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Kielcer Organizations in Israel and the Diaspora

Translated by Judy Montel

Organization of Immigrants from Kielce in Israel

There are roughly 600 families from Kielce in Israel and most are members of the Organization of Immigrants from Kielce.

This organization was founded before World War II by the early immigrants from Kielce with the goal of aiding and supporting immigrants from Kielce when they first arrived in the country.

After the war, and especially after the Kielce Pogrom in 1946, when the stream of immigrants to Israel grew stronger, the activities of the organization broadened and grew more numerous both in the area of social help that was given to immigrants to help in their initial settling in period in the country, as well as in other areas of housing, employment placement, constructive loans for obtaining manufacturing workshops, work tools, materials, employment opportunities, an apartment, etc. The organization was continually headed by the active members, Mosze Rotenberg, Z”L, Szmuel Kligman, Z”L, Aharon Grandapel Z”L and, may they live long lives, Zalman Kalichsztajn, Zew Kluska, Elazar Arten, Baruch Ajzenberg, Icak Pieskogorski, Mosze Kaminer, Dawid Lewartowski, Szlomo Binoszewicz, Bernard Staszewski, Dr. Icak Kajzer and others.

Among the important activities that the organization succeeded in carrying out were: the writing of a Sefer Torah dedicated to the martyrs of Kielce who perished during the Shoah and the Pogrom in 1946, the founding of a charitable loan association that until now has given out loans to over 130 families from Kielce amounting to 250 Israeli lira apiece, and the publication of this book, which will constitute a monument and memorial for the Kielce community which was destroyed by the Nazi minions may their names be erased, and to the holy Jews of Kielce who perished in this Holocaust.

In addition to this, the organization arranges a memorial mourning service every year on the 9th of Elul, the anniversary of the destruction of the Jews of Kielce, to commemorate the martyrs. Most of the Kielcers who are in Israel participate in this service; many hundreds take this day to commune with the souls of their parents and siblings who perished in the Shoah.

The current members of the organization's committee are: Elazar Arten, Chair, Zalman Kalichsztajn and Zew Kluska, Assistant Chairs, Baruch Ajzenberg, Treasurer, Dawid Lewartowski, Secretary, Sara Lewkowicz, Chana Lifszicz, Ben-Cion Albirt, Szymon Bornsztajn, Chaim Posloszni and Cwi Rozenberg.

The members of the editorial board of the "Kielce” book are: Awraham Goldrat, Elazar Arten, Awraham Kirszenbaum and Zalman Kalichsztajn.

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kie298.jpg [26 KB] - The Leadership and committee of the Organization of Immigrants from Kielce in Israel
The Leadership and committee of the Organization
of Immigrants from Kielce in Israel

Sitting (left to right): Baruch Ajzenberg, Treasurer, Zalman Kalichsztajn, Assistant Chair, Elazar Arten, Chair,
Pinchas Cytron (author of the book), Zew Kluska, Assistant Chair, Dawid Lewartowski, Secretary.
Standing: Ben-Cion Albirt, Cwi Rozenberg, Chana Lifszicz, Chaim Posloszni, Sara Lewkowicz,
Awraham Kirszenbaum, Szymon Bornsztajn

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kie299.jpg [25 KB] - The celebration of the completion of the writing of the Sefer Torah
The celebration of the completion of the writing
of the Sefer Torah by the Organization of Immigrants from Kielce in Israel
in memory of the martyrs who perished in the Shoah

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kie300.jpg [34 KB] - New York Delegates 2nd Conference of the Kielcer Landsleit
New York Delegates 2nd Conference of the Kielcer Landsleit
for Resettlement of Kielcer Jews – Dec. 27-28 1947 Chicago, Ill

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