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Words at the Memorial Service for the
Martyrs of Lubtch and Delatitich

by Yaakov Zacharavitch

Translated from the Hebrew by Ann Belinsky

Yaakov Zacharavitch


We - the remnants of the Jews of the Lubtch-Delatitch community, have not forgotten the terrible days when the two towns were obliterated, and every year we meet up and remember our dear ones who were destroyed, killed and burnt alive, only because they were Jews, and for no other reason.

Our people, from whose mouths comes a prayer “I will not die for I will live”, is paying in blood the price of existence: even today our sons are falling by the Suez Canal, in the Jordan Valley, in the Golan Heights and even within the “Green Line”. The blood which was spilt during the Holocaust and today is the price of the last generations, for the right to live as a free people in our own State - our homeland; this is exactly how we are carrying out the import of the verse: “Then I passed by you and saw you downtrodden in your blood, and I said to you, 'In your blood live! And I said to you 'In your blood live!'”

Many years have passed since the Holocaust, more is forgotten than is remembered, but even so, they all pass before us - all the murdered ones, as if on a screen before our eyes; here they are standing in front of me; simple people, working people, full of longing for Zion, believing and waiting for the Redeemer, people who were wise enough to bring up a generation that refuses to wait for a miracle, a generation that set on its way to acquire training and go on aliya to Eretz Yisrael, to be pioneers passing before the camp, to pave the way for those following in their footsteps.

Here is the township: here are the prayer houses, and next to them is the “Tarbut” school, humming with teachers and pupils. Here is the group of teachers that I remember, the headmaster Yitzchak Dichter of blessed memory - the fighter for school's existence, its improver and perfecter, and his colleagues by his side - the teacher Yaakov Shmulevitch and his wife, who was also a teacher; Shalom Sonenzon, the teacher Chaim Persky who saw the activities for the Jewish National Fund as his destiny in life. In front of my eyes stand all at the first bazaar which was held for the JNF; and here is the library - the pride of the teacher Alter Shmulevitch; here are the activists of the youth groups - the next generation, who did not live to fulfill their vision; here are the community leaders, and at their head is Chaim Bruk, representing it in all matters.

Here is the whole township with its people and its institutions; a small town, crowded, roofs touching, with no modernization, the water does not flow in pipes, but it has a warmth, each family has its own corner, the youth are in ferment, beginning to look forward to new horizons and to be freed. In this place we passed the best days of our lives, the days of childhood and youth, where we dreamed dreams of a better future.

This Jewish town is no longer, all has been destroyed. In all possible ways and by all means, whole families were executed - men women and children; and we who were far from all this have remained orphaned and alone.

The years have passed: every year that goes by distances us from the days of the atrocities, the cry of the blood is becoming fainter, and wounds tend to heal. The daily hassles divert our minds from the thoughts and the memories; but this gathering and the prayer “El Maleh Rachamim” which the chazan has chanted return us to those days, to the great catastrophe that overtook our people.

From year to year there remain fewer and fewer of the remnants of our town, and who knows if our children will keep alive the memory of the towns and their families that they never knew, but have only heard about.

There is a prayer in our hearts that this book - the headstone that will be raised in memory of the two communities - will be used as a source for study and learning, about the stories of the Jews of the town, and that our children and grandchildren will remember, through reading it, all our dear ones, who were burned on the stake and died martyrs deaths.

May their memory be blessed and engraved in our hearts forever.

The memorial headstone in the Kiryat Shaul cemetery in Tel Aviv


Engraved on the monument: In Memory of the Martyrs of the Communities of Novogrudek and surroundings: (left to right) Saliv, Lubtch, Karelitz

[From personal knowledge: Left side: Batya Chichik, Elka Yankelevitch, Chaim Yankelevitch. Right side -unknown]

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Former Lubtch and Delatitch Residents
now living in Israel

  Hebrew letter Aleph א
Avrahamy Sarah
Oshman Mussia
Osherovsky Meir
Itzikovitz Dov
Amitay Hinda
Engel Rachel
Aronovsky Sonia
  Hebrew letter Bet ב
Boldo Chanan
Boldo Yosef
Boldo Pinchas
Batar Sarah
Baksht Zalman
Baksht Shmuel
Bruk Avraham
Bruk Chaya
Brenner Mina
Berkovsky Michael
  Hebrew letter Gimel ג
Gordon Shayna
Gur Yaakov
Gershony Chaya
  Hebrew letter Dalet ד
Degani Yona
Dichter Chana
  Hebrew letter Hey ה
Hadas Rachel
  Hebrew letter Vav ו
Vinestein (Weinstein) Bobel
Vingrovsky Shulamit
  Hebrew letter Zayin ז
Zach Yaakov
Zarov Aharon
  Hebrew letter Tet ט
Taubman Golda
Timensky Luba
  Hebrew letter Yod י
Yankelevitch Elka
Yankelevitch Chaim
Yankelevitch Yisrol
Yankelevitch Sonia
Yaakobi Reuven
Yarosh Benyamin
  Hebrew letter Kaf כ
Kagan Mary
Cohen Aryeh
Cohen Dov
Cohen Dov (Tel Aviv)
Caspi Yaakov
  Hebrew letter Lamed ל
Levanon Elka
Levine (The Rabbi))
Liv (?Leib) David and Yona
Leibovitz Shalom
Leibovitz Avraham Ben-Shalom
Leibovitz Avraham
  Hebrew letter Mem מ
Movshovitz Yisrael
Meizel (Ramat Gan)
Malravitz Shifra
Mendelevitz (Rehovot)
Manfred Dina
Maslovtah Shmuel
Maslovtah (Tel Aviv)
  Hebrew letter Nun נ
Nochimovsky Reuven
Nashkes Puah
  Hebrew letter Samech ס
Sevitzky Aryeh
Solomiansky Shifra
Sochnitzky Simcha
Soldocha Osnat
Sonenzon Chaim
Sonenzon Rivkah
Simanovitz Faivel
Sindor Luba
Slonimsky Yisrael and his wife
Sa'aroni Mina
  Hebrew letter Peh פ
Faivishovitz Avraham
Faivishevitch Ephraim
Faivishovitch Yehoshua
Faivishovitch Chaya
Pintel Freda
Pines Mina
Piklani Moshe
Frumkin Cheena
  Hebrew letter Tzaddi צ
Tzur Ephraim
Tzur Mina
Chichik Batya
Charbin Sarah
  Hebrew letter Koof ק
Kabak Dov
Kivlevitch Shmuel (Tel Aviv)
Kivilevitch Shmuel (The Rabbi)
Kleinshtov Miriam
Kalmanovitz Meir
Krugman Batya
Kroshnitz Mina
  Hebrew letter Resh ר
Ragovin Fruma
Rozental Tzipporah
Reichman Shoshana
  Hebrew letter Shin ש
Shitzgal Chaya-Rachel
Schanovitz Raphael
Shlimovitz Chaya
Shlimovitz Sonia
Shmulovitz Hillel
Shmukler Avigdor
Shmulovitch Rivkah
Simchoni Chemdah
Shimshoni Tuvia
Shimshoni Rivkah
Shragai Chaim


Townspeople whose articles appear in this book

Michael Lipkin, May the Lord avenge his blood! and Yisrael-Gershon(Yisrol) Yankelevitch, May he live long (see article on Page 331)
Puah Nashkes (see article Page 308)
Puah Nashkes (see article Page 308)


[Page 443]

List of Jews from Lubtch and Delatitch who Came to Israel,
and who have Since Died

  Avrahami Kalman
Aharonovsky Eliezer
Oshrovsky Fruma
Itzikovitch Malka
Boldo Rachel
Gordon Yitzchak
Dichter Yitzchak
Yankelevitch Nathan
Leibovitch Reuven
Malchovitzky Miriam
Solomiansky Zeev
Faivoshevitch Gershon
Faivoshevitch Chaviva
Pisuk Shmuel
Frumkin Yosef
Tziversky Tzvi
Tziversky Bella
Kivilevitch Hinda
Shitzgal Sander
Shmulovitch Itka
Shmulovitch Henia
Shmulovitch Sarah
Shapira Nechama


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