The Scroll of Kurzeniac
(Kurenets, Belarus)

54°33' / 26°57'

Translation of
Megilat Kurenits; ayara be-hayeha u-ve-mota

Edited by: A. Meyerowitz, Former Residents of Kurzeniec in Israel and in the USA

Published in Tel Aviv, 1956


Project Coordinator

Eilat Gordin Levitan


Our sincere appreciation to Shimon Zimmerman, of the Kurenets Landsmanshaften,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site

This is a translation from: Megilat Kurenits; ayara be-hayeha u-ve-mota; The scroll of Kurzeniac,
Editor: A. Meyerowitz, Tel Aviv, 1956, Former Residents of Kurzeniec in Israel and in the USA.

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Introduction to Megilat Kurenitz Aaron Meirovich 4-7
The Gate Baruch Zukerman 8-11
Should You Wish to Know   12-14
A Place of the Torah Ysrael Isar Katzervitz 15-18
My Hometown Rabbi Yakov Landau, Av Beit Din, B'nei Brak, a former Rabbi of Kurenets 20-34
Grandma Marisha Max Alberts 35-38
During those Days From a Memorial Book to Moshe Eliezer Kremer who died in the US 38-43
Images David Krivitzky 44-48
The Big Boulder Yosef Weiss 49-50
Matia, son of Pesach (Zavodnik) Maris Cohen 51-53
Kurenitz (Poem) David Krivitsky 53-54
Old Images Yaakov Alpert son of Eliyau Alperovich 55-73
Impressions Alter Zimmerman 74-80
A Little Bit From A Lot Rabbi Itzhak Dov Oshpal 81-83
Self Defense Levik son of Mendel Alperovich 84-85
From There to Now David son of Leib Motosov 85-89
Beloved and Unforgettable Kurenets Dov Benes 90-94
Lost Tunes Yehoshua Alperovich 95-103
Beloved Person Avraham Alperovich 104-105
A Few Lines Tzvia née Cohen Even-Shoshan 106-107
The Tarbut School Israel Gvint 108-115
Memories, Memories Pesia née Taubes Norman 116-117
Illustrations Avraham Dimmenstein 118-122
Dolhinov Street Chaia Altman 123-124
From the Notebook of a Teenager Itzhak Arieli son of Moshe Alperovich 125-127
A Miracle of Spring Chana Alperovich 128-130
A Journey in Your Vistas Aharon Meirovich 131-138

Part Two: In Your Shining Face

Your Youth and the Loveliness of Your Wedding Will Always be Remembered …
From the Siege I Saw You Soaked in Blood

My Hometown Aharon Meirovich 141
My Ravished Home Fayga Alperovich 142-146
Amongst the Fifty-Four Yente née Dinerstein Rudnitsky Baranovitch 147-154
The Struggle to Survive Wolf Zev Rabunksi 155-192
One Month Yosef Zuckerman 193-197
Three Years Itzhak son of Netta Zimmerman 198-229
A Little Drop Yosef Friedman 230-233
In the Luben Farm Nathan Alperovich 234-243
By the Nail of the Eradicator Rivka Dudik daughter of Sima and Zalman Gvint 244-253
The Day of the Massacre Tuvya Sosensky 254-255
In the market on the day of the slaughter Avraham Bergstein 256
In the Vostok Territory Abraham Aharon son of Naftali Alperovich 257-266
Resistance Zalman Uri Gurevich 267-296

Part Three: On Hills of Dust

A Small Remnant David Motosov 299-303
The Broken Limb Sima Gvint 304-306
After the Liberation Zev Rabunski 307-311
Bakatz Aharon Meirovich 312-314

Part Four: A List of the Martyrs

List of the Martyrs   315-335

Part Five: Supplement

The Day the War Started in Grodno Shimon Zimmerman  
The Escape from the Ghetto Jehoash Alperovich  
Memories of Solomon Shlomo Alperovich  
Thus It Began Nachum Alperovich  
Memoir of infancy in the Vileyka camp Wolf (Zev) Rabunski  

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