Pinkes Kowel: Memorial Book of Kowel
Memorial Book of Kowel
(Kovel', Ukraine)

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Translation of Pinkes Kowel

Edited by: E. Baler

Published in Buenos Aires, 1951



This is a translation from: Pinkes Kowel (Memorial book of Kowel), ed. E. Baler,
Buenos Aires: former residents of Kowel and surroundings in Argentina, 1951,Y, 511 p.

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Foreword The Editor 13
Kovel, my town Bezalel Baler 17
Historical Overview
Chapter 1. Foundation of the town – why the name “Kovel”   23
Chapter 2. “Town” and “Sand”   24
Chapter 3. Progress of the town – Contractors   27
Chapter 4. Talmud Tora, the revolutionary years   30
Chapter 5. Kovel institutions and prayer houses   37
Chapter 6. Kovel intelligentsia   44
Chapter 7. Kovel during WWI 1914–1918   50
Chapter 8. The Bolshevik Army – arriving and leaving   58
Chapter 9. Under Polish rule   66
Chapter 10. The years of WWII   73
Chapter 11. When the Germans invaded Russia   78
Chapter 12. Kovel under German–Nazi power   82
Chapter 13. The Jews in the ghetto, the first liquidation of Kovel Jews   87
Chapter 14. The second liquidation, the destruction of Kovel   92
The murdered martyrs in the Great Synagogue Moshe Bentchuk 98
Kovel The Jewish Historical Institute – Warsaw 104
The Kovel Community Mordechai Wachs 107
Memories and Episodes
Kovel institutions and associations Avraham Glaz 114
A letter from the poet Zishe Weinper   124
The Zionist youth movement in Kovel Isser Kaminski 129
The Kovel labor movement Chaim Melamed 144
Memories from Kovel Told by A. I. Galperin 149
Kovel, our district capital L. Bayon 156
Memories from Kovel Yosef Shapira 179
A few memories Rachel Greenblatt–Pantorin 185
The Kovel Hebrew High–School A. Heinoch 189
Remembrances Rivka Weinshel–Reznik 193
What is a Pinkas [Register] Told by I. Sheeter 195
Yosef Avrech Yakov Teitelker 201
A memory Yosef Pass 205
A few memories Z. Yucht 207
From the book “My Lexicon”: Kalman Liss Melech Ravitch 213
Kovel (poem) Kalman Liss 215
In my modest corner (poem) Kalman Liss 218
A song to a dead poet Kehat Klieger 219
Yosl Zecharya's (Burstein) Adapted from a poem by Grade 221
Malka the Radovitcher (poem) Z. Weinper 227
My lost fight Feivi Schieffer 230
Those who have Fallen while on Guard
Yechiel Sheiboim From the book by Dr. Dwarzhetzki: “Jerusalem of Lita [Lithuania] in battle and destruction” 235
Sheindl Schwartz From the book by Melech Neustadt: “Destruction and uprising of the Warsaw Jews” 240
Devora Baron From the book by Melech Neustadt: “Destruction and uprising of the Warsaw Jews” 244
Leah Fisch From the book by Melech Neustadt: “Destruction and uprising of the Warsaw Jews” 246
Shanay Laufer From the book by Melech Neustadt: “Destruction and uprising of the Warsaw Jews” 248
Lyuba Lederhandler 249
Excerpts from Kovel Publications
From Kovler Stimme [The Kovel Voice]   252
From Unser Leben [Our Life]   278
Some Settlements Surrounding Kovel
Melnice Bezalel Baler 291
Episodes from my birth–town Melnice Feivel Baler 329
Melnice in the last few years M. Landa 335
Zvi Mersik From the book by Melech Neustadt: “Destruction and uprising of the Warsaw Jews” 338
Kremne Told by David Goldin 341
Maniewitch Told by Yehuda Velba 350
Boteshow Told by Leibel Bakler 352
Former Kovel Residents in Argentina
Landsleit Association from Kovel and surroundings  
Credit–Cooperative “Rio de la Plata”   391
25 years to the Kovel Bank Israel Honik 414
The commissions of Coop. “Rio de la Plata” from 1926 to 1951   417
Credit–Cooperative “Al Parvenir”   427
Memories Simcha Kalb 438
The “New Kovel Little Bank” Leibel Sheeter 441
Memories Israel Melamed 445
The commissions of Coop. “Al Parvenir” from 1929 to 1951   448
List of the Deceased   462
Conclusion Bezalel Baler 509


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