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Political Parties, Movements and Organizations (Cont'd)

“I,” I said to him, “have decided already to execute this thing, that I have been carrying around in my heart for a long time; I am leaving 'Tushia' and moving to the land of Israel.”

And he then revealed to me all that was in his heart and said: “Know, my friend, that the matter of the land of Israel was always close to my heart, even if I am a member of the “Aguda” camp, and I can't join together with the free-thinkers, the land of Israel is very close to my heart. And here is your proof, that I didn't prevent my sons from executing their plans; on the contrary, I gave them my blessing on their new path and in my heart I am glad that they have reached their goal. According to the news I hear from them they are managing there and are satisfied in their new homeland, but my hour has not yet arrived to leave the dwelling place of my ancestors. I am still tied to my place with strong cables and I can not detach them at this moment. A day will come and we will meet again face to face over there in the land of Israel.”

We parted from one another with a great deal of friendship.

After I moved to the land of Israel I awaited his arrival from day to day. From time to time I would ask his son Baruch and his son-in-law Elazar Arten: “When is Father coming?”. But, apparently, he was still busy with public needs, he was sunk head and shoulders in the concerns of the community until he forgot himself. Even during the days of the war, when the Jews of Kielce were locked in the ghetto, he did not leave his post as a public worker, as refugees from the Kielce ghetto told me, he took care of the ill in the Jewish hospital during these difficult days, and supplied them with milk and other foodstuffs.

And he certainly did not cease his activism even on the death train, on which the Jews of Kielce were sent to Treblinka, to the gas chambers, and as the “gabbai” of the “Chevra Kadisha” prepared them to die the death of martyrs. May his memory be for a blessing.

Alongside the “Aguda” there were youth movements and labor unions such as: “Poalei Agudat Yisra'el”, at whose head were R.B. Wajsbrot, R. Ejdels, S. Rzetelny and J. Strozberg. The youth organization “Tzi'irei Agudat Yisra'el” from whom, in the first period, the following excelled: I.P. Holc, M.Ch. Waksman, J. Staszewski (an excellent speaker who “slipped” and became a Bundist) and later M. Gotfrajd, Michl Gertler, A. Goldrat, Baruch Rapaport and others. They also had a women's organization called “Bnot Agudat Yisra'el” which developed cultural activities which was headed by the teachers from “Beit Ya'akov”.

kie138a.jpg [29 KB] - A group of 'Tzi'irei Agudat Yisra'el'	{Agudat Israel Youth} in Kielce
A group of “Tzi'irei Agudat Yisra'el” {Agudat Israel Youth} in Kielce

Sitting: (from right to left) Alter Minc, Awraham Goldrat, J. Kaminer, Baruch Rapaport.
Standing: Alter Albert, B. Rzetelni, Menasze Minc and A. Ajlenberg


kie138b.jpg [23 KB] - A group of 'Bnot Agudat Yisra'el' {Daughters of Agudat Israel} in Kielce
A group of “Bnot Agudat Yisra'el”
{Daughters of Agudat Israel} in Kielce

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