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The Memorial Scroll and the List of the Martyrs

Translated by Eilat Gordin Levitan

HALPERIN Zalman Halperin (son of Shabtai), his wife: Rachel ,Their daughter
ALPEROVITZ Yitzhak-Wolf (son of Avraham Mordechai), his wife: Chaya, Their son
ALPEROVITZ Genesia (daughter of Yitzhak-Yakov)
ALPEROVITZ Shalom (son of Shneor-Zalman), His wife: Sonia (daughter of Shimon), Their daughter: Sima
ALPEROVITZ Ozer-Bar from Dolhinov
ANSHLEVITZ Chaya-Sara (daughter of Yermiyahu) her children with Shabtai; Moshe, Frieda, Sheyna-Riva, Henya
BUNIMOVITZ Mara-Riva (daughter of Aharon), Her daughter: Miriam, Miriam’s husband: Yechiel, their two sons
BUNIMOVITZ Chana (daughter of Moshe Rubin)
BOTVINIK Feyga, Her two sons: Eliezer, Shalom
BOTVINIK Feygel (wife of Chaim Feybush), Their children: Yerucham, Shabtai, Eliezer, Teybel
BOTVINIK Chaya-Dvora
BURSTIEN Yakov (son of Sana), His wife: Sheina, Their sons: Moshe, Sana, Shlomo, Yisrael
BLACHER Bata (daughter of Moshe)
BLACHER Avraham (son of Pinchas)
BLACHER Miriam (daughter of Naftali-Hertz), Chaim-Bear, Hertzel, Chaya-Sara , Hudel
BROK Dov-Bear (son of Yehuda), His wife: Pesya (daughter of Shimon), Their sons: Yehuda, Yakov Leib
BERMAN Arye-Leib (son of Yakov), His wife: Rashel, Her sister: Feyga, Feyga’s husband from Radoshkovitz
GITLITZ Nechama (daughter of Arye Leib)
GITLITZ Sara-Dvora (daughter of Kalman), Her children: David Leib, Lea, Batya-Mara
GITLITZ Shaul (son of Baruch-Yosef), His wife: Lea, Their children: Gabriel, Zeev-Wolf, Yeoash, Yosef, Rachel
GORDON Asher (son of Yisrael), His wife: Ester, Their son: Heshel
GORDON Sara (daughter of Yisrael)
GITLITZ Shimon, His wife: Chaya, Their son: Asher
GINDALIN Hirsh, His wife: Sara, Their daughter: Pesya
GINZBURG Mordechai (son of Noah)
GORDON Hashel (Brother in law of Chelvana Shteingold), His children: Eeta, Moshe
GORDON Natan Leib 10-14-41
GELBORT Sara (daughter of Shmuel), Wife of Leibe, Her son: Zvi (son of Arye-Leib)
GELMSON Matla (daughter of Moshe), Her children: Moshe,Dvora
DIMENSTIEN Yakov (son of Aba), His wife: Feyga, Their daughter: Sonia
DANISHEVSKI Zeev Wolf, His wife: Chana, Their daughter: Chaya
WEISSENHOLTZ Henia Dreyzha (daughter of Pesach-Yitzhak), Her sons: Yitzhak, Rafael, Gutka
WEISSENHOLTZ Moshe-Shimon (son of Yisrael), His wife: Malka, Their children: Chaya, Frieda, Yisrael, Mendel, Sara
WEISSENHOLTZ Sons of Chaim: Abraham, Hirshel, Aharon
ZOOT Nachshon (son of Yehoshua), His wife: Shoshana, Their sons: Yehoshua, Zalman
ZOOT Gitel (daughter of Yehoshua)
ZILBERGLITE Sonia, Children of Mendel: Baruch killed; 5-23-41, Zlata
ZILBERGLITE Aharon (son of Shmuel) killed; 7-7-41, His wife: Rivka, Their sons: Avaraham, Pesach 8-23-41
ZILBERGLITE Moshe (son of Aharon), His Wife: Sonia, Their daughter: Etka
ZILBERGLITE Shalom (son of Shmuel), His wife: Rachel, Son: Arye-Leib
CHARNAS Avraham (son of Arye Leib), His wife: Rachel-Batya
CHARNAS Arye Leib from Kurenitz, Chasya ? (mother of Mara-Sara Wolkover from Dolhinov)
TAUGER Gershon (son of Chaim Mordechai), His wife: Rivka Rachel (Daughter of Yakov Leib Shulman, Their Daughter: Badana
TAVRISKI Avraham (son of Kopel), His wife: Rivka, Their Children: Baruch, Bila
TAVRISKI Yermiyahu (son of Kopel), His wife: Rachel, Their Daughters: Zelda, Sonya
TAMKIN Hillel, His wife: Hinda, Their three children
TROTZKI Gdalia, His wife: Batia (daughter of Abraham and Asna Leah Vaissenholtz), Their daughter: Esther
TRACHTENBURG Rafael, His sons: Avraham, Eliezer
TOREK Raya (daughter of Tzvi Hersh Shimnetzik), Her daughter: Ada . They perished in Tikotin near Bialistock
YUDALEVICH Chaim (Son of David Mordechai, His wife: Doba, Their daughter: Matala
LEVINE From Molodechno (?), His wife , Their two daughters
LIBERMAN Simcha (son of David), Gutka, Eidale, Ethel
MUTERPERL Shmaryau (son of Moshe), His wife: Liba, Their children: Yosef, Chaia, Gashka
MELTZER Yehoshua (son of Zalman Bear), His wife: Matla, Their daughters: Rasha, Eidale Chana
MELTZER Tevia (son of Zalman Bear), His wife: Faiga, Their daughters: Zlata, Eidale Chana
MELTZER Zalman Bear (son of Yerachmiel), His wife: Rachel, Their son: Moshe
MELTZER Yakov Kopel (son of Zelik), His wife: Rashel, Their children: Mordechai, Chana, Zalman
SVIRSKI Eliakim, His Wife: Hadasa, Their children: Simcha, Peretz, Freidl
SITZKIN Batia (the wife of Yakov Sitzkin)
SITZKIN Moshe (The son of Yakov), His wife: Bluma, Their Son: Yakov
SITZKIN Shalom (he survived) – His children: Avraham Mordechai, Yakov, Sara
SPEKTOR Baruch (son of Moshe Natan), His wife: Gita Liba, Their Children: Moshe, Zalman, Chava
SPEKTOR Dov bear (son of Moshe Natan), His wife: Gitl, Their children: Shabtai, Elka, Moshe Natan
PALISKIN Shalom (son of Yosef), Wife: Liba, Their son: Avraham
PINTOV Shabtai, His wife: Beila (the daughter of Pinchas), Their daughter: Miriam
FRIEDMAN Yiseschar, His wife: Chaye- Tzira, Their sons: Avraham, Moshe, Chaim Kelman, Their daughter, Chaye Tzira’s uncle: Benztion (?) (son of Chaim Kelman)
PARTZI Rabbi Partzi Malkiel (son of Meir) – The last rabbi of Krivich, His wife: Rebetzen Hinda (the daughter of Yehoshua), Their sons: Yehoshua, Meir, Chaim
ZUKERMAN Abraham Zalman (son of David Hersh), His wife: Breina, Their son, Their daughter: Zlata Risha
ZUKERMAN Pesach Yitzhak (son of Wolf Meir)
ZUKERMAN Sarah Racha (the wife of David Hersh), Their daughters: Rivka, Faiga, Michla Golda, Their son: Simcha
TZIPILEVITZ Beila (the daughter of Eliyau), Her children: Tzvi Hirsh, Shayna
KAYDNOV Eliyahu (son of Moshe Avraham), Wife: Sara Frieda
KAYDNOV Moshe Avraham, His son: Shimon
KAGAN Israel (son of Mordechai), His wife: Razel, Their two children
KAGAN Sarah Krane (daughter of Mordechai), Her daughter: Leah
KAGAN Nachman (son of Mordechai), His wife: Faiga, Their son: Asher, Their daughter: Hudel
KOPELOVICH Moshe Nechemya (son of Arie Leib), His wife: Rivka from Vileyka
KOPELOVICH Eliyau (Son of Ruven), His wife: Tzipora (daughter of Baruch Mordechai)
KOPELOVICH David (son of Eliyau), His wife: Miata, Their son: Mordechai
KLOK Benjamin (Son Of Aaron), His Wife: Sara, Their Children: Aaron, Yoel Shlomo, Esther
KAPLAN Leah, Her daughter: Bluma
KAPLAN Eliezer (son of Shmuel)
KATZOVITZ David (son of Tzvi Hirsh), His wife: Risha, Their children: Menachem Mendel, Chaia Sara
KATZOVITZ Aaron (son of Yoash), His sister: Rasha
KATZOVITZ Shimshon (son of Gotlib), His wife: Ita, Their son: Gotlib
KATZOVITZ Shmuel (son of Gotlib), His wife: Razel, Their children: Michael, Moshe, Shoshana, Beila, Sima
KATZOVITZ David (son of Shmuel)
KATZOVITZ Mordechai Ha Cohen
KATZOVITZ Arye Leib (son of Naftali Hertz), His wife: Tzipora, Their daughter: Rivka
KATZOVITZ Shimon (son of Naftali Hertz), His wife: Masha, Their children: Shmuel, Arye Leib, Beila Riva
KATZOVITZ Henya, Her children: Shaul, Tzipora, Rifka, Rifka’s son: Yitzhak (son of Shmuel)
KATZOVITZ Shmaryau (son of Israel), His children: Israel, Avraham, Liba
KATZOVITZ Arye Leib (son of Gotlib), His wife: Elka, Their children: Hana Rivka, Chaim
KATZOVITZ Gotlib, His wife: Briana from Matik
KATZOVITZ Bear, His wife: Bluma
KATZOVITZ Yakov (son of Naftali Hertz) – died in Siberia
KATZOVITZ Zalman (son of Yakov), His wife: Rivka, Their son
KATZOVITZ Yehoshua (son of Yakov)
KATZOVITZ Chana (daughter of Yehoshua),Wife of: Yishayau, Their children: Yehoshua, Mara, Ethel, Chaim
RABINOVITZ Rivka (daughter Menachem Mendel)
RADOSHCOVICH Shlomo (son of Moshe Eli), His son: Arie Leib
RADOSHCOVICH Hertzel (son of Shlomo), His wife: Etka, Their daughter
RADOSHCOVICH Chaim (son of Moshe Eli), His wife: Sonya, Their children: Yitzhak, Briana, Sonya’s sister: Chana, Chana’s son: Moshe from Myadel, Moshe’s two children
RUBIN Mordechai (son of Israel),Wife: Miriam nee Botvinik
RUBIN Shaul (son of Moshe), wife: Sima, Their children: Arye Leib, Leah
RUBIN Liba (daughter of Israel), Her daughter
ROZOF Hinda (the sister of Chaya Dvora Botvinik from Dokshitz)
SHOD Moshe (son of Meir), His wife: Esther, Their children: Batia, Itka, Zalman
SHOD Meir (son of David)
SHOD Moshe Yitzhak (son of Todros), His wife: Dvosha, Their children: Joshua Leib, Rivka
SHOD Israel (son of Todros), His son: Nahum Hearst
SHULMAN Yitzhak, His children: Reuven, Bluma, Sima, Sara, Sara’s daughter
SHULMAN Mendel, His wife
SHULMAN Razel (daughter of Dov Bear)
SHULMAN Yehoshua (son of Shimon)
SHULMAN Yitzhak (son of Shimon), Wife: Zlata (daughter of Yakov), Their son: Yitzhak, Itzhak’s son: Yitzhak
SHULMAN Henya (daughter of Zalman), Her son: Shimon (son of Yermiyao)
SHULMAN Kopel (son of Abraham)
SHULMAN Chasiya Rivka (daughter of Abraham)
SHTEINGOLD Chelvana (son of Efraim Yosef), His wife: Sirale, Their children: Avraham, Hillel, Etka
SHENKMAN Moshe Hertz, His wife: Faiga, Two of their children
SKLAR Itzhak (son of Asher), His wife: Shula, Their children: Elka, Chana
SHIMANZIK Eliyezar (son of Tzvi Hirsh) – was killed in forests of Katin near Smolensk

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