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X. At Book’s End

Kolno Yizkor Book Necrology

Transliterated by Warren Blatt

These are the names from the necrology in the Kolno yizkor book, Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Kolno (Tel Aviv, 1971), on pages 645-653. I have transliterated the surnames from Hebrew into Polish spellings. Because the Hebrew lacks vowels, and some consonants are also ambiguous (p/f, b/v, k/kh, s/sh), not all spellings are necessarily accurate. The names are in their original Hebrew alphabetical order.

- Rabbi Avigdor and family
Abkiewicz Beniamin and Sarah Rivka and sons Chaim Leibel and Ortsha (Aharon), daughters Hana, Malka, Mnucha, and daughters Shoshka and her husband
Abkiewicz Genia
Abkiewicz Malka
Agroninok Luba and Tehila (Borkowski)
Obrycki Dvoreh
Obrycki Yitzhak
Obrycki Elka
Obrycki Fruma
Obrycki Rivka
Ozorowicz Ester
Ozorowicz Cyza
Oldak Zyskind and his wife, his sons Yishiyahu and Chaim and daughter Chaya Sarah
Olech Chaya Leah
Ostaszewer Boruch Leib
Ostaszewer Yosel David and Sarah Leah, daughters Ester and Mala and son Fishel
Atkiewicz Moshe Yosel and Rochel (Sobelski), daughter Cherna
Ajzgar Sarah nee Krelinski
Ajdenberg Nechemia and his wife, their son Boczka
Ajzenfeld Henoch (Chanoch) and Cyril, daughters Chana, Fraidel and Miriam
Ajzenfeld Efraim Eli and Reica (Czolkowski), their son Chanoch
Ajczkowski and his family
Eleniewicz Mindel, daughter Rachel and Bracha, son Yehudah
Elkon Chaim Yosel, his wife and son Zelig
Bonczek Altka nee Stopner
Bonczek Tova nee Sztopner
Bonczek Alter and his family
Bonczek Dvoreh
Bonczek Yaakov, Elka and their son David
Bonczek Meir
Bonczek Motl and his family
Boczko Feivel Bunem, Miriam and their daughter Leah
Borman and his wife Basha Freidka (Rewecz)
Burak Avraham Moshe and his son Fishel
Burak Beila Rivka and her family
Burak Berel, Reizel and their son Leibel
Burak Chaya Liba and her family
Burak Chaim Label and his wife, their sons Michal, Yehoshe, David, Simeon, Ruven, BenTzion, and daughters Hinda and Sheintza
Burak Yoel and Matka, their daughters Ester and Sheindel, their son Yaakov and his family
Burak Leibel and Miriam Rashka, daughters Fruma, Tziril and Sheintza, their son Aharon Gershon
Burak Motse and his family
Burak Mordechai and his wife Alta
Burak Feigl and her family
Burak Pinchas Eli and his family
Burak Rivkah and her sons Chaim and Feivel
Burak Sheina Gitel nee Kadysz and her son Avraham Zelig
Burak Sarah
Borkowski Breindel
Borkowski Yehudah and Mindka
Borkowski Yehoshe and Cheitza
Borkowski Sinai and Sarah and their sons David and Yehudah
Borkowski Shia and Masha and their sons Michal, Velvel, Avraham, Yisrael, Nechemia and Yudka, and daughters Nechamka and Ester
Bornsztein Sarah Sheina and her husband (Zodkiewicz)
Bursztyn Avraham and Zlata and their son Zelig, daughters Tzivia and Feigel
Bursztyn Eli and his wife
Bursztyn Genendel and her husband Mendel Shlopmitz and their sons
Bursztyn Henia
Bursztyn Zeev and Tzivia (Glinka) and their son Shlomo
Bursztyn Chatzkel and his wife nee Czylkowski
Bursztyn Yenta
Bursztyn Yaakov, his wife and two children
Bursztyn Yizrael and Tzivia and their four children
Bursztyn Moshe and his wife
Bursztyn Moshe and Feigel (Horwicz)
Bursztyn Akiva and his wife Etka
Bursztyn Akiva, his wife and son (Warsaw)
Bursztyn Simcha and Yehudit
Bursztyn Sarah Rivka, and her husband Simeon, sons and daughters
Byszko Aharon and his wife, daughters Chana and Dvoreh, their sons Yehudah, Chaim and David
Blumrozen Sarah
Blucharski Feivel
Bergman Avraham and his wife
Bergman Alexander and his wife, their sons Hershel and David, daughters Etka, Shoshana and Reizel
Bergman Leizer, his wife Sarah and their children
Bergman Sheina Etka and her daughters Fraidel and Feigel
Bergsztein Yehoshe Kalman, his son and his daughter Miriam
Bergsztein Shmuel
Brodrozen Moshe and Breina Raizel
Bryzman Chaim Mendel and Chana Rivka and their son Avraham Berel and daughters Sarah and Elka
Bryzman Moshe Yosel and Masha (Szaraczkiewicz), their son Zelman
Bryzman Shlomo, his wife and their son Alter, daughters Freidl and Matka
Brykman Avraham
Brykman Getzel
Brykman Hershel and Breina and their son Zorach, their daughters Bashka, Sarah Feigl and Rivka
Brykman Yaakov and Gitel, their sons Chaim Leibel, Chaim Pinchas and Feivel, daughters Michli and Sheina Ester
Brykman Liba
Brykman Noshka
Brykman Reizel
Bramson Daniel
Baran Moshe and Nashka (Korniecki), their sons Eliyahu and his brother
Baranowicz Yitzchak and Zelda and their daughter Leah, their sons Nechemia, Leibel and Yosef
Gwowicz Yosef and his family
Gabel and his family
Gutman Eli (HaMelamed) and Yichved, their sons Yichiel Chaim, Boaz and Menachem, their daughter Bracha Tirtza
Gutman Hinda
Gutman Yisrael and Sarah
Gutman Leah and her daughter Malka, her sons Eliezer and Moshe
Gotlib Rabbi Tzvi Yehudah and Chana Dvoreh, their sons Chaim Moshe and Dov
Gutsztein Mordechai and Leah, thier daughter Rachel and son Feivel
Gutsztein Tzvi and Chana (Ruzniewek) and their daughter Gutka
Goldberg Dina and her son Moshe, daughters Mariasha Eva, and Yenta
Goldman Avraham and Kaila
Goldman Avraham Yitzhak
Golambek Yitzhak and Malka and their son Avraham
Gumowicz Etka and her husband Shpilman and son Avraham
Gumowicz Reizel (Szrejter)
Gumowicz Sheina
Gus Chaim and his wife Pesia, daughters Leah and Sarah
Gusynow Yitzhak and Chana Leah, daughters Bashka and Ester
Gurski Zeev and Matel and their children
Gurski Reizel, her sons Yekutiel and Eliyahu and daughter Ester
Gurski Sheina Chana
Gutkar Dvoreh
Gutkar Chaya Necha
Gutkar Shepsel
Glik Boruch Moshe, his wife and children
Glik Berel and Hinda and their son David
Glinka Oscar
Glinka Bernard and Hencha (Leibzon) their son and daughter
Glinka David and his family
Glikowski Sheya Asher
Glikowski Sholem, Pesia and their daughter
Gliczynski Eliahu, his son Hershel and daughter Fruma
Garbowicz Elchanon and Gitel (Sobelski) and their daughters Ahuva and Shulamit
Garbowicz Gitel
Garbowicz Chaim Nachman
Garbowicz Yaakov and Sarah, thier son Tuvia and daughter Batya
Garbowicz Leah and her daughter Feigel, her daughter Gitel and her sister
Garbowicz Liba, her sons Alter and Zeidel, her daughter Bela and her family
Garbowicz Mordechai Leib and Rachel, their daughters Chana, Batya, Bela, Miriam Pesha and Sheina Malka
Garbowicz Simcha and his family
Garbarski his wife Tova (Szklaniewicz) and their son
Gardner Sarah
Grodner Mordechai and his wife Ruchl, their son Pesach and daughter Bluma
Gronowicz Hershel and Etka and their daughter Leah and son David
Gronowicz Pesach and his family
Grosman his wife Tova (Szklaniewicz) and their son
Grynboim Yosef and his wife, thier son Arye and daughter Sheintza
Grynberg Yehoshe and his son Yaakov David, daughters Rivka and Dvoreh
Grynberg Yeshiyahu and his wife Breintze, their daughters Yehudit and Dvoreh, son David Shlomo
Grynberg Mordechai and Malka
Grynberg Chaya Riva and her son
Gryngras Shifra
Dawidowicz Avraham and Sima, their son Yaakov, daughters Elka and Feigla
Dawidowicz Asher
Dawidowicz Yosef
Dawidowicz Yaakov
Dawidowicz Yaakov and Dvoreh, their daughter Neta and son David
Dawidowicz Yekutiel
Dawidowicz Noska and Chaya Feiga, their sons Meir and Avigdor
Dawidowicz Pinchas
Dawidowicz Pesia (Gabelman), her daughters Zlatka, Ester and Dvoreh
Dawidowicz Sheintze
Dawidowicz Shia Chaim and Ester Rachel
Dolowicz Avidgor and Miriam, their son Arya and daughter
Dolowicz Israel and Rashka, their daughters Reizel, Hintza and Feigl, son Eli
Dolenga Meiti, her son Yochanan and daughter Rivka
Dorfman Dr. and Matilda (Bergman)
Dembowicz Gershon, his wife and their son Efraim
Dembowicz Hershel and his wife, their sons Shlomo and Ayra, daughter Chaya Sarah and her sister
Dembowicz Chana Ruchel
Dembowicz Yisrael and Sheina Malka (Kaimowicz). daughters Leah and Etka
Dembowicz Moshe and his wife (Lichtensztein)
Dembowicz Freidka
Dembowicz Shlomo and Ruchka and their daughter Leah and sons Lemel and Leibel
Horowicz Ester, her husband and children
Horowicz Chaim Meir, his wife and two children
Horowicz Yosef and Leah
Horowicz Yehoshe Pinchas and Ekta and their son David
Horowicz Yaakov and Hadasah, their daughter Beila and their sons Avraham and Mendel
Horowicz Yaakov Hersh and his wife Hadasah and two children
Horowicz Malka, her husband and daughter
Horowicz Ruchel Bantshe
Horowicz Reizel and her family
Hilsberg (The teacher) and his wife, son Israel and daughter Feiga
Hecht (The teacher), his wife Orna Ringer and their daughter Lily
Wilozny Nachman and Hinda, daughters Dvoreh, Chana and Rachel, two sons
Wizbowicz Velvel and Rivka, daughters Chentze and Leitza, sons Hershel and Avraham
Witkiewicz Yaakov and his wife Sheina, daughters Henia and Sarah
Waincymer Yisrael Hersh, Paya and their sons
Waincymer Sima and her husband David Segal, their daughter Dora and son Meir
Waincymer Rachel
Wierzba Yosef and his wife and their daighter Mindel
Zager Avraham, his wife and her sons
Zwawy Alter and Zelka (Sokol) and their children
Zwawy Yitzhak Aharon and Gutka, their daughter Beila and son Shlomo, sons Moshe and his brother
Zwawy Yisrael and Dvoreh, daughters Elka and Freidka
Zabielo Chaim and his wife Sarah (Goldman), their sons Yosef and Zelig
Zabielowicz Yaakov and his daughter Leah and son Chaim Boruch
Zabludowicz Rachel Leah, her son Shlomo and daughter Kaila
Zablucki Zeev Velvel, his wife Sheina and their daughters, sons Arya Leizer and Hershel
Zdrojewicz Avraham and Rashka
Zdrojewicz Ester
Zdrowicz Azrael
Zdrojewicz Sarka
Zolondz Gitel (Borkowski) and her husband Yitzhak, their daughter Henia and son Yosef
Zolondz Chaya (Braslev)
Rzepkowicz Dvorka
Rzepkowicz Chaya Gitel
Rzepkowicz Rivkah
Rzeznikiewicz Chaya and her daughter Rivkah
Rzeznikiewicz Yitzhak and Gitel
Rzeznikiewicz Yitzhak and his wife Fruma Liba
Rzeznikiewicz Rashka and her son Yaakov and daughter Feigl
Rzeznikiewicz Simcha and Chaya Sarah, sons Pesach and Zelig
Zylberman Yitzchak and daughter Ida and Svina
Zylbersztein (wife of Hetzlam ) and their daughter Henia
Zelwinski Chaim Leibel
Zelwinski Mindel
Zelwinski Mosholk
Zelwinski Pesach and Atlka, daughters Malka, Motel and Tzivia, sons Ayzyk, Israel and Shlomo
Zlotogory Israel
Zelicki Pesia Liba, her daughters Yehudit and Eitka and son Tzvi
Rzepko Chaim, his wife Sarah Baila and two children
Rzepko Yaakov and his wife
Rzepkowicz Shmuel, his wife Freidka and their daughter Elka
Chawrzynski Berel and his family
Chawrzynski Yaakov and Rivkah (Koifman)
Chawrzynski Pinchas and his family
Chorosuch Yaakov and Dvoreh, their sons Yechezkel, Eliezer, Feivel and Gedalyahu, daughters Freidka and Ruchl
Chorosuch Shabtai and Ruchl (Kaiman)
Chotkowicz Avraham Meir and Chana Sarah
Chotkowicz Bluma and her husband Shochman
Chotkowicz Yitzchak and Feigl (Slawtycki)
Chotkowicz Moshe Noach and Rashka (Dudowicz)
Chalupowicz Aiser and Rivkah and their sons Shlomo and Moshe
Chalupowicz Chana (Zelicki) and her sons Arya and Shraga
Chalupowicz Chaya Ester and her family
Chmielewski Eliezer and Doba, their son Shaul Zev and daughter Sarah Sheina
Chasdy Eidel
Chasdy Yoska
Chasdy Yechiel
Tobiasz Zelig, his son Chaim and daughter Ester
Teitelboim (The sofer)
Tykocinski Shmerel and his wife
Jabek Chisha and sons Shia, Yosef and Hershel
Jabloniewicz Berel and his wife, daughters Hadas, Dinka and Ester
Jeleniewicz Chona and Sarah, their sons Hershel and Berel and daughter Altka
Jonowicz Asna
Jonowicz Chaya
Istzumow Wolf and Ester Sarah (Sosnowicz), their sons Arya and Daniel
Jawec Rabbi Zeev and Miriam
Jerozolimski Shmuel Gedalyahu
Kohen Dr. and family
Kohen Berel and Henia and their sons Moshe, Zelig and Yoel
Kohen Bertsha and Fraidl
Kohen Chana Beila and her daughters Perl and Ruchl
Kohen Yaakov and Chaya Sarah (Gutman), thier sons Zorach, Zelig, Eliezer, and Avraham Tuvia
Kohen Mindel
Chludniewicz David Yudel
Chludniewicz Chaya
Chludniewicz Yaakov and Dvoreh, daughters Feitshe, Golda, and Tzirul, and son Yitzhak
Chludniewicz Liba
Chludniewicz Leibel and Ester (Borkowski) and daughter Mushke
Chludniewicz Reiza
Chludniewicz Shlomo and Bashka, their son Mordechai and daughter Shprintza
Chludniewicz Simcha, daughter Leika and son Akiva
Chmiel and his wife (Kolinski)
Chmiel Ruchel
Kac Avigdor
Kac Hershel (the teacher)
Kac Zelig and Etka (Gruszkiewicz) and their children
Kac Moshe and his family
Kac Tzvi and Mina (Agroninok) and daughter Hindel
Kac Shmuel and Feigel (Malowany) and their son Avraham
Lewowicz Efraim
Lewowicz Bashka
Lewowicz Hertzka
Lewowicz Chaim Aitshe and Dvoreh (Kozlowicz), thier daughter Tani
Lewowicz Yaakov Berel
Lewowicz Natan
Lubel Avraham Velvel and Eitka (Kurkiewicz)
Lubel Bazi
Lubel Beila
Lubel Breintshe, her husband Zusman and their daughter
Lubel Berel and Asna (Malowany), their sons Shmulka and daughters Sheina and Yehudit
Lubel Golda
Lubel Toiba
Lubel Yehoshe
Lubel Yaakov and Henia Chava, their daughters Sarah and Sheina Gitel, and son Avraham
Lubel Rabbi Yitzhak Mordechai
Lubel Leibel and Golda, their daughters Reitza, Nechama and Ester
Lubel Nachum and Dina
Lubel Tzvi and Miriam Beila
Lubel Shmuel and Sarah, daughters Mindel and Ester
Lipholc Eliezer and his wife
Lupian Bernard and Feigl (Dudowicz)
Lipholc Mordechai and Freda (Korniecki)
Lipiec Yitzhak Aharon and Sarah Rivka (Litmanowicz), thier son Hershel and daughter Tzivia and her family
Lipniak Zelig and Ruchel Leah (Stawiski), their son Moshe and daughters Gutka and Necha
Lipszyc Yosef Chaim and Malka (Szaraczkiewicz), their son Zelman Yitzhak
Langleb Avraham Chaim
Langleb Yosef and Sarah Dvoreh
Lewowicz Sarah Liba (Stawiski)
Langleb Yitzhak and Shifra
Lew Avraham and Rivka (Powrecki)
Lew Yitzhak and Eidel (Kurkiewicz)
Lapczynski Hershel, his wife and two daughters
Lapczynski Chaim Shaul and Rykel
Majak Nutka and Chana Malka, daughters Liba and Sarah and family, granddaughter Chaya Beilka
Munk Ester
Munk Chona
Munk Sinai
Morgensztern Moshe and Sheina and their son Chaim
Matkowski Yosef and his wife, daughters Tzivia and Miriam
Matkowski Feitshe, sons Yosel, Manes, Shepsel and Hershel
Michnowski Ruven and his wife and son Berel Ayzyk
Meizner Yaakov and Bluma and their son Shlomo and daughter Zysla
Myszkowski Yosef and Miriam (Abkiewicz) and their daughter Dvoreh
Mlawski Israel and Sarah
Melczerski Rabbi Berka and his wife, their son Velvel Meir and daughter
Melczerski Chaim Eli and Sarah, their sons David Moshe and his brother, daughter Chaya Feigl
Melczerski Shepska, his wife and children
Montel Dr. and his wife
Marwid Avraham Fishel and Chaya Freida, their daughter Ester Tauba
Margolis Eliyahu and Rivka (Kacynski), their daughter Yehudit
Mroczek Avraham Moshe and his wife, sons Shlomo and Simeon, and daughter Sheindel
Markiewicz Moshe and Chaya Sura and their daughter Chana
Nadborny Motel, his wife and his daughter Rivka, sons Hershel and Maier
Niedzwiedzki Avraham and his wife Feigl
Niedzwiedzki Nison Zelig and Chaya Tauba
Nielawicki Mendel
Niwko Avraham, his wife and his daughter Shifra, their sons Yissachar and Chaim
Niwko Rivka, her son Shmuel and daugter Tzirul
Nankin Israel and Menucha (Zelicki), their sons Avraham and Chaim and daughter Chana
Segal Matityahu and his family
Segal Sarah and her husband Rozenblum
Suwalski David and his wife
Suwalski Malka
Suwalski Rivka
Sokol Leibel and Menucha, daughters Reizl, Cheitze and Necha
Sokol Mendel and Beila (Korniecki) and their children
Sokolower Akiva, his wife and their son
Stawiski Ayzyk and Chaika and their son Boruch
Stawiski Chaim Berel and Dvoreh (Stopnik), their son Simcha and daughters Gutka and Necha
Stawiski Chona Hershel and his wife, son Yisrael Berel
Stawiski Yosel, and Sheina Chana and their son Pesach
Stawiski Yitzhak and Sarah and their son Feivel
Stawiski Moshe Leibel and Chaya and their daughter Chana, sons Shmuel, Beniamin, Israel and Berel
Stawiski Sotsha and his daughter
Stopner Nison and Dvoreh, their sons Asher and Leibel
Slawatek Shlomo and his wife, their sons Moshe and his brother
Slawatek Freida
Sapir David and Rivka, their daughters Perl, Mahsa, Freidka and Rachel
Spektorowski Tuvia and Reizel, daughters Ester Rivka and Etka, daughter Risa and her daughter
Fabrycki Nechemia Bendet (Alter) and Chaya Rivka (Szteinberg) and their daughter Zelda
Fabrycki Peshka (Opinski), thier sons Avraham and Avigdor
Fuks Moshe and Etka (Gutman) and their children
Piwowarski Chaim Aharon and his family
Piwowarski Yospe
Piwowarski Moshe and Perl, their daughter Pesha Yenta and son Chaim Mendel
Piwowarski Ruchel and her family
Piwowarski Shmuel and his family
Paison Alter, his son Pesach and daughter Sarah
Paison Zelman and Chaya Feigl (Waincymer) and their daughter Dvoreh
Piaszkowski Avraham and Sarah and their son Simeon, daughters Ester and Liba
Pluna Zelman and Etka and the daughters Rachel and Rivka
Peltynowicz Yishai and his wife
Panicz Avraham and Sarah (Lubel)
Panicz Avrahamele, his wife and son Hershel
Panicz Chaim, his wife and their son Moshe
Panicz Yosel and Perl (Kohen)
Panicz Sholem and Reizel (Olech) and their daughter
Pandryk Hershel and Sarah and their son Mendel, daughters Elka and Freidka
Piekarowicz Moshe and Feiga Reizl, their daughter Sarah Rivka
Piekarowicz Nachum and Bracha (Sokol) and their children
Przysosker Yechiel and Sheintsha (Borkowski) and their children
Cybulkin Eliyahu and Hinda (Szaraczkiewicz), daughters Ester and Ruth, son Moshe
Ciolkowski Avraham Hersh and Sarah Rivka, daughters Raizel and Ruchel, sons Yitzhak, Chanoch and Maier
Ciolkowski Ayser and Liba
Ciolkowski Chona
Ciolkowski Chaim Yosef and Sheindel
Ciolkowski Yaakov and Chava and their son Moshe
Ciolkowski Leizer Moshe and Sima and their son Chaim
Ciolkowski Michal and Bashe and their sons Leizer Moshe and Chaim
Ciolkowski Moshe Zyskind and his wife
Ciolkowski Pinchas, his wife and their son Berel
Ciolkowski Shmuel and Ester Pesha, their son Avraham Henoch
Cywiakowski Avraham and Sarah and their daughter Rashka
Cywiakowski Yonah and his wife, daughters Reizel and Liba
Cywiakowski Sholem Leib and Tzivia, their sons Ruven and Shepsel
Cynowicz Yaakov and Ruchel and their children
Czarnowicz Gershon and Ruchl
Czarnowicz Feivel and Sheina Ester, their daughters Yehudit and Elka and son Nachum
Kugelas David and Eida (Gumowicz), their daughter Rivka and sons Avraham and his brother
Kadysz Yisrael, his wife and son Moshe
Kozlowicz Bracha (Olech) and her daughter Rachel
Kozlowicz Chaim and Feiga Ryfka, daughters Reizel and Zlatka, their son Chona and his son
Kozlowicz Chatzkel and Sarah Sima and their daughter Breintshe
Kozlowicz Yitzhak and Zlata
Kozlowicz Matityahu, his wife and their son David
Kozlowicz Sholem and Zelda (Luinski)
Kuznik Chaim Leibel and his family
Kaufman Zelig and Dvoshka, daughters Chaika, Sarah Rivka and Miriam
Kaufman Yisrael and Toba, their son Avraham and his family
Kolinski Avraham and Mina (Borkowski), their son Chaim and daughter Regina
Kolinski Avraham Yitzhak and Ester Reizel, daughters Leahtshe and Nechama and son Israel
Kolinski Ber Leizer and his wife, their son Avigdor and his brother
Kolinski Henoch and Ester, their sons Maier and Sholem and daughter Miriam Leah
Kolinski Sarah
Koniecki Alter and Figa Rivka, daughters Zlata Tzirul and Etka Ruchel
Kosowicz Dr. and family
Korniecki Avraham and Sima (Kohen) and their daughter
Korniecki Avraham Yitzhak, Chava and daughters
Korniecki Alter and Shirka and their son Moshe, daughters Sheina Ruchel and Chava
Korniecki Arya and Chana, their sons Avraham and Motol and daughters Chaya Feigl, Sarah, Freidka and Tzirul
Korniecki Chona and Berta and their daughter Doba, sons Yitzhak and Shlomo
Korniecki Yehudah and Rivka (Chmiel) and their son
Korniecki Yaakov and his family
Korniecki Yaakov Maier (Alter) and his wife Yocha, their sons Avraham Moshe, Yosef and Israel, daughters Feiga Perl and Eitka
Korniecki Yaakov Mordechai and Reiza, daughters Rachel and Liba and son Chaim
Korniecki Yaakov Moshe and Leitshe
Korniecki Maier Alter and Feiga (Peltynowicz), their sons Berel and Nechemia
Korniecki Moshe and Elka and ther son Avigdor
Korniecki Moshe Aharon
Korniecki Sender and Yofa
Kurkiewicz Boruch
Kurkiewicz Moshe and Chaya, daughters Feigl and Rashka
Kaidynski Chaim Simeon and Chaya Sarah
Kaim Kadysz (Kaimowicz)
Kaimowicz Yehudit
Kaimowicz Moshe Hersh and his sons Pinchas and David
Kaiman Avraham and his wife
Kaiman Leibel and Golda, their son Chaim and daughter Ruchel
Kaiman Yitzhak
Kaiman Yeshiyahu and Henia, daughters Leah, Yenta, Ruchle and family
Kaiman Shmuel and Breina and their children
Kaiman Simcha
Kaiman Zelig and Sheina Leah, daughters Mindel and Tauba and son Mordechai
Kaiman Pinchas and Ruchel, their sons Aharon, Mendel and Moshka
Kleinman David
Kleinman Motka and Breintshe (Rozenbaum)
Kleinman Nina
Kaplan Rabbi Shmuel HaKohen and his wife, daughters Freida, Sarah and Chinka
Kaczynski Avraham and Reizel (Horwicz)
Kaczynski Pesach and his wife, his son Gershon and daughter Rachel
Kacanek Aba and Chana (Burak)
Kacanek Shaya Leib
Krochmalnik Pesia, her son Michal and daughter
Krymkiewicz Noska and his wife, their daughters Gitel and her sisters
Krelinoim Ruth and son Yitzhak Uri (Zakai)
Krelinski Chaya (Krelensztejn), her son Yitzhak Eliyahu
Krelensztejn Dr. Alter and Chava (Goldberg)
Krelensztejn Zelig and Miriam Dina, their daughter Chaika and son Chaim and his family
Krelensztejn Zelig and Sarah, their sons Tuvia and his brother
Krelensztejn Chana Ester
Krelensztejn Yudel
Krelensztejn Yosel and Necha (Borkowicz) and their children
Krelensztejn Shlomo and Leah (Zabielowicz) and their son
Krelensztejn Feivel and Leah (Kurkiewicz) and their daughter
Krelensztejn Shlomoka
Krelensztejn Simcha and Sarah (Lipholc)
Krinski (The teacher) and his wife
Kaszczeniewski Berel and Chaya (Kaiman)
Rubinsztejn Bronislaw
Rubinsztejn Yaakov and his son Matityahu
Rubinsztejn Lutek
Rubinsztejn Moshe Yosef and Necha (Kikman), their daughter Mindel and son Shlomo
Roza Azriel and Chaya Sheitel, their daughter Malka and son Velvel
Rozen Hershel and Genia
Rozen Yudel
Rozenbaum Luba
Rozenberg Avraham and his wife, his son Yeshiyahu and daughters
Rozenfeld Zysia
Rozenfeld Zlata (Blumrozen)
Rotberg Mindel (Szaraczkiewicz)
Rutkiewicz Avraham Maier
Rostoker Yosef and Feigel (Szaber) their son Matityahu and daughter Batya
Rybicz Avraham Ayzik and Chaya Sarah, their sons Ruven and Moshe Hersh and daughter Sheina Dvoreh
Rybicz Yaakov Shepsel and Pesia (Lewinski) and their daughter
Rybicki Shmeryahu and Miriam Dvoreh (Grinwald), daughters Elka and Rivtze, sons Avraham Yitzhak and Yosel
Rykower Ester and her daughter Dina, sons Nechmia and Simcha
Remba Rivtshe (Krelinski) and her daughter Ruth
Remba Nachum
Szaber Chaim Mendel and Sarah (Brykman) their daughter Matel and two sons
Szaber Rivka Ruchel (Brykman) and her daughter Sarah
Sztejnfeld Chaim
Sztern Avraham and Gitel, their sons Eliyahu, Avigdor, Sholem and Menachem
Sztern Tzvi and Chana (Gutman) and their daughters
Sniadower Boruch Leib and Elka Dvoreh, their sons Hershel and Chatzkel and daughters Chaya and Chana
Sniadower Simeon and Sarah Masha (Sosnowicz)
Sznajder David
Szpagielski Mordechai and Tzivia
Szczuczyn Chaya Shifra
Szczawinowicz Aharon and Leitze, daughters Libka and Genka
Szczawinowicz Yosef and Zelda and their son Kiva
Szkolnicki Yaakov and Sheina Dvoreh, daughters Bashe Rivka and Miriam Beila, son Mordechai Yosef
Szklaniewicz Avraham Yaakov and Leitza and their daughter Peshka
Szklaniewicz Aharon Leizer, his wife and daughter Henia
Szklaniewicz Ayzyk, Feigl (Bialystocki) and their son
Szklaniewicz Alta
Szklaniewicz Chaim David and Malka, their daughter Cheshka and son Shmuel Maier
Szklaniewicz Toiba and her husband Natan Kohen, their son Shmuel and daughter Ester
Szklaniewicz Yaakov and Chana and their son Avraham
Szklaniewicz Yaakov Velvel and Beila Rivka (Burak), their sons Chaim David, Nachum, Motek and Yissachar, daughter Sheindl
Szklaniewicz Yitzhak and Tzipa (Piwowarski) and their son
Szklaniewicz Mendel, Zlata and their children
Szklaniewicz Moshe Shmuel and Sheintze, daughters Rivtse, Kayla, Sarah and Henia
Szklaniewicz Moshele and Dina (Bursztein)
Szklaniewicz Noska and Rivka (Horwicz), their son Berel and daughter Charna
Szklaniewicz Sholem and Doba, their sons David and Moshe and daughter Peshka
Szrejter Velvel and Asna and their daughter Chentshe, sons Avraham Michal, Dobtshe and Chontshe
Szaraczkiewicz Yehudah and Sarah Rivka, their daughter Chaitshe and son Lemel

Died in Israel (page 643):

Olech, Yaakov-Arya
Olech, Rashka
Ayczkowski, Yaakov-Maier and Yehudit
Alter (Borkowski), Rachel
Aloni (Zolondz), Mendel and Tehila
Burak, Shaya
Ben-Dov (Popkowicz), Arya
Ben-Adon (Panicz), Shmuel
Bryzman, Rabbi Berel
Bramzon, Eliyahu
Garbowicz, Mordechai
Dudowicz, Sheintsha
Dudowicz, Avraham
Horowicz, Betzalel
Horowicz, Dr. Fishel
Horowicz, Sarah
Hiler, Yaakov
Hiler, Leah
Levi (Bryzman), Temima
Mot (Dudowicz), Sheina
Margolis, Efraim
Margolis, Liba
Margolis, Mordechai-Zundel
Margolis, Rashka
Markiewicz, Aba
Markiewicz, Michal
Markiewicz, Feiga-Mindel
Niwko, Moshe
Sosnowicz, David
Sosnowicz, Yehudah
Stopner, Avraham
Peltynowicz, Alter
Peltynowicz, Menucha
Pindryk, Maier
Tzviali (Lubel), Miriam
Czarniewicz (Shragai), Chaim-Natan
Kolinski, Yaakov ben reb Leizer
Krunrod (Shmagor), Yaakov-Zev
Rozen (Langleb), Malka
Rozenboim, Moshe
Rozenboim, Simcha-Bonim and Chaya-Leah
Rozenberg, Yitzhak
Remba, Ida
Remba, Aizyk
Remba, Zev
Remba, Chaya-Sarah
Remba, Pesia
Szklaniewicz, Yitzhak

Died Abroad (pages 643-645):

Abkiewicz, Moshe - Germany
Abkiewicz, Sarah - Germany
Ozorowicz, Elihayhu - Kolno
Olech, Maier - France
Allya, Gedalyahu - Kolno
Burak, Eliezer - Mexico
Burak, Chaya - Kolno
Burak, Yochved - Uruguay
Borkowski, Hendel - Kolno
Burak, Yosef-Hersh - Kolno
Burak, Sarah - Kolno
Borkowski, Helena - Kolno
Borkowski, Hendel - Kolno
Borkowski, Wolf-Ber - Kolno
Bursztyn, Shlomo - Kolno
Baron (Rozenfeld), Chana-Rivka - USA
Brykman, Chaim Mendel - Kolno
Brykman (Rozenfeld), Rachel - USA
Bramzon, Rachel - Kolno
Gabelman, Eliyahu - Kolno
Gutman, Zev - Kolno
Goldberg, Boruch-Yaakov - Kolno
Goldberg, Molia - Kolno
Goldman, Beila - Kolno
Golman, Zev - Uruguay
Grzymkowski, Ruven - Kolno
Grynberg, Basha - USA
Dolenga, Chaim - Kolno
Dolenga, Yaakov - Kolno
Dembowicz, Efraim - Kolno
Dembowicz, Tovia - Kolno
Horowicz, Chaim-Leib - Kolno
Horowicz, Charna-Menucha - Kolno
Horowicz, Shmuel - USA
Hiler (Sobelski), Chaya - Kolno
Wejncymer, Avraham - USA
Wejncymer, Eliezer - USA
Wejncymer, Yaakov-Maier - Kolno
Wejncymer, Yissachar - USA
Wejncymer, Sarah-Rivka - USA
Zwawy (Karlinski), Reizel - South Africa
Rzeznikiewicz, Moshe - Uruguay
Zylberman, Sheina-Sprintza - Kolno
Zylbersztein, Henryk - Kolno
Zelicki, Leibel - Kolno
Jabek, Aharon - Kolno
Kohen, Hertzka
Kohen, Shmeul-Maier and Sheina
Lubel, Aharon and his wife - Mexico
Lubel, Boruch - Uruguay
Lubel, Moshe-Leib
Leibyk, Zelig - USA
Lewowicz, Beniamin - Kolno
Lewowicz, Nechemia - Kolno
Moszkowski, David-Arya - Kolno
Moszkowski, Sarah-Sheina - Kolno
Motkowski, Yaakov - Kolno
Milman (Goldman), Rachel - Mexico
Margolis, Yaakov-Yudel - Kolno
Margolis, Mordechai-Shepsel
Markiewicz, Haidel - Kolno
Segal, Leibka - USA
Segal, Mendel
Sobelski, Yitzchak - USA
Sobelski, Shlomo - Kolno
Sokolower, Leibel
Sapir, Hadas - Kolno
Sapir, Yehudah-Yaakov - Kolno
Fabrycki, Mordechai-Gimpel and Chaya Yudes (Gabelman) - Kolno
Pupkiewicz, Tuvia
Piwowarski, Motel - Kolno
Piwowarski, Sarah-Rachel - Kolno
Czarniewicz, David - USA
Kozlowicz, Chaika - Kolno
Kozlowicz, Yaakov-Sholem - Kolno
Kaufman, Aharon - Kolno
Kolinski, Chaya-Ruchl - Mexico
Korniecki, David - Kolno
Korniecki, Zundel and Dvoreh
Korniecki, Sarah - Kolno
Kaidinski, Moshe - Kolno
Kaiman, Chona - USA
Krochmannik, Pesach - Kolno
Krelinski, Chaya-Leah - Kolno
Rozenfeld, Boruch - USA
Rozenfeld, Hershel - Kolno
Rozenfeld, Shmuel - Lomza
Remba, Efraim - USA
Remba, Moshe-Yosel - Kolno
Shumski, Yaakov
Szteinsapir, Chaim - Kolno
Sznajder, Reiza-Gitel - Kolno
Szczawinowicz, Shaika - USA
Szklaniewicz, Esterka
Szklaniewicz, Zundel - Kolno
Szklaniewicz, Hershka - Kolno
Szklaniewicz, Moshe
Szklaniewicz, Naomi - Kolno
Szklaniewicz, Shmuel-Maier - Kolno

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