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Remembrances of souls (cont.)

IN MEMORY OF my father Shimshon Mintz; my sister Sarah-Esther (Sara-Ette) who died in Tashkent; my brother Shmuel (Muleh) who was murdered in Polinia; and all the children of my family who are no longer alive

My sister at the grave of my father

       Dr. Y.D.Mintz, Mexico


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IN MEMORY OF my father Eliezer Wenger; my brother Tzvi son of Eliezer Wenger; my sister-in-law Batya-Hinde daughter of Moshe Epstein from the village of Podlesia near Lechowitz; their sons Leizer and Moshe; their daughters Sarah-Gittel and Rachel

       Alta Sapaznik and her family, Cuba


IN MEMORY OF Reisel Razin; Shalom Epstein; Rachel Epstein


Reisel Razin
Rachel Epstein
Shalom Epstein
       Shmuel Razin, South Africa
       Rosa Pianka, Chicago
       Sonia Epstein, Tel-Aviv


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IN MEMORY OF my father Mordecai son of Avraham Moshe Feinstein who died in Lechowitz in the year 5690; my mother Leah daughter of Eliezer who died in Kletsk in the year 5675


Leah Feinstein
Mordecai Feinstein
       Eliezer Feinstein, Tel Aviv
       Avraham Feinstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina


IN MEMORY OF Shakhna son of Mordecai Feinstein

       Golda Feinstein, Buenos Aires


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IN MEMORY OF Zeev son of Yehuda-Leib Falewitz; his wife Chana

       Leon Falewitz, Buenos Aires, Argentina
       Shulamit Burstein-Falewitz, Haifa


IN MEMORY OF Mordecai (Mottel) Peker and his family

Y. Peker and his family, South Africa


IN MEMORY OF my father Alter son of Moshe Feigelman; my mother Sonia daughter of Zalman; my brother Zeidl; my sisters Bluma, Itka, Rachel'eh

Genya Feigelman-Shokhor and her family, Kfar Saba, Israel


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IN MEMORY OF my father Yakov; my mother Itka; my three brothers Abul, Chaim and Yosef Freund; my uncle Moshe and his wife Simcha Freund


Yakov, Itka,
Yosef Freund
Chaim Freund


Simcha Freund
Abul Freund
Aharon Freund and his family, Tel-Aviv


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IN MEMORY OF Noach Pinchuk son of Moshe Aharon; Breina Pinchuk (of the family Tsirlis); Baruch and Moshe Aharon, sons of Noach Pinchuk

Noach Pinchuk in his youth

       Gutte Pinchuk, S'deh-Nahum, Israel


IN MEMORY OF Baruch Tsirlis

Baruch Tsirlis

       His sister, Tzila Charles, Bronx, USA


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IN MEMORY OF Yosef son of Mordecai Feinstein and his family who were murdered in Kletsk


Children of Yosef Feinstein
Yosef Feinstein and his wife
       Yitzhak Feinstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina


IN MEMORY OF my father Yehuda Tsitman and my mother Bila; my father-in-law Heshe Leib Gavza and his wife Alte who went to eternity; my brother-in-law Chaim Fialkov, his son Aharon and his daughter Esther who were murdered in Lechowitz; my sister-in-law Rachel Fialkov and her son Faivel who died

Chaim Tsitman and his family, Brazil


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IN MEMORY OF my father Moshe son of Moshe son of Shalom Neiman; my mother Bilhah daughter of Yakov (of the family Rivkin)


Bilhah Neiman
Moshe Neiman
       R. Tselnik, Israel


IN MEMORY OF my father Mikhal son of Yehoshua ha-Cohen; my sister Friedka daughter of Mikhal; my sister Sheindel daughter of Mikhal

Israel Kaplan, Pittsburgh, USA


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IN MEMORY OF the family Klatzkin: Zlate, Beinush and his family, Asher and his family, Liebel, Moshe and his family, Malka and her husband Eliyahu (who were murdered in Lechowitz); Gabriel Klatzkin who died in Lechowitz in the year 5682

IN MEMORY OF the family Minker: Yitzhak, Sarah and her family, Malka and Breina (who were murdered in Lechowitz); Devorah Minker, who died in Lechowitz in the year 5691

       Yakov and Miriam Klatzkin and their family, Givat Rambam, Israel


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IN MEMORY OF my brother Chanan Kaplan

A. Kaplan, Johannesburg


IN MEMORY OF Mirke-Rachel (of the family Kaplan); Shalom Kantrowitz; Avraham Kaplan; Nahum Sofer

Avraham Kaplan, Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem


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IN MEMORY OF Leib Rosovsky, mayor of Lechowitz, always devoted to his brethren of the city, first to sacrifice himself for the sanctification of the Name and for the people Israel

       his wife Hanya Rosovsky, New Zealand
       Avraham Khait and his family, New Zealand
       Hillel Kustanowitz and his family, New Zealand
       and all the children of our city in the land of Israel and in the Diaspora


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IN MEMORY OF our father Shimon Rabinowitz who died in the year 1938; our mother Menia-Rachel who gave her life for the sanctification of the Name in Lechowitz

Menia-Rachel Rabinowitz and Shimon Rabinowitz

       Their children Simcha and Yosef Rabinowitz, Cuba


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IN MEMORY OF my mother Sarah Rabinowitz; my sister Liba

Yeshaya Rabinowitz, Cuba


IN MEMORY OF the members of my wife's family (the house of Sofer): her father Yakov-Shlomo Sofer; her mother Yenta; her brother Peretz; her sisters Nechama, Rachel and Teibel

Simcha Rabinowitz, Cuba


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IN MEMORY OF our father Avraham-David son of Faivel Shklyaruk; our mother Esther-Risha daughter of Yitzhak Shklyaruk; their daughter Miriam Shklyaruk and their family

       Leibel Shklyaruk, Faivel and Yosef Shklyaruk, Cuba
       Zalman Shklyaruk, Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem


IN MEMORY OF Moshe son of Zeev Litovsky, teacher in the Baranowitz gymnasium

Moshe Litovsky

       the families Steinhaus and Birnik, Montreal, Canada
       the family Altamid, Tel-Aviv
       the family Tukachinsky, Tel-Aviv


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IN MEMORY OF Zundel son of Aharon Birnik; Feigel daughter of Yosef David; Batya, Yosef, Fafeh, Chaim, Pinya, children of Zundel Birnik; Chaim son of Yosef David Rabinowitz; Mirka daughter of Nahum Rabinowitz

Yitzhak Shomroni and his family, Haifa


IN MEMORY OF my father Yosef son of Noach Ratner; my mother Esther daughter of Meir (of the family Slonimsky)

Batya Fishman-Ratner, Hadera, Israel


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To all the dead of Lechowitz


Additional Unnumbered Pages

{Translators' note: In the copy of the Yizkor book at the New York Public Library, seven additional pages of photographs are added to the end of the text. These are an album rather than a memorial section and include pictures of both deceased and living persons. The pages are not numbered, and we have designated them by the letters A through G.}


Images of old-time Lechowitz

(top photo: A group of friends - youth in Lechowitz ; (R to L): Shimon Khurgin, Raphael Yellin, Yechiel Litovsky, Yosef Lichitsky, Zissel Zeldowitz, Yankel Tukachinsky)

(bottom right photo: The one who sewed wedding clothes for our grandmas and mamas; Isser the ladies' tailor (Kanishevsky) - the official arbiter of fashion in olden Lechowitz)

(bottom left photo: The Lotvier gardener; raising and pickling cucumbers for export was a common occupation in Lechowitz)


(top photo: The Zevelinsky family in Lechowitz in 1934; (R to L, seated) Chaim-Tzvi Zevelinsky, his wife Grunia with two grandchildren ; (standing) Leibel Banyuk, his wife Beila, Yosef Zevelinsky, his wife Shifra, brother Shlomo, sister-in-law Leah, her husband Alter)

(bottom right photo: Velvel Brimberg, the Kazioner Rabbi)

(bottom left photo: Ahar'e the Scribe with his wife; an ardent Koidanover Chasid)


(top photo: Gathering of survivors of Lechowitz in Munich (Germany); (1st row, seated, R to L) Yosef Peker (x), his wife, Moshe Strugach with his son and his wife; (2nd row, standing, R to L) Moshe Inditsky (xx), Isaac Birger, Gershon Zayetz, unknown, Avraham Peker, Zalman Rabinowitz, unknown, Avraham Cherni, Isaac Pinsky, Yakov Greenberg, Michal Bussel, a Baranowitzer (of the family of Chayota Bussel ); (3rd row, R to L) unknown, Avraham Rabinowitz (xxx), unknown, blurred, Shalom Mednitsky, unknown, Shaul Korbel)

(bottom left photo: In the picture to the left: the survivor Faivel Malavitsky enjoys his grandson and daughter-in-law after his arrival to visit his son David in Buenos Aires, Argentina)


(photo: Our landsleit in Buenos Aires welcoming the survivor Faivel Malavitsky; (L to R) first row: Yakov Gelfand - a Kletsker, his wife, the wife of Isidor Fish - a [female] Kletsker, Bernard Goldin - a Siniavker, his wife, the wife of Mottel Gelfand - a Kletsker, Meir Paul - a Kletsker, Yakov-Simcha Zevelinsky, Shmuel Yeselevsky - a Pohoster, Yitzhak Goldin, Altschuler - a Kletsker, Meir Dolgei - a Kosover; second row: Mrs. Kolakovsky, the wife of David Malavitsky, an unknown, Faivel Malavitsky, David Kolakovsky - a Kletsker, David Malavitsky - Faivel's son, Mrs. Yeselevsky, Mrs. Paul; third row: Mottel Gelfand - a Kletsker, Isidor Fish - a Kletsker, Mrs. Goldin, Mrs. Feinstein, Yitzhak Feinstein, Pozharik - a Kletsker, his wife)


(photo: Our friend and fellow townsman Yosef Rabinowitz, son of Shimon and Minia-Rachel, now in Cuba)


(top photo: Our friend and fellow townsman Avraham Khait, now in New Zealand)

(bottom photo: In Siberian exile; (L to R) Hania Rosovsky, Sonia and Hillel Kustanowitz and their children (now in New Zealand))


(top photo: Some immigrants from Lechowitz in Israel; a welcoming party for the son of our town Morris Malav and his wife Gilda from New London, USA on 28 May 1947 in Tel Aviv; in the center of the picture: Avraham-Chaim Wenger; to his right: the guests, Mr. and Mrs. Malav; to his left: Nisan Tukachinsky, Hadassah Pinsky, etc.)

(bottom right photo: Issachar, son of Avraham Warshall)

(bottom center photo: Avraham Kaplan, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel near Jerusalem)

(bottom left photo: Genya, daughter of Alter Feigelman, Kfar-Saba)

Lechowitz Surnames

{Translator's note: The spellings of names are, as usual, quite arbitrary. A serious effort has been made, however, to spell each surname consistently throughout the text. Thus, to search for occurrences of a particular surname, one need only locate it in the list below and employ the “Find" or “Search" function found in every browser. -SW}

Alkon, Altamid, Altschuler, Angilowitz, Aronchik, Avidor, Bader, Banyuk, Bat-Ami, Begun, Ben-Amiti, Berkowitz, Berman, Birger, Birnik, Bitensky, Bogen, Borzukowsky, Breida, Brevda, Brimberg, Burstein, Bussel, Charles, Cherni, Cohen, Ditkovsky, Dolgei, Dvoretsky, Dzentzelsky, Eisenstadt, Epstein, Falewitz, Feigelman, Feinstein, Fialkov, Finkel, Fish, Fishman, Freund, Friedstein, Gafni, Galin, Gavza, Gelfand, Glotzer, Goldin, Greenberg, Greenspan, Groshowsky, Heimowitz, Horwitz, Inditsky, Izmozik, Kanishevsky, Kantrowitz, Kaplan, Kaplinsky, Khadosh, Khait, Khavjuk, Khazanowitz, Khurgin, Kirsner, Klatzkin, Kolakovsky, Korbel, Kustanowitz, Lev, Lichitsky, Lipkus, Lipsky, Litovsky, Loss, Magid, Maivenitz, Malav, Malavitsky, Mandel, Mazie, Mednitsky, Melnik, Mikhlin, Minker, Minkowitz, Mintz, Mislaboska, Mislabosky, Mislovsky, Mordkowsky, Mordokhowitz, Moshkovsky, Mukasei, Mukduny, Neiman, Pasternak, Paul, Peimer, Peker, Pianka, Pinchuk, Pinsky, Pozharik, Preskowsky, Proshchitsky, Rabinowitz, Raikin, Ratner, Ratskovitz, Razin, Rivkin, Rosovsky, Saltz, Sapaznik, Shevkin, Shklyaruk, Shokhor, Shomroni, Slivka, Slonimsky, Sofer, Spiegel, Steinhaus, Strugach, Terushkin, Tseitman, Tsekhnowitz, Tselnik, Tsipin, Tsirlis, Tsukernik, Tukachinsky, Turbowitz, Vesilowsky, Warshall, Weinstein, Wenger, Winograd, Yellin, Yeselevsky, Zablotsky, Zakharowitz, Zayetz, Zeldowitz, Zevelinsky, Zmudziak


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