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List of Martyrs from Lesko, Poland

Transliterated by Ann Harris


Sex Marital
Name of
Remarks Page(s)
   Alef return
ADLER Mendel   M Married     Rivka   468
ADLER Rivka FENNIG F Married     Mendel   468
ADLER Shaul   M         Shaul is the brother of Gitla 468
ADLER Gitla   F         Gitla is sister of Shaul 468
ATLAS Meier Mordechai Monish   M           468
IGEL Gitshe DYM F   Leibele       468, 495
IGEL Meier Yakov Monish   M     Gitche     468, 495
IGEL Chaya'le   F     Gitche     468, 495
IGEL Ester   F     Gitche     468
IGEL Devora   F     Gitche     468
EIDELHEIT Chaim   M           468
EIDEM Wulf   M           468
EIDEM Leibish   M           468
EIS Witche FENNIG F           468
EIS Tema   F     Witche     468
EIS Gina   F     Witche     468
ENGELHARD Zissel EISEN F Married     Moshe   468
ENGELHARD Moshe   M Married     Zissel   468
EILFERTIG Moshe   M Married     Chana Mattiel   468
EILFERTIG Chana Mattil BER F Married     Moshe   468
EILFERTIG Shaul   M   Moshe Chana Mattiel     468
EILFERTIG Yisrael   M   Moshe Chana Mattiel     468
EILFERTIG Zeinvel   M   Moshe Chana Mattiel     468
EINTRACHTER Moshe   M           468
ISSER Gittel   F           468
ISSER Malka   F           468
ISSERLES Chava   F   Moshe       468
ISSERLES Malka   F   Moshe       468
OLLECHER? Aizik Yoelis   M           468
IRES David   M           468
IRES Wulf   M           468
IRES Feivel   M           468
IRES Shmuel Aharon   M           468
ALSTER David   M           468
ENTEMANN     M         Son-in-law of Moshe'le GLASSER 468
APOLLO Chaim Mendel   M           468
APOLLO Yechezkel   M           468
APOLLO Aharon   M           468
   Bet return
BALBIERER               family of Shlomo'le TEPPER 468
BART Malka   F           468
BADNER     M Married     Metche   468
BADNER Metche DUKLER F Married Yudla       468
BAUM Avraham   M Married         468
BAUM     F Married     Avraham   468
BAUM Itshe Yitzchok   M Married     Gleikel   468 498
BAUM Gleikel   F Married     Itshe Yitzchok   468
BAUM Dov Ber   M   Itche Yitzchok Gleikel     468 498
BAUM Shimon Shimson   M   Itche Yitzchok Gleikel     468 498
BAUM Yitta   F           468
BAUM Moshe   M           468
BAUM Yosef   M           468
BAUM Billa   F           468
BAUM Mordechai   M           468
BAUM Sima   F Widow     Mordechai Shaya   468, 497
BAUM Koppel   M           468
BAUMOL David   M           468
BAUMOL     M   Aharon     a number of sons of a deceased father 468
BUCHENBAUM Mordechai   M           468
BUCHENBAUM Moshe   M Married         468
BUCHENBAUM     F Married     Moshe   468
BUCHENBAUM Noach   M   Moshe       468
BUCHENBAUM Simcha   M   Moshe       468
BUCHENBAUM     F   Moshe       468
BILLET Yakov   M Married         468
BILLET     F Married     Yakov   468
BILLET Yehoshua   M   Yakov       468
BIRNKRANZ Hirsch Yosef   M           468
BIRNKRANZ               family of the late Nana 468
BLASSER               family of the late Yosef BLASSER 468
BLASSER Anshel   M           468
BENKEL     F   Moshe     a number of daughters of the late Moshe BENKEL. The husbands' names are unknown 468
BECK Devora Hendel   F           468
BECK Baruch   M Married     Zipora   468
BECK Zipora   F Married     Baruch   468
BECK Hirsche'le   M           468
BECK Rivkele   F           468
BECK Gittele   F           468
BERGER Moshe Aharon   M           469
BERGER Hirsch Mechel   M           469
BERTENTHIEL Aizik   M Married     Hinda   469
BERTENTHIEL Hinda   F Married     Aizik   469
BERTENTHIEL Fischel   M   Aizik Hinda   died in prison in Russia 469
BERTENTHIEL Yisrael   M   Aizik Hinda     469
BERTENTHIEL Mordechai Yosef   M   Aizik Hinda     469
BERTENTHIEL Pessil   M   Aizik Hinda     469
BERTENTHIEL Anshel   M Married         469
BERTENTHIEL     F Married     Anshel   469
BERTENTHIEL Pessil   M   Anshel       469
BERTENTHIEL Tauba   F   Anshel       469
BERTENTHIEL Reizel   F   Anshel       469
BERTENTHIEL Shmuel   M Married     Tzirel   469
BERTENTHIEL Tzirel   F Married     Shmuel   469
  Berish   M         teacher of young children. sister-in-law of Rechela GLICKSMANN 469
BERLSTEIN     M Married     Frimtche   469
BERLSTEIN Frimtche   F Married         469
BRUCHE Abish   M           469
BRUCHE Leah   F           469
BREIT Shalom   M           469
BREIT Avraham   M           469
BREIT     M   Chaim     the rest of the late Chaim BREIT's family 469
BREIER Leib   M           469
BREIER Bracha/Bruche   F           469
BREIER Keila   M           469
BREIER Gittel   F           469
BREIER Chaim   M           469
BRYK Shimon   M           469
BRYK Shmuel   M           469
BRANICKI Tanchum   M           469
   Gimmel return
GABEL               family of the late Meier Leibish 469
GABEL Mina SCHAPIRA F           469
GABEL Mali   F     Mina     469
GABEL Yenta   F     Mina     469
GUT Pesach   M           469
GUTWIRTH Moshe Ber   M Married         469
GUTWIRTH     F Married     Moshe Ber   469
GUTWIRTH Peretz   M Married     Bashe   469
GUTWIRTH Basha KLIEGER F Married     Peretz   469
GOTTESDIENER Hirsch   M           469
GOLD Sara   F Widow     Pinchas   469
GOLD Leibish   M           469
GOLD Moshe   M           469
GOLD Nachum   M           469
GOLD Shaya   M           469
GOLDBAUM David   M           469
GOLDBAUM Feiga   F           469
GOLDBAUM Ester   F     Feiga     469
GOLDBAUM Chana   F     Feiga     469
GOLDBAUM Yisrael Lipa   M     Feiga     469
GOLDINGER Zishe   M           469
GOLDSTEIN                 469
GOLDSTEIN Hirsch   M Married Chaim   Rachel   460, 500
GOLDSTEIN Shmuel Leib   M   Chaim       469, 499
GINZBURG Osias Shaya   M         lawyer 469
GINZBERG Bracha   F           469
GINZBERG Hirsche'le   M           469
GINZBERG Zalman   M Married     Devora   469
GINZBERG Devora BILLET F Married     Zalman   469
GINZBERG     F   Zalman Devora     469
GINZBERG Chaim   M           469
GINZBERG Yakov   M Married Leibish   Sima   469
GINZBERG Sima WEITMANN F Married     Yakov   469
GINZBERG Gittela   F   Yakov Sima     469
GINZBERG Beiltche   F   Yakov Sima     469
GINZBERG Yosef   M   Yakov Sima     469
GINZBERG Yakov   M   Moshe       469
GINZBERG Nachum   M   Chaim       469
GINZBERG Naftali   M   Chaim       469
GLICKHAFT     M           469
GLICKSMANN Rechele   F           469
GELANDER     M           469
GRANIK Avraham   M         town dayan [judge] 469
GRANIK Chaim Hertz   M           469
GRANIK Yisrael   M           469
GRANIK Leibish   M           469
GRANIK Pinchas   M           469
GRANIK Moshe   M           469
GRANIK Keila   M           469
GRANIK Yitzchok   M           469
GRAPPEL Leizor   M           469
GRAPPEL Herzel   M           469
GRAPPEL Levi   M           469
GROSS Yosef Yossele   M Married     Ester   469, 501
GROSS Ester   F Married     Yosef Yossele   469, 501
GROSS Yehuda Tzvi   M   Yosef Yossele Ester     469, 501
GROSS Chaya   F   Yosef Yossele Ester     469, 501
GROSS Leibish   M Married     Edel   469
GROSS Edel GOLDBAUM F Married     Leib   469
GROSS Aizik   M   Leib Edel     469
GROSS Tova   F   Leib Edel     469
GROSS Zalka   M           469
GROSSMANN Lemel   M           469
GRIN Hirsch Leib   M           469
GRINBERG Moshe   M Married     Chava   469
GRINBERG Chava   F Married     Moshe   469
GRINBERG Zipora   F   Moshe Chava     469
GRINBERG Toba   F   Moshe Chava     469
GRINBERG Ester   F   Moshe Chava     469
GRINBERG Shmuel Ros?   M Married         469
GRINBERG     F Married     Shmuel Ros   469
  Neche GRINBERG F Married Shmuel Ros       469
GRINBERG Moshe   M   Shmuel Ros       469
GRINBERG     M   Shmuel Ros       469
GERSCHON Chaim   M           469
GERSCHON David   M           469
   Dalet return
DAMPF     M         tooth technician 470
DOLLINGER Moshe   M           470
DOLLINGER Yisrael   M Married     Sara   470
DOLLINGER Sara KESSLER F Married     Yisrael   470
DUKLER Shlomo'le   M           470
DUKLER Yudela   M           470
DUKLER Moshe Aharon   M Married     Taltche   470
DUKLER Toltche   F Married     Moshe Aharon   470
DUKLER Fradela   F Widow     Simcha'le   470
DUKLER Yosef   M     Fradele     470
DUKLER Sara   F     Fradele     470
DUKLER               family of the late Shlomol'e DUKLER (Chanele Atlas) 470
DOFF               family of the late DOFF Ben-Zion 470
DORNBERG               family of the late Israel 470
DIEMANT Yissachar   M           470
DYM Leibele   M         businessman known as "Lajbele Yasheses" [Leibale the son of Yoshe]. For a long time was head of the Jewish community committee 470, 494
DYM Michal   M   Leibeld       470
DYM David   M           470
DYM Hirsch Leib   M Married         470
DYM     F Married     Hirsch Leib   470
DYM Hirsch   M Married     Sima   470
DYM Sima HOROWITZ/HOROWICZ F Married     Hirsch   470
DYM Jocheved   F   Hirsch Sima     470
DYM Hirsch Yacov   M           470
DYM Chaim Asher   M Married         470
DYM     F Married     Chaim Asher   470
DYM Yisrael   M Young boy Chaim Asher       470
DYM Rachel   F Young girl Chaim Asher       470
DYM Reizel   F Young girl Chaim Asher       470
DYM Leibish   M Married     Mattiel   470
DYM Mattiel   F Married     Leibish   470
DYM Leibish   M Married     Chaya   470
DYM Chaya   F Married     Leibish   470
DYM Gedalyahu   M           470
DYM Beila   F           470
DYM Rizel   F           470
DYM Avraham Shaya   M           470
DYM Moshe Binem   M           470
DYM Pesach   M Married     Chana   470
DYM Chana   F Married     Pesach   470
DYM Shlomo   M           470
DYM Simcha   M           470
DYM Yisrael   M           470
DYM Hirsch   M         in the list it is writeen "Bukask" [Bukowsko is a village in West Galicia which was a Yiddish shtetl until WW2] 470
DYM Chava   F           470
DYM Yodel Meier   M           470
DYM Shimon   M           470
DYM         Yitzchok       470
DYM Shimon   M   Yitzchok       470
DYM Pesach David   M           470
DYM Mendel   M           470
DYM Moshe   M           470
DIESCHE     M Married     Frida   470
DIESCHE Frieda PLANZER F Married         470
DIESCHE     F     Frida     470
DRUCKER Isser   M           470
DRESNER     M           470
   Hey return
HAGER Mendel   M Married     Gittel   470
HAGER Gittel FLEISCHER F Married     Mendel   470
HAGLER Yehuda   M Married     Kreintche   470
HAGLER Kreintche HAS F Married     Yehuda   470
HASELNUSS Avraham   M           470
HASELNUSS Frieda   F           470
HASELNUSS Chaya   F           470
HASELNUSS Rachel   F           470
HASELNUSS Ben Zion   M           470
HASELNUSS Isser   M           470
HASELNUSS Sara   F           470
HASELNUSS               rest of the family of the late David 470
HALBERTHAL Avraham   M           470
HALPERIN Nachman   M           470
HALPERIN Simcha   M           470
HAFTEL Sara   F           470
HOROWITZ Menachem Mendel   M         local rabbi 470
HOROWITZ Yakov   M         town dayan [judge] 470
HOROWITZ Yoshe   M         grandson of the elderly rabbi 470
HOROWITZ               family of Chanele Bajla TAMIS 470
HOROWITZ Ester   F         known by the name of "Motles" [Motel's means the daughter of Motel] 470
HOROWITZ Chaim   M           470
HOROWITZ Eidel   M           470
HOROWITZ Yakov   M         grandson of Israel BRYK 470
HOROWITZ Feivish   M Married     Rivka   470
HOROWITZ Rivka   F Married     Feivish   470
HOROWITZ Shmelka   M Married     Trude   470
HOROWITZ Truda   F Married     Shmelka   470
HOROWITZ Hirsch   M   Shmulka Truda     470
HOROWITZ Mindel   F   Feivish       470
HOROWITZ Hinda   F     Mindel     470
HOROWITZ Frieda   F   Feivish       470
HOROWITZ Rizel   F   Feivish       470
HOROWITZ Yehoshua   M     Rizel     470
HOFSTETTER Alter   M           470
HAUSMANN Etti   F Married         470
HAUSMANN     M Married     Etti   470
HAUSMANN Devora   F     Etti     470
HAUSMANN Fani   F     Etti     470
HORNSTEIN Avraham   M           471
HIER Brandel   F           471
HIRSCH Sima   F           471
HELD Yehuda   M Married     Ester   471
HELD Ester KLUGMANN F Married     Yehuda   471
HELD Yitzchok   M   Yehuda Ester     471
HELD Shimon   M   Yehuda Ester     471
HELD Moshe   M   Yehuda Ester     471
HELD Yeshaiyahu   M   Yehuda Ester     471
HELD Leah   F   Yehuda Ester     471
HENIG Leibish   M           471
HENIG David   M Married     Gittel   471
HENIG Gittel   F Married     David   471
HERMANN Hirsch   M Married     Sara   471
HERMANN Sara CHARAS F Married     Hirsch   471
HERMANN Leib   M   Hirsch Sara     471
HERMANN Moshe   M   Hirsch Sara     471
HERMANN Keila   M   Hirsch Sara     471
HERMANN Yitzchok   M   Hirsch Sara     471
HERMANN Shlomo   M   Hirsch Sara     471
HERMANN Ettiel   F           471
   Vav return
WACHTEL Yehoshua   M Married         471
WACHTEL     F Married     Yehoshua   471
WACHTEL Hillel   M   Yehoshua       471
WACHTEL     F   Yehoshua       471
WACHTEL Yitzchok Itshe   M           471
WACHTEL Mordechai'le   M           471
WACHTEL Naftali   M Married     Ratzala   471
WACHTEL Ratzele LERNER F Married     Naftali   471
WALD Yosef   M           471
  Keiles Wulf   M         Keila's son-in-law 471
WIESNER Yakov   M Married     Freidela   471
WIESNER Freidela TRATTNER F Married     Yakov   471
WEINBERGER Yeruchem   M Married     Maltche   471, 499
WEINBERGER Malka Maltche GINZBURG F Married     Yeruchem   471, 499
WEINBERGER     F   Yeruchem Maltche     471
WEINREB Wulf   M Married     Leah His first wife was Chana 471
WEINREB Leah DYM F Married     Wulf   471
WEINREB Reizela   F   Wulf Leah     471
WEINREB Yosef   M   Wulf Chana     471
WEINREB Ester   F   Wulf Chana     471
WEINREB Rivka   F   Wulf Chana     471
WEINREB Yechiel   M           471
WEISS Alter   M           471
WEISS         Ben Zion Melech       471
WEISS Baruch   M           471
WEISS David   M           471
WEISS Chana   F           471
WEISS Chaya   F           471
WEISS Naftali Yechiel   M           471
WEISS Ettel   F           471
WEISS Feiga   F           471
WILLNER               family of Hirsch Ber, (the Rebecher) 471
WILLNER Mendel   M           471
WILLNER Yisrael   M           471
WILLNER Sheindel   F           471
WIELOPOLSKI Naftali   M Married     Chaya   471
WIELOPOLSKI Chaya MANASTER F Married     Naftali   471
WERNER Mendel   M Married         471
WERNER     F Married     Mendel   471
WERNER Moshe Aharon   M Married         471
WERNER     F Married     Moshe Aharon   471
WILK David   M           471
  Jocheved WILK F Married David     "pasada" [fa?ade?] is written in the book and its unclear what it refers to 471
WEITMANN Yitzchok   M           471
   Zayin return
SEMMER Naftali Talik   M   Notta Tzivia     471, 496
SEMMER Rizel   F   Notta Tzivia     471
SEMMER Avraham Avrahamtche   M   Notta Tzivia   died in Auschwitz 471 496
SEMMER Notta   M Married     Tzivia died in Auschwitz 471
SEMMER Tzivia   F Married     Notta died in Auschwitz 471
SEMMER Mendel   M           471
SEMMER Sheindel   F           471
ZAPFNIK Meier   M           471
SIEBZEHNER David   M           471
SITTMANN Leibishe   M           471
SEIDEN Feivel   M           471
SEIDENFELD Alter   M Married     Leah   471, 505
SEIDENFELD Leah   F Married     Alter   471
SEIDENFELD Yehoshua   M   Alter Leah     471
SEIDENFELD Chaim Yekel Yakov   M   Alter Leah     471, 505
SEIDENFELD Hodza       Alter Leah     471
SEIDENFELD Ester Leah   F           471
SEIDENFELD Moshe   M           471
SEIDENFELD Pinchas   M Married     Leah   471
SEIDENFELD Leah CHARAS F Married     Pinchas   471
SILBER Mendel   M           471
SINGER                 471
SINGER               family of the late Hirschele SINGER ("der Shvartzter Shuster") [The black shoemaker] 471
ZYS Itshe Meier   M           471
ZYS Yisrael   M           471
ZYS Yehuda   M           471
   Chet return
CHARAS Yeruchem   M Married     Hinda   471
CHARAS Hinda   F Married     Yeruchem   471
CHARAS Leib   M   Yeruchem Hinda     471
CHARAS Zalman   M   Yeruchem Hinda     471
CHARAS Tuvia   M           471
HAUS Baruch   M           471
HAUS                 471
CHAJET Bertche   M Married         471
CHAJET     F Married     Bertche   471
CHAJET Keila   M   Bertche       471
CHAJET Leibele   M   Bertche       471
CHAJET Tuvia   M   Bertche       471
CHAJET Yitzchok   M   Bertche       471
   Tet return
TAUBENFELD Moshe   M           472
TAUBENFELD Zissman   M           472
TAUBENFELD Shlomo   M           472
TUCH Benyamin   M           472
TIRK Baruch   M           472
TIRK Mirel   F           472
TEICH Yoel   M Married     Itta   472
TEICH Itta GRANIK? F Married     Yoel   472
TEICH     F   Yoel Itta     472
TUNK                 472
TUNK Chaya Leah   F Married         472
TUNK     M Married     Chaya Leah   472
TUNK Mirele   F           472
TUNK Shmuel   M           472
TRANTER? Yitzchok   M           472
TRANTER? Yakov   M           472
TRANTER? Bracha/Bruche   F           472
   Yod return
JANKELOWICZ Pinchas   M           472
  Yosef Pintches   M Married         472
  Yenta Zalaves   F Married         472
   Kaf return
KATZ Hillel   M Married     Eidel   472
KATZ Eidel BAUM F Married     Hillel   472
KATZ Ester   F Young girl Hillel Eidel     472
KATZ Rizel   F Young girl Hillel Eidel     472
KATZ Sara   F Young girl Hillel Eidel     472
KATZ Witte   F Young girl Hillel Eidel     472
KATZ Rivka Yenta   F Young girl Hillel Eidel     472
KATZ Shmuel   M           472
KATZ Yehoshua   M Married         472
KATZ     F Married     Yehoshua   472
KATZ Yisrael   M           472
KATZ Moshe   M Married         472
KATZ     F Married     Moshe   472
   Lamed return
LANGSAM Eli   M           472
LANGSAM Hirsch   M Married     Elka   472
LANGSAM Elka   F Married     Hirsch   472
LANGSAM Yitzchok   M   Hirsch Elka     472
LANGSAM Avraham   M   Hirsch Elka     472
LANGSAM Yosef   M   Hirsch Elka     472
LANGSAM Yehoshua   M   Hirsch Elka     472
LAPKE Jankel   M         Porter 472
LOCKSPEISER Hirschel   M   Pesach     photograph of the daughters 472 504
LOCKSPEISER Moshe   M           472
LOCKSPEISER Malka   F           472
LOCKSPEISER Avraham Tzvi   M           472
LOCKSPEISER Chaya   F           472
LOCKSPEISER Beila   F           472
LOCKSPEISER Chana   F           472
LOCKSPEISER Tzipora   F           472
LOCKSPEISER Sima   F           472
LAUF Matti   M           472
LAUF Zelig   M           472
LIEBER Yehudit   F Married     Moshe   472, 505
LIEBER Sara Rivka   F Young girl Moshe Yehudit     472, 505
LIEBER Yitzchok   M           472
LIEBER Mendel   M           472
LIEBER Sara   F           472
LIEBER     M   Pesach       472
LIEBER Matti   M Married     Sima   472
LIEBER Sima GRANIK? F Married     Matti   472
LIEBER     M   Matti Sima     472
  Lipa   M         shochet [ritual slaughterer] 472
LIPZER Moshe   M           472
LEW Yehoshua   M           472
LANDI Leibish   M Married     Chana   472
LANDI Chana LERNER F Married     Leibish   472
LEWITA Naftali   M           472
LEWITA Chaim Hertz   M           472
LEWITA Yosef   M           472
LEWITA               family of the late Baruch LEWITA 472
LEFFELSTIEL Edel   F Married         472
LEFFELSTIEL     M Married     Edel   472
LERNER David   M           472
LERNER Ester Leah   F           472
LERNER Itta Rachel   F           472
LERNER Berish   M           472
LERNER Wulf   M           472
LERNER Yehoshua   M           472
LERNER Yehoshua   M   Shlomo       472
LERNER Moshe   M   Tzvi       472
LERNER Avraham Ber   M           472
LERNER Fischel   M           472
LERNER Sima   F   Fischel       472
LERNER               family of the late Shlomo'le LERNER 472
LERNER Rizia   F   Shlomo'le       472
   Mem return
MONASTER Yosef Joele   M Married     Rizel Estate owner 472, 503
MONASTER Rizel   F Married     Yosef Yoele   472
MONASTER Leibish   M   Yosef Yoele Rizel     472
MONASTER Mania   F   Yosef Yoele Rizel     472
MONASTER Avraham Shaya   M           472
MONASTER Avraham   M           472
MONASTER Alta   F           472
MONASTER Hillel   M           472
MONASTER Yehudit   F           472
MONASTER Mordechai Wulf   M           472
MONASTER Naftali Yosef   M           473
MONASTER Shaul   M           473
MONASTER Liba   M           473
MONASTER Benyamin Zev   M           473
MONASTER Arye Leib   M           473
MONASTER Meier   M           473
MONASTER   GRANIK? F Widow     Yoshe   473
MUNTER Naftali Yosef   M           473
MAZES Moshe   M Married     Yichtche   473
MAZES Yichtche DUKLER F Married     Moshe   473
MAZES Yakov   M   Moshe Yichtche     473
MAZES Yosef   M   Moshe Yichtche     473
MAZES     F   Moshe Yichtche     473
MANDEL Shmuel   M Married     Sara   473
MANDEL Sara   F Married     Shmuel   473
MANDEL Rivka   F   Shmuel Sara     473
MANDEL Mordechai   M   Shmuel Sara     473
MANDEL Aharon   M   Shmuel Sara     473
MANDEL Hirsch   M   Shmuel Sara     473
MANDEL Golda   F   Shmuel Sara     473
MANDEL Chaim   M           473
MANDEL Natan   M           473
MANDEL Yakov   M           473
MARZ Yosef   M           473
MARZ Yacov Baruch   M Married     Henne   473
MARZ Henna SCHIFF F Married     Yakov Baruch   473
MARZ Shmuel   M           473
MARK Yosef   M Married     Mirel   473, 504
MARK Mirel WARSCHER F Married     Yoshe Yosef   473, 504
MARK Shlomo   M   Yoshe Yosef Mirel     473, 504
MARK Gittel   F           473
MARK Avraham   M     Gittel     473
MARK Rachel   F     Gittel     473
MARKUS               family of the late Avraham 473
MARKUS               family of the late Mordechai Aizik 473
MITTMANN Yitzchok   M           473
MEISELES Mordechai   M           473
MEISELES Eli   M           473
MELAMED Yehudit   F           473
   Nun return
NIEDER Eliezer   M Married     Malka   473
NIEDER Malka DUKLER F Married     Eliezer   473
NIEDER Chaim   M   Eliezer Malka     473
NIEDER Figa   F   Eliezer Malka     473
NIEDER Shimon   M           473
NIEDER               family of the late Avraham 473
NESTEL Shmuel   M Married     Ester   473
NESTEL Ester WEITMANN F Married     Shmuel   473
NESTEL Hinda   F   Shmuel Ester     473
NESTEL Yitzchok   M   Shmuel Ester     473
   Samech return
SALOMON               family of Pini (Pinje dam shochets) [Pinye the son of the shochet [ritual slaughterer]] 473
SABEL Shimon   M           473
SABEL     M Married     Rivtche   473
SABEL Rivtche FLEISCHER F Married         473
SABEL Wulf   M Married         473
SABEL     F Married     Wulf   473
SABEL Gershon   M           473
SABEL Yisrael   M           473
SABEL Tevel   M Married     Blima   473
SABEL Blima SPRUNG F Married         473
SABEL     M   Tevel Blima Tevel   473
SOFER Aharon   M Married         473
SOFER     F Married     Aharon   473
   Ayin return
EGERT Meier   M           473
EGERT     F Widow     Yehuda   473
ENGELHARD Berish   M Married         473
ENGELHARD     F Married     Berish   473
    ENGELHARD F Married Berish       473
ENGELHARD Rivka   F Married         473
ENGELHARD     M Married     Rivka   473
ENGELHARD Rachel   F           473
ENTNER Yakov   M           473
ENTNER Reizel   F           473
EHRLICH David   M           473
EHRLICH               rest of Hirsch Ber's family 473
   Peh return
FRIEDLANDER Frimet DYM F Widow     Shalom Rabbi's wife. Died in Złoczew, Poland 493, 494
PASSNER Leizer   M           473
PASSNER Yechiel   M           473
PASSNER Meier   M           473
PASSNER Yitzchok   M Married     Eidel   473, 510
PASSNER Eidel STARK F Married     Yitzchok   473, 510
PASSNER Fischel   M   Yitzchok Eidel     473
PASSNER Fraedel   F   Yitzchok Eidel     473
PASSNER Sima   F   Yitzchok Eidel     473
FOGEL Itta   F           473
FOGEL Zelig   M Married     Figa   473
FOGEL Figa GOTTESDIENER F Married     Zelig   473
FOGEL Moshe   M Married     Sheindel   473
FOGEL Sheindel   F Married     Moshe   473
POPPER Chana   F           473
FUCHS Yitzchok   M           473
FEIWISCH Hirsch   M Married         473
FEIWISCH     F Married     Hirsch   473
FEIWISCH Yakov   M   Hirsch       473
PINSEL Shmuel   M Married     Sara   473
PINSEL Sara SCHORTZ/SCHURZ F Married     Shmuel   473
PINSEL Peretz   M   Shmuel Sara     473
PINSEL Mirel   F   Shmuel Sara     473
PINCZOWSKI     M         son-in-law of David HASELNUSS 473
FINFER David   M           473, 508
FINFER Shlomo   M           473
PINCHES Pinchas Aharon   M           474
PLANZER Avraham   M           474
FEIN Moshe   M           474
FINK Wulf   M Married     Zipora   474
FINK Zipora   F Married     Wulf   474
FINK Joachim   M Married         474
FINK   LANDO F Married     Joachim   474
FINK     F   Joachim       474
FLEISCHMANN Yakov   M           474
FLEISCHMANN Lemel   M           474
FLEISCHMANN Leizer   M           474
FLEISCHMANN Aharon   M Married         474
FLEISCHMANN     F Married     Aharon   474
FLEISCHMANN Nitza Neika   F   Aharon       474
FLEISCHMANN Shiffra   F   Aharon       474
FLEISCHMANN Yona   F   Aharon       474
FLEISCHMANN Eliahu   M   Aharon       474
FENNIG Aharon   M           474
FENNIG Avraham Meier   M           474
FENNIG Moshe David   M Married         474
FENNIG     F Married     Moshe Aharon   474
FENNIG Tzippa?   M   Mendel Rizel     474
FENNIG Hirsch   M   Mendel Rizel     474
FENNIG Meier   M   Mendel Rizel     474, 508
PETERSEIL Shlomo   M Married     Ester   474
PETERSEIL Ester LERNER F Married     Shlomo   474
PETERSEIL Mordechai   M   Shlomo Ester     474
PETERSEIL Sima   F   Shlomo Ester     474
PETERSEIL David   M   Shlomo Ester     474
PENNER Moshe   M Married     Miriam   474
PENNER Miriam KATZ F Married     Moshe   474
PENNER Shmuel   M   Moshe Miriam     474
PENNER Chaim Yakov   M           474
FRANK               family of the late Josef 474
FRAUWIRTH               family of the late Reb Joel the shochet [ritual slaughterer] 474
FRIED Simcha   M Married     Yenta   474
FRIED Yenta   F Married     Simcha   474
FRIED Leibish   M   Simcha Yenta     474, 510
FRIED Chana   F   Simcha Yenta     474
FRIED Reizel   F   Simcha Yenta     474, 510
FRIED Yosha   M   Simcha Yenta     474
FRIED Meier   M   Simcha Yenta     474
FRIED Hirschka   M           474
FREIDES Leibish   M Married     Tauba   474
FREIDES Tauba DUKLER F Married     Leibish   474
FREIDES               family of the late Shalom 474
FREILICH Aharon   M           474
FREILICH Moshe   M           474
FRANKEL Mendel   M           474
FRANKEL Abish   M           474
   Tzadik return
ZWICK Shlomo   M           474
ZWICKEL Yisrael Mendel   M           474
ZUCKER Feiga KATZ F Married Natan Leibish     daughter of the late Reb Natan Leibish KATZ 474
ZUCKER     M Married     Feiga   474
ZORN               family of Leah ZORN 474
   Kof return
KAHLER Moshe   M           474
KARMIN Nuchem   M           474
KORNBLITT Mordechai   M           474
KITTEN? Sender   M           474
KLAK Shimon   M           474
KLUGHAUPT Lipa Yeles   M Married     Ester   474
KLUGHAUPT Ester MANASTER F Married     Lipa Yeles   474
KLUGHAUPT Sara   F   Lipa Yeles Ester     474
KLUGHAUPT Shalom   M   Lipa Yeles Ester     474
KLUGMANN Moshe   M Married     Chana   474
KLUGMANN Chana   F Married     Moshe   474
KLUGMANN Natan   M Married     Gittel   474
KLUGMANN Gittel   F Married     Natan   474
KLEINMANN David   M           474
KNEBEL Micha'el   M Married         474
KNEBEL     F Married     Micha'el   474
KLEIN Shimon   M Married     Mani   474
KLEIN Mani SCHWARZ F Married     Shimon   474
KLEIN Moshe   M   Shimon Mani     474
KLEIN Shmuel   M   Shimon Mani     474
KELMANN Mendel Yakov   M           474
KESSLER Ester   F           474
KESSLER Bina   F           474
KESSLER Leibele   M     Ester     474
KESSLER Yisrael   M     Ester     474
KESSLER Matti   M     Ester     474
KESSLER Zelig   M           474
KESSLER Leibish   M           474
KESSLER Mordechai   M           474
KESSLER Pinchas   M           474
KESSLER Shmuel   M         "Boidem" [attic] is written and it's not clear if referring to place or a different remark 474
KESSLER Sara   F Married         474
KESSLER     M Married     Sara   474
KESSLER     F     Sara     474
KRELL Naftali   M Married         474
KRELL     F Married     Naftali   474
KRELL Roza   F   Naftali       474
   Resh return
RAUCH Baruch   M           474
RAUCH               family of the late Berel 474
ROSSDEUTSCHER Gedalia   M           474
ROSSDEUTSCHER Eli   M           474
ROSSDEUTSCHER Leizer   M           474
ROSENBERG David   M           474
ROSENBERG     M   Shimon Eli     family of the late Shimon Eli 474
ROTH David   M         town chazan [cantor] 474
ROTH Yosha   M           474
ROTH               family of the late Avraham 474
ROTH Shprintze GOLDSTEIN F           474
RAND Hirsch   M           474
RAND Leah   F   Hirsch       474
RAND Shmuel   M Married         474, 509
RAND     F Married     Shmuel   474, 509
RAUF Yosef   M           475
RATZ Gittel   F           475
RATZ Chana   F           475
RAPPAPORT Simcha   M           475
RAPPAPORT Taubtche   F           475
RAMRAS Hirsch   M           475
RAMRAS Lezer   M           475
RABIN               family of the late Yakov 475
ROBINSOHN Yankele   M Married     Chana   475
ROBINSOHN Chana   F Married     Jankele   475
RUBINFELD Bertshe   M           475
RUBINFELD Avraham   M           475
RUBINFELD Heshe   M           475
RUBINFELD Leizer   M           475
RUBINFELD Lezer   M           475
RUBINFELD Moshe   M           475
RUBINFELD Shamai   M           475
RUBINFELD Shaya   M           475
ROSNER Chana   F Married         475
ROSNER     M Married     Chana   475
RAUCH     F     Chana Mindel   Two daughters 475
REISNER Chana WILLNER F           475
REICH Chaim   M           475
REICH Notta   M           475
REINISCH Ben Zion   M           475
ROKEACH Chana   F Married     Yissachar Ber rabbi's wife. Her husband survived. 475
RESPLER Moidel   M           475
RESPLER Devora   F           475
   Shin return
SCHANZ Hirschele   M           475
SCHANZ Shmuel   M           475
SCHAF               family of the late Haim ZISZE 475
SCHAF Abba Hirsch   M           475
SCHAF Chaim   M           475
SCHAF Yehoshua   M           475
SCHAF     M   Yehoshua       475
SCHWARZ     F       Yehoshua   475
SCHWARZ Avigdor   M Married     Rizel   475
SCHWARZ Rizel   F Married     Avigdor   475
SCHWARZ Sara   F   Avigdor Rizel     475
SCHWARZ Liba   F   Avigdor Rizel     475
SCHWARZ Hirsch   M           475
SCHWARZ Chaya   F           475
SCHWARZ Rivka   F           475
SCHWARZ Yitzchok   M Married     Freidele   475, 510
SCHWARZ Freidele   F Married     Yitzchok   475, 510
SCHWARZ Mintche   M   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Yosha   M   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Rachel   F   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Asher   M   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Shalom   M   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Hinda   F   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Melech   M   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Sheindele   F   Yitzchok Freidele     475, 510
SCHWARZ Moshe   M           475
SCHWARZ Frimet   F   Moshe       475
SCHWARZ Zadok   M Married     Chana   475, 511
SCHWARZ Chana   F Married     Zadok   475, 511
SCHWARZ Yitzchok Leib   M   Zadok Chana   probably referring to two different people 475, 511
SCHWARZ Mordechai   M   Zadok Chana     475, 511
SCHWARZ Asher   M   Zadok Chana     475, 511
SCHWARZ Freida   F   Zadok Chana     475, 511
SCHWARZ Yeshaiyahu   M   Zadok Chana     475, 511
SUSSHIEM Moshe   M Married     Rivka   475
SUSSHIEM Rivka BILLET F Married     Moshe   475
SCHWARZMANN Hirsch Ber   M Married     Breindel   475 512
SCHWARZMANN Breindel BAUMOL/BAUMEHL F Married     Hirsch Ber   475
SCHWARZMANN Ben Zion   M Married     Ester Rachel   475
SCHWARZMANN Ester Rachel   F Married     Ben Zion   475
SCHWARZMANN Naftali   M   Ben Zion Ester Rachel     475
SCHWARZMANN Leib   M   Ben Zion Ester Rachel     475
SCHWARZMANN Masha   F   Ben Zion Ester Rachel     475
SCHWARZMANN Devora   F   Ben Zion Ester Rachel     475
STARK Leib Arye   M Married     Yenta   475
STARK Yenta AHL F Married     Leib Arye   475
STARK Elkana   M   Leib Arye Yenta     475
STARK Rizel   F   Leib Arye Yenta     475
STARK Mindel   M   Leib Arye Yenta     475
STARK Shimon   M   Leib Arye Yenta     475
STARK               family of the late Reb Efraim STARK 475
STARK Chaim   M           475
STEIN Wulf   M Married     Chaya   475 512
STEIN Chaya FENNIG F Married     Wulf   475 512
STEINER               family of Malke'le STEINER 475
STEINER Chaim Moshe   M           475
STEIGER Wulf   M           475
STEIGER Gittel   F           475
STEIGER Riza   F           475
STEIGER Liba   M           475
STEUER Yitzchok   M   Anshel       475
STEUER Yitzchok   M         son-in-law of Chaim PITER 475
STEUER Brandele   F Married         475
STEUER     M Married     Brandele   475
STERNHELL               family 475
STERNHELL Shlomo   M Married     Gitshe   475
STERNHELL Gitshe FRIEDLANDER F Married     Shlomo   475
LIEBER Rizele STRENGER F   Shlomo Gitshe   Died in Stryy, Ukraine 475, 496
STRENGER Fradele   M         grandson of Shlomo and Gitshe STRENGER 475
SCHEINER Leibish   M           475
SCHEINER Avraham   M           475
SCHEINDEL Yisrael   M Married     Rivka   475
SCHEINDEL Rivka   F Married     Yisrael   475
SCHEINDEL Ester   F   Yisrael Rivka     475
SCHEINDEL Hirsch   M   Yisrael Rivka     475
SCHEINDEL Mania   M   Yisrael Rivka     475
SCHIFF Chaim   M Married       son-in-law of Anshel STEUER 475
SCHIFF     F Married     Chaim   475
SCHIFF Chaim   M           475
SCHIFF Leibish   M Married     Tauba   475
SCHIFF Tauba BERTENTHIEL F Married     Leibish   475
SCHLESINGER               family of the late Mordechai 476
  Shmuel Yossel   M           476
SCHNEIDER Avraham   M Married     Chaya   476
SCHNEIDER Chaya   F Married     Avraham   476
SCHNEIDER Yitzchok   M Married         476
SCHNEIDER     F Married     Yitzchok   476
SCHNEIDER Tova   F   Yitzchok       476
SCHNEIDER Menachem   M   Yitzchok       476
SCHNEIDER Leibish   M           476
SCHNEIDER Shaya   M Married     Branka   476
SCHNEIDER Branka MANASTER F Married Yossele   Shaya   476, 503
SCHECHTER David   M           476
SCHECHTER Mendel   M           476
SCHECHTER Moshe   M           476
SCHECHTER Mordechai   M           476
SCHECHTER Shaya   M         grandson of Reb Yanke'le DAYAN 476
SCHMIERI?     M           476
SCHAPIRA Avraham David   M           476
SCHAPIRA Hirsch Melech   M           476
SCHAPIRA Chaim   M           476
SCHAPIRA Moshe   M           476
  Matche SCHAPIRA F Widow         476
    SCHAPIRA F Widow       sister of Matche nee SCHAPIRA 476


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