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Our Martyrs

Translated by Haim Sidor


In Memory of my Father's maternal grandmother, Pesha Baila Jasinowsky-Pernick
(in whose memory we have named our youngest daughter) and the Jasinowsky Family of Kobrin
Haim Sidor

Notes on the Translation:


D = name of the DONOR of the information.

M = name of those who were murdered the number that follows is the page on which the dedication is found.

Family name = self explanatory - sometimes a ? appears in my list where the party's (usually a woman) name is not clearly understood to be her married or maiden name! but she appears with said family listing - the probability is that the name with the ? is her maiden name and not her married name but I was not sure therefore the ?

Maiden name = usually not given - sometimes I used this field for ages or titles (Dr. or Rav).

Spouse = where ever it was clearly stated or obvious - many times there were entries which seemed reasonable to assume BUT I did not place them as spouses!

family code = by D code used as the relationship to the victim(s) c = child sis = sister etc. by M code (same as D) ALSO added are other members of the same family which were murdered as well w = wife h = husband c = one child cc = children family = means that the whole family was murdered.

place = usually the place of residence (with D codes = where now living with M codes last known residence in KOBRIN).

father = where ever mentioned or obvious.

order # = order in which the names appeared.

position = which side of the page the dedication can be found R = right L = left and the number refers to how many boxes from the top of the page.


codeFamily nameFirst nameMaiden NameSpousefamily codePlaceFatherorder #position
D289 Adler Berl Isaac     son & brother   Shmuel Shimshon 253 R06
M289 Adler Shmuel Shimshon   Yachka father     254 R06
M289 Adler Yachka   Shmuel Shimshon       255 R06
M289 Adler Elchanan     brother   Shmuel Shimshon 259 R06
M289 Adler Dan     brother   Shmuel Shimshon 260 R06
M289 Adler Haim     brother   Shmuel Shimshon 261 R06
M289 Adler Moshe     brother &family   Shmuel Shimshon 262 R06
M289 Adler Yosef     brother &family   Shmuel Shimshon 263 R06
M289 Adler ? Chava     sister   Shmuel Shimshon 256 R06
M289 Adler ? Nechama     sister   Shmuel Shimshon 257 R06
M289 Adler ? Yehudit     sister   Shmuel Shimshon 258 R06
M288 Aideltoch Henia     in law     197 L01
D287 Ainbinder Shimshel     son & brother   Aaron 101 R06
M287 Ainbinder Aaron     father     102 R06
M287 Ainbinder Yaakov     brother   Aaron 103 R06
M287 Ainbinder ? Yenta     sister &h-c   Aaron 104 R06
M287 Ainbinder ? Perl     sister &h-cc     105 R06
D288 Appelbaum Shmuel     son & brother   Feivel 182 R05
M288 Appelbaum Feivel   Sarah father     183 R05
M288 Appelbaum Sarah   Feivel mother     184 R05
M288 Appelbaum Haim     brother   Feivel 186 R05
M288 Appelbaum ? Sarah     sister &h-c   Feivel 185 R05
D288 Arlovski Yaakov   Perl     Mordecai Isaac 212 L05
D288 Arlovski Perl   Yaakov       213 L05
M288 Arlovski Mordecai Isaac   Chaya Zelda       214 L05
M288 Arlovski Chaya Zelda   Mordecai Isaac       215 L05
D287 Avruch Laib     son   Berel 86 R04
D287 Avruch David     son   Berel 87 R04
M287 Avruch Berel   Sarah father     88 R04
M287 Avruch Sarah   Berel mother     89 R04
M287 Avruch Mottel     brother &w-cc   Berel 93 R04
M287 Avruch ? Faiga           90 R04
M287 Avruch ? Shaina     h-cc     91 R04
M287 Avruch ? Gisha     h-cc     92 R04
D287 Barenbaum Yedidyahu     brother     114 L02
M287 Barenbaum ? Malka     sister &h-cc     115 L02
M287 Barenbaum ? Kraina     sister &h-cc     116 L02
M287 Barenbaum ? Miriam     sister &h-cc     117 L02
M287 Barenbaum ? Devorah     sister &h-cc     118 L02
D289 Begun Yaakov         M/ Raizel 277 L03
M289 Begun Raizel     mother     278 L03
M289 Begun Tania     brother &family   M/ Raizel 279 L03
M289 Begun ? Feigal     sister &family   M/ Raizel 280 L03
D287 Belski Eli Hersh         Avraham Shmuel 69 R01
D287 Belski Malka           70 R01
M287 Belski Avraham Shmuel     father     71 R01
M287 Belski Lazer     brother &w-cc   Avraham Shmuel 72 R01
M287 Belski ? Lioba     sister   Avraham Shmuel 73 R01
M288 Berezniak Shmuel   Shaindel father     168 R03
M288 Berezniak Shaindel   Shmuel mother     169 R03
M288 Berezniak Avraham     brother   Shmuel 170 R03
D288 Berezniak ? Bebel     daughter & sister   Shmuel 163 R03
D288 Berezniak ? Baila     daughter & sister   Shmuel 164 R03
D288 Berezniak ? Sarah     daughter & sister   Shmuel 165 R03
M288 Berezniak ? Elka     aunt     166 R03
M288 Berezniak ? Berl     uncle     167 R03
M288 Berezniak ? Yenta     sister   Shmuel 171 R03
M288 Berezniak ? Pesha     sister   Shmuel 172 R03
M288 Berezniak ? Riva     sister   Shmuel 173 R03
M289 Bergonkin Shmuel Yaakov   Tzipora father     237 R04
M289 Bergonkin Tzipora   Shmuel Yaakov mother     238 R04
M289 Bergonkin Chontsha     brother   Shmuel Yaakov 241 R04
M289 Bergonkin Boba     brother   Shmuel Yaakov 242 R04
M289 Bergonkin Shuv     brother   Shmuel Yaakov 243 R04
M289 Bergonkin ? Chantsha     sister   Shmuel Yaakov 239 R04
M289 Bergonkin ? Rachel     sister   Shmuel Yaakov 240 R04
D289 Bervgonkin Yoska     son Paraguay Shmuel Yaakov 236 R04
D287 Bill Esther     mother ?     74 R02
D287 Bill Mottel     brother     75 R02
D287 Bill Gedalyahu     brother     76 R02
D287 Bill Baruch     brother     77 R02
M287 Bill Haim     w-c     78 R02
M287 Bill Menucha     cc     99 R05
M289 Bill Menachem   Rachel Leah       292 L04
M289 Bill Rachel Leah   Menachem       293 L04
M289 Bill Tzipa         Menachem 294 L04
M289 Bill Benyamin         Menachem 295 L04
M289 Bill Yom Tov   Henia       296 L04
M289 Bill Henia   Yom Tov       297 L04
M289 Bill Tzipa         Yom Tov 298 L04
M289 Bill Benyamin         Yom Tov 299 L04
M289 Bill Mishka   Chinka       300 L04
M289 Bill Chinka   Mishka       301 L04
M289 Bill Heshka         Mishka 302 L04
M289 Bill Benyamin         Mishka 303 L04
D287 Blezshovski Yisrael     son & brother   Yehuda 119 L02
M287 Blezshovski Yehuda   Chava father     120 L03
M287 Blezshovski Chava   Yehuda mother     121 L03
M287 Blezshovski Avraham     brother   Yehuda 124 L03
M287 Blezshovski ? Sarah     sister   Yehuda 122 L03
M287 Blezshovski ? Miriam     sister   Yehuda 123 L03
M288 Blumenkrantz Pesil Permut Shama sister &cc   Alter 180 R04
M288 Blumenkrantz Shama   Pesil       181 R04
D289 Britva Mendel           233 R03
D289 Britva Avraham           234 R03
M289 Britva Meir     brother &family Kobriner St.   235 R03
D286 Dolinski Shchna           24 R05
M286 Dolinski Yosef     family     25 R05
M286 Dolinski Yaakov           27 R05
M286 Dolinski ? Litman     family     26 R05
D286 Dubin       family     36 L01
M286 Dubin Yitzhak     w-cc Koveriner St.   37 L01
M288 Gaiman Yaakov     brother &family     151 R01
M288 Gaiman David     brother &family     152 R01
M289 Gaiman Berl Isaac   Shaina father     245 R05
M289 Gaiman Shaina   Berl Isaac mother     246 R05
M289 Gaiman Shmuel     brother &w   Berl Isaac 251 R05
M289 Gaiman Gershon     brother's son   Shmuel Yaakov 252 R05
M288 Gaiman ? Golda     sister &family     153 R01
M288 Gaiman ? Bracha     sister &family     154 R01
M288 Gaiman ? Baila     sister &family     155 R01
M289 Gaiman ? Fraida     sister &family   Berl Isaac 247 R05
M289 Gaiman ? Pesha     sister &family   Berl Isaac 248 R05
M289 Gaiman ? Chaya     sister   Berl Isaac 249 R05
M289 Gaiman ? Esther     sister   Berl Isaac 250 R05
D286 Gelfand Haim         Moshe Shaul 32 R07
M286 Gelfand Moshe Shaul     our father     33 R07
M286 Ger Hannah Gelfand Yesheya sister   Moshe Shaul 34 R07
M286 Ger Yesheya   Hannah brother in law     35 R07
D287 Gingold Miriam     aunt & sister     109 L01
M287 Gingold ? Feigal           110 L01
M287 Gingold ? Leah     h-cc     111 L01
M287 Gingold ? Tomara     c     112 L01
M287 Gingold ? Ethel     c     113 L01
D288 Glatzer Melech           202 L03
D288 Glatzer Melech       Buenos Aires   208 L04
D286 Goldfarb Eli Hersh           28 R06
D286 Goldfarb Aidel           29 R06
D286 Goldfarb       the son   Yesheya 57 L05
M286 Goldfarb Yesheya           58 L05
M286 Goldfarb Yehudit Namka (?)         59 L05
M286 Goldfarb ? Chaya     our sister & cc     30 R06
M286 Goldfarb ? Tomara     our mother     31 R06
D288 Goldshal Tevel   Perl     M/ Chaya Raizel 192 L01
D288 Goldshal Perl   Tevel       193 L01
M288 Goldshal Chaya Raizel     mother     194 L01
M288 Goldshal ? Ruchama     sister   M/ Chaya Raizel 195 L01
M288 Goldshal ? Mindel     in law     196 L01
D286 Gvirtzman Pinchas         Yesheya 38 L02
M286 Gvirtzman Yesheya   Pesil   Brisker St.   39 L02
M286 Gvirtzman Pesil   Yesheya   Brisker St.   40 L02
M286 Gvirtzman Mottel       Brisker St.   41 L02
M286 Gvirtzman Chasha       Brisker St.   42 L02
M288 Kaler Henia Prilok   sister &h-c     225 L07
D288 Kameniyetzki Mattis   Baila       216 L06
D288 Kameniyetzki Baila   Mattis       217 L06
M288 Kameniyetzki Dova     mother     218 L06
M288 Kameniyetzki David     brother &family     219 L06
M288 Kameniyetzki Meir     brother &family     220 L06
M288 Kameniyetzki Yankel     brother &family     221 L06
M288 Kameniyetzki Avraham     brother     222 L06
D288 Kemper Raizel Gaiman   sister     150 R01
D286 Ken Tzippor David     the son   M/ Esther Golda 43 L03
D286 Ken Tzippor Shmuel     the son     44 L03
M286 Ken Tzippor Esther Golda     mother Rinek St.   45 L03
M286 Ken Tzippor Lazer     brother Rinek St. M/ Esther Golda 48 L03
M286 Ken Tzippor ? Rachel     sister Rinek St. M/ Esther Golda 46 L03
M286 Ken Tzippor ? Chava     sister Rinek St. M/ Esther Golda 47 L03
M287 Kiselyav Shmeril     grandfather     132 L05
D287 Kiselyav ? Henia     the children   Dov 130 L05
D287 Kiselyav ? Leah     the children   Dov 131 L05
M287 Kiselyav ? Dov   Ethel father     133 L05
M287 Kiselyav ? Ethel   Dov mother     134 L05
M287 Kiselyav ? Shaina     sister   Dov 135 L05
M287 Kiselyav ? Chinka     sister   Dov 136 L05
M287 Kiselyav ? Yisrael     brother   Dov 137 L05
D288 Kliodeniyevitch Aaron     son & brother   Yesheya 198 L02
D288 Kliodeniyevitch Aaron           203 L03
D288 Kliodeniyevitch Aaron       North America   207 L04
M288 Kliodeniyevitch Riva Glatzer Yesheya sister     209 L04
M288 Kliodeniyevitch Yesheya   Riva brother in law     210 L04
M288 Kliodeniyevitch Yaakov     their son   Yesheya 211 L04
D288 Kliodeniyevitch ? Bebel       North America   206 L04
M288 Kliodenovitch Yesheya   Riva father     199 L02
M288 Kliodenovitch Riva   Yesheya mother     200 L02
M288 Kliodenovitch Yaakov     brother   Yesheya 201 L02
D288 Kopitzki Berl     son   Zelig 156 R02
M288 Kopitzki Meir     brother &w died Maidenik Zelig 157 R02
M288 Kopitzki Elisheva (age 5)   daughter of Meir died Maidenik Meir 158 R02
M288 Kopitzki Haim   Tzippora   Antipolia 1942   159 R02
M288 Kopitzki Tzippora   Haim       160 R02
M288 Kopitzki Natan     son of Haim   Haim 161 R02
M288 Kopitzki Zelig       Siberia 1942   162 R02
D287 Koppershmit Ben Zion     son & brother   Moshe ben Zion 138 L06
M287 Koppershmit Moshe ben Zion   Chaya Necha father     139 L06
M287 Koppershmit Chaya Necha   Moshe ben Zion mother     140 L06
M287 Koppershmit ? Tzirel     sister   Moshe ben Zion 141 L06
M287 Koppershmit ? Itka     sister   Moshe ben Zion 142 L06
M287 Koppershmit ? Hanneleh     sister   Moshe ben Zion 143 L06
D289 Kovrinetz Itzel     & family     281 L04
D289 Kovrinetz Malka     & family     282 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Avraham Zeidel   Nissel       283 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Nissel   Avraham Zeidel       284 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Yosef Gershon ? Elka Rivka       285 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Elka Rivka ? Yosef Gershon       286 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Yaakov   Malka       287 L04
M289 Kovrinetz Malka   Yaakov       288 L04
D286 Lev       family   Nachum 60 L06
M286 Lev Nachum   Dina father     61 L06
M286 Lev Dina   Nachum mother     62 L06
M286 Lev Avraham     brother   Nachum 66 L06
M286 Lev ? Necha     sister   Nachum 63 L06
M286 Lev ? Malka     sister   Nachum 64 L06
M286 Lev ? Chaya     sister   Nachum 65 L06
M289 Mann Zlata Feinstein   mother     227 R01
M289 Nazshitzki Simcha           289 L04
M289 Nazshitzki Sarahleh   Simcha's children     Simcha 290 L04
M289 Nazshitzki Malehla         Simcha 291 L04
D287 Novick Yaakov     brother Argentina   106 R07
D287 Novick Lazer     brother North America   107 R07
M287 Novick Yitzhak     brother &w-cc     108 R07
D286 Orlovski Yaakov   Perl brother     1 R01
D286 Orlovski Perl   Yaakov sister in law     2 R01
M286 Orlovski Hershel     w-cc     3 R01
M286 Orlovski Yosef     w-cc     4 R01
D287 Perchik Eli     son & brother   M/ Yacha 144 L07
M287 Perchik Yacha     mother     145 L07
M287 Perchik Haim Haib     brother &w-cc     146 L07
M287 Perchik Moshe     brother &w-cc     147 L07
M287 Perchik ? Shaina     sister     148 L07
D288 Permut Yaakov     son & brother   Alter 174 R04
M288 Permut Alter   Esther father     175 R04
M288 Permut Esther   Alter mother     176 R04
M288 Permut Shaika     brother   Alter 177 R04
M288 Permut ? Feigal     sister   Alter 178 R04
M288 Permut ? Matel     sister   Alter 179 R04
D288 Prilok Noah           223 L07
D288 Prilok Shmuel           224 L07
D288 Rozenshtein Rachel Gaiman   sister     149 R01
D288 Schreibman David     brother     187 R06
M288 Schreibman Yitzhak     brother &w-cc     188 R06
M288 Schreibman ? Tzvia     sister &family     189 R06
M288 Schreibman ? Mindel     sister &family     190 R06
M288 Schreibman ? Elka     sister &family     191 R06
D289 Shick Pinchas     son & brother   Avraham 268 L02
M289 Shick Avraham   Hannah father     269 L02
M289 Shick Hannah   Avraham mother     270 L02
M289 Shick Hershel     brother   Avraham 273 L02
M289 Shick Haim     brother   Avraham 274 L02
M289 Shick Eli Benyamin     brother   Avraham 275 L02
M289 Shick Mordecai     brother   Avraham 276 L02
M289 Shick ? Esther     sister   Avraham 271 L02
M289 Shick ? Feigal     sister   Avraham 272 L02
D286 Shteinberg Laib     son   Haim 18 R04
M286 Shteinberg Haim           19 R04
M286 Shteinberg Elka           20 R04
M286 Shteinberg Yosef           21 R04
M286 Shteinberg ? Sarah   Michla       22 R04
M286 Shteinberg ? Michla   Sarah       23 R04
M288 Sirota Meir   Yenta cc     204 L03
M288 Sirota Yenta   Meir cc     205 L03
D289 Slomianski Hannah Mann   daughter   M/ Zlata 226 R01
D287 Tenenbaum Malka           94 R05
D287 Tenenbaum Hannah     daughter   M/ Malka 95 R05
M287 Tenenbaum Berel     uncle     97 R05
M287 Tenenbaum Yaakov     uncle & family     98 R05
M287 Tenenbaum ? Elka     aunt     96 R05
M287 Tenenbaum ? Minka     cc     100 R05
D286 Topolski       family     67 L07
M286 Topolski Feivesh     brother Kobriner St.   68 L07
M286 Tornianski Mendel   Sarah cc     11 R02
M286 Tornianski Sarah Zaritzki ? Mendel cc     12 R02
D289 Vafniarski Zalman     brother     264 L01
M289 Vafniarski ? Baila Rachel     sister     265 L01
M289 Vafniarski ? Sarah     sister     266 L01
M289 Vafniarski ? Henia     sister &h-cc     267 L01
D286 Valivelski Yenta         Sender 49 L04
D286 Valivelski Mushka         Sender 50 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Sender     father May 3rd St.   51 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Shmuel     brother May 3rd St. Sender 52 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Hershel     brother May 3rd St. Sender 53 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Noah     brother May 3rd St. Sender 54 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Shalom     brother May 3rd St. Sender 55 L04
M286 Valivelski ? Hannah Raizel     sister & h May 3rd St. Sender 56 L04
D287 Valkaviski Moshe       Buenos Aires Alter 79 R03
D287 Valkaviski Avraham       North America Alter 80 R03
M287 Valkaviski Alter   Perl father     81 R03
M287 Valkaviski Perl   Alter mother     82 R03
M287 Valkaviski Esther     sister   Alter 83 R03
M287 Valkaviski Payella     sister   Alter 84 R03
M287 Valkaviski Shmuel     brother   Alter 85 R03
D287 Yakovovitch Henia     sister     125 L04
M287 Yakovovitch Zelig     brother &w-cc     126 L04
M287 Yakovovitch Simcha     brother &w-cc     127 L04
M287 Yakovovitch ? Feigal     sister &h-cc     128 L04
M287 Yakovovitch ? Leah Tziril     sister &h-cc     129 L04
D286 Zaritzki Perl     c & sis     5 R02
D286 Zaritzki Aidel     c & sis     6 R02
D286 Zaritzki Zelda     c & sis     7 R02
M286 Zaritzki Avraham Yitzhak   Fraida Rachel       8 R02
M286 Zaritzki Fraida Rachel   Avraham Yitzhak       9 R02
M286 Zaritzki Shaina           10 R02
D286 Zaritzki Moshe   Masha brother     13 R03
D286 Zaritzki Masha   Moshe sister in law     14 R03
M286 Zaritzki Reuven     w-c     15 R03
M286 Zaritzki Shmuel     w-cc     16 R03
M286 Zaritzki Yosef     w-c     17 R03
D289 Zbar Baila           228 R02
D289 Zbar Nachum           229 R02
M289 Zbar ? Chisha     mother     230 R02
M289 Zbar ? Bashka     sister &family     231 R02
M289 Zbar ? Zlatka     sister &family     232 R02
D289 Zshager Leah Gaiman   daughter & sister   Berl Isaac 244 R05

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