Memorial Book of
Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok

(Luninyets, Belarus)   (Kazhan-Haradok, Belarus)
52°15' / 26°48'   52°12' / 27°00'

Edited by Yosef Zeevi (Wilk) et al

Published by the Association of Former Residents of Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok in Israel, Tel Aviv, 1952

This is a translation of: Yizkor kehilot Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok (Memorial book of Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok);
Edited by Yosef Zeevi (Wilk) et al; published by
The Association of Former Residents of Luniniec / Kozhanhorodok in Israel,
Tel Aviv, 1952 (268 pages, H, Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Luniniec

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword   3
H * * *   4
H The map of Luninyets S. Gratzolin  
H Its History Yosef Zeevi 5
H The Development of Luninyets Asher Plotnik 17
H Luninyets During the Last 25 Years Chaim Rubinraut 20
H The beginning of the Zionist movement Yosef Zeevi 23
H Memories of the Zionist activities Zev Ben Yishay 24
H The Zionist funds Chaim Rubinraut 25
Parties and the Histadrut
H The General Zionists Ben Moshe-Yosef 28
H The League for the Working Eretz Israel Chaim 28
H Hashomer Hatza'ir Malka Pelah & Aharon Schneiderman 30
H The training group of the kibbutz “Shachariya” Chaim 31
H The revisionist party A. P. 32
H The socialist and the professional movement Y. Z. 34
H The Community and the Bet Hamidrash Yosef Zeevi 36
H The institutions of the community Asher Plotnik 45
Education and Culture
H “Heder”s Y. Z. 44
H The Yeshiva Bet Israel Head of the Yeshiva R'Eliezer Shach 45
H The Jewish schools Asher Plotnik 45
H The “Tarbut” school Ben Moshe-Yosef 49
H Bialik in town Dvora Kotzikowitz 51
H Drama classes Avi-Ruth 52
H Way-of-life and customs Yosef Zeevi 53
H The Stolin-Karlin Hasidim Yakov Kola 58
H Leaving Luninyets   60
The Destruction of Luninyets
H The Annihilation of Its Jewish Population A. P. 66
H What My Eyes Have Seen Rivka Brevde 67
H In the old days… Chaim Rubinraut 70
H Thoughts and memories B.Z. Litzki 78
H I shall not forget you, Luninyets Zahava Shohet 80
Figures and Personalities
H Our Rav, R'Alter Yehuda Zolyar Yosef Zeevi 82
H R'Moshe Trigon, SHOV [slaughterer] in Luninyets Yakov Kola 84
H R'Israel Peretz Asher 85
H R'Ahrele Ginsburg Y. Z. 86
H R'Avraham Zvi Kutnik Y. Z., based on material by Dvora Kutnik 86
H R'Mordechai Perplutzik Y. Ben-Shaul 87
H R'Meir Kaplanski Yosef Ben-Shaul 88
H R'Shaul Wilek Achi-David 89
H R'Itche Schulman Y. Z 89
H R'Ever Lutzki Y. Z. 90
H Chaia Henia Rubinraut Zev Ben-Yishay 90
H Chaim Ben Ma'amin Yosef Ben Shaul 91
H Bezalel Stachovski Chaim 92
H A. I. Schneiderman, Moshe Schneiderman, Zalman Lupate Chaim 93
H Moshe'l Kutnik Yosef 94
H Rishka Zolyar Kutnik Yosef Zeevi 94
H Golda Rubinraut Asher 95
H Rudl Zuckerman Chaim 96
H Moshe'l Hochstein Chaim 96
H Avreimele Kotzikowitz   97
Fell in the Battle for the Liberation of the Homeland
H Amnon Ackerman Mina 98
H Asher Kroglin-Rosenthal Moshe'l 99
H Michal Grossberg Ziva 101
Poems, Stories and Letters
H Sarah Kotzikowitz From her legacy 102
H Two letters Daniel Perski 111
Y The development of the Jewish settlement Yakov Boyman 113
Y Luninyets in the last 25 years Chaim Robinraut 115
Y The Zionist-Socialist movement Chaim Robinraut 121
Y The “Bazaars” organized for JNF in Luninyets Chaim 123
Y The Jewish Laborers movement Yosef Ben Shaul 125
Y About the revolutionary movement Leibl Zolyar 127
Y The craftsmen's union Chaim 129
Y The tailors' co-operative A. Brodilovker 130
Y The butchers' union Chaim 132
Y The merchants' union Ben Moshe-Yosef 132
Y Jewish banking Ykov Levin 133
Y The health situation of the Luninyets Jews Yosef Ben Shaul 135
Y Batei Midrash in Luninyets Yosef Zeevi 138
Y The cultural life Chaim Robinraut 143
Y The first Jewish library Dvora Kutnik 146
Y A Hasidic Sabbath in Luninyets Yakov Kola 147
Y Our Rav, R'Alter Yehuda Zolyar Yosef Zeevi 153
Y Dr. Yehuda Gurwitz Y. Z. 155
Y Menachem Leschinski Chaim 156
Y Asher Sandrok Chaim 157
Y Leishke Epstein Chaim 158
Y The revolt of the hammer and awl against the machine Yosef Zeevi 159
Y Memories from my old homeland Aharon Stachovski 161
Y R'Israel Peretz Holzman and Avraham Zvi Kutnik Dvora Kutnik 163
Y My Mother Yosef Zeevi 165
Y Sara the Rebbetzin [the Rav's wife] Yosef Ben Shaul 167
Y Avrahmel “the Mashiyah” Yosef Ben Shaul 168
Y The cheerful beggar Yosef Ben Shaul 168
Y Hershele the cemetery keeper Asher 170
Y The Luninyetser and Kozhanhorodoker in America Yosef Ben Adina (based on material by Joe Goldman) 172
The Ruin of Luninyets
Y The annihilation Lipa Yosilevski 176
Y The bitter end Yakov Boyman 181
Y On the grave of the martyrs Zvi Zamodiak 182
Y What I went through Shmuel Gerstein z”l 183
Y My wanderings Zev Goldsmidt 187
H The town Asher Plotnik 189
H The Kazhanhodorok rabbis, from the 19th century R'Yakov Perplutzik z”l 194
H The Rav R'Hillel Gorlik and the Yeshiva Asher Plotnik 195
H The slaughterer R'Yakov Perplutzik Dov Fischman 196
H Poems David Fischman 197
H My memories about Father Ziva 199
H My little town Chana Leptzki-Avrahamit 200
Y The Jewish settlement Achi-Aba 202
Y The last years A. L. 203
Y Memories Moshe Ackerman z”l 204
Y Memories of My Younger Years Max Shneiderman 207
Y Friday and Saturday in Kazanhorodok B. Silverstein 209
Y My town B. Silverstein 211
Y Murder Dvora Kutnik 212
Y Working people in Kazhanhodorok Yosef Zeevi 213
Y The man who woke up the people to say Tehilim [Psalms] Yosef Zeevi 217
Y Klezmerim [Popular musicians] Yosef Zeevi 220
Y The “Baron” from Kazhanhodorok Yosef Zeevi 222
Y The last chapter Moshe Tziperstein 223
Y Conclusion   225
Yizkor [Remember]
H The Candle The artist Israel Zussman (America) 227
H We shall remember   228
H List of the martyrs of Luninyets   229
H List of the martyrs of Kazhanhodorok   239
H The plaque at Yad Vashem   242
H People from Luninyets and Kozhanhorodok in Israel   243
H Holocaust survivors who immigrated to Israel between 1943–1951   247
H Shoah survivors who stayed in the diaspora   249
H Daniel Dravski Y. B. E. 251
H Yakov Zeevi (Wilek) Yosef Ben Adina 252
H Esther Malka Levin Z. S. 252
H Michal Lutzki Yosef Zeevi 253
H Yitzhak Ackerman A. P. 253
H R'Moshe Ackerman His nephew 254
H Obituaries   255

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