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Remembrances of souls

Translated by Andrew and Stephen Warshall

{Translators' note: The following are not complete texts, but extracts of the genealogical information. Thus, more
elaborate language like “my dear father, my teacher, learned in Torah, doer of good deeds, etc.” is cut to “my father”.}


IN MEMORY OF the holy Admurim of Lechowitz, Rabbi Noach and Rabbi Yochanan and their descendants who died or were murdered

       Lechowitz Society of Tel Aviv
       Lechowitz Society of Haifa
       Tukachinsky brothers in New York and Shanghai
       Shimshon Brevda, Mexico
       Hyman Lipsky, Lorain, Ohio, USA
       Yosef Zevelinsky, Yeshayahu Winograd, Cuba
       Yitzhak Feinstein, Buenos Aires, Argentina
       Yakov Gavza, Shulamit Falewitz, Pesya Mislovsky, R. Tselnik, State of Israel
       all the children of our city in Israel and in the Diaspora

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IN MEMORY OF Yehudit Berkowitz daughter of Chaim and Tzila, granddaughter of Yechiel Berkowitz (the driver) of Lechowitz, who died in the fighting at Deganiya aleph in the midst of battle 9 Iyar 5708

       her parents and all the children of Deganiya aleph
       the Lechowitz Society of Tel Aviv
       the Lechowitz Society of Haifa
       and all the children of our city in Israel and in the Diaspora

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IN MEMORY OF Henya (Henye-Gisha) Peker daughter of Yosef-David and Devorah Tzviah Zevelinsky (died in Otvotsk 10 Adar 5695); my mother Clara wife of Gedalia; my brother Yehoshua-Moshe, my sister Liba children of Gedalia and Clara; my daughter Dora (Devora-Tzviah) Peker


Dora Peker
Henya Peker


       Yakov Simcha Avidor (Peker), Tel Aviv


IN MEMORY OF my father Noach ben-Yakov Angilowitz who died 7/8 Tevet 5689 in Lechowitz; my mother Mira daughter of Gedaliyahu murdered in Lechowitz; my brother Aharon son of Noach Angilowitz, murdered in Kobrin, Poland; my sister Mikele Ditkovsky and her husband David son of Pesach and their children; my sister Perele-Chaya Neiman and her husband Max with their children; my brother Berel and his wife Sarah and their children; my sister Rachel Angilowitz who all met their tragic death in Lechowitz


       Gedalia Angilowitz, Ramat ha-Kovesh, Israel

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IN MEMORY OF Aharon son of Zeev Pinchuk; Sarah daughter of Eliezer, wife of Aharon Pinchuk; Bluma, daughter of Aharon and Sarah Pinchuk; Yeshayahu son of Zeev Pinchuk; Ashka daughter of Chaim, wife of Yeshayahu Pinchuk, who were all murdered

IN MEMORY OF Dinah daughter of Aharon Pinchuk; Isaac son of Aharon Pinchuk; Yenta daughter of Aharon Pinchuk, who died

IN MEMORY OF Avraham-David Zmudziak and his wife Rachel-Leah; Yehudah ben Avraham and his wife Chana Zmudziak; Yosef ben Avraham-David and his wife Reizel Zmudziak


Aharon Pinchuk
Sarah Pinchuk


       Hadassah Izmozik-Zmudziak and her family, Ramat-Gan, Israel

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IN MEMORY OF Yitzhak son of Eliezer Angilowitz, his wife Bracha and children


       Ashka Angilowitz, Kibbutz Dan, Israel


IN MEMORY OF Yekutiel Dzentzelsky and his family who died in Lechowitz


       Mordecai Epstein from Baranowitz (now in Cuba)


IN MEMORY OF Alter Epstein

       His daughters Sima-Gittel and Sonia, Cuba
       his son David, Cuba

Alter Epstein


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IN MEMORY OF my father Moshe Begun; my brother Aharon and his wife Penia (of the family Tukachinsky) my mother Batya; my sister Tzipa, who were all murdered in Krim, Russia


Tzipa Begun
Batya Begun, Moshe Begun

Penia Begun-Tukachinsky
Aharon Begun

       Their sons and brothers Chaim Begun and his family, Tel-Yosef
       Nisan Tukachinsky and his family, Tel-Aviv

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IN MEMORY OF my father Yitzhak son of Tzvi Chaim Brevda; my mother Freidel daughter of Shlomo; my sister Bave daughter of Yitzhak and her husband Moshe Raikin and their children

Mrs. Freidel Brevda and her grandchildren; Moshe Raikin and his wife Bave


       Shimshon Brevda, Mexico


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IN MEMORY OF Shmuel son of Yitzhak; Moshe son of David and his wife; their sons and daughters

IN MEMORY OF Simcha son of Yakov Tsipin

IN MEMORY OF Avraham son of Aharon-Leib, his wife and their sons and daughters; Shalom son of Aharon-Leib; Moshe son of Aharon-Leib

IN MEMORY OF Yehoshua son of Mikhal Khazanowitz, his wife Chaya daughter of Avraham; Moshe son of Yehoshua Khazanowitz, his wife and their sons and daughters; Yakov son of Yehoshua Khazanowitz, his wife and their sons and daughters

IN MEMORY OF David son of Aharon Khazanowitz, his wife Ettel daughter of Mikhal and their sons and daughters; Aharon son of David Khazanowitz who found their death tragically in Israel

Aharon Khazanowitz


       Shimshon Brevda, Mexico


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IN MEMORY OF Shalom son of Eliyahu and his wife Bila daughter of Mendel Kirsner


Bila Kirsner
Shalom Kirsner


       Rachel Borzukowsky-Kirsner, Givatayim, Israel


IN MEMORY OF my husband and our father Alter (Mordecai-Gershon) son of Dov Brevda who died 18 Shevat 5707 (18.2.47) in our land; my daughter and our sister Ravza Brevda who ended in Lechowitz

       Nechama Brevda, Tel Aviv
       Berta Brevda-Turbowitz, Tel Aviv
       Levi Ben-Amiti, Deganiya bet
       Dov Brevda, Ramat-Gan

Alter Brevda


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IN MEMORY OF Yosef son of Gedaliahu Birger; Chaya daughter of Sheindel; their sons Hillel and Reuven; their daughters Golda and Freidel


Freidel Birger
Reuven Birger
Chaya Birger


       Aryeh Birger, Givat Adah, Israel


IN MEMORY OF our mother Bracha Bader daughter of Shmuel Yeshayahu; our brother Yehoshua Bader son of Yitzhak Yosef; his son Zelig

       Yisrael and Noach Bader
       Rachel Aronchik
       Mireh Bitensky-Bader and their families in New Zealand

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IN MEMORY OF Alter son of Shmuel Yeshayahu Gavza; his sons Aharon and Yechiel; their wives and children; his daughters Bave, Chana and Miriam; their husbands and children

Alter Gavza, Bracha Bader, Sterel Bussel,
two daughters of Nechama-Liba Proshchitsky

       Bussel family, Israel
       Bader family, New Zealand

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IN MEMORY OF our sister Nechama-Liba Proshchitsky-Bussel daughter of Noach-Leib; her daughters Sheina, Bila and Rachel'eh; and her son Noach-Leibele; our brother Mottel

Nechama-Liba Proshchitsky-Bussel

       Sarah, Tzvi, Yehoshua, Pinchas and Nechamya Bussel and their families, Israel


IN MEMORY OF my mother, Chava daughter of Yitzhak, and her daughter, Tsipora daughter of Chaim Aharon, and her children
       Malka Bussel-Kaplan, Rishpon near Hertzlia

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IN MEMORY OF the family of Shlomo-Ber Bussel

Mordecai son of Shlomo-Ber who fell
in battle with the Nazis as a partisan

       M. Bussel and his family, Johannesburg, South Africa


IN MEMORY OF my brother Yakov-David son of Tzvi-Hirsh Mukasei; my brother Aryeh-Leib son of Tzvi-Hirsh Mukasei

       Their sister Sheina-Golda Greenspan and her family, New Jersey

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IN MEMORY OF our father Aharon-Lemel and our mother Bluma Gavza; our brother Moshe-Pinchas and his wife Rivka and their daughter Daicha and her husband Reuven Khadosh and their two daughters and son who died as a partisan

IN MEMORY OF Ezriel-Meir and his wife Chaya-Sarah and his son Lippa who fell in the defense of Masada, Land of Israel

IN MEMORY OF Avraham Gavza; our sister-in-law Zelda, wife of Yeshaya Gavza, and their two daughters, who fell in the Second World War

       Chayota Bussel-Gavza, Deganiya aleph, and her family
       Yakov Gavza, Beer Tuvya, and his family
       Yitzhak Gavza, USA, and his family


IN MEMORY OF Yakov son of Shimon; Itta daughter of Shmuel; Sima and Shmuel Mordkowsky; Rachel and her children, Leibele and Dovele Glotzer

       Yaffah Groshowsky-Mordkowsky, Nesher near Haifa

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IN MEMORY OF my father Mikhal-David son of Zimmel Khavjuk from Ostrowa; my mother Fruma-Dinah daughter of Meir

       Yitzhak Goldin, Buenos Aires, Argentina


IN MEMORY OF my father Moshe-Chaim; my mother Frieda; my brother Yitzhak Lev and my sisters Chashka, Devorah and their families

       Reuven Wenger, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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IN MEMORY OF my grandfather Moshe son of Mordecai (the mechanic Moshe Mattes) Winograd who died in the city of Slutsk 8 Tevet 5677; my father Zissel son of Moshe Winograd who ended in the city of Baranowitz on Shushan Purim 5702; my mother Golda daughter of Avraham-Ber (of the family Horwitz) who died in Baranowitz 8 Kislev 5693; my brothers Yisrael, Eliyahu and Yosef Winograd and my sister Leah Minkowitz and her family who were murdered in Baranowitz


Eliyahu Winograd
Zissel Winograd
Moshe son of
Mordecai Winograd
(Moshe Mattes)


       Aryeh Birger, Givat Adah, Israel


IN MEMORY OF our mother Bracha Bader daughter of Shmuel Yeshayahu; our brother Yehoshua Bader son of Yitzhak Yosef; his son Zelig

       Yeshayahu, Moshe Winograd, Cuba
       Aryeh, Mordecai, Bila, Frieda Winograd, Tel Aviv

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IN MEMORY OF my wife Hinde-Rachel Wenger; my sons Alexander, Tzvi and Yehuda; my daughter Devusha and her husband Yosef Shevkin; their daughters Esther and Zissa; my daughter Bila and her husband Avraham son of Shlomo Ber and their three children

Yehuda Wenger


Devusha Wenger-Shevkin
Avraham son of
Shlomo Ber Bussel
and his wife Bila
(of the family Wenger)

       Avraham Chaim Wenger, Tel Aviv, and his daughter Rivka Spiegel, Tel Aviv

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IN MEMORY OF my father Shlomo son of Tzvi-Hirsh who died the third day of Chol ha-Moed Pesach 5707

       his son Moshe Wenger, Chicago


IN MEMORY OF Shmuel Zablotsky and his wife Leah Zablotsky

       Z. Zablotsky, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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IN MEMORY OF my father Chaim Tzvi; my mother Gruna; my sister Sarah with her three children; my sister Bila with her husband Banyuk and their two children; my brother Alter and his wife and their two children; my brother Shlomo

       Yosef Zevelinsky, Cuba

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IN MEMORY OF our father Ephraim-Mikhal son of Moshe Weinstein; our mother Eshka-Elka daughter of Pesach; our sister Rivka; our brother Avraham-Yitzhak, shochet/tester, cantor and mohel of Mikasevitz and Lechowitz, and his family

Avraham Yitchak Weinstein

Rivka Weinstein, Eshka-Elka Weinstein

       Sarah, Leah Zmudziak, Cuba
       Liba Pasternak, Cuba
       Eliyahu Weinstein (Gafni), Tel Aviv
       Czarna Slivka-Weinstein, Germany


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