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(May God Remember)

English Translation by Mindle Gross

…the dear and gentle souls of our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, whose lives were cut short and whose souls demand revenge

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With bowed heads and great respect, we perpetuate the memory of our Kremenets heroes and martyrs who fell in battle against the Nazi murderers, defending the honor of our Jewish people. Peace to their ashes.

DR. LEON KARNITS (perished in France)

SONYE KESELMAN (fell in Spain)

AVRAHAM MARGOLIS (fell in Spain)

YONE BERNSHTEYN (fell in a partisan battle)

YITSCHAK (Leybele the ritual slaughterer's son-in-law, a partisan)

MOSHE'LE ZEYTLER (fell at Stalingrad)

Dr. Leon Karnits

Shmuel Koyler

SHMUEL DISHEL (fell in Israel)


SHMUEL KOYLER (fell in battle defending Yad Mordekhay, Israel)

HINDE FISHMAN (fell in Israel)


VITYE KREMEN (partisan)

and all the unknown heroes from Kremenets, Vyshgorodok, and Pochayev. May their holy memory rest in peace.

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Left to right: Pinchas Tshudnovski, R' Duvid Shikhman, and Lionye Beznoski

The administration of the Organization of Emigrants from Kremenets and Vicinity, the Women's Committee, and the Editorial Committee express their deep sorrow at the loss of Past Vice President, Pinye (Pinchas) Tshudnovski, Past President Lionye Beznoski, Treasurers Shmuel Shpigel and Love Aronov, and Committee member Viktor Zaltsman, who worked together on the memorial book and were taken from our midst much too soon.

Love Aronov Viktor Zaltsman Shmuel Shpigel

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Leyb Rozental, of Blessed Memory

A quiet, unassuming wonderful person, “father” of the orphanage, who dedicated his entire life to poor and lonely children and perished along with them at the German Nazi murderers hands. I consider him the Kremenets “Janusz Korczak.”

May his memory be honored!

Memorialized by CHAYIM MORDISH

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Chayim, Shalom, and Avraham Mordish and Tsvi Langer

honor the memory of their father, LEYBISH, mother, KEYLE, sister, GITIL, and brother, LEYZER,

who perished in the Kremenets ghetto, as well as all their relatives and friends, of blessed memory.

We include our martyrs among the 14,000

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In Perpetual Memory!

The SHIKHMAN brothers and sisters and their respective families from Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, and Moscow honor the memory of the names of their beloved and dear ones. May they rest in peace.

Our esteemed father, R' DUVID, SON OF MORDEKHAY SHIKHMAN, of blessed memory, who died in Israel on 12 Kislev 5725, at the age of 89

Our eldest brother, MEIR, may he rest in peace, who perished during World War II on the front lines in an unknown place and under unknown circumstances

Our tragically deceased brother, YITSCHAK, and his wife, AIDA, their young son, GAVRIEL, and young daughter, RIVKELE, may they rest in peace, who all perished in an accident on December 25, 1950

Our dear mother, RIVKE, daughter of Meir Eliezer LERNER de SHIKHMAN, who died in Buenos Aires at the age of 67. May she rest in peace.

Our brother, BENTSION, may he rest in peace, who died in Buenos Aires at the age of 24 after a sudden difficult illness

Our youngest sister, FEYGE SHIKHMAN de YADUSHLIVER, may she rest in peace, who died after a difficult illness at the age of 41

Our aunt, RIVE, daughter of MORDEKHAY SHIKHMAN, may she rest in peace, who died in Buenos Aires at the age of 80

MAY GOD REMEMBER! We mention all our relatives from our father's and our mother's side, as well as our good neighbors and all Kremenets Jews, whom the Nazi murderers in human form murdered so horribly and cruelly. May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.

POUR OUT YOUR WRATH! God, pour out your wrath on the beasts who weakened, stained, and denied the Lord's image with their deeds.

PURSUE THEM! Chase them with your anger and annihilate them so that they may be eradicated from the earth.

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Yitschak Vakman (New York)

perpetuates the memory of his sister


Glikel Kopf de Vakman

perpetuates the memory of her father MATES (CHAZAN) KOPF


CHAYA KOPF de SEGAL and her husband and three children;

Brothers: YITSCHAK KOPF and his wife and two children;

FAYVISH KOPF and his wife and three children;

BINEM KOPF and his wife and two children;

VELVEL KOPF and his wife and child.

and her mother


wife of MATES CHAZAN, may they rest in peace.

All perished at the hands of the Nazi beasts, may their names and memories be erased, in the Kremenets ghetto

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(in North America)

and Rivke Rapoport

memorialize their brothers:


their sisters:

GITIL and her husband, SHMUEL SHAPIRO, and her children,

YACHAD (YAKHET) and her husband, NACHMAN RAYKHMAN, and their young son, DUVIDL. May they rest in peace.

They all perished at the hands of Hitler's murderers, may their names and memories be erased.


Yashe Fishman

memorializes his father:


his mother:


his brothers:

YITSCHAK, SHLOME, and MOSHE and their families.

Velvel and Sonye Fishman

memorialize their father: BERIL

their mother: CHANE

their sister: PERIL

their brother-in-law: GUSTAV

and their families. May they rest in peace.

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Yisrael Roykh and brothers Avraham and Gershon

memorialize their father,


their mother,


their brother,


their sisters,


and their brothers-in-law: IDEL KHUVES, HERSH, son of NECHEMYE, VULAKH,

their sister-in-law: NEKHE and their families.

May they rest in peace.


Rivke Roykh and Ester de Shpak

memorialize their father,


their mother,


their brothers,


and his wife,


aunts, uncles, and families.

May they rest in peace.

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Yitschak Shpak

memorializes his mother,


who perished along with her daughter,


and children in the town of NEMIROV
(Podolia Gubierna).

May they rest in peace.

Avraham and Chane Shpigel

memorialize their parents,


(who died in Buenos Aires).

May they rest in peace.

Avraham and Chaye Bernshteyn

memorialize their father, YITSCHAK, mother, YEHUDIT BARBAS de BERNSHTEYN, and sister, BAT-SHEVE – all of whom perished in the Kremenets ghetto.

May they rest in peace.

Gershon Kanzior

memorializes his father, LEYB KANZIOR, mother, MATIL, brother, GEDALYE, and sister, ZELDE.

May they rest in peace.

Chantse (Chane) Gokhshteyn and Barukh Zeytler

memorialize their parents, sisters, brothers and their families, may they rest in peace – all of whom perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers, may their names and memories be erased.

Beyle Vakshteyn de Segal

memorializes her father, YOSEL VAKSHTEYN, mother, CHANE MEYMUT de VAKSHTEYN, and grandmother, ALTE MEYMUT.

May they rest in peace.

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Chayim Nudel

memorializes his father, AVRAHAM, mother, BRAYNE, sister, FEYGE, brother, MALEKH, mother-in-law, CHANE KATZ de VAYSLEDER – all victims of Hitler's murderers.

May they rest in peace.

Chayim Nudel

memorializes his uncle, SHLOME FINGERUT, aunt, HODEL, and cousins, YEHUDIT and MOTEL FINGERUT.

May they rest in peace.



Beril and Nute Kiperman

memorialize their father, SIMCHE (who perished during the Petliura pogroms), their mother, CHANE, their brother NESHKE (who perished during the German Nazis' first bombardment), sisters, CHAYKE and ADEL, and her husband MUNYE KESELMAN.

Rosye Rozenberg de Kiperman

memorializes her mother, SORE, her sister, SIME, and her husband, HERSH GRINSHPAN, and children.

The Kiperman brothers

memorialize their uncles, aunts, and cousins from VYSHGORODOK: KOPTSE KATSHKE and family, TATKE KATSHKE and family, and BEYLE of the Balane and children. From VISHNEVETS: GEDALYE and TSIPE KUSHNIR and children. From VERBA: MALKE ALTERMAN and family, YISRAEL ROZENBERG and family, and IDEL ROZENBERG and children.


memorializes her father YANKEL SHAMIS and her mother GINENDEL de SHAMIS.

May they rest in peace.

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Moshe and Brantsye Pak

memorialize their father, YAKOV-YISRAEL,

and their mother, GISYE,

their brothers: HERSH, YEKUTIEL, and SHIMON,

their sisters: CHANE and ESTER.

May they rest in peace.

All perished at the hands of the Nazi beasts, may their names and memories be erased.

[Page 444]

Motye Katz

memorializes his father, YOSEF, mother, DVORE (ALTE), brothers, EFRAIM and VRAHAM, and their wives and children, who perished in Kremenets ghetto.

May they rest in peace.

Tsipe Roytberg de Katz, Ester Roytberg de Dobrish, and Chayke Roytberg de Litsh

memorialize their father, SHAYE, mother, SORE-LEYE, sisters, PESI and HODEL, and their families, and their brother, YECHEZKEL, and family – all of whom perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers, may their names and memories be erased.


Azriel, Itsik, Shike, and Keyle Hokhgelernter

memorialize their father:

LEYB (the ritual slaughterer),





and their husbands and children – all of whom perished in the Kremenets ghetto.

May they rest in peace.


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