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  While the defiled was covered with your blood,
Clean and holy blood, the blood of atonement,
We shall carve with the blood of our hearts, your names
In the scroll of fasting and in the book of suffering.

Chaim Nachman Bialik


And These are the Names…

Let us remember

The names of the holy ones of the Korelitz community, let us carry their memories
with love in our afflicted hearts, and let us not forget them forever.

Let these pages be a candle of remembrance.

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Abramowitz Eliezer Abramowitz Doshke Abramowitz Gabriel
Abramowitz Breine Abramowitz Osnat Abramowitz Riva and children
Abramowitz Alter Abramowitz and her three children Abramowitz Zilca
Abramowitz Chaim Abramowitz Shosha-Leah Abramowitz Genasia
Abramowitz Yehoshua Abramowitz his wife Abramowitz Tsire and son
Abramowitz Rachel Abramowitz Yisrael Abramowitz Chaya- Dvora and 3 children
Abramowitz Yehoshua-Leib Abramowitz his wife and 2 children Abramowitz Leah-Rachel
Abramowitz Yehuda Abramowitz Moshe Abramowitz Chaya and children
Abramowitz Merke Abrazhansky Shlomo Abrazhansky Ettel
Abrazhansky Moshe-Shmuel Abrazhansky Hirsh- Leib Abrazhansky Miriam
Abrazhansky Yentel and 2 children Abrazhansky Shimon Abrinsky Chisha and child
Abrinsky Berl Abrinsky Duba Abrinsky Sarah
Ovsivitz Michael Ovsivitz Chaya-Bayle Ovsivitz Yehuda
Ovsivitz Binyamin Ovsivitz Tamar Ozhkovsky Yossel
Ozhkovsky Chaya-Sarah Ozhkovsky Eliezer Ozhkovsky Moshe
Olirt Chaya-Leah Ozhkovsky Alka Atlasky Nissan
Atlasky Fruma Atlasky Yosef Atlasky Baruch
Atlasky Rachel Izralit Yisrael Izralit Hinda
Izralit Chanya Izralit Merke Epstein David
Epstein Feivel Epstein Doshke Osherowitz Yosef-Chaim
Osherowitz Eli Chaim Osherowitz Nashko Ephroimsky Herzl
Ephroimsky Chana Ephroimsky Faygel Ephroimsky Esther
Ephroimsky Yisrael Itzkowitz Zissel Itzkowitz Moshe
Itzkowitz Sonia Itzkowitz Yitschak Itzkowitz Yelda [** daughter???**]
Archonovsky Yitschak -- shochet Archonovsky Esther Archonovsky David
Itzkowitz Yaakov Itzkowitz Chana Itzkowitz Zushke
Osherowitz Shaul-Nachum Osherowitz Faygel Osherowitz Shmuel Isser
Osherowitz Blume Osherowitz Leah- Dayche
Begin Mordechai Reuven Begin Gittel Begin Kayle
Begin Yosef Begin Tzippe and children Bolutnitzky Avraham
Bolutnitzky Grunia Bolutnitzky Rayzel Bolutnitzky Masha
Bolutnitzky Minia Bussel Chaim Bussel Golda and son
Bussel Berl Bussel Pesach Bussel Sonia
Bussel child Bussel Blume Borovsky Shifra
Beigin Libke Beigin Zlatte Beigin Eliyahu
Beigin Tzirl Beigin Nachum Aizik Beigin Sarah
Butansky Esther-Bashe Butansky Rayze-Rachel Butansky Yosef
Butansky Rachel Bernstein Yosef Bernstein Rachel
Bernstein Leibush Bernstein Sinai Becker Yosef
Becker Nachum-Yitzchak Breslin Shamai Breslin Faygel
Breslin Avraham Breslin Solye Breslin Chaya
Berkowitz Gedalia Berkowitz Dodzha Berkowitz Chana
Berkowitz China and 2 children Berkowitz Miriam Berkowitz Moshe
Berkowitz Zelte Berkowitz Chana-Chaya Berkowitz Yehudit and husband
Berkowitz Velvel Berkowitz Mussia Berkowitz Esther- Rachel
Berkowitz Elke Berkowitz Yosef Berman Avraham
Berman Shayndel
Gurevitz Falke Gurevitz Esther-Rachel Gurevitz Dvora
Gurevitz Yosef Gurevitz Brina-Faygel Gurevitz Nechama
Gurevitz Chasia Gitlin Yaakov Gitlin Chika
Gitlin Chaim Gitlin Rachel Gitlin Gittel
Gitlin Dishke Gershovitz Laybel Gershovitz Minia
Gershovitz Nechama Gershovitz Hadassa Gershovitz Yitzchak
Gintzberg Yudel Gintzberg Gishe Gintzberg Rayzel
Galwitzky Yaakov Galwitzky Leah Galwitzky Mordechai
Gorodinsky Fridel Gorodinsky, child Gorodinsky Berl
Gorodinsky Nishke Gorodinsky Fraydel Gorodinsky Benzion
Gorodinsky Avraham Gorodinsky Hinde-Bayle Gorodinsky Moshe
Gorodinsky, 2 children Golkowitz Shlomo Golkowitz Rachel
Golkowitz Faygel Golkowitz Brine Greenberg Messel
Greenberg Taibel Greenberg Yehuda Greenberg Gisha
Greenberg Rizel Greenfeld Chine Greenfeld Shim'on
Greenfeld Alter Greenfeld Rayzel Gurevitz Chava-Gittel
Greenfeld David Gershovitz Aaron Gershovitz Bunia
Gershovitz Masha Gershovitz Mordechai Gershonovsky Yosef
Gershonovsky Musia Gershonovsky Moshe Gershonovsky Gedaliahu
Gershonovsky Yosef Gershonovsky Rachel Gershonovsky Malka-Riva
Gershonovsky Michla Gershonovsky Yocheved Gershonovsky Chaim
Gershonovsky Liba Gershonovsky Chaya-Bila Gershonovsky Yaakov
Gershonovsky Sarah Rachel Gershonovsky, girl Gershonovsky Yehuda
Gershonovsky Brina Gershonovsky Shlomo Gershonovsky Rayzke
Gershonovsky Aliza Gershonovsky Gedalya Gershonovsky Rayzke
Gershonovsky Shlomo Gershonovsky Sarah Gershonovsky Bashke
Gershonovsky Leah Gershonovsky Ziske Gentzwitz Zelig
Gentzwitz Dvoshke Gentzwitz Yitzchak Berl Gentzwitz Moshe David
Gentzwitz Yehuda Gentzwitz Liova Gartsovsky Shlomo
Gartsovsky, his wife and daughter Gartsovsky Chasia Gartsovsky Sa'adia
Gartsovsky Rachel Gartsovsky Leah Gartsovsky Shlomo, wife and son
Goldshmid Moshe Reuven Goldshmid Basia Goldshmid Rachel
Goldshmid Gutka Garshovitz Noach Garshovitz Mira
Garshovitz Moshe Garshovitz Batsheva Gutsiks Gudel and wife Nacha
Gutsicks Shim'on Gutsichs Nacha
Dushkin Eliyahu Dushkin Avraham Dushkin Chaim
Dushkin Finkel and son Dushkin Reuben Dushkin Minye
Dushkin Mordechai Dushkin Chaim Dushkin Zissel
Dameshek Berl Dameshek Buza Dameshek Yehudit
Dameshek Sulia
Hordus Moshe Hordus Gittel
Vernik the Rabbi and his wife Vernik Chaim Vernik Sender
Vernik Miriam Vernik Riva Volpin Moshe Avraham the Shochet
Volpin Yocheved Wiener Kalman Wiener Chaya
Wiener Yosef Wiener Aaron Weintroib Gronia and daughter
Weintroib Miriam
Zalmansky Pia Zalmansky Aydele Zalmansky Nissan
Zalmansky Doshka Zalmansky Moshe Zalmansky Moshe
Zalmansky Yaakov Zalmansky Finkel Zalmansky Sarah
Zalmansky Rayzel Zalmansky Nissan, his wife and son Zalmansky Shaul
Zalmansky Hirsh Zalmansky Reuven Zalmansky Aaron
Zalmansky Masha Zussman Hertz Zussman Rayzel and 2 children
Zamushchick Avraham Zamushchik Chaya and 3 children Zelivansky Shim'on
Zelivansky Rivka Raske Zelivansky Leah and 2 children Zelivansky Mordechai (Momo)
Zelivansky Nioma Zelivansky Layb
Chabakuk Yosef Chabakuk Sarah Fayga
Trotsky Mordechai Trotsky Bayle Trotsky Batya
Trinkman Getzel Trinkman Elka Treievitsky Layb
Treievitsky Gusha Leah Treievitsky Liole Trovovitz Mottel
Trovovitz Gittel Trovovitz Miriam Trovovitz Meyer
Yellin Getsel Yellin Shina Figel Yellin Yona
Yellin Esther Rachel Yellin Berchi Yellin Riva
Yossilewitz Henech Yellin Michael Yellin Bluma
Yellin Miriam Yossilevitz Shira and two children Yossilevitz Asher Moshe
Yossilevitz Ettel Yossilevitz Orchy Yossilevitz Lova
Yossilevitz Simcha Yossilevitz Rachel Yossilevitz Yosef
Yossilevitz Ozer and his wife Yossilevitz Chaim and his wife Yossilevitz Shlomo
Yossilevitz Dvora Yankelevitz Hinda Yankelevitz Shmerl
Yankelevitz Alter Yankelevitz Yehoshua- Yaakov Yankelevitz, his wife
Yankelevitz Bashka Yankelevitz Eliyahu Yankelevitz Dvora
Yankelevitz Moshe Yankelevitz Ritsa Yankelevsky Tsira
Yankelevsky David Yankelevsky Bila Yankelevsky Lube
Yankelevsky Chaim Yosselivitz Moshe Yosselivitz Moshe, the Rabbi and wife
Yosselivitz Chaya-Sarah Yosselivitz Henya Yosselivitz Feivel
Yosselivitz Yenta Yosselivitz Sonia Yosselivitz Meyer
Kagan Yisrael Kagan Esther Kagan Chaya
Kagan, a child Kagan David Kagan, 2 children
Kagan Itka Kagan Reuven Kagan Miriam
Kagan Shula Kagan, child Katz (Simonovitz-Nisselevitz) Iddela-Shoshana
Lubchensky Yaakov Meyer Lubchensky Nechama and two children Lubchensky Chaim
Lubchensky Chaya-Ette Lubchensky Simcha Lubchensky Rayzel
Lubchensky Rachel Lubchensky Yisrael Lubchensky Moshe
Lubchensky Bella Lipkin Ortche Lipkin Kunye Bayle
Lipkin Moshe Tsvi Lipkin Aaron Lipkin Avraham-Shim'on
Lipkin Zlote Lipkin Zhome Lipkin Shifra and 4 children
Lipkin Henya Lipkin Chaim Lipkin Bila
Lipkin David Lipkin Mordechai Lipkin Chana
Lipkin Rachel Lipkin Zalman Lipkin Eli-Chaim
Lipkin Moshe, wife and children Lipkin Sonia Lashchinsky David
Lashchinsky Rivka Levitt Herzl Levitt Itka
Levitt Yehuda Levitt Shifra Levitt Yehudit
Levitt Liova Levitt Fraydel Lidsky Zissia
Lipko Henech (Chanoch) Lipko Sonia and child Levin Mordechai
Levin Sonia Levin Yachne Levin, 2 children
Lipshitz David Lev Shalom Lev Kyla
Lev Faygel Lev Manos Lev Berke (Shkolnik)
Lev Hadassa Leibovitz Riva-Rayzel Leibovitz David
Leibovitz, girl Lasvin Chaskel
Mordechovi tz Chana-Leah Mordechovitz Elka Mordechovitz Mordechai
Mordechovitz Ethel Mordechovitz Chaya Mordechovitz Gudel
Mordechovitz Chaim-Itzie Mirsky Nechemia Mirsky Nechama
Meirovitz Yehuda Meirovitz Rachel Meirovitz David
Meirovitz Nechama Meirovitz Sarah- Minia Mormordechovitz Sarah-Dvora
Mordechovitz Avraham Yitzchak - shochet Mordechovitz Falke Mordechovitz Asher
Mordechovitz Chasia Mordechovitz Tova Mordechovitz Chaim
Mishkin Leah Mishkin Chaim Mishkin Michael
Mishkin Moshke Mishkin Rashke Mazorevitz Mordechai
Mazorewitz Frayzel (Kuznitz)
Novitzky Shlomo Novitzky Sarah (Dushkin) Novitzky Elka
Novitzky Yitschak Namyut Hertz Namyut Ethel
Namyut Leah Namyut Yaakov Namyut Rivka
Nignivitsky Yitzchak Nignivitsky Chana Sarah Nignivitsky Eshka
Nignivitsky Duba Nignivitsky Riva Nignivitsky Avraham
Nignivitsky Gittel Nignivitsky Sarah Nisselevitz David
Nisselevitz Sarah Nisselevitz Abba Nisselevitz Sonye
Nisselevitz Luba Nisselevitz Faygel Nisselevitz Feivel
Nisselevitz Mashe Nisselevitz Aaron Nachumovsky Sonia
Nachumovsky Alter Nachumovsky Shlomo, wife and children Nachumovsky Shula
Nachumovsky Laybel and child Nisselevitz Zalman Nisselevitz Mussia
Nisselevitz Moshe Nisselevitz Baylka Nisselevitz Berl
Stoller Yitschak Stoller Malka Rishe and child Stoller Miriam
Slubotsky Feivel Slubotsky Eshka Slubotsky Rachel
Slubotsky Velvel Slubotsky Sharka Slutsky Yaakov-Layb
Slutsky Miriam Slutsky Chana Slutsky Yitschak
Slutsky Yehudit Slutsky Yaakov Slutsky Yoel
Slutsky David Slutsky David Slutsky Karina
Slutsky Shura Slutsky Yosef Slutsky Rivka
Slutsky Lippa Slutsky Hersh Slutsky Chaya
Slutsky Ben-Zion Solovitzky Eliyahu Solovitzky Rachel
Solovitzky David-Feitel Solovitzky, 2 children Switsky Yitschak
Switsky Bilka Switsky Idel Switsky Chaim
Switsky Laybel Stoller Yitschak Stoller Leah
Stoller Yehuda Stoller Musia Stoller Yosef
Stoller Nioma Stoller Mira Stoller Moshe
Stoller Kayle Stoller Hirsh Stoller Gisha
Stoller Yitschak Stoller Leah Stoller Chaim
Stoller Luba Stoller Gittel Stoller Zelig
Stoller Shlomo Stoller Fraydel Solodoche Aydele
Solodoche Yachke Saravenik Alter Saravenik Leah
Saravenik Rayzel Saravenik Mordechai Saravenik Sarah
Saravenik Isaac Saravenik Sonia Saravenik Raphael
Saravenik Golda Saravenik Yoel Skorochod Tsvia
Skorochod Baylka and child Skorochod Sonia Slonimsky Alter
Slonimsky Aydle- Faye
Polozhesky Chasia Polozhesky Merke Polozhesky Bracha
Polozhesky Gershon Polozhesky Esther Polozhesky Moshe
Polozhesky Chaya Polozhesky Berl Polozhesky Feivel
Friedman Riva Rayzel Friedman Alter Friedman Shprintsa
Friedman Gittel Portnoy Moshe-Hillel Portnoy, his wife
Portnoy David Portnoy Zalman Portnoy Dvorah
Portnoy Chaim Persky Yehudit Popko Aaron
Popko, child Farbolotsky Layb Farbolotsky Elke
Farbolotsky Bracha Farbolotsky Chasia Farbolotsky Reuven
Farbolotsky Shayna Farbolotsky Hadassa Farbolotsky Rachel
Farbolotsky Mendel Fivelevitz Shimke Fivelevitz Berchi
Fivelevitz, his wife Fivelevitz Shlomo Fivelevitz Henia and child
Fivelevitz Eliyahu Fivelevitz Sarah-Faygel Fivelevitz, 2 children
Fivelevitz Hirshel Fivelevitz Etka Fivelevitz Avraham
Fivelevitz Chaim Fivelevitz Zaydel Fivelevitz Tsippa
Pomerchik Zaydel Fivelevitz Nachum Fivelevitz Sonia
Fivelevitz Etke Fivelovitz Alter Fivelovitz Chana Yenta
Fivelovitz Taibe Fivelovitz Rivka Fivelovitz Hillel
Fivelovitz Chana Pomerchik Ezra Pomerchik Luba
Pomerchik Berl Friedman Yehoshua Berl Friedman Chaya
Friedman Yosef Friedman Leah Friedman Tsirel
Friedman Moshe-David Perelman Velvel
Tsalkovit z Pinchas Tsalkovitz Zussia Tsalkovitz Baruch
Tsalkovitz Zlotta-Vilda Tsaflobodky Yudel Tsaflobodky Mina and children
Kaposhavsky Sarah-Golda Kaposhavsky Alte Kaposhavsky Chaim, wife and children
Kivlevitz Badna Kabak Shlomo Kabak Duba
Kabak Moshe-Leib Kabak Chaim Kabak Eliezer
Kabak Rayzel Kabak Moshe and child Kopelovitz Gittel
Kopelovitz Avraham Kopelovitz Reuven Kopelovitz Shaul
Kalmanovsky Shmuel-Hirsh Kalmanovsky Chava- Elke Kalmanovsky Reuven
Kalmanovsky Hadassa Kupernick Artsia Klutsky Yitschak Meyer
Klutsky Chaya-Tsipa Klutsky Leah Klutsky Noach
Klutsky Yaakov Krolavetsky Grunia Krolavetsky Hirsh-Tsvi
Krolavetsky Pessia Krolavetsky Tamar Krolavetsky Aaron
Krolavetsky Nachum Krolavetsky Avraham Krolavetsky Yenta
Kessler Mayrim Koltsitsky Tuvia Koltsitsky Chasia
Kessler Arye Kessler Esther Kessler Miriam
Kessler Tamar Kalmanovitz Yosef Kalmanovitz Bila
Kalmanovitz Yitschak Kalmanovitz Breina Kaplan Moshe
Kaplan Levik Kaplan Bayle Kaplan Chaim
Kaplan Chaya-Leah Kaplan Shoshana Kaplan Meyer
Kaplan Chana Kaplan Yosef Kaplan Lipa
Kaplan Gittel (Hordus) Kaplan Mashe Kaplan Faygel
Kaplan Ozer Kaplan Riva Kaplan Chana
Kaplan Vetsye Kaganovitz Moshe Kaganovitz Faygel
Kazanovitz Yosef Kazanovitz Rivka Kazanovitz Riva
Koifman Idela Koifman Luba Koifman Yocheved
Kalmanovitz Shmuel Kalmanovitz Tova Kalmanovitz Shina
Kalmanovitz Yossel Kovensky Shim'on Kovensky Yenta
Kovensky Tamar Kibelevitz Tsvi Kibelevitz Bodone
Kibelevitz Moshe Kibelevitz Eshke Kibelevitz Gutel
Kibelevitz Aaron Klachko Sovele Klachko Chaya-Sarah
Kliachko Miriam Klachko Yitschak Kuznitz Yehuda
Kuznitz Rachel Kuznitz Moshe Kuznitz Baylka
Kuznitz Alka Kuznitz Sarah (Beigin) Kuznitz Asher
Kuznitz Rivka Kuznitz Pessia and children Kuznitz, children
Rozovsky Yitschak Rozovsky Shprintza Rozovsky Alter
Rozovsky Tsirel (Mordechovitz) Rozovsky Shabtai Rozovsky Masha
Rozovsky Rivka Raninovitz Shalom Rabinovitz Sonia
Rabinowitz Yaakov and child Rakovitsky Nissan Rakovitsky Chana
Rakovitsky Shifra Rakovitsky Bayle Rakovitsky Hirsh
Rakovitsky Shlomo Rabinovitz Lubche Rabinovitz Noach
Ragshanitsky Frume Rappaport Shimke (Berkovitz)
Shatz ky Malka Shatzky Yisrael Shatzky Binyamin
Shmulevitz Pinchas Shmulevitz Fruma and two children Shmulevitz Yentel and children
Shimshelevitz Baruch Shimshelevitz Chana Shimshelevitz Leah
Shimshelevitz Mordechai Shimshelevitz Nissan Shimshelevitz Gershon
Shneider Shlomo Shneider Milke (Gershunovsky) & kids Sharushevsky Yechiel
Sharushevsky Breina-Faygel Sharushevsky Libka Sharshevsky Yekutiel
Sharushevsky Breina Gittel Shlimovitz Sonia Shlimovitz Yehuda
Shimonovitz Shalom Shimonovitz Elta Shimonovitz Hirsh
Shimonovitz Baylka Shimonovitz Yehuda Shimonovitz Minya
Shimonovitz Ben-Zion Shuster Mussia Shimonovitz Itta
Shuster Moshe-Eli Shuster Chedva Shuster Michael
Shuster Henia Shuster Faygel Shuster Reuven
Shuster David-Feitel Shuster Moshe Shuster Baylke
Shuster David-Feitel Shuster Riva Shuster Chasia
Shkolnik Hirsh Shkolnik Sonye



Translation of the stone:

Pillar of Remembrance

On Mount Zion in Jerusalem
To the Saints of the Community of


Near Novogrodok (Vilna Province)
Who were murdered and exterminated for the sake of God
By the Nazis (May They be Damned)
During the Years of the Holocaust (1939-1945)

My their Souls be Written in the Scroll of God

Remembrance day on 3rd Av 5702 - 23/8/1942
Commemorators are the Organization of Korelitz Survivors in Israel

On the left appear the words: "Scroll of Destruction"

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Yorzeit Candles

by Fruma Gulkovitch-Berger

Translated from the Yiddish by Harvey Spitzer

I still look at the time in the black annals
When I light yorzeit candles in memory of the martyrs,
I see the devil of the evil spirits
Who slaughtered and annihilated my people.

The first candle I light for you, my mother;
You were left all alone in your grave.
Dark, icy was the pain
When you gave up your soul.

Your only son had to get your grave ready,
But all your children accompanied you forever.
Although the same pain and tears choked everyone,
Your death was the hardest to envy.

Now after the great destruction of the six million,
The fires still burn, arouse and remind;
I ask you, mankind: How many candles should I light?
My exhausted brain cannot fathom this.

When the final accounts come into my mind,
There were such multi- branched families of young and old…
Six million candles burn for everyone together -
For brothers and sisters, for fathers and mothers.

Forms appear in the black fog,
From the appalling injustice which the world hid,
So much tragedy here in every shadow,
The blood still oozes and demands its due, intertwined with muteness.

If the flames of the candles could tell, if they could relate
The sorrow which they bear,
So that the world should hear and remember
Not to allow an executioner to arise again.


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