The Book of Lukow;
Dedicated to a Destroyed Community
(Łuków, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Lukow; gehelikt der khorev gevorener kehile

Editor: B. Heller

Published in Tel Aviv 1968



Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.


This is a translation of: Sefer Lukow; gehelikt der khorev gevorener kehile (The book of Lukow; dedicated to a destroyed community),
Editor: B. Heller, Former Residents of Lukow in Israel and the USA; Tel Aviv 1968 (H,Y 652 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lukow

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Translated by Tina Lunson


From the Publisher 6
The Jewish Community in Łuków (Introduction) – M. Tsanin [H] 7
The Holy Community of Łuków – M. Tsanin [Y] 10
The Jewish Community
Jews in Łuków – M. Edlboym [Y] 15
Jews in Łuków [H] 41
Memories of the Cultural-Social and Religious Life in Our Town – Shloyme Rubinshteyn [Y] 58
Memories of the Cultural-Social and Religious Life in Our Town – Shloyme Rubinshteyn [H] 70
Łuków, a Religious Town – Shimen Siruke 78
Jewish Łuków – Yekhiel Rozenblum [Y] 83
Jewish Łuków – Yekhiel Rozenblum [H] 88
In the Łuków Yeshive – Elieyzer Likhtnshteyn 98
Synagogues and Study Houses – Yekhiel Rozenblum 95
Cultural and Communal Life
The Gastman-Liberzon Era – Menakhem Zakalik (Z. K. Lik) 99
Sixty Years Ago – Avrom Sokol (Skurke) 103
The Bundist Movement in Łuków – Sh. Rubinshteyn 105
My Illegal Visit to my Hometown Łuków – Yankev Braun 112
Sentenced to Death – Khaye Huberman (Sherman) 114
Professional Societies in Łuków – Moyshe Peltsman 123
Memoirs of a Łukówer – Moyshe Gotesdiner 125
Hashomer Hatsair” in Łuków – M. Bornshteyn [Y] 149
Hashomer Hatsair” in Łuków – M. Bornshteyn [H] 152
The Youth Organization “;Farayhayt” [Freedom] – Noyekh Latovitsh 155
The Medem School in Łuków – Alter Vishnia 159
The Jewish Football Team in Łuków – Yoysef Hersh Rozenshteyn 160
A Stroll through the Market Square 164
1920 in Łuków – Yeshiahu Koyen 168
My Early Years – Leybish Felhendler 177
Silhouettes from Home, Łuków – Menakhem Zubrovitsh 188
The Łuków of my Generation – Shmuel Huberman 190
The Jewish Town – Morkhe Skurke 193
Łuków in my Memory – Khaye Peltsman 196
The Wealthy Paupers of Mezritsher Street – Lipe Huberman 198
Well-known Figures – Yekhiel Rozenblum 201
A Bundle of Memories – Aron Kupiets 205
Perets Markish in Łuków – Yoysef Zubrovitsh 208
A Story about the Old Cemetery – Leybish Felhendler 209
Outside the Town – Yekhiel Rozenblum 210
In the Dreadful Days – N. B. 213
My Murdered Town – Khaye Fridman-Frishbeyn 215
Zmiros – Khaym Yisroel Gotesdiner 218
Itsl Khaym the Khumesh Teacher – Moyshe Peltsman 219
Yankele the Teacher – Mordkhe Skurke 220
Figures of Religious Łuków – Shimen Siroka 221
Reb Yoyne Noy may God avenge his blood – Sh. Dukhn 229
Reb Itsik Zov Librakh of blessed memory – Sh. Dukhn 230
Elimelekh Lubinski of blessed memory – Khaym Lubinski 231
Tsvi Yoysef Astrikh of blessed memory – N. B. 231
Borekh Hirsh the [Sportsman or Gambler] – S. Vasershtrom 233
In the Mirror of Yiddish Newspapers
Writers from Łuków
Yankev Zonshayn – Dovid Sfard 270
Poems – Yankev Zonshayn 271
There Was a Łuków – D. Zakalik 280
A. Nakhtumi 290
Motl Hashomayim and Moshomni Haorets 291
Graves of the Ancestors – Avrom Nakhtumi 304
The Tomate – Khaye Elboym Dorembum 305
Death and Resistance
The First Persecutions by the Germans - Gedalia Dzewolecki 311
From the Poem “A Tree in Poland” 315
In the Struggle for Life – Moyshe Graytser [Y] 316
In the Struggle for Life – Moshe Graytser [H] 323
The First Campaign in Search of Weapons – Motl Feldman 328
My experiences in Lokow Ghetto – Leybish Barn 330
To Treblinke (anonymous poem) 336
The Ruins of Home – Moyshe Peltsman 338
My Mother’s Tears – Shloyme Rubinshteyn 342
The First Rescue Campaign (eye witness) 346
A Polish Teacher from Łuków Relates – S. Zsheminski 354
Homeless and Pursued – Ruzshke Huberman-Ayvan 365
In Days of Spring– Eliahu Rodziniak [Y] 397
In Days of Spring – Elahu Rodziniak [H] 406
Memoirs of a Survivor – Elke Gerekht-Tikotski 411
From My Experiences – Leyb Shliterman 421
The First Violence – Aba Dishel 424
The Murder of Lipe Kestin – V. H. Ayvan 428
The Death of Jewish Łuków – Shloyme Prengler 429
From the First “Action” to “Judenrein” – N. H. 436
A Child Among Murderers – Anshl Kats 443
Emigration, War, Occupation – Yeshayahu Koen 448
From Paris to Auschwitz – Moyshe Tsukerman 458
Between Valor and Annihilation – Yankev Keselbrener [Y] 470
Between Valor and Annihilation – Yaakov Keselbrener [H] 477
Destruction of Łuków (Testimony) 481
The Heroism and Tragic Annihilation of the Łuków Jews – Noyakh Zshelaza 485
Łuków Partisans in the Belorussian Forests – Nakhum Goldzak 492
Memoirs from a Jewish Partisan Troop – A. M. Rubinshteyn 502
In the Ghetto and in the Forest – Iser Last 505
A Visit to Just-liberated Łuków – Moyshe Gerekht 511
Lokow Jews Fight – Sh. Huberman 516
My Ruined Home – Pinkhas Tsheshinski 521
“Song of the Valley” – Moyshe Tsukerman [H] 524
On the Fields of Maltsinov – Yehude Burshteyn 528
25 Years of Destruction in Łuków – Sh. Huberman [H] 532
Of a Small Town – Yisroel Pikrish [H] 535
Concluding Eulogy in the Name of the Łuków Martyrs – Avrom Sukhavalski 562
The Łuków Landsmanshaftn in the United States – A. Braun 568
In Memory
Yisroel Goldgevikht 592
Nakhum Goldzak 596
Ruven Heyblum 598
Shloyme Zakalik 600
Khaym Leyb Yunghoyzer 601
Khaym Leybman 602
Sore Burshteyn-Zubrovitsh 603
Berl Lip 604
Yoysef Pergament 606
Yankl Tsukerman 607
Hersh Karasik 607
The Fate of Tonik Rozenshteyn 610
Miriam Shumik 611
Lukower Martyrs and Heroes 620

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