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Lubartowians who perished


Transliterated by Gilberto Jugend

Edited by Yocheved Klausner


Sex Marital
Name of
Additional family
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APELROIT Yakov M Married         Exiled 1942 19
APELROIT   F Married     Yakov   Exiled, 1942 19
APELROIT Tertse Lea F           Shot in 1942 19
AKERSTEIN Beile F           Shot together with Rubinstein family in 1942 19
BERNSTEIN Motel M           Exiled 1942 19
BUTMAN Melech Felte M         his parents Exiled together with his parents, 1942 19
BUTMAN Moshe M         family Exiled 19
GOLDGLAS Avraham M           Exiled - picture dated 1920 19
GOLDSTEIN Herl M         family Exiled 19
GOLDSTEIN Efraim M           Exiled 19
GOLDSCHER Toive F           Exiled 19
GOLDSCHER Meir M           Died in Poland 19
GRINBERG Moshe M Married         Exiled - picture dated 1910 19
GRINBERG Fishel M           Exiled 21
DUMAN   F Married     Moshe   Exiled, picture dated 1910 21
DUMAN Leiser M           Exiled 21
HONIKSBLUM Dvora F Married     Moshe Fishel children Picture dated 1919, died in Lublin with her children 21
HONIKSBLUM Moshe Fishel M Married     Dvora children Fate unknown picture dated 1919 21
HONIKSBLUM Roise F           Exiled 21
HONIKSBLUM Yosel M         family Exiled 21
HONIKSBLUM Avraham Leiser M           Exiled 21
HONIKSBLUM Bashe F           Exiled 21
HEKER Rivka F     Bashe     Exiled 21
WASSERSTRAUSS Mendel M           Exiled 21
WEINBERG Feige Sara F           Exiled 23
WEINSTEIN Perl F           Exiled 23
WEINSTEIN Rachel F           Exiled 23
WEISSMEHL Welwel M           Exiled 23
WEITZ Hershel M         family Exiled together with his family, picture dated 1925 23
WINDER Yankel M   Shmuel       Exiled, son of the hat maker Shmuel Hitelmacher 23
SALTSMAN Avraham M             23
SALTSMAN Yankel M           Exiled 23
SALTSMAN Sara F           Exiled 23
SONENSHEIN Ruzshke F Married     Avraham   Exiled 25
SONENSHEIN Avraham M Married     Ruzshke   Exiled 25
SEIDMAN Baruch M           Exiled 25
SEIDMAN David M           Exiled 25
SILBERTASH Shmuel Eli M           Exiled 25
TOIBENHOIZ Sheie M           Exiled, brother of Ratse and Zalmen 25
TOIBENHOIZ Moshe M           Exiled 25
TOIBENHOIZ Kopel M           Exiled 25
TURKELTOIB Ratse F           Exiled, sister of Sheie and Zalmen 25
TSCHESCHLER Zalmen M           Exiled, brother of Sheie and Ratse 25
LICHTMAN Shmuel M           Exiled 27
LERNER Pela F           Exiled 27
LERNER Shlomo M           Exiled 27
MORGENSTERN Michelin F           Exiled 27
MORGENSTERN Henri M           Exiled 27
MENACHEM Mordechai M           Exiled 27
MENACHEM Lea F           Exiled 27
MENACHEM Rachel F           Exiled 27
MENACHEM Gitel F           Exiled 27
SUCHOVALSKI Yosef M           Exiled 27
ERLECH Chava F           Exiled 27
FORMET Leiser M     Chava     Exiled 27
FUTERMAN Moshe Aharon M         family Murdered 27
FISCHBEIN Scheindel F           Exiled 29
PERLSTEIN Eli M Married         Exiled 29
PERLSTEIN Moshe M Married     Rivka   Exiled 29
PERLSTEIN Rivka F Married     Moshe   Exiled 29
FRONENBERG   F Married     Eli   Exiled 29
FRONENBERG Kishe F           Exiled 29
ZWEIMAN Feige F           Exiled 29
ZWEIMAN Kil M           Exiled 29
ZUKER Chava F           Exiled 29
ZUKERMAN Leibel M           Exiled 29
ZUKERMAN Israel M           Exiled 31
ZUKERMAN Moshe M         family Murdered in Poland 31
ZUKERMAN Menashe M           Exiled 31
KAPLAN Ester Rachel F           Exiled 31
KAPELMAN Zisel             Exiled 31
KOPE (or KAPE) Itshak M           Exiled 31
KOPE (or KAPE) Etel F         child Exiled, maiden name Goldstein 31
KIRSCHENBERG Shlomo M           Exiled Perl's brother 31
KIRSCHENBERG Perl F           Exiled, Shlomo's sister 31
KIRSCHENBERG Shlomo Langer M   Noah         33
KIRSCHENBERG Noah M             33
RUBINSTEIN Moshe M             33
STEINWURTZ Roise F Married     Shimon   Exiled, husband Shimon died before the War, was one of the first Lubertov to settle in Paris 33
STEINMILER Simcha M             33
STERN Moshe M         his sister and her daughter Unclear whom she is sister of 33
STERN Gitel F Married       child   33
STERN Tsine F             33
STERN Leiser M             33
SHIFMAN Etel F             33
SHIFMAN   M Married     Gitel child   33


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