Chalutzim [pioneers] and chalutzim training groups Chanoch Wittenberg 130
Socialist Zionists (Z. S.) in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 133
BEITAR in Marijampole   135
Hashomer Hatza'ir in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 137
Yiddishists in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 140
About people that existed and Events that happened
A Jewish family of land leeseholders Zvi Agmon–Wilkozarski 142
Jewish farmers in Marijampole Chanoch Wittenberg 143
These I shall remember… Hillel Preiss–Prusk, USA 145
The last festivity Arie Margoshinski 146
My memories from 1926–1931 in Marijampole Shoshana Yakobson 147
Marijampole – my home town Yosef Nesher 147
The Report Card – a true story Yakov Karkalinski Jr. 148
The assimilated lady Gershon Shalom 150
”Types” in town Chanoch Wittenberg 150
The convert   150
The blood–libel Chanoch Wittenberg 151
Binyamin Steinberg – “the man of light” Chanoch Wittenberg 153
Yakov Lipski and his connection with Max Band Lea Lipski 153
Arie–Leib Heimann Bilha Halperin 154
Yonina Kadishay – kindergarten teacher and welfare worker Ya'ir Sachs 155
Lea Banthor From Al Hamishmar newspaper 1981 155
The twins Binyamin and Yaffa Braun Avraham Thory 156
The Holocaust
The Marijampole Jews during the Holocaust From “The Lithuanian Jewry” Vol. 4 159
From Marijampole to the virgin forests in Siberia Shevach Levin z”l 161
The Russian invasion of Marijampole Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 162
The documents of annihilation From “Mass murder in Lithuania” 166
The Marijampole destroyed community Dr. Emma Zhlodok 169
Memories from the ghetto Chana Cohen 171
Julius Kushnir's visit in the Valley of Death Shimon Baker 171
Marijampole in the days of my youth and during the Holocaust Binyamin Galitzki 171
The ceremony of unveiling the memorial monument Dov Aloni 174
Chaim David Ratner – underground fighter in the ghetto Chanoch Wittenberg 179
Dr. Avraham Meklenburg His wife Chaia 179
The Medalya couple Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 180
The Shmoklarski Family Ely 181
Dov Koklinski, the paramedic His daughter 182
Tikotzki Bezalel – the courageous fighter Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 182
The Stein Family The daughter Sonia 183
Victims of war Arie Borowitz 184
The girl Mariasha writes to her friend in Eretz Israel Letters from 1938 and 1941 184
Berke Gurewitz – an additional victim Zahava Arieli–Pilvinski 185
We Shall Remember The Editor 187
In Their Memory
List of Jewish martyrs from Marijampole and surroundings   188–198
Died in Israel and Abroad    
A Marijampoler From the book “Lithuania”, New York 1951 205
Shreds of memories from Marijampole Yehuda Kaplan, New York 207
In the 16th Lithuanian Division Yitzhak Widotchinski 213
R'Shlomo the Dayan [judge in a religious court] Dr. S. Melamed, from “Lithuania” New York 1951 217
Doctors from Marijampole   219
Dr. Eliyahu Segal   219
Dr. Simcha Lavenski Dr. Binyamin Blodj, from his book “The Fate of Jewish Doctors in Lithuania” 219
Dr. Chaim Medalya   219
Dr. Liova Stein   220
The Hebrew High–School Announcement of its foundation 221
The Marijampole Hebrew High–School A letter from Marijampole 1934 222
A letter from Marijampole (1939) Yehuda Kaplan, New York 223
The Association of Marijampole Jews in New York Yehuda Kaplan 225
The chess game in Marijampole Yitzhak Wistanetzki, Tel Aviv 227
The first Maccabiya Games in Eretz Israel 1932 Avraham Golov 229
The 15th anniversary of Maccabi Marijampole Yitzhak Lifschitz z”l 230
The wonderful festivities of “Young Maccabi” in Marijampole Yitzhak Lifschitz 231
Herman Kovarski Batya Koblenz, South Africa 1952 232
Moshe Rosentalis – the painter and its work David Giladi, Tel Aviv 233
A large and widely scattered family Naftali Biderman, Netania 236
A letter from Biderman “Isis” to Avraham Golov–Thory   236
Folklore Leib Mergashilski z”l 237
The blood–libel Leib Mergashilski z”l 237
Hershel the fire–fighter Leib Mergashilski z”l 238
Times of Mashiach [Messiah] Leib Mergashilski z”l 238
P o g r o m Leib Mergashilski z”l 240
The struggle for life Leib Mergashilski z”l 240
Poems Lea Rodnitzki, studied at the Hebrew high–school 242
Nicknames in Marijampole   244
Mariampole, Lithuania   1
Mariampole on the river Sheshupe (Lithuania)   3
Editor's Note   6
The M.A.S. Bulletin   7
Mariampol Then and Now M.A.S. Bulletin Staff of Chicago 15
The Story of M.A.S. Albert Margowsky 20
A German Jew Goes East Max Mayer 23
The Hebrew Gymnasium Dr. Morris Schulzinger 30
From Jonathan Batnitzk Jonathan Batnitzk 35
Artist and Humanist of Art and Time Max Band 36
Data Arthur Miller 36
Bibliography   37
Max Band Arthur Miller 38
Mariampole in Texas David Epstein 51
Why We Are in America Yudie Epstein 53
Ellen Robinson-Epstein Bonie Fogel 54
Eppstein Ha-Levi, Roterosen, Mevzos
Families of Mariampole
Morris Rote-Rosen 55
Mariampolers in South Africa Johanathan Batnitzky 60


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