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Our mother, Devorah Lipshitz, our brothers Label and Shmuel and their families. Our father Eliezer Milatski and Aunt Etta;Binyamin and Mardil Izrael from the house of Milatski and their people who lived there. Chasia Kastelanetz from the house of Milatski and their children. Yitzchak and Devorah Guzanski from the house of Milatski and their people who lived in their home; Asher Milatski and his family;
Michael Katzman and Hannah from the house of Milatski and their people who lived there.

We lament our dear ones, Zviya and Eliezer Zaber.

The mourners: The Kalmanson family (Haifa]

Our mother Rachel and our nieces Chaya and Zahava Zivnitz; Misha, Masha, Golda and Abraham Rozas.

The mourners: Bracha and Malik Zivnitz

Shlomo, Esther-Golda, Jacob and Eliezer; Gittel, Noah and Hannah, Rachel-Masha and Hannah Kahn-Tsafor.

Our mother Hannah Zaretsky, our uncle Zvi Chomski, our brother Moshe Zaretsky, and our nieces: Tsipora, Pnina, Rivka and their families.

The mourners: Shavti, Asher and Hancock Bezalel

Sabtai and Esther Yodelevski and their family;
Sonia and Shlomo Stavski; Rachel Yodelevski and her family.

The mourners: Nivtah, Reba and Jonah

The family of Yitzchak and Malka Kahn-Tsafor.

The mourners: Halman and Pinchas

The family of Yosef Kahn-Tsafor.

The mourner: Chaim

Nechemia Goldman; Mendel Goldman-Rubin, Bela Feibish Rubin and their son Mordecai Rubin;
Noah Goldman and his wife Malka Goldman-Gurman and their children Mordechai and Zelda.

Chavah Belizovski

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Chaya Sheindel-Hodas, Rachel and Miriam Zeidman;
Volvil Kamanitski and his family, Herschel Chasha Zeidman and their children.

Rabbi Nachman Ben Yitzchak Hacohen, Fruma, Yitzchak, Neta and Feigel-Leah Smitiski.
Aizik, Reizil, Hanna and Leah Grushavski.

Fishel, Malka and Riva Holzman; Bilatze, Neta, Abraham-Yishayahu and David Zwick.
Braina and Yakov Sheinkman.

Abraham and Chana Ashkenazi; Chaim and Menucha Ashkenazi (from the house of Markoza),
Rosa, Mina and Chaya Ashkenazi.

Moshe, Atil, Rachel and Baruch Horowitz.

Yakov Feldman, Fishel Feldman and his family;
Label Feldman and his family; Chaim Feldman and his family.

Unterman Berish, Roiza, Eliezer, Israel, Freidel, Esther and their families.

Mordechai, Kyla, Abraham and Mendel Wornick; Yehuda, Lyma Tenenbaum;
Sarah Tenenbaum and their children.

Michael and Chaya Zilberman and their children Tsipora, Leah and Tova;
Yakov and Elka Lemberg and their children.

Helman, Rivka Stavaski, Bracha Stavaski her spouse and her son;
Aharon, Chana Itshe and Rachel Stavaski; Shlomo Stavaski and his family (Lodz);
the Slodinski family; Golda Stavaski-Palevski and her family.

Chanah and Gershon Apelbaum;
Miriam, Mordechai and Estherka Zobatski-Apelbaum.

We, the sons and daughters and grandchildren, lament the missing graves

Alta Yatzkovaski-Rabinovitz; Rabbi Mordechai-Shimon and Moshe Rabinovitz; the Rabinovitz family from Antopol.

The families Shick, Podorolski, Lipshitz.

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Moshe-Yehuda, Rivka-Rachel, Feigel, Ben Zion and his family;
Schefra Goldberg.

R' Moshe-Avigdor Lev; Leibish Lev and his family.

Matke grandmother, Devorah and Aharon Tenenbaum;
Moshe, Friedka and Malka Bergman;
Yakov, Yenta and Paula Dolinsky-Tenenbaum;
Hershel, Tanya and Sala Tenenbaum;
Yitsik, Mania and Asher Tenenbaum;
Yitzchak, Frieda Duba, Rachel Sima;
Sarah Hodonitski.

Moshe, Chava Kilinsky; Mordechai Kilinsky and his wife;
Shlomo Kilinsky and his wife; Yoske Bavel, Yenta Rubinstein-Kilinsky.

For the memorial of the righteous souls of my parents Hershel and Itka,
my brothers and my sisters: Yehoshe-Ezra, Bila, Boni, Henech, Rivka and Hershel.
My dear relatives: Eliyahu and Sarah Baum and their children;
Yoshske and Sarah,Yitsik and Sarah, Moshe and Zondel Kofitski and their children;
Yakov, Bila Tzirel Goldberg and their children.

The mourners: Ben-Zvi Kalikovski and his family

Moshe and Michael Chayut; Shmuel and Yachka Adler; Feigel Levin.

Abraham Rosenberg, Chaya Esther and Israel, Gitel Palevski.

Rivka Levin

David, Tiva, Alter, and Yichezkel Bugoslevitz,
Chana and Yosef Salatski.

Nechemia, Devorah, Rivka, Zaldi and Tobi Yelenevitz.

Yehuda, Rachel, Lola and Shabtai Golden;
Natan, Miriam, Moshe and Lilit Rubin;
Bobil and Yocheved Golden.

The families: Abramowitz, Dr. Visenberg, Kolker, Glova,
Dr. Max Abramowitz, Lota Rosenshine.

Ziskind, Bonia, Feiga, Etta, Rachel, Gita Baruch Sasitski.

Yosef Levinski, Menucha, Nechemia, Feigel, Gitel, Yakov,
Toiva Shapira hailing from the house of Levinski,
Mindel, Chain and Yakov.

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Eliyahu Katz, Bracha Kostrinski-Katz;
Fishel, Rosa, Ida, Israel, Chaya, Ruben; Benjamin Katz and his family.

Uziel, Dina Breznick and their children (Brisk);
Mottel and Mina Breznick and their child.

Chaninia and Miriam Adelstein and their sons: Abba and Chaim.

Alter and Raizel Nisbaum and their children: Henia, Esther, Moshe and Marisha.

Berish and Sara Pinchuk and their sons: Stirka, Nechama and Aryeh.

Shalom and Marka Vidowitz and their children: Chayeh and Abraham.

Zalteh-Chayeh Linovska and her children.

Rivka and Shamai Rosenbloom and their children.

Yakov, Mordechai, Israel and Tiva Pinchuk (Brisk).

Israel Zelichovski and his family.

We are mourning our parents Simcha and Sarah Katlin, the religious and righteous, who made their living all their lives by working hard. They helped the sick and gave a Zionist education to their children. We mourn our sister Brindel and our brother Israel.

The mourners: Ahuva and Zebulon Katlin-Baum

The Shimshon Permut family, his wife Sarah, their son and daughters:
Gitel and her husband, Abraham Bender and their children Bela and Reka;
Leah and her husband Chaim
and their children Yitzchak, Bela and Molik;
Feige and her husband Mordechai and their children, Dan, Abraham and Bela;
Sarah, Moshe, Masha, Raizel and all the relatives.

We mourn our father Pinchas, our mother Menucha,
our brother Pesach and his wife Tania and their children Liuba and Pnina,
our brother Yitzchak, our aunt Hinda Gasman and her children.

The mourners: Tsipora Baum-Schwartz; Zebulon Baum

In memory of our dear souls:
our father: Dov Berav Zvi Eisenstein,
our mother Gitel hailing from the family of Nachum Apelbaum,
our sister Leah and our brother Nachum

Those who will remember them forever:
Chana Eisenstein-Zaretsky, Yosef Eisenstein

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A lamentation for the memory of my father Aaron-Chaim Hacohen Schwartz,
my mother Tsipora Schwartz and my brothers Mordechai, Yehuda, Yosef and Aryeh.

The mourner: Bezalel Schwartz

Moshe Rosenbaum and his family
(he was a teacher at the school “Tvuna”)

The mourners: Gingold family

Gershon, Bronia, Leibelel and Chaim Feder;
Moshe, Dina, Shlomo, Abraham and Shmuel Lev (Jevinka);
Nathan, Dina, Yentel and Todros Goldfarb.

Mourners: Sara and Pesach Spochnikov

Noah Goltzman, his wife Malka Goltzman
and their children Zina and Munik;
Nechemia Goltzman, Mindle Goltzman,
her husband Feibish Rubin and their daughter Miriam.

My dear parents Pnitel and Hinda;
my brothers Siyoma and David Siletski.

The mourners: Henia and Moshe, Mordechai and Ada (America)

To the memory of the souls of our dear father Shlomo-Simcha,
our sister Nisel and our dear brothers Litman and Gedalyahu Segal.

The mourners: Moshe and Abraham and their families (Paris)
Shmuel (Sam) Segal and his family (Jerusalem)

Our parents Chaim and Devorah Friedman;
Sarah Sandik and her family, Avigdor and his family.

The mourners: Sima and Miriam Friedman

Zvi and Naomi Shinal and their family;
Pauli Kaplinski

The mourners: Yaffa and Israel Kaplinski

Moshe Zaretsky – may he rest in peace – from his testament to his daughter-in-law Rachel in Kobrin and the winter of 1938, “If you will be able to reach Israel at any time please erect a tombstone for me and write on it: 'In this place are the thoughts, ambitions and wishes of Moshe Zaretsky, who is gone; his bones remain in the Diaspora in an unknown place.”'
Since we cannot fulfill his wish, let these few lines serve as a tombstone.

Rachel and Bezalel Zaretsky

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For Itke-Baile Hershenhoiz, the wife of Lipa Melamed and her family.

The mourner: her granddaughter Rivka Zilberfarb

Chana, Bezalel, Aryeh and Meir Solovizik;
Sarah Chumska; Zaev, Zahava, Mina, Dina and Bezalel Solovizik.

The mourner: Miriam Solovizik

For Leibelel, Beila Nusi and Mita Daitch.

The mourner: Daitch-Polak

The Tugman and Savitski families.

To the memory of our uncle the most kind and the dearest among people, the father of the Kobrinim in Warsaw,
the Rabbi Moshe-Itzick Hacohen Beltski.

The mourners: the Vishengrad brothers

To the memory of our sister Mardel and our aunt Rachel Alkon and her family.

Those who will remember her always: the brothers Vishengrad

Our parents Aaron and Rachel Fuksman;
Moshe, Mania and their children; Nechama and her family.

The mourners: Chinka and her family, Sara and her family,
Yitzchak and his family (America)

Mirel Stolovitski-Messer, Yosef, Leale, Michaele, Noah
and Chantshele Markoza.

The mourners: Chana and Abraham

We mourn our parents Zvi and Rashi Izrel;
our sister Rachel Gurfine (Izrel)
and our brother-in-law Shmuel and their children, Shifra and Mordechai.

The mourners: Shlomo and his family (New York),
Yakov and his family, Shoshona Weis, Mordechai and his family

Yosef Feldman and his family;
Feigel, Bezalel, Dina, Eliyahu, Zvi, Liza and David.

In memory of Mendel and Fredel Pearlstein;
Yitzchak and Abraham and their families;
Yehuda, Yehudit and Hanna, Yakov and Helka Rosenbaum.

The mourners: Sarah Pearlstein, Yehudit Rosenbaum

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To the memory of mother Sarah-Chanah,
my brother-in-law, Mordechai Avruch
and my sister Shosha and their children.

The mourners: Theodore Kolerman and his family

My parents Gershon and Alta, Ruben and his family;
my brothers: Shlomo, Mordechai, Shaul
and Arie Bromberg and all my relatives.

Israel Feldman and Sheva Izrel.

The mourners: Chava and Tehila Feldman, Bluma and her family (Argentina)

Noah and Riva Zaltsman.

Machela, Moshe and Beila Moler.

The mourners: Markel and Shavti

In memory of my brother, the Rabbi R' Michael Shmoish and his family.

The mourners: Zalman Shemesh and his family

Pola, Atil and Pia Chaikin.

Esther-Malka Mintz.

Yitzchak and Dov Gershman and their families.

Yitzchak, Sara-Teme, Aaron, Shlomo, Eliyahu,
Chaya-Gitel and Chanan Gernstein.

Abraham-Moshe, Miriam and Sarah Guttman.

Yakov, Sarah-Chasha, Shmuel, Chaya and Mina Goldberg.

Volvil, Chana-Chaya, Aaron-Hersch, Shaina and Hinda Shavinski.

Nechemia, Rachel-Leah, Neta, Zeidel and Elie Brazniak.

Alte, Chashaka, Israel, Neta and Aaron Kostelnitz.

Shimon, Rivka, David and Chaya Shavinski.

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Nachum, Bracha and Sonia Yodelevski.

Yakov and Malka Kobrinitz.

Zeidel Kobrinitz and his family.

The Bierman family from Kobrin.

Aaron Engelovitz and his family.

David Heyman and his family.

Mourners: The brother Gedalyahu Engelovitz

Yosef, Shprintsa, Eitsel and Elka Katz.

Yehuda Brookstein and his daughter Shprintsa.

Shlomo, Beila, Eliezer Zevia Zaber.

Esther-Miriam, Sarah, Reizel, Nachum.
Laizer and Moshe Varatnitski.

We mourn our parents Shraga-Feivel and Chava,
and our sister Menucha Pinshuk.

The Mourners: Ruben-Shimon and his family (Boston),
Alte and her family (Chicago),
Zeidel and his family (Boston),
Sarah and her family (Boston),
Shoshana and Aiser

For Hinda Goldberg.

Mourner: Y. Ch. Biltzki

My uncle Yakov Pinchuk and his family.

Mourner: Iser Pinshuk

My brother Pesach and his family and my sister Masha and her husband.

Mourner: Sala Feldman

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My parents Baruch and Hinda, my sister Alta and her child.

Mourner: Chaya Feldman

Malka Feinfeld, Reizel, Herschel and the children.

Leibel, Chitsa, Rosa and Tsodik Rosenberg.

Mordechai, Meir and Chaim Winerman.

Esther, Chaya-Dova and Moshe Kagan.

Israel, Rosa, Mordechai, Kalman, Sonia and Berel Mintz.

Shamai, Chayele Blumenkrantz; Pesel Blumenkrantz.

The Alter Permut family.

The Kolovelski family.

Mordechai and Sonia Fisher.

Chaya and Sarah Zashelazniak and the Botkovski family.

Feigel Berner, Noah, Esther, Sheina;
Yehoshua and Sarah Zaltsman.

The mourners: The families of Sander and Chaim Berner, Mala Serutkin

Freidel, Meir-Leib and Zalman;
Shmuel, Sheindel, Abraham, Yenta, Pesna, and Riva Barzaniak.

Yishayahu, Gisha, Gershon, Zalman, Binyamin, and Rosa Gerber.

We mourn our parents Sander-Baruch, Chaya-Sarah,
the brother Mordechai and his wife Balka
and their children: Nechala and Aiserka,
and the families: Lifshitz, Karasalski, Kagan.

Abraham Belatski and his family (America),
Gedalyahu Belatski and his family (Brazil),
Eliyahu Belatski and his family (Israel),
Israel Belatski and his family (Israel)

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