The Community of Lipkany; Memorial Book
(Lipcani, Moldova)

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Translation of
Kehilat Lipkany; sefer zikaron

Kehilat Lipkany; sefer zikaron

Published in Tel Aviv, 1963



Project Coordinator

Michael A. Miller


Our sincere appreciation to David Eitan z”l of the Lipkany Landsmanschaft,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Kehilat Lipkany; sefer zikaron
(The community of Lipkany; memorial book), Editors: Former Residents of Lipkany in Israel, Tel Aviv, 1963 (H,Y, 407 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lipkany (1963)

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(H) = Hebrew (Y) = Yiddish

Moshe Zilberman-Silon – Upon Publishing the Book (Y)  
Moshe Zilberman-Silon – The Book's Forward (H) 9
Moshe Steif – Upon Publishing the Book (H) 10
The City Plan 11
18 Pictures of the Streets of Lipkany 12
Nota Roitman – An Overview of Lipkany (Y) 33
Yaakov Tamir-Berger – The Beginning of Lipkany (Y) 35
Moshe Zilberman-Silon – The Economic Situation in Town until 1917 (Y) 38
Mendel Cohen - The Economic Situation from 1917 until the Holocaust (Y) 39
Moshe Zilberman-Silon – It Was a Dream (Y) 40
Aharon Shuster – Teachers in Lipkany (Y) 57
Aharon Shuster – Cantors and Prayer Leaders (Y) 62
Moshe Leib Kaufman - Around the Train Station (Y) 64
Yaakov Tamir-Berger – Zionism, Renaissance, Hashomer Hatsa'ir, Maccabi (Y) 66
Shmuel Kushner – The Ber Borochov Association (Y) 77
Dr. Ginda Rosenblatt – AZE in Lipkany (Y) 78
Natan Levental – The Library (Y) 81
Eliezer Kaufman – The Lei-Un Fund, from Hebrew M.Z. (Y) 84
Nota Roitman – A Yarzeit for the Rebbe in the Husyatin Synagogue (Y) 86
Pinchas Goldberg – An Evening With the Poalei Zion Organization (Y) 87
Y. Landman – The Cemetery Key (Y) 88
Chaim Portnoy – Memories, the Prutah , Two Partners (Y) 88
Yonah Glatstein – From My Childhood (Y) 92
A. Riaby – A Few Memories (Y) 94
Gamliel – Why Do I Love Lipkany? (Y) 96
Elchanan Trigov – My Uncle Michael Kaufman (Y) 98
Batya Altman – My Teacher Eliezer Steinberg (Y) 99
Clara Steinberg – Memories from Lipkany (Y) 99
*** Under the Soviets (Y) 104
G. R.–Lipkany, a General Overview (H) 115
M. Zilberman-Silon – The Day Before Yesterday (H) 118
Y. Tamir-Berger – The Beginnings of Lipkany (H) 116
Liber Barab – My Town Lipkany (H) 133
David Limontsik – My Town (H) 134
Moshe Shneider – The Town (H) 135
Manya Dagan-Goldschmidt A Jewish Daughter of Lipkany (H) 136
Notta Roitman – A Controversy in Lipkany in 1890 [in Hebrew printed in error 1846] Between Sadigora and Boyan Chassidim (H) 138
Leib Rubenstein – Institutions (H) 138
Eliezer Kaufman – Savings and Loan Fund (H) 140
Shmuel Kushner – The Lovers of The Language of Eber Assoc. (H) 142
Reuven Dagan-Weizerban – The Zionist Youth Movement (H) 142
Shmuel Drori-Darar – From Then Until Now (H) 144
Menachem Orpaz Auerbach – Among the Hashomer Hatsa'ir (H) 147
M.Z. – The Rabbinical Judge, R. Yossele (H) 151
Mordechai Barab – Rabbi Yosef Berab (H) 153
Leibush Segal – The Segal Family (Y) 156
Leib Rubenstein – Shalom Itzik and Yenta (Y) 261
Y. Tamir-Berger – Rabbi Yossele the Scribe (H) 163
Zvi Wein – Yankel Alter Harris (Y) 165
M.Z. - Moshe Shreiber (Y) 167
M.Z. – Druggists in Town (H) 170
Reuven Dagan – The Teacher, David Segal (H) 172
Notta Roitman – Idel Roitman (?) 172
Notta Roitman – Avigdor the Red (Y) 173
Yoely Nissan – Avrahamaleh the Butcher (?) 174
Moshe Shneider - Avrahamaleh the Butcher (?) 176
Aharon Shuster – Grandpa Rippa, Yossel Dembener, Chaya Fayga the Warner (Y) 176
Manya Dagan – Manyaleh Shneider (?) 180
Golda Gelband – Binyamin Malyer (?) 181
From Zvi Wein – Fisheleh the Water Carrier M.Z. (Y) 182
Dov Ben Chaim Grober – Shalom the Lame (H) 183
Moshe Shneider – Rivkaleh (?) 184
Golda Berger – An Earner (Y) 185
Yehuda Steinberg 189
Yitzchak Shkolnik 195
Eliezer Steinberg 198
Dr. Michael Kaufman 211
Artist Shlomo Lerner 214
Yaakov Sternberg 217
Moshe Altman 222
Rabbi Avraham Orenstein 228
Dr. Menachem (Mendele) Naor (Lerner) 234
Eliezer Greenberg 240
Moshe Oysher 245
Yitzchak Orpaz (Auerbach) 247
Aryeh Fichman 252
Clara Steinberg 254
Yaakov Peleg 258
Avraham Ben Yosef (Kaufman) 259
Shimon Feitsher 267
Meir Shneider 270
Idele Kaufman 271
Yonah Glatstein 272
Z. Wein – Y. Berger - Taking Away 273
Yisrael Roshko – On Your Ashes, Lipkany (Y) 279
Mendel Cohen – Shargarad 295
Moshe Shneider – Alone (Y) 296
Nessya Shneidman – From a Letter (Y) 298
Natan Beckerman – Transnistria 301
Chana Lerner-Halevy – In Lipkany after the Holocaust (Y) 302
Avraham Ben Yosef – Stories about the Holocaust (Song) (H) 303
Yisrael Roshko – Upon Your Ruins, Lipkany – From Yiddish M. Zilberman 304
Notta Roitman – The Aid Work in Bucharest (Y) 315
Nissan Gershonson – Lipkany in Brazil (Y) 316
Shmuel Shkolnik – Lipkany in Brazil (Y) 319
Pictures Of Our Important Community Leaders and Philanthropists 320
Yosef Hamburger – Lipkany and the United States (Y) 326
Zvi Bramay-Zilberman – Lipkany in America (Y) 333
Our Losses for the Land (Y) 338
Our Kibbutzniks (Y) 340
The Committee in Israel (Y) 341
Moshe Steif – Lipkany in Israel (H) 346
The New Lipkany (Pictures) 348
Moshe Steif – Lipkany in Israel (From Hebrew M.Z.) 358
Reuven Dagan – Meeting of Gordonia Movement Alumni in Netanya (H) 360
Selba Ben Chaim – Those Were the Days – My Aliyah to Israel (H) 361
Duba Cohen – Get Going, His Hedva [name or "Joy"] (H) 393
Bella Naor-Weisman – We Were Twenty Five Thousand (H) 394
List of Martyrs 402
Errata 406


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